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She can’t believe the nerve this man has. Ten years gone and still he bulldozed through her squad room like he was the captain in charge and not the victims husband. Hell, she can’t even blame him. Ten years without him and she instantly fell right into the role she had held for twelve years; his partner, with an ease and effortless that scared her. She was his superior and yet when he looked her in the eye and promised to behave, even after seeing the lie behind his words, she let him in. She allowed him to question his wife’s possible attacker. Her, a NYP Captain, ignored all the red flags and permitted him to control the room. Just barely stopping him when the Elliot she remembered made an appearance. Fists first, explanations later. It’s the way they had worked together way back then. Always knowing that asking Cragen for forgiveness was better than asking him for permission. As long as their crazy ideas gave them the outcome they needed, the captain was more than happy to look the other way when they colored outside the lines, in Elliot’s case more so than hers but they were partners. He went down, she went down right next to him, willingly.

“You gonna write me a rip captain” he asks condescendingly. Hating the unbalance in their relationship. No longer were they equals.

“Give me a fucking break Elliot” she yells. The words barely registering before she’s in his face, shoving him back. “You know you should not have been in the room. But you can’t help yourself. Use your brain detective, anything you got out of him would have been inadmissible!” She’s right, he knows this. He’s always been one to self sabotage. When he doesn’t respond she turns away.

“Go to the hospital, be with your wife” she murmurs as she makes her way to the rooftop door. The cold causing her to shiver in her coat, it’s been a while since she’s been here willingly. The roof used to be their place. The place where they were allowed to feel, to connect, to be more than partners without actually crossing any lines. And now? Now it was just a place she dragged him to so she could put him in his place. The look Fin had given her was enough to snap her out of the fog that Elliot Stabler had put her in. She was not his partner, she was a Captain and she outranked him and he needed to understand that dammit.

“Leaving so soon captain” he says mockingly as her hand wraps around the door knob, his voice halting her movement. “You look good Liv” he remarks, his voice lower, his breath expelling on her nape. She can feel his body heat against her back, hovering, and curses herself for not hearing the steps that warned that he was getting closer. Elliot Stabler was her blind spot and he fucking knew it. “Just go Elliot” she murmurs as she pulls the door open only to have it slammed shut instantly. How dare he, she thinks, as she turns around to face him. Her movement forcing him a few steps back. Still she leans back against the door valiantly trying to force more distance between them. “You look tired too” he utters as he slowly closes the distance between them. “Well thanks Stabler, a never ending shift will do that to you, don’t tell me you forgot” she mockingly says as her breaths grow shallower. She can smell his cologne, the same scent he wore all the years he worked along side her. She hates that he feels that he can still invade her private space this way. Hates herself more for allowing it. “I missed you” he whispers, “thought about you every day Liv” her reaction to his words is visceral and without consideration of the consequences, her palm connects with his cheek. The surprise etched on both their faces is identical. “Don’t” she warns, breath heavy. “I can’t do this right now” she’s angry and she cannot possibly unload ten years of anger in his direction right now. There would be no reigning it in and they don’t have time for it. But the stubborn son of a bitch ignores her words and moves in close, so close that if she looks up their noses would touch, it’s why she keeps her eyes trained of his chest, where it’s safe. “Elliot, I’m warning you” She says as she places both of her hands on his chest and tries to shove him but the bastard doesn’t move an inch, instead he brings his hands up and places them over hers. “Please” she whispers as her fingers grasp at his coat.
For a second their breathing collectively stops, the sounds around them fade away and Elliot Stabler’s hands finally move away from atop hers, only to bring one up to caress her jaw, gently forcing her face to meet his eyes. It’s there that she sees the regret, the apology and the desire that has always lingered between them. She has no will left to stop him when he leans down, no intention to do so either when she sees his eyes drop to her lips.
The first touch is tentative, almost as if he’s waiting for her to push him away, maybe slap him again but she does neither. Instead she pushes off the door and clings to him more fully as her lips part for him, both his hands now tangling into her hair as he deepens the kiss.

