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Safety in the Bed (or rather under it)

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“So, this is new bud.”

Stiles helpfully points out as he closes the bedroom door behind him with his foot. When he was headed up to his bedroom he ran into his father who had sighed, clasped his shoulder, and told him to be careful before heading off to work. He didn’t understand what he meant but seeing a leather jacket, jeans, and combat boots (was that Derek’s boxers on his bed?) strewn about his room he understood it now.

There was also a wolf nose sticking out from underneath his bed where Derek unsuccessfully attempted to shove himself completely under. Predictably the wolf didn’t try to respond to his comment and only stayed completely still, save for the wriggling nose that indicated he was sniffing. Stiles had never actually seen wolf Derek so he just hopes this was in fact Derek. If this was a werewolf coming to kill him, Stiles thinks he would be blissfully knocked out by now.

Stiles sighed, throwing his back pack on the ground and taking his shoes off. He left him alone for now as he stripped his own jeans and shirt off, and replaced them with pajama pants and a soft batman comics graphic t shirt. He felt awkward changing when Derek was right there, but Derek was also underneath his bed and wouldn’t be able to see more than his ankles lifting off the ground as he took off his jeans and slid into the plaid soft pants. So, no strip show for the wolf.

Now able to more comfortably deal with the said wolf, he pushed his and Derek’s clothes to the side and flopped onto his stomach peering into the darkness under his bed. “What’s up Sourwolf?” He greeted the wolf, resting his chin on his crossed arms.

Narrowed red eyes stared at him from underneath the bed. It was difficult to discern the emotions of a wolf but it was safe to say Derek wasn’t amused.

But he wasn’t trying to leave either, the wolf continued to rest his head on his paws and stare at Stiles in a long suffering sort of way, as if he couldn’t believe Stiles would interrupt, whatever he was doing, in his room.

“I mean it’s fine, you can stay obviously, but is there anything important I should know? Is this a normal sort of Derek brood or is this an ‘Everyone Is Gonna Die’ sorta mood?”

Derek looked annoyed so logically Stiles reached forwards to poke his wet wolf nose- and yanked his hand back when Derek tried to bite him. “Fuck! No, bad dog.” He scolded, clutching his hand desperately to his chest. Derek looked a little too smug and Stiles pouted as he shimmied backwards and out from under the bed. “Fuck you dude, fine! Keep doing your Derek brood as long as you’re quiet about it-“ As if Stiles is quiet while he works,”-I’ve got homework and stuff. My whole life doesn’t revolve around you and your freaky supernatural stuff!” He lied, throwing his hands up in the air dramatically and collapsing in his old roller chair, and with an extra flair spinning around towards his laptop and computer. He bumped his knees on the desk and tried to ignore it, but judging from the snort he received from behind him he wasn’t very successful.

“Who cares what werewolves think anyways.” He mumbled moodily to himself, clicking the mouse a few times as he pulled up the coined ‘Creature Dex’ he was compiling with the sometimes help of Lydia. He wasn’t a werewolf, he was more of a behind the scenes strategist. This was the least he could do anyways. He scrolled past the unicorn section with a wistful sigh. “Are you sure there aren’t any unicorns?” He addressed the wolf under the bed. No response but really that was answer enough, and just picturing the look on his face was enough to make him laugh. He kept the section for unicorns anyways, gotta have a light hearted non murder creature option, before scrolling to a more scary section on pixies to fill in the missing areas.

They lapsed into comfortable silence after that, and honestly Stiles would forget he was even here if Derek didn’t snuffle every now and then in his apparent sleep. It wasn’t too bad to have someone else here and when Stiles spoke aloud he didn’t feel as crazy even if he wasn’t addressing Derek. He drifted between doing his actual homework and filling in the holes in the Creature Dex. He was narrating Wikipedia’s commentary on Wendigos, fueled by Derek’s disappointed sigh or amused sigh from the depths underneath his bed.


Therefore it startled them both when the phone rang, Stiles fell out of his chair with a very manly yelp and there was a suspicious thud from underneath the bed.


Stiles suspected they both wouldn’t mention any momentary weakness, and instead decided to answer the damn phone vibrating and ringing in his pocket. “Yeah, what’s up?” He greeted the phone sulkily as he pulled himself up into his desk chair again, eyeing the bed and daring the wolf under it to say something.

“You ok dude?” The blessed voice of Scott came through the phone, and Stiles debated putting it on speaker so Derek could listen in before remembering he was a werewolf. He was probably already listening in.

He forced himself to smile even if Scott couldn’t see it, because he was nice most of the time. Kind of. Only when they were nice first alright! Nobody’s perfect. “Yeah of course Scotty. What’s up man, I’m working on homework. Do you need something important?” He questioned, eyes on the tail now slightly poking under from under the bed. Derek was clearly shifting a lot during his earlier nap. Lucky Derek.

Honestly, Stiles loved Scott, but he was very much hoping he didn’t wanna come over and hang right now. That would be awkward to try and explain why he couldn’t, and Stiles didn’t want to leave either because he had a feeling Derek really shouldn’t be alone right now.

“Oh ok, have you seen Derek around? I stopped by Derek’s loft for training and both Erica and Isaac say they haven’t seen him yet today.” Just how long has Derek been hiding in his room? Scratch that, he didn’t wanna know, and he took a few deep breaths to slow his racing heart. Last thing he wants is for Scott to pick it up over the receiver.

He debated telling him before deciding not to. He felt guilty, they told each other everything, but Derek clearly needed his space for some reason and while Stiles and him don’t exactly always get along they’re working on it.

So Stiles told a half truth, accustomed to the occasionally convenient werewolf lie detectors. “Hey Scott don’t worry about it.” Pushing emotion into it but hopefully not too much, casting nervous eyes towards Derek’s tail which is incredibly rigid at the moment. “You know Derek, he disappears now and again and again, many times, but he always pops up when he’s ready to come home. I’m sure he’ll have a good explanation-“ He directed that last part towards Derek, and he watched the tail twitch in amusement,”-or he’ll just growl. It’s whatever dude. I really do have to work on home work though, I’m super behind.” That was a full truth. He really was behind because if ADHD wasn’t enough, supernatural stuff was way more interesting and kept getting in the way.

There was a tense moment of silence where both Stiles and Derek seemed to hold their breaths before Scott responded with a sigh. “You’re right dude. I guess training it just off for tonight, probably for the best, I’ve got a shit load of homework as well and Allison might want to study tonight.” Highly unlikely given the current rough patch their relationship is in, but Stiles was a good wing man and wasn’t about to point that out.

“Yeah man, give it a shot. Talk to you later Scotty. And I’ll keep an eye out for Derek!”

