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Anthony dragged his tongue over Kate’s throat as he lifted her knee up higher onto his hip, driving his cock deeper into her. She clutched at his back, digging her nails into the firm flesh over his muscle. She started to gasp, the familiar build of pleasure in her abdomen growing when Anthony caught her mouth with his, effectively silencing the loud, filthy orgasm from reverberating off the walls. Despite the fact that there was nothing Anthony loved more than hearing her scream his name as he brought her to the greatest heights of desire.

At least, screaming when none of the other family members were in residence. It had been three years, and Kate was still wholly embarrassed at the thought of her sister-in-law hearing their lovemaking... And then telling everyone about. She imagined Eloise at the door with a plastic cup even now, listening for any behavior that she might consider unsavory. Their relationship had recovered, piece by piece, but there was still an awkwardness there that Kate didn’t share with his other siblings.

Granted Aubrey Hall was now as much Kate’s as it was Eloise’s, upon Kate’s marriage to Anthony the prior summer. She had finished her schooling and graduated a Solicitor, Anthony prouder than ever, getting down on one knee after her celebration, thirteen months after finding her again.


“Are you just asking me because I know how to sue you?” Kate asked, her yes still new on her lips, an outrageously large oval diamond suddenly slipped over her knuckle, wrenching her lips from his. Her legs wrapped around his waist, crossed at the ankles behind him. His hand firmly on her ass, the other behind her neck, fingers threading through her curls.

“Unequivocally,” he responded, gasping for breath in his sheer delight, his heart so full he felt as though it may explode, peppering her face with kisses. “Bickering with you is my favorite pastime. Can’t wait to do it for the rest of my life.”


There had been questions the day that Benedict had come out, when the family had finally sat down at the fire pit and tried to wrap their heads around the fact that Kate was not, indeed, Ben’s girlfriend, but instead with great likelihood, the love of Anthony’s life. Some of the questions were easier to explain than others.

“How did you not know Ben was our brother?” Francesca had questioned.

It was all about a key. Anthony had actually asked Kate that the morning prior, and they had come to their conclusion that Anthony’s not sending the key meant that Ben’s things were still in storage – including all of his family photos. Anthony had never mentioned his siblings by name, and Kate had somehow never put A Bridge and Bridgerton together. A comedy of errors, a true case of kismet.

“Why did Anthony not just Google search Kate’s phone number?” Colin had asked.

He had. But Kate’s phone number was under Mary’s account. Mary, who used a hyphenated surname, which most often came up as simply “Sheffield”. The name Kate Sheffield had brought up dozens of women; none of them his Kate.

“Why did you not at least tell Kate our real last name?” That one was harder to explain.

Anthony had taken a great while, sitting in his silence, Kate in his lap in a move he had coveted since he watched his brother hold her the same way, to finally freely admit that he had been struggling with the load of responsibilities that he had solely taken on after their father had died. That between seven siblings, a brother-in-law, a nephew, a mother, the viscountcy and the entirety of Bridgerton Holdings, he had felt so wholly inadequate and incompetent, stretched so incredibly thin, that the idea of being anonymous; even for just a few days; felt like he might be given a piece of himself back.

Daphne had cried. Colin had apologized.

Granted, there was still much work to be done there. Several weeks later, Anthony and Kate awoke in their oversized, obscenely luxurious bed in London to one hundred and forty-seven text messages and emails from two Bassets and seven Bridgertons, sent to Anthony’s iPhone overnight. Kate called together a private family meeting in the city while Anthony was at work, telling them in no uncertain terms were they to harass their brother and son like that again.

Sweet Hyacinth had raised her hand, asking if that meant she still couldn’t send Anthony photos of shelter dogs she had found in need of rescuing.

Kate had offered her email to the smallest sister, winking that she also loved photos of puppies.

