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Only I Can Mark you

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"Do we have to drive there?" Supergirl grunted in annoyance with her arms crossed against her chest. "I could have flown us all there in ten minutes flat. With multiple trips."

With her first and cherished Supergirl uniform being torn beyond repair, Supergirl decided that today, in this meeting, would be the first time she would reveal her new uniform.

When the heroine first saw the outfit, she was unsure about it due to how it might reveal a little too much about her body, but thankfully, it was tight enough just to show a tasteful amount of her abs, and that was enough for her.

With her eyes on the road, Alex smacked her short-haired sister behind the head and drawled, "I know you want to meet your girlfriend, but have some patience, will you?"

Supergirl snorted. "I don't get why Astra, Winn, and Lucy have to show up to this. I don't think this needs such a vast audience," Supergirl murmured.

Supergirl then blinked and corrected, "And she's my rival. Not my girlfriend."

"Took you long enough," Alex grinned. "While Astra being there is a weird thing that J'onn hasn't let me in on. Lucy is the Co-Director of the DEO for at least another month. And come on, would you feel weird if Winn wasn't there?"

Supergirl grumbled, "Fair," and then looked outside her window. In the distance, she saw the meeting location and smiled.

"Three unmarked black vehicles are pulling up," Clear-Eyes announced. "Looks like they're here."

The lenses on Flamebird's Domino mask opened and the woman stood from her meditative stance. "About time," Flamebird said. "I was getting quite annoyed with waiting."

Clear-Eyes turned to look at Flamebird, and even though Flamebird couldn't see her face, she didn't need to use her x-ray vision to know that Clear-Eyes was staring at her with an incredulous look. "We've been waiting for five minutes, Flamebird," Clear-Eyes stated. "I get wanting to see your beloved, but you're usually more patient than this."

"I just want to get this show on the road," Flamebird answered with a hint of edge in her voice. "A-And she's not my girlfriend. I don't know why I often have to repeat that."

"To Sam and I, or yourself?" Clear-Eyes inquired.

Flamebird had no answer.

"Attention: There are bootlickers here to beg for my favor!" Lex's electronic voice rang out in the mansion.

Flamebird let out a long-suffering sigh.

"W-Was that his doorbell?" Clear-Eyes stammered with sheer disbelief in her voice.

"I assume that it is," Flamebird answered.

"Attention: People that wish to gain my favor are at the door. Answer it at once!"

"I guess I will go answer it," Clear-Eyes said as she strolled out of the meeting room, leaving Flamebird to sit down and anxiously tap at her thighs.

Why was she so nervous all of a sudden? It was only Agent Danvers and Supergirl.

She shouldn't be so anxious about this.

'Just calm down, Flamebird. All will be well,' Flamebird thought. 'It's only Supergirl and Agent Danvers, along with their boss. Just keep calm and— Oh my!'

Flamebird's lenses widened in shock as Supergirl, who was behind Clear-Eyes, walked into the room.

Flamebird wouldn't hesitate to admit that she found Supergirl attractive. She had eyes, even if it annoyed her, but apparently, she had gone out of her way to change things up.

The heroine wore a spandex suit that had red leggings, a blue torso, and black shoulders and neck, with the S-Shield on her chest. She had two black leather belts with a golden belt buckle around her waist in a cross, a yellow strap around her right thigh, red fingerless gloves, and red boots with two yellow straps on each boot.

She also wore a black leather jacket, round black sunglasses, and a gold studded earring on her left earlobe.

'She is so handsome,' Flamebird thought to herself as her eyes slowly soaked in the sight of this new, short-haired Supergirl. But she realized she shouldn't have because it was then that Flamebird realized that the heroine's suit was tastefully tight in all the right places, showing how toned the woman's body was.

'Oh my god you could grind meat on her abs,' Flamebird thought as her face reddened. To disguise this, she moved her hand over her mouth but she feared the damage was done as not only did the man look at her curious, Supergirl had spotted her too.

But Flamebird could hear Supergirl's heartbeat increase and saw the faint red that streaked across her face.

Oh, did her Super like what she sees as well?

Supergirl walked up to her and Flamebird was painfully away at the height difference between them. "Judging by your heart rate spiking, you like my new look," Supergirl whispered with a teasing tone.

"And I can say the same to you. Your heart is going a mile a minute," Flamebird shot back.

Supergirl reached forward and took a strand of Flamebird's red hair in between her fingers. "While red is your color and the accent is cute, I adore your regular look and sound more. Something about it does it for me," Supergirl easily admitted.

