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Barking for Forgiveness

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Ann's heart was thumping as she stood outside of her friend's bedroom door, preparing herself to knock. It had only been a couple of weeks since the last time that the two of them had seen each other, but ever since Shiho had attempted suicide a few months earlier, Ann always felt as if she had to be on her best behaviour. Whereas before, Ann might have made the occasional joke at Shiho's expense, that was gone now. It took effort, and made her visits to Shiho exhausting, but Ann persisted nonetheless, albeit with small moments such as this one where she had to prepare herself for what was to come.

Eventually, though, Ann did raise her fist to knock gently on the door, and then she patiently waited for Shiho to open it. A few moments later, the sound of a lock turning could be heard, and then Shiho opened the door, greeting Ann with a subdued smile on her face.

"Hey, it's good to see you," she said, prompting Ann to give a nod and a smile.

"Same to you! It's been a couple of weeks since my last visit, and I was starting to think that you might replace me if I left it much longer," Ann joked, but Shiho had been Ann's best friend long enough to know that it wasn't really a joke. Still, she wasn't really sure how to address it or the implied emotions, so she didn't say anything about it.

"Well, come in," Shiho told Ann, and stepped back to give Ann the room to step inside. Immediately as Ann did so a scent hit her senses, one that she immediately recognised: Shiho had been masturbating. Ann knew that Shiho had become something of a... well, masturbation had become a habit for her ever since she got out of the hospital, and it was rare that there wasn't one sign or another that she had been at it, but to actually be able to smell it was new for Ann. All the same, she didn't say anything about it, stepped into the room and found herself a seat at the base of Shiho's bed while Shiho herself sat at her desk.

As Ann's eyes trailed over towards Shiho's computer, she saw that there was a porn tab open, albeit minimised. What else could 'teen sucks entire gym team' be? Once more, Ann didn't let the troubling implications sit for very long, especially considering that Shiho reached over to close the tab only a couple of seconds later, apparently thinking that she had been able to stop Ann from noticing in the process.

"How've you been?" Ann asked, to which Shiho turned around on her chair and looked at the blonde.

"Good," she replied. "Rehab has been going well... my parents have been hassling me less about everything. I know that they're just worried, but..." Shiho trailed off, leaning back a little in her seat.

Ann had been doing her best over the last few months to not tell Shiho just how guilty she felt about everything that happened. After all, it wasn't as if it was actually her fault, and deep down she knew that... but that didn't make the feelings any easier for her to contend with. Shiho had been told about Ann's guilt at first, of course, but the way that it tore at Ann over the months, every reminder of Shiho's accident like a knife in the blonde's back... that had been kept to Ann alone.

Finally, something about the words that had just been spoken pushed Ann over the edge.

"Shiho, I'm..."

"You're sorry, I know," Shiho spoke, pre-empting what Ann was going to say. "You really don't have to be. It's not like you knew what was going on... and, I'unno... I get the feeling that when you did know what was happening, you fought like hell to help me." After speaking, Shiho gave Ann a smile. "Unless I'm supposed to think that Kamoshida-sensei just happened to have a change of heart of his own volition. I'm not gonna ask how you did it, but..."

"Still," Ann replied, trying to move away from that particular topic quickly so that she wouldn't have to worry about accidentally letting some information slip. "I do feel awful about it, and if there's anything that I can do for you, let me know. I'd do anything for you, Shiho."

There was a silence between the two of them after that, though it felt to Ann as if it were lasting a lot longer than it actually was. Shiho looked as if she was thinking about something, but Ann had no idea what. Before she could spend too long theorising about it, though, Shiho soon spoke up.

"I've got something that you could do for me," Shiho spoke, her heart thumping in her chest-Ann could tell, just by looking at her. In that moment, some of Ann's latent feelings, feelings of admiration and love towards Shiho that had been blooming before the accident were pushed up to the surface.

- - -

A couple of days later, Ann was looking at herself in a full-length mirror. Wearing the swimsuit that she had worn on her trip to Hawaii, she examined herself closely, ran her finger underneath the strings and then sighed as she caught her own gaze. Was she really about to go through with this?

Shiho's suggestion had come as a complete surprise to her. She knew that Shiho had gotten into some... weird things since the accident, but this was even more than she could have possibly been anticipating. Three days ago, Ann had agreed to have sex with a dog in front of Shiho. Two days ago, she had considered calling Shiho up to apologise and cancel. A day ago, she had both come to terms with the idea and realised that it turned her on a little bit. Here, in the moment, looking herself over as she prepared to head into Shiho's back yard so that the fun could begin, she was experiencing something that was an odd mixture of the three.

