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Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn Wedding

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Emma was just trying to arrange the delicate, white blooms in her hair when Christina burst into the room.
"Aye aye aye! Emma let me do that, you're doing it all wrong!" Christina said, batting Emma's hands away from her head. Christina looked beautiful in her bridesmaid dress, a stunning gold that really brought out the copper tones in her darker skin.
" think he'll like the dress?" Emma asked nervously, looking into Christina's steady brown eyes. She'd been waiting years for this day. When Julian had finally gotten on one knee in front of her at their favourite restaurant on the beach, she had cried. She had hoped for this deep down ever since Magnus and Alec's wedding on the beach.
"Oh mi corazoncita! Of course he will like the dress! He loves you more than you know - you've seen the beautiful paintings he does of you. I'm sure he will paint you in this dress too, lucky girl," Christina encouraged. "Now let's go before we're late."

Julian stood anxiously in the large cathedral hall, watching friends and family  arrive and take their seats. The Blackthorns were on the front row along with Kieran and Aline. Ty was in a smart white suit, his headphones on, since the hall was noisy. Dru was wearing her traditional black dress with gold skull accents and wedding runes, Tavvy was in a small white suit as well, holding Helen's hand. Helen herself was stunning in an ocean-blue dress, Aline in a white dress also covered in runes. Mark was sat looking uncomfortable in a blue suit with Kieran, the Unseelie King in regal blue robes. Christina has just turned up in a shimmering gold dress and was kissing Mark and Kieran hello. Magnus and Alec had shown up, smart in blue as always with Rafe and Max. Diana was sat, looking sleek and confident, Gwyn a gentle giant at her side. Tessa Grey was with Kit (who had grown into his handsome Herondale features) and small Mina Carstairs. Jem would be Emma's suggenes - a companion to the alter - since he was one of her only living relatives.

Ah Emma. Julian was usually calm and collected but today he was uncharacteristically worried. He glanced over to see Ty walking over to him.
"What is it Ty?" Julian asked
"I thought you might want this" Ty said, pressing a knot of rope into Julian's hand.
"Thank you Ty"
"Livia would be really excited to see this"
"Yes, she would" Julian replied softly.

Suddenly, the hall quieted.

As she stepped into the hall, all heads turned her way, including Julian's. Her golden bodice glittered in the afternoon sun, whilst her white skirts burst from her synched waist in an explosion of white innocence and golden brilliance. Whorls of gold spread out across her voluminous skirts that russled with every delicate step. Her brilliant blond hair was braided around her head in a crown, stark white blossoms entwined in her hair. Emma had her arm linked with Jem's and she smiled radiantly as her stare finally rested on Julian, her husband-to-be.

Emma didn't turn her head to admire the mainly gold and blue banners with the Blackthorn and Carstairs emblems on. She didn't look at the gorgeously arranged bouquets that littered the hall, or the yellow blooms scattered on the floor. She didn't even stop to look at her friends or family, watching in amazement. Every step brought her closer to the dais - and to her future. She could hear her pulse in her ears.

And then she was there. Stood opposite him.

He looked stunning. His golden suit with white wedding runes on fit him perfectly, making his shoulders look irresistibly strong. His Blackthorn eyes glittered like a calm ocean as he looked at her lovingly and he hadn't bothered to smooth back his unruly but adorable curls. She also couldn't help but notice that he still had his sea-glass bracelet on.

Jem gave a polite cough. Since he was a retired Silent Brother, he would preside over the ceremony. Emma and Julian turned their attention toward him.

Jem held the Codex in his hands as he spoke: "Today, as Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn blend their lives and hearts, we stand ready to recognise this union. To witness the true bond between two souls who have cleaved to each other. Emma Cordelia Carstairs, hast thou found the one thy soul loves?"
Although it was already silent, it seemed to get even quieter in the hall, even the birds stopped singing. Everyone held their breath watching this holy, sacred ritual take place.
"I have found him and I will not let him go." Emma stated with clear clarity
"Julian Atticus Blackthorn, hast thou gone among the watchmen, and in the cities of the world? Hast thou found the one thy soul loves?"
"I have found her and I will not let her go."
Emma could hear the softness in his usually controlled voice.
"Now it's time to exchange runes." Jem said
Emma drew out her stele and moved closer to Julian as he removed his blazer and bared his upper arm to her. As she delicately drew the wedding rune on his soft skin, she was reminded of how it all started: When she drew iratzes on him after he had been shot with monkshood. He should have died; thanks to their love, he lived. She spoke the sacred Shadowhunter vows all while looking into his Blackthorn eyes: "Love flashes out like fire, the brightest kind of flame. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can floods drown it." She finished the rune, still gazing into his eyes "Now place me as a seal over thine heart, as a seal over thine arm: For love is strong as death. And so we are bound: stronger than flame, stronger than water, stronger than death itself." Julian thought her voice sounded like velvet and he held her arm gently as he drew the rune and recited the vows, staring into her bright caramel eyes.
"Now the rings." Said Jem
Emma and Julian both slid slim, silver rings onto each other's fingers, each engraved with their respective family's mottos.
"I am now delighted to finally pronounce you husband and wife!" Jem smiled; everyone cheered as Emma and Julian embraced and shared a light kiss.