“Sounds good Stiles. See you later!” And then he was hanging up and Stiles collapsed in the chair, throwing his phone onto the bed. It actually made it onto the bed and he threw his arms up in excitement, mentally cheering for himself.

Stiles ran his hands through his currently unruly brown hair before glaring down at the wolf hiding underneath his bed. “You’re lucky I’m so generous.” He muttered and Derek snorted. But his tail wagged, just once, and Stiles smiled. At least it’s some progress and he turned to his computer to get at least some work done.


He didn’t get much done because all the sudden he was waking up, nearly falling out of his roller chair, and his dad was yelling at him to get up from outside of his room. “Yeah yeah, roger that!” He responded groggily, stretching his arms up as he yawned, his baby blue blanket falling off of him.

He stretched his neck and winced a little, not the best place to fall asleep but oh well. It might kill him later but he’ll be alright, maybe he can convince Scott to use his wolfy strength to massage out the knot in his neck. He examined where he was from his position on the desk and realized there was no wolfy bits sticking out from underneath his bed, so clearly Derek left at some point during the night.

Stiles laughed as he noticed his dirty clothes were folded pointedly on his equally tidy bed, a few things in his room rearranged and more neat. Leave it to Derek to be a clean freak now that he’s got a place. (Bought a whole apartment complex too but schematics.) He rolled his eyes before pulling on a pair of clean clothes utilizing the sniff test and stumbling his way through his cereal, goodbyes with his father, and driving himself to school.

He stumbled through the rest of the day tired like this but greeting everyone regardless. Everyone consisted of the usual werewolves: Erica, Boyd, Isaac, Scott, and reluctantly Jackson who predictably ignored him. Lydia at least responded with a nod, Allison waved in response, and Danny gave him a big grin because Danny is amazing. He really wanted to tell him about werewolves but also didn’t wanna risk his safety, so, alas it was not to be.

Scott informed him that Derek texted the werewolves at 3 am to tell them training was moved to tonight and he expects them all to be there, and Stiles laughs in all the wolves faces until they steal his lunch. He doesn’t get any message from Derek and he doesn’t send any, so he figures that’s that, just a fluke.

It isn’t until he arrives back home that night, and sees last nights pjs and his baby blue blanket on the floor as the only out of place things, that he realizes he didn’t remember being wrapped in that blanket before he fell asleep last night.





Stiles and Derek haven’t mentioned it. Stiles doesn’t point out that he’s seen Derek in his full shift form when the wolves were bothering him about it during a pack meeting a few days after that, upon learning the alphas have a fullshift. He pretends not to notice a quick almost panicked glance Derek sends his way, and instead feigns obliviousness and continues to keep his face in his phone and text Lydia the play by play of the boring meeting she had to miss.

Derek seems relieved he didn’t say anything, and while Stiles feels a little smug he knows something even the other wolf members don’t know, he feels a little guilty Derek seems so obviously stressed about Stiles knowing. And a little offended Derek assumed Stiles would rat him out or something. But regardless Stiles figured Derek wouldn’t be showing his wolf form to Stiles again.

So imagine his surprise when his father gives him that same look upon Stiles arrival home from school. “What?” He asks in confusion, pulling a bag of doritos out of the pantry hidden behind wheat bread. His dad gives him an offended look at Stiles harboring the snacks and rolls his eyes when Stiles sticks his tongue out. His dad needed to be healthy, Stiles was still kind of a growing boy. He shook his head,”Just be safe kiddo.” Before leaving the house.

He didn’t have too long to question what he meant, upon stumbling into his room with the contraband chips and his heavy as hell backpack, he noticed a familiar wolf nose peeking out from underneath his bed. Again.

He gaped like a fish, pausing, surprised he was here again. And then realized he probably looked stupid as hell, so he dropped his backpack and opened the Doritos instead, collapsing in his office chair. He swiveled the chair away from Derek towards his computer, feigning nonchalance, and giving him the illusion of privacy since he very clearly didn’t want people seeing him as a wolf. Not wise going to Stiles when he was like the poster boy of curiosity but he’s trying. “Well that explains that weird interaction with dad. Hey dude, I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting you to come back.” Silence, and Stiles rolled his eyes at the hesitance he felt in the air. “Relax you’re fine here I don’t care, just because I wasn’t expecting you doesn’t mean I hate having you here. You have to listen to what I say and there’s limited talking back, it’s perfect!”

Derek snorted and the tension was gone from the room. Stiles allowed a few moments of silence.

But shockingly Stiles wasn’t done. “Ok I gotta be honest I feel kinda weird having you just hide under my bed. It’s really dusty and probably gross under there, and I’m hoping you’re not snooping too much under there because you’re gonna find things you don’t wanna see.” Suspicious silence, but moving onto because neither of them want to get into that right now. “So just so you know it’s like, ok, to lay actually on top of my bed and not be the monster underneath it. Plus you’ve laid on it enough wounded as human Derek, being wolf Derek is just as dirty.” He paused before adding. “I promise I’ll keep my hands and eyes to myself even if it’s incredibly difficult, scouts honor. I can’t promise anything about talking but you’re in my room so you’re gonna have to be ok with that.”

Derek was growling at him, probably about the dirty comment, because Stiles heard some wiggling and shuffling followed by the sound of his springs creaking as the wolf settled himself on top of the bed. A whoosh of breath from Derek and then silence which Stiles smugly reveled in and Derek probably scowled.

But Stiles kept his word. He didn’t sneak a peek or try to pet, but he sure as hell kept talking. This time Derek was more audible in his responses. For example, Stiles asked. “Do you think Skin Walkers or Werewolves are more powerful? For Creature Dex purposes obviously.” And Derek had barked and growled at him, as if saying the answer was werewolf obviously. “Wow ok you don’t have to be an asshole about it.”

Despite the pretty steady stream of commentary Stiles was eventually tired, running around in the woods every other day really took it out of you, and Stiles passed out at his desk again in the midst of arguing over the importance of Derek watching Star wars.

This time, Stiles woke up tucked in his bed. He tried not think too much about it because no neck pain was pretty great.

However he thought too much about it at school, and wondered how Derek carried him to bed, and if it was a spur of the moment decision or a well thought out one. Regardless there was a warmth beneath his lungs growing and he ignored the looks from Scott at lunch as his heart skipped a few beats thinking about it.


Fucking werewolves.




The next time honestly isn’t that surprising. And isn’t that a scary thought?

Stiles is driving home, ribs flaring up in pain, but hoping everyone else had gotten home safe. “Fucking witches.” He mumbled solemnly clutching his side as he drove. He knew his ribs were probably bruised, he was very roughly thrown into a tree by the witch before she was subdued but he got off pretty easy. The wolves were burnt by her flames and Derek looked pretty torn the whole time, he felt bad for him and had tried to say anything, but Derek barked something about ‘getting checked out’ to all of them at large and ignored Stiles before running off.