Shiho's parents were out of the house for the day. With that being the case, Ann was glad that, at least, they had somewhere to do it that she could be sure that they wouldn't get caught. The choice by Shiho to have it happen in the back yard was deliberate-outside, waiting for Ann, was a small pool filled with water, and standing beside it, Shiho's dog, named Tadeo. Shiho had been pretty vague about why exactly she wanted Ann to do such a depraved thing, and although Ann trusted Shiho as much as it was possible for her to trust a person, she couldn't help but feel curious nonetheless. Curious, and a little worried. She had never been much of a dog person, always preferring the company of cats. Still, she did love Shiho. More than she could possibly put into words. There was nobody else on the planet that she would be willing to do such a thing for.

Once outside, Ann tugged at her swimsuit to make sure that it was properly aligned with her body, then flexed her toes before stepping into the pool, already filled with water. The water was warm, owed to the heat of the day and Shiho using warm water to fill it. Thankful for that, Ann sank down onto her knees to better soak in the water. "So, how did you want this to... happen... exactly?" Ann asked, as Tadeo hopped into the pool with her. Didn't dogs hate baths? She shivered as the water splashed onto her, not because it was cold but because she was surprised. Tadeo walked around her a couple of times and then began to push his muzzle up against her side, to which Ann reached down and ran her fingers through his fur, patiently waiting for Shiho to answer her question from a moment ago.

"I didn't think we'd get this far..." Shiho admitted, bashfully. Nonetheless, she planted her foot against one of the other patio chairs and then leaned back a little, sliding a hand between her legs to begin masturbating, before the show had even begun properly. "But. I suppose you could start by kissing him."

Even if it sounded like a question, something about Shiho's tone told Ann that she was sure about what she was saying. Ann wasn't sure how to go about doing that at first, but as she leaned down a little further, Tadeo did the rest of the work for her. When her face was within his reach, the dog moved up and pressed his muzzle to her lips, his tongue sliding out to lap against her chin while Ann opened her mouth awkwardly and did her best to perform the best kiss that she could. She pursed her lips after offering the dog her open mouth to press a kiss against his muzzle, and Tadeo responded in kind, lapping against her chin again before he extended that lap up to her lips.

Ann could tell that Shiho's dog was experienced in this sort of thing, but something stopped her from asking Shiho just how much fooling around with humans he'd done. As she cast a glance over to Shiho once she pulled away from the kiss, she could see that she was still masturbating. Using what knowledge, she had of sex and what usually happened in the bedroom, she turned to Tadeo and began to gently rub at his belly, reaching for something else entirely.

The dog, too, had pulled away at this point, and simply stood on all fours on the ground beneath Ann, panting while her hand searched for its target. She was surprised to find, not a cock, but the dog's sheath, though Ann had no idea that sheath was what it was called. As her fingers traced across the fur atop it, she felt a finger slip into the opening, only to press against something firm and pointed. A moment later, Tadeo's shaft began to stiffen, and then Ann's palm was greeted by the shaft itself, warm and throbbing against her touch. She soon wrapped her hand around it, then took a moment to process just how crazy it was that she was doing what she was doing.

Giving a dog a handjob. She'd never even given a boy a handjob before. In fact, were she to look down and gaze upon the dog's member, it would be the first cock that she had ever laid eyes on in her entire life. Her fingers traced along the veins, and her thumb ran up and along until she gave the tip a gentle rub, feeling his precum leak against her finger as she did. She gently bit her lip, then slid her hand down again. So much of this was new to her, and yet it came so naturally. With her thumb and index finger wrapped firmly around the shaft, she finally leaned down beside the dog to have a look at his member while she stroked him off.

Red and angry, veiny and thick, throbbing with need... Ann was surprised by just how much she enjoyed looking at it. Was it normal to enjoy looking at cocks, let alone those of dogs...? She cast another glance at Shiho as if to silently confide in her friend as to the answer to that, but Shiho's gaze was fixed firmly on Ann's hand, Shiho's own still between her legs as she continued to shamelessly masturbate to the sight that she had orchestrated. Ann felt no disappointment, after all, making Shiho feel better was the entire point of the exercise, even if she felt more than a little awkward doing such a thing.

Without Shiho's opinion, though, she wasn't not entirely sure what she should do next. What did human boys like? Blowjobs, she supposed. Licking her lips, Ann briefly considered what the dog's cock might taste like. Would it be nice in any way whatsoever, or would she be disgusted? There was only one way to find out.

