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We Should've Study

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We Should've Study

A Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club fanfiction

Love Live! © Sunrise and Lantis

The exam season is here once again. The school idol club’s activity is on break at this moment for the members to study, especially for the dunces like a certain ash-haired first year or that tall, gorgeous but dork third year.

As Yu dictated, the members should group with their year class and study together… “Should”, not “must”. So, there are no surprises when some members are studying with their preferred friends.

Like what our usual duo does.


“This is wrong.”

“No way! I used your formula!”

“Yeah but you missed a comma there, so your calculations are wrong from the very beginning.”

“Ah, you’re right…”

“No matter how perfect your formula is, if you’re missing a digit or comma, the overall calculations are going to be wrong.”


Despite what Yu stated before, the DiverDiva duo is studying together in the library. Karin left her third year group as Mia already left to deal with Kasumi and she doesn’t want to intrude Emma and Kanata’s “study date” (despite their denial)… to study with Ai.

A second year is tutoring a third year at math.

Well, Ai is smart enough to do so… in fact, the blonde said that all math problems are basically the same, just apply the formula and you will get the answer. A quote so unthinkable for Karin she practically worshipped Ai at that moment.

After some minutes working again on that same problem, Karin lets Ai to check on the answer on her tablet.

The blonde smiles proudly and drew a hanamaru, before returning it to Karin. “Correct!!” she says with a thumb up. “Ai knows that you can do it!”

“Fufufu, thanks. It’s because of your tutoring, you teach me better than sensei.”

The blonde scratch her cheek because of that praise, “Nonono, it was not me. You actually learn fast if you want to.”

Karin’s eyebrow twitched, “Well, sorry for my very busy schedule so I can’t study!”

“Heh, but you usually just sleep the day away on breaks, right?” Ai sneers at her.

“Who did…“ a certain braided Swiss appears in Karin’s mind. Try as she might, she can’t avoid her secrets leaking from Emma. So, she sighs in defeat while laying down on the table. “Emma…”

That’s so cute. The mature and cool Karin always lost to Emma’s mother-like approach.

“With that being said, you did well today, Karin! Ai-san is proud of you~” Ai pats Karin’s head while smiling happily. Ever since they’re partnering, she often sees Karin’s other side, just like this. It is a gap moe so cute she can’t hold herself on doting on the third year.

Karin doesn’t have the energy to refuse the headpat as she only grumbles in annoyance. After some time, Ai stops patting and says menacingly, “You know, Ai-san’s gonna be angry if you bomb on the test.”

That jolts Karin awake as she sees Ai staring sharply at her. The bluenette gulps in nervousness, “R-right…”

“Hehehe, work hard, Karin!"


It’s 5.45 PM; the school will be closed at 6 PM sharp. They can see other students in the library are starting to go home, so they start to collect their belongings. Before they can go home though, there is another question on Karin’s mind.

“Oh, that’s right. I must take you somewhere as thanks for helping me study.”

The blonde smirks teasingly, “Oh? Do you want to take me on a date?”

“Of course! It’s the least I could do after wasting your time,” the bluenette answers coolly. “Dinner sounds good?”

Ai’s eyebrow twitches in annoyance. This older girl is very unflappable, her teasing has no effects! “Just try to achieve better scores first, alright?”

“I will. After all, it’s my precious partner who helped me study.”

Karin said that with such confidence, a blush is creeping upon Ai’s face.

“You… how could you say that with a flat expression?”

“Hmm?” Karin tilts her head, a cool smile still adorning her handsome face. It’s only making Ai more annoyed.

As a rival and friend, Ai could not accept this result! She must tease Karin as a revenge for this! But, mere words can’t sway the third year… so she has another idea.

“Alright, Karin Asaka. Follow me,” Ai grabs Karin’s hand and tries to pull her.

Still, that serious situation is soured by a giggle.

“Fufufu. What is it, Ai? Do you want to seduce me?”

A vein popped on Ai’s forehead as she forcefully pulls Karin toward an aisle between bookshelves.

Now, they’re hidden from the students that moving around in the library. The blonde held Karin’s hands and stares deeply into Karin’s bewitching blue pair. Still, the third year is staring down with amusement… annoying Ai even more. She’s so tall it’s literally a criminal offense, Ai thought.

“Annoyed Ai is cute,” Karin outright says.  

And that’s it.

Fueled by annoyance, thick sexual tension Karin exudes, and general haughtiness, Ai's body is moving on its own. She tips her toes and reaches out... to nip on Karin’s tantalizing neck.


Karin hurriedly separates herself and covering the place that Ai bit with her hand, her face colored with a raging blush.

Meanwhile, Ai licks her lips. Karin’s neck tastes like a mix of floral perfume and slight sweat, it’s quite… good.

“What I want as exchange is you, Asaka Karin.”

And with that, Ai left a dumbfounded Karin with a satisfied smile.


Needless to say, that lovebite scrambled Karin’s brain so much so she only got 55 on her tests.

To say that Ai is fuming is an understatement.

- fin -


After the "incident"...

“W-what did I do?!?!?!”

That night, Ai is rolling on her bed, her face burning in embarrassment. She couldn’t believe her bottled up lust is finally taking over and she outright attacked Karin like that.

“But… it was… delicious…”

Ai rolled on her bed so much afterwards, she got scolded by her mother.

Omake 2


“Oi, Karin.”

The bluenette feels that her body is shaken, bringing her head back from the clouds or wherever she was before.

“O-oh? What?”

Karin is on a study group at the dorm, with Emma and Mia. But, she was daydreaming, so she missed on Mia’s quiz.

“Geez, only 5 minutes in and you’re already blanking out,” Mia looks unimpressed.

“Maybe she’s tired because of tutoring session with Ai-chan this afternoon?” ever the softie, Emma is. She even massages the bluenette’s arm slowly.

Hearing that name, Karin’s face blossoms into a healthy blush and she tries to hide her face with her tablet. Looking at that reaction, Mia raises a fascinating eyebrow.

“’Tired after studying with Ai’. Yeah right…”

“W-what are you implying?!” Karin slams the table in annoyance. “Just so you know, the library is too crowded today for those kinds of activities!”

“Ha! I knew it! So you’re thinking about that too!” Mia points at the older girl, her face smug.

“Y-you’re just 14! How come you know about that?!”

“Stop pointing about my age!”

“Oh, so you’re now hiding behind your age for this kind of conversation?”

“Why you-”

While the two of them are bickering, Emma caught sight of a bandaid on Karin’s neck, which was hidden by her sweater before. Her mind takes a quick conclusion, but she doesn’t say anything.

After all, the Swiss is such a softie…  

“Not that I wouldn’t tell Kana-chan about it!” she thinks.