Which, rude, but he understood. Derek and fire had a complicated relationship.

As for Stiles, he decided against going to the doctors in favor of climbing into his nice safe bed and sleeping in. He was forever grateful tomorrow is Saturday. He knew what Melissa would say anyways, having had bruised ribs before, just ice them and take some pain meds.

He was also grateful his dad was at work. He made a mental note to check up on him later, he was at work more and more recently and Stiles felt guilty. But that was for later, right now he fumbled out of his jeep and groaned through the pain as he stumbled into his house. He made a beeline for the freezer, pulling out an ice pack and washing off his bloody hands in the kitchen sink.

It was then he heard a thump above in his room and rolled his eyes skyward. Of course he was here. That’s why he ran away so fast. “Fucking Derek.” He took a few moments to practice some safe breathing procedures. He reminded himself Derek was probably emotionally vulnerable right now and braced himself for a snarling wolf when he made his way upstairs. “Alright.” He psyched himself up, popping some pain pills he found in the junk drawers beside the sink. That should hopefully be enough to deal with everything.

He kind of understood druggies and their obsession with euphoria and what not, he mused, as he climbed up the steps to his room. If drugs got rid of pain it was pretty tempting, but Stiles decided the side effects weren’t worth it. However he could use some morphine right now.

“I thought you ran off. I didn’t realize you were heading here but it’s whatever.” He didn’t know why he was sulking but he supposed he was just a little grumpy because Stiles didn’t handle pain super well. Derek just stared at him from the bed, scowling super impressively for a wolf.

However, he didn’t run and hide when Stiles stared back. Despite seeming pretty skittish in his wolf form. So, some more progress he supposed.

Stiles broke the eye contact to peel off his muddy and gross jeans. He didn’t really care about his modesty right now, and winced as he peeled the jeans off because it required him to bend and his currently bruised torso were not a fan of that particular advanced move.


There was a huff from the bed.


Stiles glanced over and raised a brow at Derek who was clearly a mixture of annoyance and confusion, shifting on his paws and facing Stiles. As if he was nervous.

“You get to have your clothes off!” Stiles accused, pointing to the pile of Derek’s shedded clothes. “You’re basically naked right now. I’m just taking my jeans off because they’re not super comfortable right now and I feel gross with them on. See?“ To make a point he threw them at Derek’s face, who barked in clear irritation.

Derek growled at him but rested his face on the jeans anyways, clearly sniffing at them, and Stiles grimaced. He wasn’t sure what scent he was finding on them but he wasn’t pushing them away either and Stiles didn’t want to ask.

His plans for bed now clearly side tracked (and he didn’t feel brave enough to climb into bed next to an aggravated wolf Derek thank you) he felt a routine setting into place as he took his usual spot in his desk chair, resolutely ignoring Derek’s occasional sniffs and snorts. Stiles didn’t ask about how he was feeling, Derek didn’t need Stiles to bring it up and Stiles didn’t know how to handle things like that. Stiles still wasn’t sure why Derek decided to come here recently when he was hiding, and he decided to just wait Derek out.

Stiles had a feeling they’ll never talk about it if he leaves it up to Derek.

He sighed but let it go for now, they were making progress anyways, or so he told himself. Derek is letting him look so that’s good probably. He lounged in his desk chair, and placed the melting ice pack on his ribs absentmindedly, pulling his shirt back to do so. He wiped his wet hand on his boxers, stretching out his legs as he reached for his phone to text his packmates.

“Want me to text the gang about you being here?”




“I got you dude no worries.” Derek sighed in relief and Stiles narrated his text aloud. “Got home safe.. how about you guys? And- sent!” Derek chuffed his approval and almost immediately responses were filtering in.

Stiles glanced behind him but Derek was already staring, eyes rimmed with red and snapping back up from somewhere. Stiles gave him a thumbs up and a grin. “All good!” The wolf rolled his eyes before giving him a look that was probably supposed to be meaningful.

“Sorry dude I don’t speak wolf fluently yet.”

Derek let out a suffering sigh, tail thumping in irritation, followed by pushing Stiles abandoned jeans out of the way and tapping his nose against his own furry side. Stiles brows crinkled in confusion before he realized. “Oh! My ribs!” That was what he was staring at, Derek nodded at him and Stiles glanced down. The bruising was pretty gross.

Stiles shrugged, poking it with a finger and yanking the whole hand away with a wince when that was clearly a stupid idea. “Hurts like a bitch but i’m fine man. Nothing the hospital can do and I wanted to come home anyways.” He admitted. And when he glanced up, Derek was suddenly right there.

“Woah!” He exclaimed, arms pinwheeling as he startled and Derek ignored him, leaning forwards and was surprisingly gentle when he pressed his nose against Stiles thigh underneath the armrest. Stiles was confused at first, the breaths kind of ticklish, and then he realized the pain was diminishing and he suspected the wolf probably had black veins somewhere on him.


His head was a little cloudy now and that was his excuse for why Stiles unthinkingly reached forwards and scratched behind his ears. “Thanks dude!”


They both froze for a minute but then Derek sighed against his skin, and a wolf head was suddenly fully in his lap breathing warm breaths against the skin of his stomach and accepting his fate.

Stiles stayed frozen for a few more seconds, only moving when Derek let out an actual whine and poked him with his nose and honestly who could say no to that? Stiles mumbled nervously, ”Alright, ok, cool.” And really it wasn’t hard to scratch behind his ears and pet underneath his eyes.

Derek closed his eyes and honest to god rumbled or something. It was pretty adorable and Stiles heart was thumping in his chest as he pet this wolf. “You’re really soft and this is awesome.” He informed Derek. Derek pulled his head back a little with a grumpy expression, but his red eyes didn’t seem that angry. He did however grab Stiles free hand in his teeth and shake it a little in a warning, but when he let go there wasn’t even an indent of teeth in his skin.

Finally, Derek rubbed his nose and forehead against Stiles stomach and chest, paws hopping up on the chair to get that high, before dropping down and walking back to the bed. He seemed a little grumpy as he hopped up and faced away from Stiles, curling into an indignant ball of black fur.

“It’s ok to like attention sometimes!” He informed the wolf with a slightly shaky laugh, because what the hell was that? Derek didn’t respond so he wasn’t going to get an answer.

He briefly wondered if he should tell Scott he suspected Derek was scent marking him, and what that meant, but that would mean talking to him about Derek coming here for quiet or something and he didn’t wanna do that. So he opened the Creature Dex and began filling in the blanks for witches.

