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Only I Can Mark you

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Lena Luthor's relationship with her brother was complex.

When her father bought her home after her mother's death, Lex was the only friendly face that greeted her. And he remained a friendly face when her father drank himself to death and when Lillian became harsher to her.

She loved and admired her brother. At times, she felt like she worshipped him. She loved his mind, his conscience, wanting to genuinely help others, despite his own tortured mind and emotions.

He was a good man, and Lena wanted to be the one he depended on.

Then he met Clark Kent.

Well, "met" was an understatement. Lex had a car accident, with Clark being the victim. But somehow, Clark saved his life, and it grew into this friendship that Lena was admittedly jealous of before she was shipped off to a private school.

Lex always reached out and spoke to her about Clark. He often spoke about how they would stand together and build a legacy with one another.

"Clark and I, we have a destiny together," Lex once told her. "We'll both be great men, not because of our families or our social standings. But because of one another. Whether we do it with or against each other, it's up to him."

Lena had no idea how true those words were.

Slowly, but surely, their not-quite love story turned tragic, when Lex found out something about Clark, something Lena wouldn't be aware of until the day they died. It tore her brother apart. It took the person she idolized and turned him into a monster that wanted power.

Lex drove everyone that cared for him away. Lillian, Lana, and then Lena herself. All that mattered to Lex was Clark.

Lena knew that Lex was a manipulative, vile, and egotistical person near the end of his life. And yet, her heart cried for the person he used to be prior to Superman's appearance in their lives.

She felt like she had tried harder to save him, she could have redeemed him. But Superman—No— Clark cost her that chance, and now she was left with this burning anger and regret.

And it only made things worse when on the day of Lex's funeral (coincidentally on the same day as Superman's funeral), she made her appearance.

The Blue-Eyed Bombshell, the Maiden of Might, the Goddess Next Door, the All-Mighty Supergirl. She announced, at the end of her rousing speech to her deceased cousin, that she would step in as the Earth's Pillar of Hope.

Lena didn't hate any aliens, but Lena despised any Kryptonian that was related to the man who killed her wayward brother.

And misplaced as it may be, Supergirl just made herself Lena's enemy.

And she would find a way to defeat her.

Kara Danvers was given a goal the day she lost Krypton.

To protect her cousin from any harm.

Sure, things went awry when her pod was thrown into the Phantom Zone, but when she came out of the zone and landed on Earth, she went out of her way to keep her word.

Even when her cousin pawned her off on others.

Their relationship was rocky at its best and non-existent at its worst. Kal didn't see himself as a Kryptonian. Sure, he respected his origins, but he was a human through and through, and it hurt Kara that the "Last Son of Krypton" continuously pushed away his Kryptonian identity.

She had tried so hard to teach him, but eventually, his visits grew less and less until he stopped showing up at all.

Kara had been devastated by this. He would rather throw her away to be the human he wanted to be. She was hurt, but she would let her cousin have his life. He wanted to be a human, so, she wouldn't force him to be.

She let him have his life, and she had hers.

She had let her personal feelings override the one goal she was given when she was a child.

Then, it happened.

Her cousin had died. Died, with his hand in the hand of his sworn enemy, Lex Luthor. They both had killed one another. She didn't know about their history until a tearful Lois revealed it.

Clark and Lex used to be friends, though Lois thought there was something deeper between them, despite him being with her, and Lex being with Lana, and later, a woman named Eve. But then, Lex found out about Clark being Superman, and everything went to hell.

The world was put in their feud, and Lois admitted that the reason Clark pushed her out of his life, wasn't because he didn't care. But because he did not want to involve Kara in his war with Lex.

Kara was emotionally crushed. Alex, Siobhan, Lucy, M'gann, J'onn, Winn, Kelly, and James tried to cheer her up, but nothing could.

All those years were wasted.

She should have been there for Clark instead of letting him push her out of his life in some foolish notion that he was protecting her.

Her sadness then turned to fury at the Luthor family. She knew that it was foolish and that it was misplaced anger, but if not for Lex, Clark wouldn't have felt the need to abandon her.

Kara was often a forgiving person, but anyone who claimed themselves to be a Luthor, she would forever despise.

And if any would cross her path, she would bring them down.

Just like every other villain.

It was destiny that they would meet.

Supergirl announced to the world her existence and took up the mantle Superman left behind.

Lena Luthor stepped up and became the shining beacon that would bring L-Corp into the light.

When the two women learned that they both lived in the City of Blinding Lights, aka, National City, they placed a target on the other woman's back.

