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“So, what are we here for again?” The question was innocently asked by Kai’Sa as she and Ahri ventured into the depths of the university library, slowly swallowed by endless tomes. The shelves were as high as the ceiling, towering over the occupants like slumbering giants. 


Sunlight streamed through the windows lining the domed roof, rays of light highlighting the dust motes hovering in the air. The silence echoed throughout the library, giving the impression that causing any type of noise was taboo. Yet the fact only lit a fire within Kai’Sa; she always liked a challenge. 


“My research project required a specific higher-level book, and the university’s digital catalog only stated that they had a hardcover paper copy available. I swear my professor likes watching the class run around in stressed-induced panic. And why did we have to research the term ‘penectus erectus’ exclusively through a book? We have the internet for crying out loud!” Grumbling the last part under her breath, Ahri skimmed the shelves, her eyes carefully looking for the book she required for her course. 


As she did that, Kai’Sa hummed. Her gaze fell on Ahri’s figure, appreciating her girlfriend’s gorgeous long legs exposed by that short skirt. A mischievous smile settled on her lips as Ahri stopped in front of a bookshelf. Kai’Sa swiveled her head, looking around and grinning when she found nobody else on the floor. This was a high-level floor, which meant no nosy or loud-mouthed freshmen hanging around. 


Kai’Sa sidled up behind Ahri with an air of confidence. She pressed their bodies flushed together, her hips slotted against Ahri’s. She wound her arms around Ahri’s waist, back-hugging her girlfriend and ensuring no escape. 

At the initial contact, a startled gasp left Ahri’s lips. Hugging wasn’t a strange concept—but feeling Kai’Sa’s hard bulge against her backside in a public space was so… so embarrassing! She could feel how warm and firm Kai’Sa was, and she couldn’t help but bite down on her bottom lip. 


“Kai—we’re in public!” Ahri looked around quickly, blushing from the fact that they were out in the open. Despite the fact, she could feel her body heating up, the space between her legs starting to grow warmer. Kai’Sa’s bulge dug into the fabric of her skirt, the meat of her ass, and it was so hard.  


“And?” The cocky tone in Kai’Sa’s voice spoke of how bold and daring she felt. She knew that Ahri was getting off on this public kink, and she really wanted to know where that line stood. She was probably pushing the limits of it, but hey, as long as they both enjoyed it, that was all that mattered to her. 


A squeak came out of Ahri. Her cheeks had flushed a pretty pink hue, and nervousness swirled within her, along with an undercurrent of excitement. “We’re really going to fuck here? What if someone sees?” 


“Then let them see.” Nosing along Ahri’s jaw, Kai’Sa bent her head, kissing her girlfriend’s neck as her hands slipped under Ahri’s shirt to cup her chest. A gasp fell from Ahri’s mouth as Kai’Sa massaged her breasts, gentleness and possessiveness behind her gesture. Another playful squeeze before Kai’Sa slipped her hands free, venturing lower to slide across Ahri’s thighs. 


Fingertips grazed against Ahri’s underwear, and Kai’Sa smirked at the feeling of wetness pooling against the fabric. She pushed Ahri’s panties to the side, swiping her fingers through very wet folds, and relished in the shaky moan that escaped Ahri. 


“You’re already so wet.” The words were breathed against Ahri’s ear, and she shuddered when Kai’Sa slid two fingers inside her pussy, immediately curling them and rubbing against her front wall. Soft pants left Ahri’s open mouth as she held onto the bookshelf in front of her. Her hips moved on their own, rocking to the steady rhythm of Kai’Sa’s hand. The pace was fast from the start, and Ahri would have been embarrassed by how wet and turned-on she was if the pleasure coursing through her body hadn’t zapped her brain cells into a puddle. 


“F-Fuck, Kai! I’m already—oh, oh, ooh!” Stifling her own voice, Ahri bit down on her bottom lip, containing the moans that threatened to slip out. Kai’Sa grinned against her cheek, and quickened her thrusts, curling her fingers for good measure. Ahri muffled her moan, body trembling as her pleasure quickly peaked. It was absolutely the fact that they were in a public library, in the middle of a semi-open space that had Ahri coming undone. 