“Do all witches have fire?” He asked stupidly, wincing when the words caught up to him. He glanced back to Derek but he didn’t seem angry. He was actually facing Stiles again, having turned around at some point, and shook his head.

“Do the more important ones utilize fire.” A huff of air and then a nod. Stiles nodded back with an interested hum. “That’s pretty interesting. When you turn back I need you to tell me more about witches.” He demanded, pointing at his wolf and Derek just grumbled and closed his red eyes. His black fluffy tail rested over his face in a clear dismissal. Stiles rolled his eyes and swiveled back towards his laptop.

He scrolled to the section above witches, werewolves, and added a section saying ‘full shit wolves are very grumpy’ with satisfaction before getting back to his regular human life work. He was pretty sure Finstock would kick him off the team if he got a bad grade, and while he didn’t really care because all he was doing was making the bench nice and toasty, Scott would be disappointed.

Somewhere while writing an essay for English whilst researching the probability of a pixie infestation, Stiles realized Derek was sitting beside him and staring at the screens, red eyes taking in the information. Apparently his mumbled comments and narrations haven’t been enough, and Stiles laughed at Derek’s expression while he stared at the screen. Derek glanced at him and raised an annoyed wolfy eyebrow, pointed nodding his head to the screen for him to continue doing stuff.

“Sorry, sorry, I just didn’t realize wolves could look so serious. Such a serious Sourwolf.” He teased and Derek half hearted snapped his teeth in his direction, before pointing a nose at a website on pixies he wanted Stiles to check out. Stiles obligated and opened it, however he was used to Derek sitting behind him and kept reading things aloud. Derek didn’t seem to mind, he would let out a low pitched wuff if something interested him and growl or huff if information was false and annoyed him.

He also made Stiles research more on witches, and if Stiles accidentally ran his hands through Derek’s fur as he read a portion or if Derek leaned over and licked or nuzzled him every now and then, neither of them seemed to notice or mind.

Stiles stopped paying attention to time so thankfully Derek decided it was enough at one am. He expressed this by grabbing Stiles hand between his teeth and bringing it away from the laptop and computer before letting go. “What?” Derek ignored him, closing the laptop with his nose and then booping the power button to the computer, which was honestly pretty cute. “I’m surprised you know where the power button is. Also, what if I didn't save the Creature Dex? All of that hard work Derek.” Derek plopped down on his haunches and gave him an unimpressed look, Stiles recalled Derek was watching everything he did. “Touché.” He admitted, stretching and wincing at the pain in his ribs.

He glanced outside and agreed, yes, he should probably go to bed. He assumed this is what Derek was expressing anyways, werewolf antics being slightly confusing and what not.

He definitely did not startle this time when Derek’s nose pressed against his side, taking his pain just as the other dose of the werewolf magic was wearing off. “Mmm thanks.” Stiles mumbled sleepily patting the back of his neck and standing up, yawning and forcing Derek to move back a little as he stood. Derek was hot on his tail however, as this time Stiles crawled into the bed of his own volition, and let out a moan of relief as he crawled beneath the sheets. His bones felt like jelly, and he could’ve passed out right there, but then he realized a wolf was sitting beside his bed and eyes glowing in the dark as he stood watch.

Derek has been up all night and he was probably up last night too, and Stiles sighed. “C’mon Derek.” He asked softly, and the wolf glanced over and looked hesitant. Stiles patted the sheets next to him. “C’mere.” His tongue was heavy, and sleep was not far. Thankfully Derek didn’t make him ask again as he heaved a sigh and stepped lightly onto the bed. Stiles graciously didn’t point out that he looked like a dog as he circled three times, and then collapsed half on top of Stiles.

Stiles didn’t care that much as he breathed wolf breath in his face, and instead idly played with the wolfs fur. He was very lucky tomorrow was not a school day and he wouldn’t see Scott, he didn’t know how to explain Derek’s scent. He didn’t even know what was going on himself, Derek barely talked to him in human form he didn’t understand why he was being affectionate now.

But now wasn’t the time to demand answers, as Derek fell asleep on top of him and blew breaths in his face. He could feel the expansion of his lungs as he heaved heavy breaths in his sleep, and the moon shining in from the window illuminated his fur. Stiles understood why wolves were associated with the moon so much, they just belonged under its light.

It was probably easier being a wolf, Stiles figured as he closed his eyes, all you’ve really gotta do is hunt and run. Plus they’re super cuddly.


Sometime during the night, Stiles felt the scratch of beard against his cheek and very human arms wrapping around him and pulling Stiles closer. But Stiles was half asleep and didn’t care. He clutched onto the body because it was very warm and fell back asleep to rumbling noises and vibrations against his cheek.

Stiles woke up alone and drooling on his pillow, and wondered why he was now dreaming of cuddling Derek. That’s pretty embarrassing.

Also there was wolf hair all over his sheets, he really needed to wash them but as he got up Saturday afternoon he didn’t have it in him to wash Derek off of his sheets.




Derek came in a few more times over the past few weeks. Stiles realized his room was relaxing to the werewolf, why he didn’t know, but he made sure to rub it in his face until Derek tackled him to the bed and licked him until Stiles cried uncle. He was a surprisingly helpful companion, he contributed to the creature dex and made sure Stiles was eating and hydrating. He did eat a lot of his Doritos though. One of the days he told Derek to knock it off and Derek responded with eating his whole bag, so he decided he was done telling Derek to knock it off.

Derek had pranced around after that, and tackled Stiles again when he realized Stiles snatched a picture. He wasn’t going to show anyone it was just nice to have.

While it was nice to hang out with wolf Derek, it was weird that he kept licking him and rubbing up against him. Once he pressed his forehead against his thigh and just held it there. And then every night he’s over he herds Stiles to the bed and then snuggles him at night, crushing him with his big wolfy body. Fun facts about sleepy Derek, he’s a huge blanket hog but also he needs to be touching Stiles all the time. Once Stiles had rolled away and Derek had made a wounded noise and shoved his nose into his neck, so Stiles tries not to roll away in his sleep.

Stiles has more dreams about snuggling up to human Derek.

But there is another problem. Derek’s scent is on him, always, and wolf Derek seems smug about it when Stiles mentions it. Stiles actually threw a cheeto at him for that, and Derek caught it, which prompted a game of catch the cheeto that Derek begrudgingly excelled at.

Anyways, Stiles manages to dodge questions about why Derek’s scent is on him for quite a while, he’s honestly impressed with himself. But they can’t dodge this forever. It’s just easier at school.

Scott meets up with him at the lockers, and then wrinkles his nose in confusion. “Why do you smell like Derek?”

But Allison happens to be walking by, and staring at Scott, so Stiles choose her as a deflection. “Oh look, there’s Allison!” And in typical puppy fashion Scott looks away and forgets all about Derek.