Kara would do everything she could to bring Lena to justice for any crimes, simply for being a Luthor.

Lena would use technology to try and bring down Kara, simply for being connected to Superman.

The two women became enemies because of Superman and Lex, but it was their own hands that deepened their animosity.

The public was torn on who to defend. Both women were making the world a better place but the moment the two were in the same place, words and sometimes even fists would fly.

It was becoming rapidly clear that the world would once again be put in between a Luthor/Super feud.

Then, a new face appeared in National City.

A mysterious person clad in black armor with a green phoenix emblazoned on the chest appeared in the city. No one knew if they were friend or foe to the city.

This person wielded the ability of Ergokinesis, which allowed the figure to manipulate and generate bright green energy with their hands or use it for flight. This person had enhanced durability, endurance, strength, and agility that could match the power of Supergirl herself.

This mysterious figure quickly became known as "Flamebird" and quickly made their side known when they engaged Supergirl in a massive battle that ended with both figures unconscious in a giant crater.

There were many rumors that the mysterious Flamebird was indeed Lena Luthor, but because both Flamebird and Supergirl were taken from the battle site, it couldn't be proven.

Since then, Flamebird and Supergirl continued their war, which often left the two opponents unconscious at the end of it.

"Ms. Luthor, you need to rest."

Sweat dripped from Lena's face as her assistant/friend, Jess, stood by her side with a towel in her hand. Lena carefully took the towel and wiped the sweat from her brow.

Across from Lena, Samantha "Sam" Arias lay on her back, her breathing heavy. "Jeez, Lee…." Sam panted. "You really don't pull your punches."

"I have to get stronger somehow," Lena said as she stood on shaky legs, only to crumble back to the ground. "You don't pull your punches either."

"Ms. Luthor," Jess began. "You've been pushing your body for days. You won't be able to defeat Supergirl if you burn yourself out."

"She has a point," Sam admitted as she floated off the ground and onto her shaky feet.

"I'll be fine," Lena hissed out as she pushed herself onto her feet. "I have to be able to push myself further than this." Lena glanced at her shaky right hand and scowled.

Thanks to the combination of Harun-El and her Birth Mother's magical abilities, she was on par with the Maiden of Might. But she had to surpass her. She had to defeat Supergirl and force her to retire.

Then, and only then, could she rest.

But at the same time, her friends were right. Her body would not recover until she rested. "Alright," Lena acquiesced. "I'll rest."

"Finally!" Sam exclaimed. "Now, if you ladies excuse me, I have a date."

"A date?" Lena asked. "With who?"

"Alex Danvers," Sam answered with a smile. "Remember last week at the Gala when you got into it with Supergirl's number one fangirl, Kara Danvers?"

Lena smirked. "The cute blonde reporter that hates my guts?" Lena asked.

"Is there any other?" Jess questioned.

"The very same," Sam said. "Well, me and her plus one, her sister, talked mad shit about the two of you and bonded. We then proceeded to go back to her place and had some mind-blowing sex."

"Well, congrats," Lena said.

"Thanks," Sam said as she pressed a button on her right wrist bracelet. She groaned in pain. "Shit, that always hurts."

"Sorry," Lena winced. "But you're the only Kryptonian I know that likes me. You're the only one that can help me get stronger against Supergirl."

"I do owe you one so this pain is worth it," Sam said. "What are you two doing tonight?"

"I have a date too," Jess bashfully admitted.

"Our little Jess has a date?" Sam asked with a twinkle in her eyes. "With who, I wonder?"

"His name is Winn. I met him at Star Wars night at the movies," Jess said.

Lena smiled at this. "I'm glad you two have dates tonight, even if one of them is a bit problematic," Lena said with a not-so-subtle look to Sam, who grinned in response. "As for me, I have no plans."

The last time Lena had plans with anyone, she was still engaged to Jack, and he bolted after her first battle with Supergirl.


"I may just cuddle with Arti tonight," Lena said, referring to her kitten. "Maybe read a book and catch up on the news, too?"

"Yeah, but isn't that a bit….sa—"

Jess was interrupted as the entire building rumbled. "What was that?" Sam asked.

The sounds of metal being crushed and glass breaking filled the air.

Seconds later, screams filled the air, which prompted the three women to run out of the basement of L-Corp. The trio ran outside and was met with absolute chaos.

And in the middle of that chaos, Supergirl lay in the middle of the street, her uniform torn in several places, blood covering the left side of her face, and her skin sickly pale.