Colin had messaged Anthony right after (Kate seethed) to tell him that his girlfriend was a force to be reckoned with. Also, incredibly sexy when she was mad, and their angry shagging must be wild. Anthony agreed with two of the three; he wouldn’t elaborate on the angry sex, but Colin read between the lines.

Small items had been taken care of since Kate had become an integral part of the Bridgerton clan. Beyond the messaging, Daphne and Colin had tried to take on some additional responsibility at Bridgerton Holdings. Ben was trying to be of more use than a couple of pints at a pub on Fridays. And Francesca had promised to stop trying to transfer schools if El would stop chaining herself to trees. El reluctantly agreed, but with the caveat that she’d be at Uni in the fall and she’d pick it back up then.

Kate took it upon herself to tutor Greg in Latin, considering she had enough practice in her law classes. Greg found this to be a fantastic use of his time, somehow finding Kate’s ability to conjugate Latin verbs incredibly alluring. Colin often liked to point out that just sitting next to Kate had punted Greg into puberty. It made the younger man blush to the tips of his ears, and yet, no one in the family could find in themselves to deny it or offer young Greg any respite.

Violet was the true wildcard in all of it.





“Mother, may I speak with you for a moment before Kate and I depart for London?” Anthony asked, his mother in the sitting room that joined their suites. She looked up from her place on the settee, placing her book, spine up, on the cushion next to her, clasping her hands together.

“Certainly. What can I help you with, darling?”

Anthony took a deep breath.

“I am going to propose to Kate. Not now,” he said quickly. “After her graduation in the spring. And as such, she’ll be the lady of this house.”

“That’s wonderful, Anthony!” Violet exclaimed, standing up to hold onto his biceps.

Anthony cleared his throat.

“As lady of the house, Kate will be granted the Viscountess’ rooms.”

Violet’s face blanched before flashing an odd look as she became aware of what her eldest was saying. Her fists became slightly rougher on his arms.

“You already share a bed and chamber, I see no need for her to take these.”

She let go and turned to sit back down with her book.

“Mother. I am aware that leaving your chamber may be difficult. However, the rooms will rightfully be Kate’s. Whether we share a bed now or not is irrelevant.”

She huffed, scanning the page in her hand.

“Well, I disagree. Are you to kick your own mother out of her home? The home that she raised you in? The home that your father taught you the most valuable of lessons in?”

Anthony rolled his eyes. “Mother, you’re not being kicked out of Aubrey Hall. Simply moving down the hallway.”

“I may as well be bloody exiled to Wales!” Violet shouted, standing up, throwing her book back down to the cushion. It was parental gaslighting at its finest, toxic manipulation.

Anthony’s nose flared.

“Do not shout at me for wanting to give my future wife what will legally belong to her!”

“What will belong to whom?” A voice came from behind them, Kate standing in the doorway.

Anthony whirled around, walking towards Kate and attempting to close the conversation. “Nothing, my love, this is between my mother and myself.”

“Oh, kicking your mother out of her home is just your decision then? Or did your future intended also have a hand in this?” His mother derided from behind him.

Kate’s mouth dropped open and her brow furrowed. “Excuse me, what is happening?”

Anthony rubbed his forehead. “I suggested to my mother that she vacate the Viscountess rooms in the spring.”

Kate suddenly got the gist. Future wife. Spring. The suites. “Oh…”

Anthony looked at her with apology in his eyes. “I’m sorry, my love, this was supposed to be between myself and…”

The door slammed behind him, his mother crossing into her suite.

“…My mother.” He hung his head.

“Why wouldn’t you just let me handle it?” Kate hissed to Anthony as Violet opened the door again and breezed past them with an incensed expression on her face.

“Because she is MY mother,” Anthony irritably whispered back.

They found their way to the car, already packed, and started to bicker. Kate wanting to have given Violet some more time to come to the conclusion herself once they were engaged, Anthony wanting to give Kate everything she deserved of and more, regardless of his mother’s feelings about it. Kate finally made Anthony pull the Tesla over to they could talk about it.