"Shiho, I'm going to-" Ann began, only to pause when she saw that Shiho had taken a brief pause from gazing at the shaft to close her eyes and focus on the masturbation. She went quiet and just leaned down, fixing to give her friend a surprise when she opened her eyes again. Leaning down, Ann ran her other hand along the dog's fur, pausing at his neck before she gave him a pat on the head. Simultaneously, she stroked her palm against the underside of his member, then leaned in to give the pointed tip a soft kiss.

The taste was nothing like she had expected it to be. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't really... good, either. It tasted a little like copper, and a bit salty, and Ann was even considering pulling away again for a moment before she glanced over at Shiho and saw that her friend had noticed what she was doing.

"Fuck, Ann... that's so hot," Shiho muttered, which gave Ann the motivation that she needed to lean back in and give the tip of the canine cock another kiss. She lingered there after she had done, pursed her lips against the pointed tip and began to gently suckle on it. All the knowledge that she had of blowjobs came from AVs that she had stumbled upon on the net or novels that were, frankly, a little too explicit for someone her age to be reading.

Ann heard her first proper moan from Shiho then, and even as she kept the canine cock inside her mouth she cast a glance aside to look at her friend, enjoying the sight of Shiho enjoying herself-Ann was even a little bit jealous, but that didn't stop her from putting all the effort that she could into pleasing Shiho's needs. She took Tadeo's cock a little further into her mouth. Her lips sat against the outside of the shaft as she suckled and suckled and made her way bit by bit down towards the halfway point. It tasted even weirder now that there was more of it inside her mouth, but as the canine began to leak his precum against her tongue and Ann got used to the bitter taste of his cock, she began to enjoy it more. She got lost in the motions for a little bit, even, slowly bobbing her head back and forth as she suckled hard on his shaft. Her hand had been holding him at the base, but Ann paused when she felt the base beginning to swell up.

She'd heard of this before, but never seen it with her own eyes. Dog cocks had a bulb at the bottom when they were fully erect, meant to lock them inside whatever they were having sex with so that the cum couldn't spill out. Ann gave a little chuckle to herself as she recognised the irony of the knot being useless in this situation, but after that momentary pause she pulled off the cock entirely, leaning aside to examine the knot from the side.

Her fingers wrapped around the part of the shaft right above it, but then she lowered her hand a little further, sliding her finger and thumb around the back of the knot, pulling the sheath all the way back in the process. The difference between the shaft now and when she had first laid eyes on it was like night and day. It must have been over eight inches long and thick enough to look fat even with a length like that, and the knot sat firm, twice as thick as the shaft itself. If Ann was really going to be having sex with this dog, she had no idea how she was going to fit that fat knot inside her.

"Kiss it," Shiho muttered, the words escaping her through breathlessness as she continued to shamelessly masturbate to the similarly shameless sight that Ann was providing her with. Ann didn't even hesitate. As soon as she was able to process what Shiho was asking her to do, she leaned in and gave the knot a firm kiss, then another a little way up the shaft. Instead of kissing it from there, she went between smooches and licks as she made her way up to the tip of the member again. After giving the pointed tip a smooch, she took his cock back into her mouth, her eyes closing. She gobbled up as much of the length as she could, getting all the way to the knot before she began to struggle. She knew that there was no chance that she would ever be able to fit the knot itself inside her mouth, so she didn't even try, rather, she simply held herself down at the knot, using the fingers that she had behind the knot itself to push herself onto the majority of the cock as best she could.

A sudden spurt of precum against the back of her throat was the only signal that she got that Tadeo was about to cum-the dog himself was silent for the most part, only panting in the moments leading up to it, and then when his orgasm actually began, with Ann having enough time to pull back to the halfway point of his shaft (because there was no way that she was going to miss out on the opportunity to taste his cum), he began to howl with pleasure.

At first, there didn't seem to be very much difference between the precum that he had been spurting a moment ago and his actual cum. It was just as watery, the same warmth and even the same amount at first, though the taste was much stronger. Ann eagerly gulped it down each time a fresh rope blasted into her mouth, and she ended up swallowing more of her own saliva-albeit tainted with the taste of canine cock-than she had his cum, though his orgasm lasted for what felt like minutes on end. Spurt, spurt, spurt. A never-ending amount, and it was lucky for Ann that she never got bored of the taste. She gulped down everything that he gave her and was even hungry for more when he finally did finish spurting off his canine cum. Pulling back, she gave the tip of his slowly softening cock another kiss as she felt the knot deflate against her fingers. She pulled her hand back and licked it clean of precum that had leaked onto it in the interim, then looked over towards Shiho again to ensure that she was still enjoying herself.