Pleasure surged through every crook and crevice of her senses, Ahri’s pussy walls clamped down on Kai’Sa’s fingers, squeezing and impeding any further movement. Wetness trickled out of her clenching cunt, pooling down into Kai’Sa’s palm. Kisses were peppered against Ahri’s nape, and she shivered at the sensation as she slowly came down. 

When Ahri finally got her breathing back to normal, Kai’Sa freed her fingers, and Ahri lost her breath all over again when she felt a hot and hard cockhead swiping through her folds. She whimpered as Kai’Sa circled her entrance teasingly. Yet she automatically canted her hips, pushing back on Kai’Sa when her girlfriend made no further movement. A shiver ran up Ahri’s spine when Kai’Sa chuckled, and she let out a breathy whine when that thick cockhead pushed in, slowly stretching her walls with its entrance. 


A hot mouth pressed against her nape, the groan that Kai’Sa let out as she pushed inch after inch inside sent electricity running across Ahri’s skin, a pleasant tingle that had her toes curling. Another groan slipped into the air when Kai’Sa bottomed out, silky hot wetness squeezing around her girthy shaft. “Fuck, you feel amazing, babe.” 


Whimpers and mewls spilled out of Ahri as Kai’Sa began moving her hips, withdrawing before shoving her cock in slow and hard thrusts, harsh enough for a loud smacking sound to rise with each impact. The sound made Ahri blush hard, the sensation of Kai’Sa’s cock splitting her open had her whining from how good it felt. 


“You’re wetter than usual. Does being in public get you off so much?” Mirth filled Kai’Sa’s tone, and she chuckled when Ahri answered with a high-pitched whine. Her hips slammed into Ahri’s ass, cockhead rubbing against a sensitive spot that pulled a sweet moan out of Ahri. 


“Shhhh. You better be quiet before someone catches us.” Kai’Sa placed her hand over Ahri’s mouth, muffling any noise coming out. “You don't want anyone to see what a whore you are, do you?” 


Ahri groaned gutturally against her palm, the debauched words sending a jolt to her clit, making her grind back into Kai’Sa’s hips. Tension coiled tight in Ahri’s body, she trembled as that pressure mounted, climbing higher and higher—only to be interrupted by Kai’Sa pulling out. 

A whine escaped Ahri subconsciously, her hips bucked, confusion settling in her when that flow of consistent pleasure suddenly stopped. Before she knew it, Kai’Sa turned her around and lifted her up. A startled gasp came out of Ahri’s mouth as she was pressed against the bookshelf, her legs thrown over Kai’Sa’s shoulders, and her knees held and spread apart by Kai’Sa’s hands. Her girlfriend was so strong, and being able to carry Ahri’s weight like it was nothing sent a rush of heat through Ahri’s body, pooling down to between her legs. 


Pink crawled across Ahri’s cheek as embarrassment and arousal churned in her body; her lower half was exposed, the sight of her sopping wet pussy was available for anyone to see if they happened to pass by the aisle. More wetness spilled out, dripping down Ahri’s inner thighs as Kai’Sa held her in this vulnerable position. 


“K-Kai! Put me down— ahh!” Ahri’s sentence was interrupted by Kai’Sa’s spearing cock. Her girlfriend had pushed her length back inside and immediately set a brisk pace, hammering her cock into her cunt with brutal precision, reaching the deepest parts of her with ease thanks to this position. Pleasure rippled throughout Ahri’s body, her senses overloaded with the feeling of Kai’Sa stretching her pussy open, rubbing against every part of her, brushing sensitive spots that turned her body into jelly. With her mouth hanging open in a silent scream, Ahri clutched onto Kai’Sa’s arms, clawing at the flexing muscle of her forearms. 


“Oh, you’re loving this, aren’t you? Such a dirty whore, wanting people to see me fucking you in the library.” Kai’Sa cooed, speaking filth into Ahri’s ear as she worked her hips. 


“N-No! I… I—fuck!” A whine slipped out of Ahri, her tone meek as her body was rocked to a delicious pussy-wall-bashing rhythm. Her hips bucked as her cunt clamped down on Kai’Sa’s cock, silky walls fluttering as pleasure flooded her system. “Kai! Kai! I’m… fuck, I’m coming!” 