“I’m sure she feels as though she’s being usurped by a twenty-three year old,” Kate reasoned. “She’s been in those rooms since your father took her as his bride. This needed a lighter touch.”

Anthony rested the back of his head against the cushion behind him, grasping Kate’s hand. Her touch grounding him. “You’re right.” He finally acquiesced. “I should have used a different approach.”

Kate smiled gently at his concession. He was growing, too.

“Anthony, I love that you love me and want me to have all of the fancy Viscountess things that I had no clue existed. But fighting with your mother does neither of us any favors. I know your relationship with her is fraught with tension. If we’re to be a united front, you must let me be a part of this conversation.”

Anthony leaned across the arm rest to kiss her gently. “I do love you. I simply don’t want her to treat you, as an extension of me, the way that she... I can handle her ire, her wish that I was my father. But I will not put that on you.”

Kate tilted her head. “You think she would treat me poorly?”

Anthony sighed. “I think she still harbors resentment that I’m not the same man my father was. She has a bitterness, a darkness when it comes to me. I know she loves me, as she does the other children. But she cannot separate the two.”

“Oh Anthony,” Kate whispered, bringing her hand to his cheek. “I know she is still deep in her grief over losing your father. I cannot imagine the pain she feels. But I want to protect you as much as you want to shelter me from every little bit of pain you may feel. You must let me in.”

Anthony nodded, facing the steering wheel, his lips downturned. “I know, I know. Something I should make an appointment with Dr. John about, I suppose.”

Kate agreed. Anthony rubbed his hands over his face, then turned the car back on.

“So, you’re going to ask me to marry you?” Kate asked cheekily, Anthony’s face breaking apart in a wide grin.

He booped her nose before putting the car in drive, pulling his sunglasses down over his eyes.

“I already have the ring, my love.”




Getting Violet to back off when it came to Bridgerton Holdings was another beast in and of itself. Violet had vacated the Viscountess rooms as asked, despite her umbrage, but being told that she no longer had the ability to overrule Anthony at work came as a surprise.

And it came as a surprise since her eldest four children had all agreed upon it.

Benedict, Colin and Daphne all signed a document giving Anthony full rights on their behalf as silent partners to make executive decisions at Bridgerton Holdings. Thus Violet no longer held the capacity to override choices that Anthony had made. To say she was enraged would be an understatement.

“Your father would be so disappointed in you!” She had hurled at him in his office, the entirety of the staff watching through his glass walls as she threw several folders of documents on the floor.

Later, when Anthony recounted what happened to Kate in the cozy privacy of their bedroom in London, his eyes welled with the deep-rooted, fragmented fears and self doubt of not being good enough. That nothing he did would ever compare to a man who had been dead for a decade.

Kate had held him; wanting nothing more than to take away every hurt, every ounce of pain and self loathing that Violet had caused him over the last ten years. She listened as he cried, made appointments with Dr. John, tried to move past the sharp tongued words of his mother.

“You’re more than the sum of your parts,” Kate had whispered in the sanctity of their bed, spooning him. She stroked across his chest and down his abdomen, dropped kisses along the constellation of freckles on his shoulders.

“You’re making my parts hard as a rock,” Anthony had tried to joke.

“Don’t do that.” Kate had admonished, moving away and pulling his shoulder to roll him onto his back. “Don’t diminish what you’ve done. Anthony, you’re an incredible asset to Bridgerton Holdings. You picked up where your father left off, and you’ve made this company a wild success, despite your mother’s meddling. You’ve kept it going with so much pushing back on you, with no support. I am so incredibly proud of you.”

He had sunk into the feather bed, surrounded by the softest fabrics and the softest words. She was a visual contrast, long dark curls and dark skin against the white and gray down, and everything about that moment was etched into his mind.