"C-C'mere," Shiho urged, desperately. Ann moved to her feet and walked over, and Shiho reached up desperately with her free hand to grab the back of Ann's head. She pulled it down and gave Ann a deep, passionate kiss on the lips. Ann was overjoyed, but she knew that she wasn't the main reason that she was being kissed-Shiho's tongue explored around inside her mouth, sharing and savouring the taste of doggy cum as Shiho masturbated herself to her first intense orgasm.

She practically screamed into Ann's mouth, and her legs began to shake, even as she sat in place. Ann didn't need her friend's confirmation to know that it must have been the most intense orgasm that Shiho had ever experienced. The girl's eyes remained in the back of her head for long moments after she hit her apex in the form of a thick blast of fluid splashing out against Ann's leg. Finally, once her eyes rolled forward again, she gave Ann another brief kiss on the lips and then pulled away, smiling at her.

"That was amazing... but... you're not done yet, right?" Shiho asked, her cum-covered hand reaching aside to give Ann's hip a gentle squeeze. Ann shook her head without hesitation, leaning down to return the chaste kiss that had been given.

"Not by a long shot! When I'm done you're gonna feel like you had the night of your life, I promise," Ann told Shiho, then pulled away. She had to admit, though, she wasn't really sure how to seduce a dog into having sex with her. The blowjob had been pretty easy because the dog himself wasn't very involved with that, but sex was a different thing altogether... it wasn't as if she could pin the dog down and ride him, she doubted that he'd let her do that...

As if he was able to read her mind, Tadeo walked up to Ann and gave her the answer. He lapped at her leg, where Shiho had stained it with her cum, and kept on licking and licking there, even as Ann let out a surprised giggle and fell back onto her knees again. "H-Hey!" she protested, but she wasn't really sure what she was protesting. It felt good, especially as Tadeo's tongue left her thigh and began to flick up against her pussy through the fabric of her bikini. Ann let out a sudden gasp and began to move over towards the pool again. As she neared, Tadeo surprised her by suddenly taking hold of the string holding her bikini together with his teeth and tearing it open, letting the fabric fall away and her bare pussy be exposed.

"He's loving this... nnf..." Shiho muttered under her breath as she resumed masturbating. Ann gave her friend a glance but soon found herself in the pool again, on her hands and knees, her bare ass pointed straight towards the mutt. Tadeo leaned in to give her pussy a couple of cautionary licks, then he hopped up onto his hind legs and mounted Ann, giving her no time to prepare for what was about to happen.

He didn't manage to push inside her right away, rather, as he began to hammer his hips, his cock pressed up against her inner thigh, and then a different spot on her inner thigh, and then it smacked right against her clit which made Ann let out a loud noise of surprise. She clenched her fists and closed her eyes, that surprised sound turning into a moan of pleasure as the aftershocks of the rough jab ran through her. For the next few seconds, Tadeo slipped his cock between Ann's thighs and began to fuck them inadvertedly, seemingly under the impression that he was already inside her. Picking up on this, Ann closed her thighs around his cock, giving him a thighjob for a few moments before he, slickened from his grinding against her pussy, finally hit home.

The dog managed to push over half of his cock inside on only the first thrust, taking Ann by utter surprise. She had been intending to dirty talk and aid Shiho in her masturbation the moment that Tadeo finally slipped inside her, but she felt the air slip from her lungs, and she could find none. Her eyes opened wide and she tipped her head forwards as Tadeo picked up his pace, pulling out only to slam back inside again over and over again. His knot hadn't even properly formed again just yet, but she was both eagerly awaiting and deathly afraid of the moment that it did.

For the moment, she was left to wonder. Tadeo hammered away at her pussy, the clap of his hips against her ass ringing out so loudly that Ann was, at least on some level, worried about whether any of Shiho's neighbours would be able to hear them and perhaps figure out what was happening. Any desires to actually do something to mitigate that fell apart before she so much as moved a muscle, though, because being taken so roughly by her friend's dog was nothing short of utterly euphoric. Her eyes rolled back as Shiho's had and her tongue fell from her mouth. She let out a moan that wouldn't have been out of place in those AVs she had seen... and she was only playing it up for Shiho's sake a little bit.