When they got to their venue of choice, a beautiful hotel on the beach, everyone was abuzz with chatter. The atmosphere was practically fizzing. Emma and Julian took their seats in the middle of the long table and everyone else seated themselves around the newly weds.
"I hope he treats you well in bed tonight." Christina winked "I want all the goss tomorrow."
Emma snorted her wine "What's that supposed to mean?!"  But Christina was already chatting to Kieran again.

Soon the evening of merriment was over. No-one had gotten too drunk and no-one had thrown up from eating too much (thank god). After saying their goodbyes, the crowd started to disband. The Blackthorns and Aline went back to the institute, Gwyn and Diana flew off, Kieran returned to Faerie (though not after disappearing for about 15 minutes with Christina and Mark). Magnus and Alec portaled back to Alicante and Tessa, Jem, Mina and Kit portaled back to Cornwall. Soon it was just Emma and Julian.

"I can't believe it" murmured Julian "I'm finally married to the girl of my dreams. I've always loved you Emma" He turned to face her.
"Oh Julian, I've always loved you too and I've always treasured those stolen moments with you when we were still parabatai. It's a shame I couldn't have enjoyed them more-"
"But now I have an eternity to enjoy you" Julian said softly, grabbing her chin.
Emma didn't even reply, she just leaned in and took Julian's lips. He tasted incredible, like depthless oceans and sea-salted wind. She moved her mouth against his softly, but he was hungry. He chewed on her bottom lip and she opened her mouth in a low groan that made him growl and thrust his tongue inside her, eager to taste her sweet-as-honey mouth.
Suddenly, Julian picked Emma up off the ground and carried her a little way to the soft white sand of Seal Beach. She quivered in anticipation as he gently placed her on the sand and settled himself above her.
"I'm going to take it very slow tonight" he whispered. She didn't reply except to look into his eyes with a pleading look. He slowly removed her cumbersome dress and removed his suit to prevent it from tearing. He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her lightly before making a trail down her lightly freckled cheek to her neck where he sucked at her supple flesh and marked it. Emma moaned loudly at this and clutched at his curly hair and muscular back. He then resumed his trail down her collarbone to the gentle slope of her breasts. He unhooked her bra and removed it before massaging one breast with his hand and gently suckling from her other nipple. Emma groaned softly and he looked up at her, the moonlight making her hair look like tendrils of molten silver weaving their way through the golden grains. Julian then kissed his way down her stomach and to the boundary of her panties and, by this point, Emma was practically begging him to fuck her. But he didn't oblige. Instead he nudged her legs open and kissed and licked his way up her juicy, toned thigh. He grinned evilly as he shimmied her panties off her legs and leaned in towards her pussy and lightly sucked at her clit, to which Emma screamed and gripped his curly hair tight.
When he was done torturing her, he drew out his stele and gently marked her skin with the marriage rune above her heart. After she had drawn hers on him, he gazed lovingly at the stark black runes on her skin and said "I will always treasure these runes Emma-"
"The first night after we had our parabatai ceremony in Alicante, I knew I'd made a mistake. I couldn't sleep. I knew it was wrong." Tears glittered in Emma's eyes.
"Emma, I have you now. After all we've gone through, after all I've put you through, I hast thou forever." He kissed her sparkling tears away before thrusting inside her.
"Julian...I love you," Emma moaned softly as he continued to thrust into her, much more experienced than their first time, which was on this same beach. He kissed her lips passionately and she gripped his curly hair. He whispered her name against her skin like a prayer. He thrust faster and faster and she could feel the pressure building up inside her. Her skin felt like it was on fire, not like when the parabatai curse had taken over, but a passionate fire, born in their undying love for each other.
"Emma I'm cumming," Julian stuttered as he came, Emma arching her back into him as she came a moment later, moaning his name. When they'd finished, Julian collapsed on the sand next to her, staring up at the stars and the sky, their view of the moonlit sea unparalleled. Emma found her way into Julian's arms, contented as she lay on the cool sand. Julian kissed her soft, plump lips softly before tucking her close to his body, their warmth just enough and they fell asleep together, on the sand.