However Erica was harder when she cornered him by the bathrooms in the lunchroom. “Why do you smell like my Alpha?” She demanded.

And Stiles had tried to think of a response that was not a lie, when Boyd came over to tell Erica the pizza was almost gone and then she ditched Stiles. Boyd gave Stiles a curious look but Boyd was easier to deflect because Boyd didn’t care that much and all Stiles had to do was smile and walk away.

While Isaac didn’t demand anything as he sat down for lunch, and actually exchanged gazes with Jackson of all people, Stiles knew they were both curious. But it would probably physically pain Jackson to even pretend to care about Stiles, so neither of them commented on it.

So before this recent pack meeting, Stiles had really tried to scrub in the shower while also knowing it wouldn’t do anything. Derek had rubbed himself all over him and his room. Stiles already had a grim acceptance as he took the elevator up to Derek’s loft and walked in. It was pretty dramatic the way everyone shut up and stared at him, human Derek was staring as well but it was more of his permanent glare Stiles was starting to recognize as nerves. Very comforting, Stiles clearly reeked of him, clearly wolf Derek was a lot more smug about that fact than human one.

“Woah- hey guys! Good to see you too, what’s up?” He asked stupidly, waving at them as he walked in.

Erica rolled her eyes but it was Scott who spoke, practically jumping on Stiles. “Dude, why do you and Derek smell the same?“ He gave Stiles those puppy eyes he often effectively used to guilt him into something. Stiles rolled his eyes, meeting Derek’s across the room before quickly looking away. He didn’t know what to say. And Derek was being useless.

“Uhh, probably because I’m your token human of the pack? I hang out with all of you.” He eyed Jackson who was lounging on the couch beside Lydia and looking disgusted. “Most of you.” He corrected himself, of course Derek could really help here but he was attempting to become one with the shadows so it was up to Stiles to field this. “I smell like all of you.”

“No you don’t.” Erica prodded, pushing Scott out of way, and basically getting in Stiles face. “You smell like him more. You’re not a werewolf, you don’t understand.” Stiles sighed, they’ve been over stuff like this a million times. He opened his mouth to hopefully find something to say when Derek snapped.

“Enough! Get out of his face.” And she backed up in submission, and the rest of them dropped it, while still giving them suspicious looks. “I’ve been helping Stiles fix that Supernatural Encyclopedia-“ “Creature Dex,” Stiles interrupts helpfully, “-shut up, the Creature Dex he’s making.” Derek offers as an explanation. That is true, he’s also single handedly eating all of his snacks, and they seem to accept that as an explanation. He shoots Derek a look once they all go to sit back down and Derek ignores him. He does seem to be smirking a little so at least he knows that wolf is Derek. Asshole.

Stiles tries not to think about the past few weeks in front of them all, he’s positive if he thinks about cuddling wolf Derek his heart will go off the charts and suspicions will be back.

“Oh, ok, that’s fine I guess. Why didn’t you tell me dude?” Scott demanded in a last ditch effort and Stiles just shrugged. “Ah, well, you know Derek.” He tried somewhat awkwardly and apparently it worked. Or maybe it was Derek ordering them to ‘Alright enough let’s pay attention’ but Stiles refuses to believe it’s anything but a team effort so, woo go team!

The meeting was a little awkward. At least from Stiles standpoint. He sat in the middle of the couch, squished between Isaac and Scott because he arrived last, and pretended not to notice when they sniffed at him. And stared at him. He felt like everyone was staring at him and he had to just listen, smile, and chatter his contributions and he didn’t even know what he was talking about. Something about upgrading their defenses for the eventuality of a traveling alpha? Or another future threat? Sure that’s fine, but that’s nothing he can help with because they all refuse to add him to the rotation of night watch.

Lydia is taking care of the human stand point, and he just nodded with whatever she said. Man he needed to get his head in the game.

But hell, even Derek was staring at him, quick glances throughout the meeting. And he always looked puzzled and then pissed afterwards. And there was moments in conversations where he paused and then Stiles filled in his gaps, and he almost seemed relieved? Stiles was coming to the realization this wasn’t one of those things they could just not talk about. Especially since he kept fucking sniffing Stiles every time he walked by him, and he could’ve swore Derek purposefully brushed a hand across Stiles neck. Human Derek collapsing in his bed from blood loss is one thing. Human Derek coming through his window, turning into a wolf, and cuddling in his bed is another. Stiles still didn’t know why he was even doing it. Like sure safety and what not but everything seemed chill super natural wise, so what’s up?

He’s very lucky his father is aware of werewolves, and reluctantly allows Stiles to be around them solely because he knows Stiles wouldn’t stop even if he asked. He could’ve shot Wolf Derek or something if he wasn’t tolerant of him at this point in time. He still felt a talk coming from his father in the horizon, but he’d been too busy to berate his son yet. Probably because he’d walked in on them playing ‘Catch the Cheeto’ one day and the threat of Derek reduced a little. That blow to Derek’s ego had been amazing and Stiles still found it difficult not to laugh at the memory.

Abruptly Stiles realized everyone was getting up to go. Scott had a ride with Isaac, they were going to go to the preserve to burn off some energy, and Boyd and Erica were going on a date. (He wasn’t concerned with Jackson and Lydia, they have already left.) So no one really realized when Stiles stayed behind. No one besides Derek, who crossed his arms and stared at Stiles in tense silence. Well, that’s kinda awkward, but not unexpected they haven’t exactly been hanging out. Stiles realizes very suddenly he doesn’t know how to address human Derek.

So Stiles shoved his hands in his pockets and waited for the sound of vehicles to disappear from his hearing, and then a little while longer as he inched closer. Derek’s leather jacket was pulled taunt around his shoulders and his face was sour, but he couldn’t seem to meet Stiles eyes yet, his brows were inching closer and closer together as they furrowed and that really wasn’t great news for Stiles.

“Sooo…” He started, figuring a safe amount of time has passed and he was standing directly in front of Derek. Wow, was he always this buff? “Do you think we can have a chat about- you know what? The whole wolf in my bed thing?” Derek flinched as if he wasn’t expecting this, even though he totally was but clearly he just didn’t brace himself for an actual conversation yet. It had been a pretty decent amount of time though and Stiles had been so patient, but he needs some answers. It seems fair enough.

Derek grit his teeth and his hazel eyes met Stiles (hopefully) open to chat brown ones before glancing away. “I don’t know.” He admitted, practically barking out the words and he sounded pissed. Damn it Stiles doesn’t know how to appear soft and accepting, he’s not really a mama bear type but it’s worth a shot.