She finds her back against the door once again, only this time he’s atop her, one leg wedged between hers and she’s shamefully grinding onto him as he takes all that her lips are wiling to give. She feels one of his hands trail down, hesitating at her hip briefly, giving her a chance to stop him, when she doesn’t, she feels him pull at her belt and she rushes to help, wanting more of him. She undoes the button of pants and gets the zipper halfway down before he moves her hand away and then he’s in her pants, cupping the heat of her. Swallowing her moan of satisfaction when he moves her lace to the side and glides his finger through her folds. She so embarrassingly wet but she doesn’t care right now, she needs him inside her. She breaks the kiss and pushes him back from her, “unbuckle your belt we have minutes before Fin comes looking for me” she pants hurriedly as she drops her own pants and underwear and turns around to place her hands against the door. “Liv this isn’t how”-
“I know” she interrupts as she looks back and watches him unfasten his pants and pull himself out. It’s going to burn so good she thinks as he takes himself in hand strokes himself up and down, using his own spit to lube himself for her.

Elliot Stabler doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t go slow to let her adjust, no. He plows through and the scream that rips from her throat is loud. It burns so good that when he stops, she moves her hand back and digs her nails into his leg, urging him on. Their coupling is quick and dirty. Her body lighting up in flames everywhere he manages to touch. “Liv I’m not going to-“
“I’m there, fuck me harder” she moans as he starts to do just that. The sound of slapping skin is obscene and she’s grateful they’re on the roof because if she would have taken them to her office her detectives without a doubt would have heard them. And she knows that not even a room full of her detectives would have stopped this from happening. “El” she screams as her orgasm washes over her. Her body jolting as he drapes himself over her and latches onto her neck, finally emptying himself inside her. She can feel the stream of his cum coating her walls and all she can think is, “I hope it never ends” but of course it does, it has to.

A gruff “Stabler” brings her back to reality. “thanks Fin, we’ll be right down” she hears him choke out. His cock still buried to the hilt inside her. “Time to go baby” he murmurs as he slowly withdraws from her body, maneuvering her around to face him. His cock standing proudly, glistening with her release as he kneels before her. “I don’t have a handkerchief so this will have to do.” He murmurs as he buries his head between her legs and begins to lap at her sensitive pussy. He avoids her clit and just swipes his tongue back and forth across her opening, catching every drop of their combined cum that leaks out of her until not one drop is left. He pulls her underwear and pants back up, even going as far as buttoning them up and putting her belt back in place all the while his cock is still free. It’s not until he feels that she looks semi presentable that he tucks himself back in. “Text me the address to your place and I’ll meet you there after I handle this” he says as he opens the rooftop door “I can’t” she rushes out. That stops him in his tracks. “Liv please”
“I have a son, you have a wife” she says as she walks past him into the hallway. “I’ll come after he’s in bed and you can introduce us in the morning” he says, ignoring her statement about his wife. “Elliot”

“I’ll see you later tonight Captain” he says as they walk into the bullpen. The smile on Fin’s face letting her know that there’s no hiding what they were doing on the roof. “Okay” she concedes as she makes a beeline for her office and shuts the door. The enormity of what just transpired between her and Elliot hitting her like a ton of bricks. Minutes later she’s joined by Fin, who doesn’t even bother knocking, he just walks right in and sits next to her. “So, he’s finally going to meet his son huh?” Olivia’s panicked eyes meet Fins and she can’t believe he’s known all along. “Come on Liv. I’m insulted. I knew the moment I laid eyes on Noah. He’s got his daddy’s blue eyes.” She doesn’t bother denying it. He’s right. He has his fathers eyes. His very married father who she just let fuck her on the roof.

Olivia was a mess and yet the smile on her face was a welcome sight to see. “I’ll back your play. We all know he belongs to you, it’s time to make that clear to her too”
“Fin, she’s in the hospital and I just”
“You took what’s yours. She sprained an ankle Liv, nothing major. Let yourself have this. You deserve happiness”

She does, she thinks, deserve this, deserve happinesses. “Thanks Fin” she murmurs as she stands and grabs her bag. “I texted him your address already so don’t worry about doing that” he jokes as he makes his way out of her office.

There’s a pep in her step as she makes her way over to the elevators, Fin thinks, and then promptly bursts out laughing when he realizes it’s more of a limp.
“Weekends for a month Fin” Olivia states as she gets in the elevator. “Copy that captain” he says as he grabs his phone to text a certain detective. Time to cash in on the bet he just won. Luckily for him, the captain forgot there’s cameras on the rooftop now.