White spots dotted Ahri’s vision as pleasure took hold of her senses, bombarding her with indescribable gratification. Her mouth dropped open as her body seized up, bucking and grinding into Kai’Sa’s firm front. Nails scratched down Kai’Sa’s forearms as she rolled her hips, consistently fucking Ahri through her high with rhythmic, skin-slapping thrusts. 


“Oh, fuck… I’m going to… gonna come!” Kai’Sa groaned, the admission only served to fuel the motion of her hips. 


“Inside! Please, please, Kai—I want it inside!” A stream of whiny babbling left Ahri’s lips, who wanted nothing more than to be filled up, debauched in such a public space. God, she’d never look at a library the same ever again. 


And that’s when Ahri felt it—a torrent of heat, a flood of warmth that coated every inch of her pussy. She gasped as Kai’Sa groaned out loud, releasing rope after rope of thick, viscous cum, splashing against her squeezing walls. The feeling of being filled up sent thrill after thrill down Ahri’s spine. She mewled and pawed at Kai’Sa’s abdomen, wanting to be held closer, held tighter. 


Obliging with a soft chuckle, Kai’Sa embraced Ahri fully, pulling her girlfriend flush against her chest. Warm skin on skin, the soft contact felt nice, a reassuring presence as they both rode out the last waves of their orgasms. They stayed like this for a few more moments, basking in the tender afterglow as they caught their breaths. 


A tap on her shoulder prompted Kai’Sa to lower Ahri onto her feet, steadying her against the bookshelf when Ahri’s knees wobbled slightly. Quickly, with a mischievous smirk blooming on her face, Kai’Sa pulled Ahri’s panties up from where they had been bunched around her ankle. The action got a gasp out of Ahri as the wet feeling of Kai’Sa’s cum still inside slowly began to pool at the center of her underwear. 


“Kai! Wha—what are you—” 


“Don’t take it off, baby.” 


A stern tone silenced Ahri, her cheeks flushed a lovely pink as Kai’Sa trailed her finger over her cloth-covered cunt. An embarrassingly high-pitched whimper left Ahri’s lips when Kai’Sa swirled her finger around her clit, obviously smearing the wet cum there. 


That hand retreated, flipping Ahri’s skirt down, and smoothing out her clothes until it appeared like nothing ever happened, like they didn’t just have a wild romp in the public university library. Ahri squirmed under Kai’Sa’s gaze, she could feel her body still warm from the entire situation. 

In a nonchalant manner, Kai’Sa grabbed her hand, and pulled her along as they walked towards the exit. She didn’t hesitate at all, even when she said, “Let’s go to the mall.” 


“W-What?! With this still in me? You can’t be serious!” Ahri hissed out her words, desperate and more embarrassed than she’s ever been before. Her heart pounded in her chest from the thought of being in public—with Kai’Sa’s load still inside of her.  


“Mhmm.” Kai’Sa hummed, tugging her girlfriend along as they exited the library and began the walk to the mall. Luckily for her, the shopping mall was right across campus. How convenient.  


“But, but—” 


“Nope.” A smirk sat on Kai’Sa’s face when she glanced back at Ahri, cooing at how red her girlfriend’s face had turned. Pausing at the entrance of the shopping mall, Kai’Sa bent her head to plant a kiss on Ahri’s cheek, and spoke in a reassuring tone. “You’ll enjoy this, I’m sure. And I won’t take it too far, baby.” 


After another smooch, some more reassuring words, Ahri nodded her head, still blushing madly but a little less reluctant than before. She couldn’t lie, the feeling of Kai’Sa’s cum inside of her pussy, that secret knowledge as they were in public—it sent a jolt down her spine and fueled her inner exhibitionist. Her body was warm, her skin hot to the touch as they walked around the mall; she was so turned on, trailing after Kai’Sa like an obedient girlfriend as she took her sweet time shopping around. 


It was the sweetest torture, until they passed by a mirror, and Ahri’s eyes spotted a tiny, shiny trail running down her inner thigh, barely reaching the hem of her skirt. Panic bloomed within Ahri’s chest, along with a dose of arousal. She tugged on Kai’Sa’s hand, and whispered in a hush, “Kai’Sa! I have to clean this up now!”  