Stiles released a heavy breath and put his hands up in a placating gesture. Breath in, and breath out. “I’m not trying to back you into a corner here, but I can’t keep being confused either.” Derek took a step back and Stiles shook his head, trying not to push and giving him a little more space stepping back as well, “We need to talk about what you’re doing because I’m not a werewolf, I don’t understand why you’re laying on my bed as a wolf Derek. Especially when you won’t show anyone else. And then you’re ignoring me as a human. Besides like, touching and sniffing and shit, I don’t get it dude.” A deep steadying breath and then, ”Maybe..I think you need help and I don’t know how to help you.”

Maybe that was too much. Stiles winced but Derek already looked away, hunched up his shoulders, and snapped. He could feel their progress and hesitant friendship floating away in the wind as Derek shut down and Sourwolf came out to insult him. “Get out of my house Stiles. You’re not a werewolf, I don’t need your help.” Derek sneered, metaphoric hackles raising. Oh, and physical, Stiles spied a little red in his eyes. And his side burns were getting a little fuzzy.

However, Stiles started seeing red himself. “Let me get this straight, you’re kicking me out right now?” Silence and then Derek nodded. The wrong move. Stiles scoffed and threw his hands in the air. “Wow ok cool Derek, fuck you too, way to make a guy feel special.” He balled up his fists, and felt like punching something. But he didn’t want to punch Derek, even if Derek’s expression looked like he would be ok with it. That’s just not right, even if he’s super pissed. Derek’s his friend, even if he wasn’t Derek. Shit he actually likes Derek, like big time. What a stupid choice, and he audibly scoffs to himself.

He whirled around, marching towards the door and slamming it open. “Fine. Don’t bother stopping by my place until you feel like talking. Asshole.” He slammed the door after himself and it was a satisfying sound.

It was when he was on the road driving home, mumbling under his breath, that his vision finally cleared. His hands stopped shaking, his heart stopped beating, and his adrenaline crashed. And then he was crying, in no shape to drive so he pulled over and pulled himself together. It probably wasn’t fair to Derek, but it wasn’t fair to keep him in the dark either just because he wasn’t a werewolf. Yeah he fucking got that he didn’t fit in, they didn’t need to rub it in his face.


When he finally managed to drag himself home, he fell asleep in an empty bed.


That night he didn’t dream of Derek, but he did hear a mournful howl.




The bed stayed empty for a little more than a week. Per Stiles’ request Derek didn’t come, clearly he wasn’t ready to talk, and that was fine. It was fine he definitely didn’t need wolf Derek’s company when human Derek was a huge asshole.

Life moved on. He still went to school, he interacted with the other pack members, and he kept his eye out for anything nefarious. Nothing important or life threatening was going on and Stiles felt bored. He had the feeling Derek’s scent was rubbing off because they didn’t mention it again. And that thought scared Stiles, and he had to revaluate himself before coming to the conclusion maybe he liked Derek a little too much.


He washed his sheets.


His friends seemed to realize something was up because suddenly people were mentioning Derek less around him.


It probably had something to do with the way he’d grit his teeth and walk away when they said his stupid name.

By the time the meeting rolled around, Stiles didn’t go. It was the first one he purposefully missed and it made him sick to his stomach doing so. “It’s about making a point!” He convinced himself, as he reheated some leftover pizza. He felt a little lonely but he was also stubborn, so he made his way to his bedroom and collapsed on the bed to watch tv on his laptop. He stubbornly ignored the buzzes on his phone, he was a little flattered people were worried but in reality it was probably just Scott calling to ask what’s up.

He didn’t have anything to say to Scott right now anyways, the point was being made to Derek. His move, but Stiles had the feeling he could care less. He’d never crack anyways, he’s too damn stubborn, and eventually Stiles will just go back to the meetings and offer his advice sometimes and then get called a human repeatedly. “Stupid wolves.” He stated vehemently, taking a large bite out of his pizza pointedly.

And then he realized he was back to talking to himself and groaned, shoving his face in his pillow.

That’s when he heard a knock. Confused he raised his head, looking towards the door, but then his window was sliding open and Stiles groaned again shoving his head back into the pillow. “Scott, what do you want. Now is not a good time my dude.” He complained, stretching out on the bed letting his discarded paper plate fall to the floor now that he had eaten all the pizza on it. His room was kind of a mess since Derek stop tidying it every now and then before leaving in the middle of the night.

When he was met with no response, he pouted and pulled his head up and nearly fell off the bed when he realized Derek was standing there. Derek’s expression looked constipated and he stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, in human form, as if he didn’t know where to go. His hands clenched and unclenched by his side and Stiles was pretty sure he saw claws.

“Derek.” Stiles commented because clearly he was super observant and Derek just scowled at him.

“You didn’t come to the pack meeting.”

“Yeah, no shit. I didn’t think I could help with anything today.”

And then they were just staring, waiting for the other to crack first. Derek seemed to be frozen, besides sniffing the room occasionally with an upset look, and Stiles didn’t like to sit still so clearly he lost. Stiles sighed, sitting up, and Derek flinched a little. He figured he could direct this, shocker. And honestly he missed having wolf Derek around, he was a surprisingly good companion.

He twisted around on the bed, facing Derek who did brace himself this time, and Stiles crossed his legs as he spoke gesturing with his gangly arms.

“Look dude, are you feeling ready to talk or not? I’m not going to sit here and say I don’t miss you, we both know I’d be lying. But I’m also not going to sit here and let you sniff me and shit while I make assumptions.”

Derek’s expression softened a little, before human Derek finally cracked with a sigh. “Yeah.” He grumbled, sliding off his shoes and kicking them to the side, before plopping down beside Stiles. He ran a hand down his face before staring at Stiles next to him and dropping his hands down into his lap. His face was pretty intense but his eyes were uncharacteristically soft. “For starters, what are your assumptions?” He sounded a mixture of amused and wary, and that was fair enough.

Stiles rolled his eyes and shrugged, but he felt a blush rise up the back of his neck and cheeks. Well this is slightly embarrassing, but he needs to get it out. They could totally chat it out. He decided to ignore the fact that Derek was still staring at him and instead fidgeted as he spoke.

“Well, shit, ok. My first assumption would probably be that I make a pretty good wolf pillow.” Derek snorted but didn’t deny it, only mumbling ‘a bony pillow’ and besides elbowing Derek it was a comment Stiles decided to ignore because he’d laid on Stiles enough times to know Derek enjoyed this bony pillow.


Now here comes the harder assumptions.

“I think my room makes you feel safe, for some reason.” Stiles resolutely stared out the window. “Why I don’t know, we never really did get along, but it looked like you were more grumpy then usual the day you came here and I think you wanted to hide somewhere you felt safe.”