"Charmer," Flamebird remarked with a breathy tone.

Supergirl flushed but she smirked. "I will say, while Kryptonians dislike magic, I will not hesitate to admit that your magic is amazing. With or without it, you are quite beautiful. Especially in that suit of yours. I'm a huge fan of it."

Flamebird angled her face and smirked at the heroine as she touched Supergirl's stomach with her right fingertips. "You are very fetching as well. Very handsome with that short hair…. Your outfit is amazing as well." Flamebird admitted.

The two stared at one another and Flamebird felt this hunger building up in the pit of her stomach. A hunger that only the heroine in front of her could sate.

This was getting dangerous but Flamebird didn't care, and judging by Supergirl licking her lips, she didn't care either.

"Ahem! Ladies!" A deep, strangely fatherly voice, called out, snapping the two women from their gaze. "If you two are quite finished, we have a meeting to attend to."

Supergirl's face turned sheepish as she turned away from Flamebird, which gave the current redhead the ability to see who else was in the room. There was the infinitely amused Agent Danvers, Agent Schott, and Major Lucy Lang, alongside Clear-Eyes and Hank Henshaw, which surprised Flamebird since she knew Henshaw as someone who despised Aliens alongside Lillian.

But there was another face there that Flamebird did not expect to see.


The Kryptonian had tried to take over the world only a year ago with her army and yet, she was here in their meeting location. She wasn't even chained up.

Flamebird felt as surprised as the Kryptonian woman looked.

"I better introduce you," Supergirl murmured. Flamebird flushed when Supergirl took her hand and led her to the group. Once they stood In front of them, Supergirl said, "Director Henshaw, Director Lang, Astra, this is Flamebird. My rival."

"Charmed, I'm sure," Flamebird confidently greeted, despite feeling rather bashful in front of three important eyes.

Major Lang stared at the both of them with wonder on her face, only for an impish smirk to form. "Nice to meet you, Flamebird. We should be arresting your ass but I like meeting under calmer situations."

"As do I," Flamebird replied.

"Director Henshaw of the DEO," Hank introduced as he held out a hand. Flamebird took the hand and shook it as the man said, "As someone who is confused about this situation of how you two came to be so…. Familiar with one another, I look forward to working with you in this brief alliance."

"Likewise. It will be nice to fight alongside Supergirl and the DEO, even if my rival and I prefer to fight each other more," Flamebird answered.

Henshaw narrowed his eyes.

Astra laughed. "I see what this is, Lady Zor-El," Astra said in her native tongue, unaware that Flamebird could understand Kryptonian.

"Auntie," Supergirl murmured a warning. "I don't know what you think this is, but she is my rival."

Flamebird's lenses widened.

Astra was Supergirl's aunt?!

"A cherished one it seems, considering your conversation with her moments ago," Astra stated. "I look forward to seeing how things with you and your beloved Rival progress, Lady Zor-El."

Astra then turned to Flamebird and said, "A pleasure to meet you, Flamebird."

"Likewise. Though, I am surprised that someone so high-profile as you, is here with the DEO," Flamebird replied.

"She is here because has intimate knowledge of our mutual enemy," Henshaw stated. "And if we are to defeat her, we will need her help."

Flamebird watched as Astra smirked. "Now, shall we begin this meeting? We have much to discuss," Astra told the group. Everyone then took their seats, with Supergirl and Flamebird sitting beside one another.

Supergirl took off her leather jacket and hung it on the back seat, revealing her bare, toned arms, which had two golden bands around her biceps. Flamebird glanced at her arms, only to swallow and quickly look away, her cheeks flushed.

Her old suit really hid how toned her rival truly was.

She could hear Supergirl's faint, pleased chuckle, which made Flamebird frown.

Until an idea hit her.

Flamebird slowly removed her suit jacket and hung it on the back of her chair. She then loosened her tie slightly and unbuttoned three of her top buttons, revealing more of her neck and part of her chest. "Forgive me, but it is a little hot," Flamebird apologized as Supergirl glanced at her.

Flamebird's actions were awarded a breathy sigh and reddened cheeks from her rival.

Agent Danvers, who sat across from them in between Agent Schott and Clear-Eyes, smirked in amusement. "So, before we start on this first team-up meeting, does anyone need some water?"

Clear-Eyes nodded and added, "Yeah, because a few of us might be a little thirst right now."

Flamebird frowned alongside Supergirl, but neither said a word.