Anthony had folded Kate into his arms, stroking along her bare back. “I never knew how much I needed you,” he had whispered into her hair.

She had leaned up, capturing his lips in a searing kiss and moving to straddle his waist. “Now let me see what I can do about those hard parts.”


At present, Anthony had taken his sweet time to mumble, “fuck” into her hair as he spent himself inside of his wife, sucking kisses into her collar bone.

“Mmm,” Kate moaned quietly, running her hand down to his ass, still clenching with pleasure.

Anthony rolled off, panting. Kate rolled back on top of him, grinding her hips against his. He held her waist, letting her move.

“Pregnancy has made you insatiable,” he groaned, his cock sensitive and softening.

“I don’t recall that ever being a problem for you?” Kate said, kissing down his chest, her tongue laving over a nipple.

“For me, no. For little Anthony-“ He made a strangled whimpering sound as his wife’s hand swirled through the trimmed hair above his dick, “A little bit, yes.”

Kate kissed the underside of his chin, smoothing a hand over his cock, feeling it twitch at her touch, murmuring, “Mmm, very generously sized Anthony.”

Kate stopped her southern migration at his tired exhale and looked up at him, his eyes half closed.

He looked so sweet, all loose limbed in the big bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets. She felt a wave of affection for him, sliding back up his body to gently press her lips to his and then resting her head, her ear against his heart.

“I suppose we can wait until later,” she whispered into his chest hair, feeling him sigh relief.

Anthony gathered her into his arms, stroking down her side, placing his hand over the tiny bump where she carried his child. Eighteen weeks in and she was still barely showing.

“Rest, my love. Henry is coming today, we need to ensure a proper embarrassment for Ben.”

“I’m thrilled that Ben finally decided to make the introduction. It’s been nearly a year,” Kate yawned.

“Indeed. And hopefully this will lessen the intense scrutiny on us and our announcement.”

“God, I know,” Kate agreed.

If Daphne’s most recently pregnancy with her newest, Belinda, had shown them anything, it was their family was atrociously needy on a good day; they were downright indigent when there was a baby about to be available to spoil. They had waited eighteen weeks, and as Kate was finally starting to show, it was time to announce to most of the family and get on with the daily barrage texts and emails.

“Do you think I could just wear a loose shirt and not say anything? We could show up at Christmas with our little one as a surprise?”

Anthony laughed, patting her stomach.

“If I didn’t fear actual homicide by my mother… absolutely.”


Kate found her way downstairs after a short, well deserved nap, to find Ben fussing with linens and directing the staff where to place items to make Henry feel more comfortable. His hair was sticking up in a million directions, proof that he’d been running his fingers through his curls in obvious madness.

Kate regarded Ben, who looked downright overcome. She knew Ben like the back of her hand. With her relationship and subsequent marriage to his brother, they’d gotten even closer as in-laws.

“Are you overwhelmed, dear brother?” She asked him, walking into the drawing room and picking a biscuit up off a plate.

“Kathani!” Benedict admonished, shooing away her hand. “You’re as bad as Colin.”

He straightened up and rearranged his face into a more pleasing smile.

“I’m whelmed at best, sister.”

Kate narrowed her eyes.

“You’re nervous!” She exclaimed. “Ben. This is Henry. Henry.” She dragged the name out. “The most laid back, easygoing man I’ve ever encountered. It’s going to be fine.”

Ben sighed.

“But it’s also Henry,” he elaborated. “What if no one likes him?”

Kate slipped her arm around Ben’s, dragging him down onto a settee.

“It’s going to be wonderful. Henry is a generous, thoughtful, kind gentleman. Anthony and I simply adore him. Everyone else will, too.”

Ben sighed again, resting his cheek against Kate’s shoulder.

“You’re such a good sister-in-law,” he mumbled.

Kate arched an eyebrow. “I’m your only sister-in-law,”

“You’re still the best.” He turned his head to kiss her cheek. “How’s my nephew doing in there?”