Stiles paused, left room for Derek to say something. He hoped for Derek to say anything, and this time he did. Derek clenched his jaw before nodding. “Yes. It’s..” He paused struggling to find the words and this time Stiles was patient, examining the emotions floating across his face before he decided on the words. “It’s not the room, it’s you. Since the beginning you’ve always had the plan and you always smell like pack. Everyone gets along with you. And your place always smells like a happy home, but I didn’t want to talk and explain why I was here.”

Stiles snorted and Derek rolled his eyes, unclenching his jaw as he explained his feelings. “So I decided to do so as a wolf. Then the sheriff found me first, and he didn’t actually care that much so your place just seems like a comfortable home now. I feel accepted here and I don’t feel like you guys are going to attack me.” Derek looked a little pained but somewhat relieved to get it out.

And then they were staring at each other. Stiles didn’t know how he hadn’t noticed the heated look in Derek’s eyes, underneath all the nerves and glares. It made Stiles heart race and his palms a little sweaty. To sum it up, he loved it when Derek looked at him like that.


“Oh.” Stiles muttered intelligently.

“Yeah.” Derek agreed in a quiet tone.

“So, just to clarify some things,” Stiles towards him and cleared his throat, gesturing between them unnecessarily. Derek was already tracking him with his eyes and had his full attention, and looking truly like the predator he is. “Is this a sort of platonic broship ‘your house feels like a home to me’, like how me and Scott, feel” Derek expression turned towards disgust which was rude, Stiles’ and Scott’s relationship is adorable,”or is this a romantic ‘your house feels like a home to me’ because I’m here? Because I kinda wanna kiss your human face, and feel what a human Derek kiss feels like as opposed to your wolf kisses. For science of course.”


It was a leap but Stiles was kinda hoping he read the room correctly. And when Derek’s human face actually cracked into a god damn smile Stiles was pretty sure he was about to suffer from cardiac arrest. Like seriously, call someone.


Derek hummed leaning closer. “You’re an idiot. Romantic.” An insult and an answer, good enough. Stiles decided to wrap his arms around Derek’s shoulders to bring his chest against Derek’s. He didn’t seem to mind, if his red rimmed alpha eyes were to be trusted with the smirk on his face. “And we can do that. For science.”

Stiles leaned closer with a goofy lopsided grin, running a hand through the hair at back of Derek’s neck and feeling Derek’s muscles go limp around where he was grabbing Stiles waist. So Derek likes that, noted.

“Plus, my dad already met you. He likes you!”

“Plus I already met your dad. He tolerates me.” Derek agreed. His assessment was more probable, but he really didn’t want to think about his dad right now.

They breathed the same air, they were leaning that close, and Stiles was pretty sure he was going to pass out and die if he didn’t kiss Derek soon. But he found it pretty difficult to just lean in when he could stare at Derek’s half lidded eyes and marvel over how beautiful kaleidoscope eyes swimming in red looks. His new favorites colors are shades of green, brown, and of course always red.

Thankfully Derek took the initiative of giving affection, and leaned in with a huff and a growl to kiss Stiles. Stiles isn’t proud to say he whined, but he did react positively, pushing in closer to straddle Derek’s waist. He stood up on his knees and pushed into the kiss, hands traveling Derek’s strong back, and took what Derek gave him.

Derek was giving him a lot apparently. Derek rumbled a lot like dream Derek, and Stiles was positive if he splayed his hand on Derek’s chest he would feel it vibrating. But he couldn’t move because he was dominated by Derek’s kiss. He was alright with that, it was hot how he bit and licked into Stiles mouth. Stiles didn’t even realize he could moan but he did when Derek captured his bottom lip in his teeth for a brief moment, and Derek’s eyes flashed red at the sound.

Stiles figured out Derek also liked when he pulled on his hair. And scratched down his back. Which was good because Stiles couldn’t really figure out how to stop.

Derek finally pulled away to breath and Stiles followed suit, gasping for air, as Derek’s rumbled finally subdued. Both were reluctant to leave, Derek’s hands desperately grabbing at him and Stiles planting multiple kisses on Derek’s face to his delighted sighs and grumbles, but finally Stiles sat back on Derek’s thighs and grinned at him.

Derek’s expression was hazy and his perfect hair was ruffled, and Stiles was confident he looked the same way.


“Would it be weird to ask for a high five?”


Derek groaned and hid his face in Stiles shoulders. Mumbling something about him being annoying but not pulling away.

“Yeah ok got it, too soon. Nice job us!” But he was still a little shaky, and Derek’s hands were still clutching his waist, so he figured the moment wasn’t totally ruined.

“Your dad is going to shoot me.” Came Derek’s raspy voice, and there goes the moment. See? Moment ruined and it wasn’t him.

Stiles sighed, clambering off Derek and Derek reluctantly let go. “Let’s not talk about my dad right now.” He was at work anyways. Derek shrugged and followed suit, laying down beside Stiles.

There were a few moments of just staring at each other, taking it in, before Stiles grinned impishly at him and Derek eyed the expression in reluctant interest.



“Wanna play catch the cheeto?”

Then he was laughing as Derek slammed him into the bed with an annoyed albeit playful growl.

And if they ate cheetos before bed, while watching Brooklyn 99, and if Stiles hypothetically tossed him one and if Derek hypothetically caught it in his mouth with a proud expression well then that was for them to know.

Stiles convinced Derek to stay the night, and while shedding a few extra clothes and crawling into his arms a question popped into his mind. He forced a grumpy Derek to back away from scenting his neck so he can see his face. “Hey Derek, did you ever cuddle me in human form while I was asleep?”

Stiles stared at Derek’s guilty frozen expression and laughed while Derek tried to push him away. “Holy shit! You did! That’s so fucking creepy Derek.” His declaration was undermined by the fact that he was grinning. Derek was scowling but there was a faint blush on his cheeks.

“I hate you. You didn’t wanna let go.”

True to his nature, Stiles held onto him and Derek stopped trying to shove him off as he got himself together. “Dude I thought I was dreaming, I referred to you as dream Derek. Who knew you’re so snuggly? I’m going to tell absolutely everyone there’s no way we can hide this from the pack.”

Stiles was a little worried he just ruined the moment but Derek just sighed a long suffering sigh, and pulled Stiles into his chest. “No we can’t hide it. But if you tell them I’ll let them know how much you drool. I have photo evidence.”

Stiles gasped, scandalized. “You even took a photo of me? So fucking creepy.”

Derek rubbed his cheek against Stiles and sighed, but the feeling of stubble against Stiles cheek was pretty effective. He was looking forwards to some hot beard burn absolutely everywhere.

“Just go to sleep Stiles.”

And after a few more laughs at Derek’s expense, he rested his head against his chest. He listened to his steady heart beat and breathing, before he did fall asleep, confident that everything would be ok.