“It’s staying there.” Of course, Kai’Sa denied her. A gleam settled in Kai’Sa’s darkened eyes as she took in Ahri’s flustered state. Satisfaction curled in her chest as she watched Ahri become more and more turned on at being denied, she quite enjoyed the sight of Ahri’s flustered state, and definitely took pride in the knowledge that her cum was inside of Ahri’s cunt. 


An inaudible whine left Ahri’s parted lips as she squeezed her thighs together, rubbing them slightly to relieve the pressure at her core. She tugged on Kai’Sa’s hand, silently begging her girlfriend for permission. It was time to pull out her secret weapon, one she hesitated on using in public. Leaning into Kai’Sa’s tall frame, Ahri fluttered her lashes, looking up at her girlfriend with a coquettish expression, and spoke breathily, “Please, Daddy.”  


Ahri watched in real-time as Kai’Sa’s body went still, her purple eyes darkening further as her pupils slowly blew wide. The grip on her hand tightened, and Ahri thought Kai’Sa was going to jump her bones right then and there. 


“Fuck…” A surge of energy jump-started Kai’Sa’s system. She could feel her cock twitching at the pet name, her length beginning to thicken against her thigh. The way Ahri looked at her, the way she said those words—Kai’Sa had to fight the urge to shudder in pleasure. Kai’Sa had pushed and pushed, and she couldn’t be happier with the result in front of her. 

Rushing into a random store, Kai’Sa immediately ushered Ahri into a dressing room, locking and marking the door as occupied. Hands landed on Ahri’s shoulders, urgently turning her around until Ahri faced the mirror. Kai’Sa could feel her rock hard cock straining against the fabric of her pants, and she couldn’t hold back any longer. Arousal tinged her tone, turning her voice husky as she commanded, “Put your hands on the mirror.” 


Ahri felt her pussy drip from how hot and commanding Kai’Sa sounded. She complied easily, even spreading her legs and jutting her ass out to help. A growl came from behind her, making Ahri shiver as fingers hooked into the waistband of her skirt and panties. With a quick motion, both articles of clothing were stripped from her body. She shivered from the cool air rushing to meet her heated skin, her dripping wet folds, slick with her own arousal and Kai’Sa’s previous load of cum. 


A muted thud drew Ahri’s gaze over her shoulder, only to see Kai’Sa free from her pants, and her cock fully erect, the head twitching with precum. Ahri’s mouth watered, and she felt her cunt clench in anticipation. Fuck, she wanted that cock inside of her so bad, wanted another load inside of her pussy. Ahri said exactly that, and relished in the way Kai’Sa groaned under her breath, obviously aroused by the way her hips bucked involuntarily. 


A hand palmed Ahri’s ass before spreading her cheeks apart, revealing her sopping wet pussy. Ahri mewled as Kai’Sa swiped her cockhead through her folds, but there was no preamble this time; Kai’Sa pressed the tip against her hole, and pushed all of her length inside in one fluid motion. The breath in Ahri’s lungs was knocked out of her as Kai’Sa stretched her walls and filled her up to the brim all in one sitting. 


A long, throaty moan was pulled out of Ahri’s chest from the eye-watering sensation. Her breaths came out in hot pants, fogging up part of the mirror near her mouth. Ahri’s hands scrabbled across the smooth surface of the mirror, futilely trying to find a grip as Kai’Sa’s cock split her open. “Oh, fuck, Kai! You’re s-so big!”  


An approving moan, followed by a murmured curse came from Kai’Sa. She curled her hands around Ahri’s hips, and began moving her hips. The sound of skin slapping skin echoed in the dressing room, but she didn’t care; she was too far gone, too aroused to care about the repercussions of being found out in this indecent position. Kai’Sa growled and pressed herself impossibly closer to Ahri, lodging all of her cock inside that sweet, fluttering pussy. She could feel her own cum sloshing against her length, providing a slippery lubricant that only seemed to aid her deep and harsh thrusts. 