It took her a little bit to collect herself again, but once she had, with her palms flat on the ground beneath her inside the shallow water, she was able to turn her head over towards Shiho and let her friend see the depraved pleasure on her face. "Nnnh... this feels so good, Shiho," Ann moaned, even leaning up to give Tadeo a kiss on the muzzle. "You're such a good boy, fuck me hard..." The pain that had washed over Ann when Tadeo had first pushed inside had melted away entirely, leaving in its place a flurry of different pleasures, each one sending waves of ecstasy throughout Ann's entire being. Ann reached back to untie her bikini top, letting it fall into the water without even caring where it landed as one of her hands reached to her breast to squeeze there.

"Fuck, fuck... I'm gonna..." Ann began, and then trailed off as her first intense orgasm rocked through her. As she twitched and moaned and writhed in pleasure, her pussy only slickened more, and Tadeo was quick to take advantage of that. He hopped off her briefly before turning his head around to lick at her pussy a little more. Ann felt a slow come-down from her climax, but before she could get over her sensitivity, he was inside her again, hammering away just as he had done the first time, with one, very large difference-his knot had swelled up, and with each eager thrust that the pooch gave, it was pressing up against the entrance to her pussy, threatening to push inside. Ann's eyes went wide and she glanced at Shiho, simultaneously wanting nothing more than for him to push inside and worried as to whether her pussy would break if he did.

Surely it would be fine, right...? Girls were supposed to push babies out of there, they must be durable... Ann's internal consideration went about that far before she quietly decided to let Tadeo do was he wished and leaned aside to give him another kiss on the muzzle. "That's it, boy... I wanna feel your knot inside me. I want you to tear me apa-"

Just then, cutting Ann's words off and sucking the air from her lungs, his knot pressed up against her for the final time. Even before it properly pushed inside, Ann could feel just how large it was, how much it was going to hurt, and ultimately how good it was going to feel. That sting lasted only a few seconds in real time, but for Ann it felt like minutes, and then when the knot finally slipped inside, she let out a loud 'ahh...!' and dropped her head, almost buckling at her elbows, but managing to avoid at least that.

"Fuck, that- Fuck... it's so..."

For the first time since Ann had come outside, Shiho got up from the seat that she had been masturbating on and walked over to Ann. As she knelt on the grass beside the pool and one of her hands rose up to cup Ann's cheek, the other slipped between her legs-she was still masturbating. "You look so beautiful like this," Shiho told Ann, to which Ann flushed but closed her eyes, unable to grasp the feeling of having his knot inside her. First and foremost, his shaft felt a hell of a lot longer when the knot was inside with the rest of his shaft-she could have sworn that he was so deep inside that the pointed tip of his cock was pressing into the entrance of her womb with each thrust.

No amount of hard thrusting would push that pointed tip any further, but it didn't need to go deeper-Ann knew that when his orgasm came, her womb was going to be filled up. The pooch wouldn't be able to get her pregnant, but all the same, she ached to be full of his seed. Her mouth dropped open and she let out a sudden gasp of pleasure. Shiho met her for a kiss as she continued to shamelessly masturbate. A moment passed, and then another, and time stretched on for Ann as pleasure thumped inside her, the member thumping similarly as if angry. 

It all happened at once. Tadeo's cock throbbed madly, Ann screamed out and buried her face into Shiho's neck, Shiho shuddered in the throes of her own climax. Spurt after spurt of cum fired deep into Ann's cunt as the grinding of the dog's knot against her pussy paused and the shaft instead pumped as it gave her everything that he had to offer. His balls thumped, emptied and then finally, right around the time that Ann's womb had been filled up completely, he stopped pumping cum into her. Ann panted with need as Shiho did much the same, the two of them idly kissing one another as Tadeo hopped down from Ann and turned around, waiting for his knot to deflate enough that he could pull out.

When he did, Ann felt the difference as if that of night and day. Her pussy was suddenly empty, and there was nothing holding in the flood of cum any longer. Her knees and her elbow finally gave in, the hand she'd been using to hold Shiho dropped as the rest of her limbs did and Ann ended up on her face at the edge of the pool. Her hand reached between her own legs and spread her aching pussy open, letting the gloopy cum dribble free from it at a much faster rate.

Shiho made sure to grab her phone from the table and begin taking pictures for her private collection.

"How was that?" Ann eventually asked, sounding breathless. She smiled at Shiho as she looked at her.

"Perfect," Shiho told her, before reaching a finger over to scoop up some of the canine cum from Ann's pussy, and then slipping that finger into her own mouth to taste the mix of her two best friends. "Everything I wanted and more."

"Great," Ann sighed, with a grin. "When do you wanna do it again?"