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the five stages of grief

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It wasn’t like Nayeon planned this. It really wasn’t, or she would’ve done a much bigger deal out of it.


It was just all those snarky side comments that had been pissing her off for years finally adding up.


Whenever they talked about immigrants, or the LGBTQ+ community, Nayeon had wanted to simply behead her parents. Here are a few examples of the phrases that almost made her lose it:

“It’s simply not right. Nature made men and women a perfect fit for a reason.” – Courtesy of the Im matriarch. 


“Well, if they want working rights, they should’ve stayed in their country. Here, they can shut up and get what comes their way. South Korea is not a vacation spa, or whatever it was like where they came from.” – Nayeon’s dad at its finest. 


“They are brainwashing children for an absurd agenda that goes against procreation, and will eventually end the human race.” – Her mom, the conspiracy theorist.


“These people decide to come here and complain when they are not treated as an equal? I just think that’s kind of funny” – Once again, the great matriarch. 


“Maybe if they didn’t feel the need to shove it in everybody's face all the time I wouldn’t have a problem with it.” – And the final touch, by her father.

However, Nayeon also loved her parents. They could be kind and funny, and they tried their very best with her. She just hated them sometimes .


Those occasions tended to be rare, and they didn’t piss her off enough to actually do something other than try to educate them. Not that they ever listened.


But this time… This time was different.


Her mom saw Jeongyeon hand in hand with her girlfriend at the mall. And from there, it all went to hell.


She knew Jeongyeon as Nayeon’s best friend since they were little, and still, she started talking shit about her ‘not being a good influence’ or how she ‘just wants to hurt her family, and Nayeon was not having any of it.


For the first time ever, her anger was stronger than her willpower of not wanting to fight her parents. And she decided that if they didn’t want to be educated, they would have to deal with it by themselves.


Even if it was over a lie.


“How can she be a bad influence when I’m also gay?” She questioned loudly, in the middle of her mother’s speech.


The silence at the dinner table was deafening for a few seconds.


Then a chuckle.


“Nayeon, stop playing with us. Your friend is just having some wrong ideas, you don’t have to pretend you are too. We know you.” Her dad voiced. 


“I’m dead serious.” Nayeon stated again, with a glare.


“No, you’re not.” Her mom decided. 


“Not only am I telling the truth, but I also have a girlfriend.” She smiled in defiance, then turned her eyes to her father. “And she’s Japanese.” 


“Im Nayeon, this isn’t funny!” The woman raised her voice.


“It’s not supposed to be funny! It’s who I am, and who I love.” Lies, lies, lies. If this doesn’t work, I’m giving up on them.  


“Stop this nonsense. You are straight.”

“I’m not. I am a lesbian. And you two are just going to have to deal with it.” 


Her father slammed his hand and the table, making Nayeon flinch in surprise, and a hint of fear peaked through her expression. They never were aggressive, right? They would never hurt me. They wouldn’t.


“Go to your room. We can talk about this tomorrow.” He let out, trying to steady his breathing.


Nayeon didn’t have to be told twice.


She jumped to her feet and went upstairs immediately, hearing her parents start to argue behind her. 


After she got to her room and closed the door, the girl took a deep breath. Fuck. What did I just do?


But now there was only one thing left to do.


Nayeon took her phone and started texting her best friend as she made her way to lay on her bed.

Nayeon [20:23]


i just came out as a lesbian to my parents?

Jeongyeon [20:24]



but you’re not a lesbian?

or if you are, does taeyong know? like, your boyfriend taeyong?

Nayeon [20:24]


he doesn’t, bc i’m really not

i’m straight

Jeongyeon [20:25]


so why tf would you come out as a lesbian

to your very much homophobic parents

Nayeon [20:25]


well, you see

it wasn’t something i completely planned,, 

it was more of an on the spur of the moment decision

they were talking shit about gay people again

and i thought to myself ‘huh. what if i came out as gay?’

so i told them i was gay

and now they’ll have to stop being homophobic bc they love me :)

+after they unlearn their homophobic ways i’ll say i’m actually straight

Jeongyeon [20:27]


that’s a really… sweet thing to do?

still, pretty random

and it could have gone wrong in so many ways nayeon

this was dangerous

Nayeon [20:28]


aww you’re worried about me?

don’t be, i knew it wouldn’t

they are not bad people, just…..

very misguided

and this will make them see that things are not black and white

i think it’ll be a great learning experience for them ;)

Jeongyeon [20:28]


you just gave ally a whole new meaning lol

Nayeon [20:29]


there’s one thing tho….

they are also xenophobic

so i took this chance to also take care of that too

and told them i’m dating a japanese girl,,

Jeongyeon [20:30]


…which you are clearly not

Nayeon [20:30]


duh, but i’m not about to satisfy them with my picture-perfect korean boyfriend

so i need a fake japanese girlfriend asap

Jeongyeon [20:31]


and you want me to help you find one?

Nayeon [20:31]



Jeongyeon [20:31]


k, i’ll see what i can do

but only bc i’m pretty sure you did all this to defend me from your mom, who saw me and jihyo at the mall today

Nayeon [20:32]



and ofc not

if she started being homophobic towards you i’d join in !!

Jeongyeon [20:32]



really tho, thanks :)


Nayeon [20:33]


don’t mention it, nerd ;)

now, let’s see about that gf shall we

Jeongyeon [20:33]


you seem way too excited to get a girlfriend

Nayeon [20:33]


you make it seem so fun!!

what can a girl do if not wonder