“Fuck, baby. That’s right, take that big cock. You love getting fucked like this, huh?” Kai’Sa spoke under her breath, her dirty talk only loud enough for Ahri to hear. Ahri’s ears flushed redder, her pussy squeezing faster with every filthy word that came out of Kai’Sa’s mouth. 


“Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me, Daddy! I want more of your cum!” Whatever dignity or embarrassment that remained in Ahri had disappeared as soon as her girlfriend’s thick cock was reaming the depths of her pussy again. Ahri pressed herself against the mirror, bracing herself as Kai’Sa’s cock bashed against her walls, rubbing swollen spots of her cunt that tickled the back of her brain and sent waves of pleasure skittering across her body and mind. 


“Mhmm, fuck, I’m gonna fill you up. Gonna fill you up until you can’t take anymore. I’m gonna use you, dump my cum inside you. Because that’s what you want, isn’t it? To be used like a whore, eager for my cum.” Bending her body, Kai’Sa breathed out her promise along Ahri’s nape, her teeth grazing a sensitive spot that made Ahri moan wantonly. Her hips didn’t stop moving, still smacking against Ahri’s ass hard enough to turn her cheeks pink from the impact. 


It was the rush of fucking in public, the debauchery that Kai’Sa’s words induced, the humiliation of walking around with Kai’Sa’s cum inside of her, and the thrill of fucking once more in a public setting. Ahri could feel her orgasm approaching, her body trembling as pleasure shot across every inch of her body like lightning, a foreshadowing of the thunder that would indefinitely follow. 


White noise echoed in Ahri’s ears when she reached her peak, euphoria thundering through her senses as promised. She keened, vocalizing her pleasure, her moans spilling out onto the surface of the mirror. A flood of warmth filled her pussy, the fact that Kai’Sa came as well further heightened the pleasure Ahri was experiencing. Her body felt weightless, unburdened by any force as she floated up and up and up, riding through an immersive high. 


Slowly, ever so slowly, Ahri came down from her orgasm. Sweat glistened on her skin, and she felt relief as well as a sore tiredness settle in her body. Kai’Sa pressed a kiss against the crown of her head before gingerly pulling her cock free. Wetness trickled out of her pussy, Kai’Sa’s cum leaking down her inner thigh. 


Golden eyes met purple in the mirror, and the corner of Ahri’s lips quirked upwards. “I just wanted to check out some books. How did we end up here?” 


Laughing softly, Kai’Sa grinned, the mischief still present in her eyes. She bent her head, kissing the shell of Ahri’s ear affectionately. “Thanks for indulging me.” 


Sighing goodheartedly, Ahri straightened up, intent on grabbing her clothes. But before she could, Kai’Sa had held her hips still, freezing her in place. Ahri watched as Kai’Sa moved in front of her and sank to her knees. Arousal pooled between her legs once more, and a shaky breath was exhaled when Kai’Sa looked up at her with a gaze full of desire. 


“Kai’Sa… gods, you’re insatiable.” 


“Shh. This is part of my thanks.” A wink was shot at Ahri, and she couldn’t help but laugh gently. 


That laughter turned into a broken moan when Kai’Sa swiped the flat of her tongue against her wet slit, humming against her drenched folds. Ahri steadied herself with a hand on the mirror, and her other hand curling around the back of Kai’Sa’s head. Breathy pants escaped Ahri’s open mouth as Kai’Sa swirled her hot tongue around a swollen clit, her legs trembled as that tongue delved inside her hole, licking at the wetness that slowly seeped out. Fingers carded through Kai’Sa’s hair, holding on tightly as Ahri’s hips bucked against Kai’Sa’s mouth; she was so sensitive, she could feel another orgasm creeping up on her. Relaxing her body, Ahri let another warm wave wash over her, surrendering herself to the fuzzy haze of pleasure that settled in her skull. 


When Ahri came to, she felt Kai’Sa kissing her thighs softly, pecking them in an affectionate manner. Moving her hand down, Ahri cupped Kai’Sa’s cheek, rubbing her thumb across the cheeky grin that was present on Kai’Sa’s lips. 

A knock on the door had Ahri and Kai’Sa’s heads snapping up. There was a meek voice, the store staff stuttering as they addressed the occupants of the dressing room from the other side, “P-Please get dressed a-and leave before I get s-security.”