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Brilha La Luna

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“Una bela luna siempre va brilhar

Pra qualquer forasteiro em qualquer lugar”

(A beautiful moon will always shine

To any outsider, anywhere)


It was past midnight in a full moon night that Mal and Evie were outside the castle grounds of Auradon Prep. Coronation was coming soon and the plan the four of them had was perfect. Why wouldn’t it be? It was in fact Mal’s plan, and Mal was one of the best people in the Isle of the Lost, being the daughter of Maleficent and being trained in evil before she learned how to say her own name. Of course, she could come up with the best plan. The blue-haired was admiring the purple-haired features as she walked.


“M, do you realise we’re in a really tough position if we get caught, right?”

“Just relax, princess, no one will think about looking under the bleachers. It’s Auradon. They think everyone’s too perfect”


They laughed as they sat on the grass under the bleachers and looked the moon and the stars, maybe for the first time together, since it wasn’t really something you could see in the Isle of the Lost. It was beautiful, it was touching, it was romantic. Evie knew she felt something for the other girl she couldn’t fight not to feel but she didn’t really know how to talk about it and… the best she could do was cherish the moments they had together, go on with her life, and be an Auradonian, just like Mal was doing, so she would never feel sad again.


So, why was it that Evie never really wanted her mother to be able to teach her magic when she was young, or any moment, really, up to this moment in time, when she regretted the barrier with all she had, when she wished she could stop time right there, right when Mal was by her side. Evie wanted the spell never to work. Evie wanted Mal to fail at getting the wand so she would still be hers.




“Nunca esqueço de onde eu vim

Sei bem quem sou e aonde vou chegar”

(I never forget where I came from

I know exactly who I am and where I want to go)


“It’s my fault!” Evie couldn’t fight the tears. The girl tried to suppress her own feelings so much and tried to be happy for Mal for so long that she forgot that Mal was a dragon, and she was mostly definitely feeling herself in a cage with Ben and all Auradon pressuring her into Cotillion. And now Mal had left, which was one of the reactions Evie should have seen coming, but… she was so worried about herself she didn’t. “How can I not blame myself?”


But the girl still had to think carefully about what to do. She couldn’t just blame herself and let Mal slip from everyone, including herself. It wasn’t something that she could just let happen. Evie was Mal’s best friend… which meant, she had to go after her. The blue-haired girl talked to Ben, and of course now you want to fix your mistakes, little prince, she thinks, but don’t say a thing. They all definitely decide to go to the Isle of the Lost, so they find Mal.


When Evie finds her, they talk. It’s sweet and nice and it’s reassuring to know, maybe to them both (Evie’s not sure if it’s just her or if her best friend feels the same), that they’re going to always be there for each other.


Evie knows she’s staying if Mal decides to stay, but she’s also glad when the purple-haired decides she’s coming back to Auradon. They promise each other they’ll never forget they’re from the Isle.


The blue-haired is by the purple-haired girl’s side when the ball happens, even though she wished she wasn’t.




Quero tanto estar contigo

Só mais uma vez

(I wish I could be with you

Just one more time)


The marriage was then set, and it looked like everything was falling into place, but Evie was broken inside, and she knew what she missed, she knew what she longed for. She also knew there was no way she could possibly just say to Mal “hey, M, don’t marry him”. It would be extremely selfish. She knew. Oh lord, how she knew that. Maybe it was her fate, to stand up and watch the woman she started to love suddenly become someone else’s. What could she do, then?


Evie was working on Mal’s dress instead of sleeping. Mal is soon to be married, and she desires to have her wedding dress done by her favourite stylist, which happens to be her best friend, so Evie knows it’s her work to deliver it to her. The daughter of Evil Queen knows how to be professional.

The dress is almost done, only some touch-ups to do here and there (and of course any changes the bride wants) when someone knocks on Four Hearts’ door and Evie is a bit startled because it’s late at night, and they’re closed for hours and won’t be opened for another good hours. But it’s Auradon and it’s safe, so she opens the door only to find a crying Mal that sobs something that is as incoherent as her heartbeats. Blue hugs purple, leading her inside, and letting her take some of the space she didn’t really have in her workplace.


Mal talks and Evie knows she’s tired and she has called the wedding off. She wants to go back to the Isle, she wants to stay there, she wants to disappear, she wants anything but staying there with Ben and living something that’s not true. Mal never talked about it, but Evie can see it now, when Mal’s at her arms, and Evie can only say that it’s okay and she does not have to worry about anything else than herself.


“Let’s go… It’s full moon night… Let’s watch it like when we did when we arrived here?” Evie asked, as she stood up and offered her hand to the purple-haired girl, that took it as she also stood up. “Thank you”