Kate sighed.

“Well he didn’t make me vomit today, so we’re considering this a win. Remember; you’re the only one who knows, so,” Kate mimed a key going into the lock of her mouth, twisting it.

“I know, I know. Have you decided on a name yet?”

Kate made a small smile.



“I can’t believe it’s a boy,” Anthony said in wonderment, still staring at the sonogram photo of their little kidney bean.

Kate’s blood test had finally come back.

“And perfectly healthy…” Kate continued.

Anthony stared. “Of course, most important. He’s healthy and perfect. But it’s a boy. A little boy.”

Kate smiled gently. “You’re going to have a son, my love.”

“I love you so much, Katie,” Anthony wrapped his arms around his wife, holding her to him, dumbfounded by the gratefulness of this beautiful woman carrying his baby. He had always worshipped at the altar of her, but now… it seemed as though everything was amplified and enhanced and multiplied. He need only look at her and want to lay his life on the line for her, for giving him this incredible gift.

And to think he believed the child resting inside of her was a girl.

He’d even named her! Charlotte, after Kate’s mother.

Kate, of course, in her mother’s intuition knew the baby was a boy.

“And I have the perfect name for him,” she said, grinning.


Henry was there.

Benedict had spent the better part of the last hour with his face pressed against the glass of the drawing room window, waiting for Henry’s car to roll up the gravel drive. The family all sat in the room, conversing amongst themselves, when Ben saw the black vehicle and launched himself down the stairs to greet his love.

If the family all stood with their faces pressed against the glass themselves to watch them, well, that was for them to know.

Henry walked into the room, holding an overnight bag and Benedict’s hand.

Henry!” Kate squealed, throwing her arms around him.

“Wait, so you know one another?” Colin asked quizzically.

Kate grinned, pulling Henry more into the room.

“Of course, Henry and I have modeled together. He’s exceptionally talented.”

“I’m not surprised,” Penelope said dreamily, staring at the statuesque man as though he was David himself.

Henry looked down at Kate, affection on his face, then turning to greet everyone. “Kathani is too kind, but hello, everyone.”

With that, he was bombarded by the slew of family members, nearly knocking Kate and Ben out of the way.

“Do all beautiful people hang out together?” Francesca wondered aloud, Pen agreeing next to her.

“And if they do, how does one receive an invitation?” She asked.

“Penelope!” Colin exclaimed, his girlfriend very much ogling the male model before them. She waved him away.

“Don’t ‘Penelope!’ me,” she retorted. “Do you not remember your reaction to Kate entering our lives? You were downright beastly!”

“Oh, I heard about this story, but I need to know more,” Henry slid over to Pen, putting his arm around her. Benedict rolled his eyes; the family was quite unaware of what a notorious gossip Henry was. Pen immediately loved him, taking Henry by the hand and leading him to a settee to regale him of the memory of Kate coming down the stairs, an ethereal goddess, and the chaos of that weekend.

Daphne laughed at Benedict’s expression.

“Dear brother, you look positively green. Is there anything we can help you with?”

Ben shook his head. “Oh, just the memory of my entire family believing I was about to propose to my sister in law.”

“Hey!” Kate objected. “I am a wonderful lady, you’d be so lucky!”

Anthony laughed, throwing his arm around his wife’s shoulders. “But then I wouldn’t have gotten you,” he said, cupping Kate’s cheek and kissing the tip of her nose.

“And gotten her in the family way,” Colin muttered quietly.

Although not quietly enough, as every head in the room swiveled towards Kate and Anthony.




Daphne burst out laughing. “Oh for god’s sake, someone finally said it.” Simon, Colin, Pen, El, Fran, Greg and Violet all looked at one another and nodded in agreement.

Kate stared at her. “Wait… so all of you knew?”

Daphne looked at her pitifully. “Oh, Kate… of course we all knew. Have you met my brother? He’s been acting even more possessive and crazy around you than usual.”

