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Deprived & fireworks

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"2:34 am" in the morning as 3 fellow dormmates are still up but not opening the light switch.


"Finally..." Nazuna mumbled, the shortest out of the three finally finished doing the project for his university


"How is everyone here still awake!?" Nazuna complained looking at two of his dormmates, Leo is scribbling more notes in the wall, Nataume is making another potion for who knows...


Leo looked up from his doodles of notes and replied with "I dunno i wanted to compose more songs!!!" The ginger blurted out in excitement


Meanwhile, the redhead with white streaks on his hair replied to the complaint with


"i aM maKinG a PoTion For My nEXt ProJect aNd vIctIm."


"Look, i know everyone here is doing what they always do but, can we just open the lights on-"


"NO!!" The ginger and redhead replied




*2:56 am*


Silence for the past minutes


*all three heard the breaking of potion*


"iS thErE sOmeThiNg hEre oR TheRe?" The red head Natsume asked looking for his other potions in the testubes to see if he was missing some important potions or sumn.


Leo the doodler of the threee replied


"Ah, well i hope it's just a cockroach-"


*more breaking of potions was heard*


"Okay, guys let's investigate on that weird, potions breaking sounds" Nazuna spoke as the three assembled and investigated as more sounds of potions break


"Ah, nevermind it's just my bunny" Nazuna said in relief


"He probably escaped or something" Leo spoke out.


But as soon as Nazuna grabbed his bunny he accidentally broke a potion vile next to him


"Oh no" said the three


As colorful fire lit up on their shared dorm and making a loud cracking noises


"OkAy, evEryOnE hIde UnDer tHe BeD Or SoMn!!" said Natsume


As the three ducked down on Leo's bed


"Whats a somn????" Questioned Leo who was also hiding


"oH sORRy, i MeaNt SumN" corrected Natsume the so ever clever redhead.


"HOW ARE WE GOING TO STOP THIS FIREWORK!?!?!?" shouted Nazuna as more crack and colorful fire works are lighting up their shared dorn


"We'LL jUsT haVe To WaIT..." Natsume replied to Nazuna as he looked at Leo doodling on tye floor about the fireworks in their dorm lol


Meanwhile with the other dorm


-The hell dorm-


"Oh dear, Sakuma-kun don't tell me your going to backout at our plan, now would you~~~?" Eichi said to his ex Rei as they continue their daily monologue


"I wouldn't say backout more like-" Rei got his monologue cut off as a a very loud cracking firework was heard from the side of their dorm


"IS IT SOMEONES BIRTHDAY!!?!?" Aira jumped out from his bed kicking the covers and shouted a reply, finally out of his covers with his phone on one hand


"Maybe not..." replied Eichi


"Remember tomorrow, it's my turn to have cuatody of Aira" said Rei knowing he has to pay even though his ex is loadedly rich just to spend time with Aira.


"Hmmm..." the two exes questioning the dorm beside them and continuing their monologues into telepathy monologue fight LMAO xD


Aaaaand Aira goes back to watching another video on his phone sitting down on his bed watching a video that prolly said


"How to make your divorced parents make up 101"


-the Girlfriends dorm-


"Gyahahah~~☆ I'm not taking a bath even if you two push me in the showers" Rinne replied as he was being pushed by Kanata and Hiyori to the showers not moving an inch.


"Take a bath you stink like beer and sweat. Ew, gross" replied the mint haired blondie, Hiyori.


Said the gambler with red hair Rinne.


Rinne laughing in victory as he can't be pushed by the blondie


But soon scrunched up his face when he was being wet with water by the shower head


"Awww, no way kanacchi-" Rinne was soon cut off again by a very loud cracking of firework on their neighboring dorm


As Kanata was covering his ears to shield them from the loud cracking noise and Hiyori glanced up looking everywhere for the sound


"WOAH! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT SHIT!?" Rinne shouted amused by the current situation


-the beauty dorm-


A very loud cracking firework noise woke everyone up


The tall blondie Arashi with pixie cut hair yelled going to check thru her phone


"AWW HECK YA THERES A PARTY!!!" The black haired guy with red stripes shouted as he opened up the lights and looked up on his phone


"HiMERU thinks it's a better way for everyone to go to sleep instead of mingle on other peoples business." Himeru said as he was still in his bed and under the covers.


"Oh come on now, let's not waste an opportunity of our lifetime with just sleeping on the bed under those covers!!"
Arashi said as she pulled out Himeru from his bed


"HiMERU wishes to trade places with his brother" Himeru said in disgust and scrunching up his face in annoyment.


-the 3-3 dorm-

Mao stretches his arms as he finally finished his homework


Then suddenly a very loud cracking of fireworks was heard from his neighboring dorm.


"Quoi!? Was that!" Said the leader of Valkyrie, Shu Itsuki. With his sleeping eyepads on.


"Must'a been comin' from our neighboring dorm??" Kuro questioned pointing a finger to the wall


"I don't care just keep it down!!!" Said the grey haired dude from his bed walking up to the wall and smacking it


"Ahhh, if so then i hope Natsume kun's not doing any trouble or so..?" Mao said looking worried.


-the shine shine dorm-


A very loud cracking of colorful fireworks was heard even on the first floor


"WOAAAAH☆☆!!!" said Sora beaming up and opening the light waking up the rest of the three in his shared dorm


And another cracking of firework was heard


"AMAZING~~~~☆, I HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!!!" Said the long  blue hair like moonlight, Wataru shouted excitedly


"Oooh, a firework but i can't see the shine..." said Subaru looking dissappointed but happy to know that the dorm is very lively and enjoying the time of their life


"Hmmm, i dont think this is just some normal firework used but also the special ones." Said Madara the cowboy of the three smiling.


As a very loud cracking of fireworks was heard


-2-3 dorm-


"Finally, i can sleep in peace..." the magenta haired finally closed his eyes, but as soon as he closed them a loud cracking of firework was heard from the dorm of 3-2


"WHAT!?" Ibara got up angrily knowing he won't be able to sleep in peace just yet and accidentally opening the lights which caused his three dorm members to fully wake up


And then a very loud cracking of fireworks came again louder than the first


"WOHOOO YAAAAY EVERYONES AWAKE~~!!!" Mitsuru shouted earning a hush sound from Ibara.


Tsumugi looking over to see all his roommates awake and Midori curled up in his covers.


"Ermm. Well i h-hope that Natsume-kun is alright and his other dormmates." Stuttered the coily blue haired boy worrying about his "friend".




Now back to that dorm


"AAAAAAAHH, HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO LAAAAAAAST!??!!? Nazuna screamed hugging his bunny tight like his life depended on it.


"I ACtuaLLy dOn'T kNow...?" Replied Natsume who made the potion


"WHAT TIME IS IT!!!" Shouted Nazuna


"Ooooh~~ exactly 4:30 am in the morning!!!" Beamed up Leo looking at his watch


As more fireworks start to lit up the room




As the fireworks are about to end


"Ah, wELl we'Re DooMeD" Said Natsume


"We truly are." Nazuna replied looking very exhausted and still holding his bunny.


"WEll, ThE BeST tHinG yEt iS to SlEEp under tsUkinaga-SenPai's bed And waIt fOr lAter." Said Nataume


"I agree..." replied Nazuna.


And so the three waited for later.