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I kissed a girl

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This was never the way I planned

Not my intention

I got so brave, drink in hand

Lost my discretion


Clary and Simon had gone to that famous dance club, Pandemonium. Simon, of course, was only there because Clary asked him to go with her. The red haired directed herself to the bar, asking for a drink and Simon was right next to her.

The loud music filled the room almost completely and the girl was swaying to the rhythm of the music while waiting for the drink she had ordered while Simon was watching with a non-alcoholic drink in his hand. He was going to drive her home afterwards anyway.

“I’m enjoying myself immensely” he said, as she looked at him like he was miserable, and they both laughed.

They were there so Clary could forget the last argument she had with her boyfriend, Jace. Simon didn’t know a lot of details about what happened between them, but when Clary went to his house to ask him to go with her to Pandemonium, she mentioned they had almost broken up this time, so he only knew about the argument. In time, maybe Clary could explain better what led them to argue in first place, but Simon doubted it was something meaningful. It never was.

Three drinks later, Clary got up, and Simon followed her, but she just looked at a certain direction and kept on swaying gently while drinking.


It's not what I'm used to

Just wanna try you on

I'm curious for you

Caught my attention


Clary kept looking at the same direction, to a taller, black-haired girl that danced unashamedly on the dancefloor. Well, the dancing – that wasn’t unexpected. It was a dance club, that was exactly what the people went there for. But the beautifulness of the girl? Oh because she was stunning! She was tall, black hair with some black dress that fitted her perfectly. She was curvy, much curvier than Clary herself. She used a pink-ish red lipstick and danced gracefully. All eyes were on her.


“Well,” Clary thought when she got closer. “I don’t have anything to lose”


The red-haired started dancing together with the taller girl. Even though she wasn’t the best dancer and the black-haired girl couldn’t be impressed with such a clumsy way to perform a song, they ended up dancing together the next one that played. It was the remix of a popular love song, and because of that it was slightly slower than the previous song.


Taller girl was smiling, Clary took another sip of her drink, smiled back, and the dance could continue if Clary didn’t pull the girl a bit closer, getting on her own heels and kissing the black-haired girl. It was so fast the other girl had to wait a second or two before reacting, pulling the red-haired into the kiss and reciprocating. Well, nice. It was nice to kiss someone like that. The taste of alcohol was strong, and Isabelle didn’t expect anything else, given where she was. Still the girl was really pretty and was the one to start the kiss, so why not just go for it?


I kissed a girl and I liked it

The taste of her cherry chap stick

I kissed a girl just to try it

I hope my boyfriend don't mind it


It felt like they kissed for an eternity, but it was just some minutes – maybe less than 5 – when poor girl Clary broke the kiss as she felt someone grabbing her arm, and screaming next to her ear a “What are you doing, Clary?”


It was Simon. The kiss was broken, Clary was laughing, and Simon looked at her in disbelief, as he dragged her away from the loud sound, and they entered somewhere they could talk. Simon was sure the room wasn’t for talking, but he wasn’t really worried about it now

“Hey, have you guys break up? You’re into girls now? You didn’t tell me that part!”

“Simon… we didn’t break up, I was just kissing that girl, okay? She was beautiful and I… I don’t know if I’m into girls” Clary confessed “Maybe I am. She was pretty, so I thought about trying, and she kissed really well”

“Well, you liked it?”

“I did, yeah. I’d kiss her again”

“Clary, may I remind you you just tell me you didn’t break up with Jace? And you’re telling me you you’d kiss someone else again?”

“Oh… fuck… But he’s not going to know about it”



It felt so wrong

It felt so right

Don't mean I'm in love tonight

I kissed a girl and I liked it

I liked it


The red-haired girl and Simon went back to the bar, sitting. The music was so loud they couldn’t talk, but it wasn’t loud enough to shut Clary’s thoughts. It was confusing, she knew Simon had a point. She clearly forgot her own boyfriend. She just kissed someone else and went so deeply in that she would do it again despite Jace still being her boyfriend. And they weren’t in very good terms after the last argument anyway. Clary was tired, maybe she didn’t feel the same anymore. But still, it felt wrong to do what she did. And there were no ways she could just go back and undo it right now. It was impossible to undo the past and even if it were possible, she didn’t want to.


“Clary!” Simon tried to call her attention “CLARY!” He knew the music was loud, but the girl was standing right beside him, and he knew she had gone other places in her head.

“Oh, yeah, Simon, sorry. What’s it?”


Simon pointed it out to a tall feminine figure going in their direction. She got there and the bartender exclaimed “Isabelle! The usual, I presume?”

“Yeah, and whatever the cute red over there had, it’s on me”

As she got her drink, she turned on her heels to go and talk to the girl.


It was hard to listen with the loud sound, but the pointing was easy to notice. And someone going in your direction was even easier. “She was talking about us” Simon said “I’m leave you two alone. Don’t do anything stupid. I’ll be watching.”


“Name’s Isabelle. You kissed me before your boyfriend got you out of there”

“Clary. And he’s not my boyfriend, he’s just my best friend”

“In this case” Isabelle handed her a piece of paper, as she leaned in and brushed her lips into the other girl’s lips “Call me”


Us girls we are so magical

Soft skin, red lips, so kissable

Hard to resist so touchable

Too good to deny it