“I didn’t think it was more than usual,” Anthony muttered.

“You’ve been acting as though Kate was made of glass; it was obvious.” Simon retorted.

Kate huffed, glaring at her husband.

“Plus, I’ve had two children, I recognize that glow from anywhere.” Daphne said kindly.

Kate sighed. “I just thought it was more of a sheen from how much I’ve been sweating. Pregnancy hormones are absolutely bollocks.”

Daphne cackled. “Oh my goodness, isn’t it? Is my brother at least wiping your brow? You poor thing.”

“Pregnancy hormones sound dreadful,” Eloise proclaimed to Francesca as Hyacinth bounced around them like a puppy.

“Is it a girl? I can give her all of my dolls. Shall we also give her a flower name? Hyacinth is a beautiful name, she could be my namesake! Will you get a new car? It should be pink if it’s a girl, I guess you can keep your car if it’s a boy since it’s blue. It should be a girl though!”

“Hyacinth, calm yourself,” Violet directed. She stood before Kate, cupping her face in her hands. “Congratulations, darlings. This is the most wonderful news.” She directed her gaze towards Anthony. “I am genuinely so thrilled for you both.”

Anthony took Kate’s hand. “Shall we tell them, my love?”

Kate looked at him, smiling. “Well, apologies to Hyacinth, but I suppose we can keep the car. Baby Bridgerton is a boy!”

“A boy!” “Oh, how wonderful!” “I suppose a boy is fine since they already have the car,” Hyacinth sulked.

Violet clasped her hands together. “Oh, Anthony… an heir. The tenth Viscount Bridgerton.”

“More than an heir,” Anthony asserted, his arm around Kate’s waist, his hand pressing to her just barely there stomach. “My son.”

“Violet, we also wanted to ask…” Kate looked up towards Anthony. “Tell you. We’re going to name the baby Edmund. Eddie. We hope you’ll be glad of it, we considered many options. The name is just so entwined in the fabric of our relationship. It is very important to us to use it.”

Violet’s eyes filled with tears.

“I’m certain your father would be very proud to share his name with his grandson. He would be very proud of all that you’ve accomplished, Anthony. Despite my actions. You are talented, and exceptional. I am quite blessed to be your mother.”

Anthony wrapped his arms more fully around Kate, pressing his face into her hair so his siblings wouldn’t see the tears that had pricked the corners of his eyes.

He nodded silently.

Violet walked to them, pulling them both into her arms.

The other children made do with pretending to not watch this embrace.

“I know I have not been easy on you,” Violet said, pressing her palm to Kate’s cheek. “And for that… I am very sorry. To name your child after my husband is truly a gift that I do not deserve, and I could not be more grateful for your graciousness. I truly love you both.”




Anthony brushed the wet hair away from Kate’s neck as the water beat down on them, Kate’s breasts and forehead pressed against the cold glass, her arms clasped behind her.

“Green?” Anthony asked as he pressed his cock against her, begging entrance.

They had started using a traffic light safe word when they realized Kate was pregnant, wanting to ensure her comfort during intercourse, with increased sensitivity and first trimester sickness.

“Oh god, green,” Kate whimpered, Anthony driving forward, sheathing himself inside of his wife, his hips keeping time with her own circling.

It was a far cry from the cracked tile shower stall from their tryst in Brighton, but never less passionate. Anthony was quite proud that they had made use of every shower they’d ever had access to; there was simply something about how the steam made the scent of her perfume rise and how it had infiltrated his every sense.

Her breasts rubbed against the glass, her nipples aching and hardening against the coolness. As if he knew, Anthony slid his hand between her body and the glass, grasping her breast in his hand, her arms still behind her.

He manipulated her nipple, pulling and twisting in a way he knew she loved. He felt it in the slick wetness between her thighs.

“More,” Kate begged, arching her back and trying to get more of his length inside her.

