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Wedding Dress

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“Clary? Oh, by the Angel, Clary, what happened?”

“We… He’s not talking to me, Alec! He’s avoiding me like I am the plague!”

“Let’s go, training room, let’s fight!”


Alec could remember every single moment he found Clary crying or sad because of his parabatai. And not that he never sided with Jace, but most of the time he was wrong. He knew Jace wasn’t the best outside shadowhunter fights and would do stupid things. Jace himself had claimed that he’s never fallen in love before, and Alec knew it probably was true. The boy would just break any girls’ heart and for a change, Alec was afraid he would break Clary’s as well.

So, he was always there. He disguised it as friendship, even though Alec knew he wasn’t Clary’s best friend, he had grown to be really close to the girl. She looked up to his knowledge and they would practice together. And eventually she opened up and talk to him about things. When, in reality, he just wanted to see her smile and be happy.


Being someone centered was good. He could hide his emotions so good no one would ever think he was in love with her. He had picked on her since the beginning, he had despised her, and they were now on the friends’ card, but it was a subtle line. He would still point her mistakes roughly, be a man of few words, and avoid any kind of closer interactions. And Alec is thinking, yeah, this is going to happen because that way no one will know. And it worked. Worked so well Clary never noticed and got engaged even though she and Jace would fight every other day.


And that’s why he was there that day. Standing in the altar, in a gold and black suit, looking proud of both his friend and his parabatai getting married. Being the representative of him, so he could receive her as a new member of his family. And being parabatai was like he and Jace were brothers so it could mean as well that it was like he was receiving Clary – the same Clary he loved – as her sister.


노래가 울리면 이제 너는

그와 평생을 함께하죠

오늘이 오지않기를 그렇게 나

매일밤 기도했는데

(When the music starts you will vow to spend

The rest of your life with him

How I prayed every night

This day would never come)


Alec had never felt this way for anyone, but there he was, feeling this way for Clary. A girl that had fallen for his parabatai, that was going to marry him in just some more minutes and spend the rest of her life with him. And he could do nothing. He couldn’t spoil that happiness from them. He cared about Jace as well.


But she was stunningly pretty in her golden wedding dress. He could notice it was well-chosen and it fitted her so well. Alec just wanted that it was him there, marrying her instead of him. Because now his heart ached and when the Silent Brother started the ceremony it felt like it would be completely ripened apart.




Clary smiled, as she took Jace’s hand when she got to the altar. Marking runes on each other’s skin was part of shadowhunters’ wedding culture, and that was how she was going to marry. Her smile was big, both to Alec and to Simon, her best friends. Alec sided by Jace as his suggenes and Simon as hers. She also smiled at Isabelle, who had grown to be a close friend as well. And Alec couldn’t stop thinking Clary’s smile was the prettiest thing, even more stunningly beautiful than her dress.

She took the stele in her hands, perfectly drawing the rune, and waiting as Jace marked her skin the same way and it was done.


Alec knew she was happy and that would kill him inside because she wanted her to be happy but still, he couldn’t stop himself to feel like part of him went with her and that he would never recover it again. He talked to his parabatai, congratulating him for his wedding. His clear face, like nothing has ever happened to him. Isabelle, by his side, was side-eyeing him like she knew something (and in fact she did – her sister was the only person he talked about his “crush” on the redhaired), but neither Jace nor Clary picked up what it was.

And then he talked to Clary. She was smiling even more vividly than before the marriage and it made Alec’s heart sank, but still he was firmly on what he wanted to say.


“Clary Fairchild, I can’t believe you got married to my parabatai. I can’t believe he’s such a lucky man to have someone he likes so much as you to marry him. And I also can’t believe the little girl who came to our Institute knowing nothing about the shadow world would grow up to be this person you are now. I hope you’re happy. I hope you will be happy every day of your life with Jace!”

“Thank you, Alec, that’s… that’s really nice of you, I didn’t expect such a discourse from you!” She laughed, barely catching when he spinned around to leave, saying “Please be happy so I can forget you”


It was so fast, so low, she didn’t have time to register. She looked at Isabelle, but the girl wasn’t by her side anymore. She must’ve listened wrong, right?


Jace called her and she went to him, smiling like before, but the words didn’t seem to get out of her head especially because it was impossible to forget something like what she had heard. It seemed like Alec left so she couldn’t ask him any longer and she felt so sad because if it were true then… holy shit, how long has he hidden it? How dumb has she been not to notice? She didn’t expect anyone else to notice, but… she was smart, she was an artist, she paid attention to details! It was her gift! How could that escape from her?




“Mom? Did you do it?”

“I still don’t understand why you want to leave, son…”

“But did you do it?”

“Yes. You can portal there, they’ll be waiting for you”

“Thank you”




“Where’s Alec?” Clary asked as she came back to the Institute “I haven’t seen him since the wedding, I wanted to talk to him…”

“He’s left, Clary” It was Isabelle “He went to the London Institute”

“But he’s Jace’s parabatai! They fight best when they’re together, that doesn’t make any sense and –”

“Trust me, he will fight better now”


And a sentence filled Clary’s mind. It was her fault.


“Please be happy so I can forget you