A few months later, Derek stops by the Stilinski household after his weekly therapy session to pick up Stiles. It’s colder outside now but it’s warm inside the household, and the Sheriff greets him with a pleased hello and then calls inside for his son. The two have bonded over the mutual love of the Mets, after some awkward boyfriend dinner nights, and they’re getting along quite well.

Although the house is warm they’re not staying, they're going to meet up with the pack at the preserve.

“Stiles!” The Sheriff calls again, giving Derek an amused look who returns it with a laugh.

“Jeez dad I’m coming, I was pulling on a jacket. I thought you didn’t want me to die of hypothermia!” Stiles accuses, holding a bag full of thermoses for the pack, and thankfully really wearing a jacket. Derek inspects him to make sure it’s warm enough before nodding his approval. The Sheriff seems to agree.

“Alright, have fun with the rest of the pups you two.” Sheriff Stilinski gives them a weak attempt at a hard look. “Curfews at eleven, Stiles don’t be late.” Derek always has him home in time unless it’s a pack emergency, and Sheriff is no longer concerned with him inappropriately fooling around with his son until he’s eighteen. Stiles had complained but both Sheriff and Derek have been adamant in that rule, so Stiles let’s it go out of respect for them. He’s not sure he’s ready for that step anyways, he definitely will be at eighteen.

“Of course dad, now c’mon let’s go!” He exclaims excitedly as Derek calmly takes the heavy bag of thermos out of his hand and replaces it with Derek’s hand on the way to the Camaro. Derek just nods and laughs, watching their breaths disappear into the air until he gets a shivering Stiles into the car.

“Are you sure you’re going to be ok today?” Derek asked in concern. The werewolves would be fine, they all ran hot, but he didn’t want Stiles to get sick.

But Stiles nodded. “Yup! I’ll be fine, I’ve got all that hot chocolate anyways and I’ll sit with Lydia.” Lydia was adamant about going to watch Jackson, and while the two had decided to break up in recent months, they were still the terrible two friends.

“Now anyways, back to you!” He turned excitedly to Derek with a kind smile as Derek started the car and headed to the preserve. “How was the therapy session today?”

Derek no longer flinched at that word and shut down when people asked. It had taken some time of course but helped having someone professional, who also knew about werewolves, to help because they knew what they were doing. Stiles is great and helps of course but Stiles encouraged an outside source, outside of packs and relationships, and because he trusts Stiles he agreed.

“It was good.” Derek admitted, letting go of Stiles hand for a moment to turn the car towards the forest road before grabbing his hand again, pressing a kiss to his knuckles as he did so. Only glancing over for a moment to see his pleased smile before returning his eyes to the road. “We talked more about the fire. Both Peter and Kate. I needed to take a break,” Derek reluctantly admitted with a small frown before shaking it off, ”But she was fine with that, and we decided to just talk about my new lifestyle for the rest of the day.”

Stiles leaned over to press a kiss to his temple. “That’s awesome! I’m proud of you.” Stiles stated with a grin and Derek felt his heart thud in his chest as he nodded.

He parked beside Boyd’s van but gripped Stiles hand gently before he tried to leave. “Thank you Stiles, for everything.” Stiles shrugged, leaning over to kiss his lips. “Whatever you say you sap, anytime. It’s not just me though, everyone’s been very supportive and you have to take these steps yourself.” Stiles grinned as he pulled away and Derek was tempted to kiss him again. “Now go out there and show them your wolf.”

This was something he’d been working towards for a while. Exposing his wolf felt like a weakness to him, but he’d been muddling through those feelings and was now feeling ready to expose himself to people besides Stiles and his father. He was figuratively and literally exposing himself, since he had to take his clothes off to do so.

“Alright alright, get on out I’ll be there after you.”

Stiles laughed grabbing his thermos and running out of the car.

“Hey everybody! Good to see my favorite wolves.” Stiles greeted them.

Lydia came hustling over. “God it’s so cold, thank goodness another human understands this torture. Thermos of hot cocoa please.” She extended her hand and Stiles groaned as he opened the bag and handed it over, bonding over mutual icy suffering. “For sure, tell me about it.” He laughed, before turning to the other wolves who were eyeing his bag.

“Hot cocoa?” He offered in way of entertainment until Derek was ready and he was swarmed. He complained as they reached into the bag all at one time and they finally broke away when a dog barked at them. Or a wolf.


They all turned and looked and a very exasperated looking wolf Derek was rolling his red eyes at them.

“Aw dude, you’re so cool!” Scott exclaimed excitedly, and ran over to presumably pet him. Stiles didn’t bother to scold him, instead sitting on the ground and crossing his legs to watch this go down. Lydia joined him and they both laughed as Derek growled at him and launched at his face when Scott tried to pet him. Scott broke away with a complaining yelp and Derek huffed with self satisfaction.

Of course this turned into a game of who can pet Derek first, because they’re giant children. Stiles was losing his mind with laughter as they stumbled over each other, following into the light heaps of snow and getting soaking wet.

Boyd and Erica got somewhat close, managing to corner him through teamwork, but Jackson broke through trying to steal the win and Derek took the easy out with a pleased yelp, tongue lolling out of his mouth. Stiles heart swelled and he whistled, clapping for his boyfriend, who trotted proudly around the werewolf.

Lydia snorted as Jackson was tackled by two very pissed werewolves, and Stiles agreed, it was pretty funny because Jackson is an ass. Isaac and Scott still attempted to pin him down, and Stiles continued to watch his partner pull a fast one with a pleased look. He was really happy.

Of course, he would be a little happier if he stopped shivering. The jacket was mid quality at the best and the cold was starting to seep in. Derek’s red eyes glanced over at him mid run and seemed to realize, because suddenly he was beelining for Stiles. The next moment a very warm and sweaty wolf was pressing up against his side and panting in his face, providing Stiles with a personal heater. Despite it being pretty gross and smelly Stiles just grinned and wrapped an arm around his wolf, scratching the back of his head and behind his ears making them flick.

“I win!” Stiles proclaimed with a grin, and everyone looked towards him and groaned in amusement, before returning to tackling each other instead. That was fine because Derek seemed pretty tired, and was busy pressing his heavy weight against Stiles in order to warm him up. And Stiles scratched the spots Derek loved and couldn’t reach.

“Hey Derek?” The wolf huffed and stared up at him with red eyes. “I love you and I’m happy you’re here.” The wolf stared at him before howling and tackling him into the snow, tail wagging and licking all over his face.

Stiles laughed and tried to push Derek and his wolf slobber away, grinning and ignoring the groans and protests from their audience.

He’s just happy to be here and he’s ready for what comes next in his and his werewolves intertwined lives.