“Keep your hands where they are,” Anthony whispered into the shell of her ear, removing the hand that was keeping her arms behind her back. She dutifully clasped her hands together as he ran his hand down her other breast to the hot center of her, his first and middle fingers in a v surrounding her clit and stroking with his thrusts, every so often bringing them together to circle right over the bud. Her body shuddered in desire.

“More, darling. I need more.”

Anthony slowed his thrusts, his fingers still softly pleasuring her.

“What do you need, love?”

“I don’t know,” Kate confessed, simply feeling the need to be consumed. Her left hand found the glass of the shower wall, the large oval of her engagement diamond and wedding rings on her fourth finger catching Anthony’s eye. He slipped his hand over hers, linking their fingers against the glass, matching his ring to hers.

Anthony stopped his ministrations, turning off the water and turning Kate around. He lifted her from the knees to wrap her lusciously long legs around his hips. He slid open the door and walked out of the bath leaving a trail of water he was certain the housekeeper was going to be upset by. He gently placed Kate on the foot of the bed, her legs hanging over the edge.

He leaned down to kiss her as she leaned up, her body wet, long hair soaking into the linens. Drops of water sat on her long lashes, on the tip of her nose.


“Green,” Kate assured him.

“Green,” he repeated, pressing her shoulders back to the bed and lifting her legs over his shoulders, guiding his cock back into her sweet wetness.

“Oh god, yes,” Kate gasped at the thickness of him, at feeling him more fully inside.

Anthony thrusted, again using his fingers to stroke and slide.

“You are everything, you are everything,” Kate chanted, cupping her breasts, pulling at her nipples.

Anthony lifted her legs higher onto his shoulders, changing the angle just slightly, but finding the spot within her that made her cry out in pleasure.

He thrusted a couple more times, circling his thumb around her clit, knowing Kate’s body as intimately as he knew his own. “Cum, love,” he ordered, Kate’s back arching and pussy spasming around him as she crested. He let her legs fall to the sides in her release, wrapping them around his waist. He slowed to a gentle movement to allow her relief.

Kate pushed herself up, grasping the back of Anthony’s neck to bring his face down to capture his lips. “I love you, I love you,” she whispered into his mouth.

Anthony felt the swell of pride inside his chest at her words. “I love you.” He slid his hands down her sides, his hand coming to rest on her stomach.

“Shall I continue or do you want me to wank onto you?” He asked, still hard inside of her.

“Cum on my tits?”

Anthony grunted in his agreement, pulling out, Kate sliding around on the bed so her head was nearly falling off, her still soaking hair dripping onto the rug and his feet.

He stood over her, cock in hand, jerking it with the smooth slick moisture left behind from Kate’s orgasm. Kate lifted her head to gently lick his bollocks, taking each separately into her mouth and sucking, tasting the remnants of herself.

“Fuck.” Anthony spat, his fingers working over himself, his wife’s tongue doing delicious things to his balls as she pushed her breasts together, her thumbs and forefingers pulling at her nipples. He felt the pressure in his abdomen watching her hands move, leaning forward to spill his seed over her gorgeous tits.

Kate flipped onto her stomach when he was spent, the cum smearing into the linens, and leaned forward to take his softening dick into her mouth, feeling arguably feral and wild. Needing to taste him, salty and warm, on her tongue. She rubbed her tongue along the seam of his head, gathering any flavor she could before looking up at Anthony, who placed his finger under her chin, squatting down to kiss her.

“You are magic,” he whispered, pressing his forehead to hers.

Kate sat up, grabbing his hand and pulling him onto the bed. They shuffled up onto the pillows, Anthony grabbing one of the blankets and pulling it over them. She nestled down into Anthony’s arms, his hands linked over her stomach. He buried his face into her neck.

“I love you more than I could ever explain,” he whispered.

“I love you, Anthony Bridgerton. More than I could ever explain.”