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In Our 30s

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Present Day

The sound of an alarm brought Erin round from her slumber, Erin pushed her leg into her husband's leg to rouse him.

James reached his hand over and turned off the alarm - then rolled over a little to wrap his arms around his wife.

"Morning Erin," James said, pressing multiple kisses to her cheek and tucking her closer to his chest.

"Morning love," Erin replied, shuffling and James watched with half-open eyes as Erin rolled over in bed and stared up at him.

They were silent as they revelled in the piece before their kids woke up. 

"We better get up or else we're going to be late," James says - and this spurred them to clamber out of bed and get dressed for the day.

As Erin worked on her new novel at the kitchen table, she stopped typing as her chin rested on the palm of her hand. 

"James?" She called, seeing her children quietly (for once) sitting in the kitchen eating their cereal, with little to no complaints.

"Yes, love?" he asked, looking up from the shots they had filmed on his phone yesterday.

Erin smiled at him for a second, this is the man she gets to spend the rest of her life with. "Do you still have your old video camera?" She asked. "The one you used for our 18th?"

"I'll go get it," he tells her, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

James found his camera, along with the old video tapes he used.

He even found the tape he was editing in the 90s. The one he swore he would never show Erin.

"What's on this one?" She asked, taking said video tape out of his hand.

"Something I never wanted to show you in the 90s," James said, getting a raised eyebrow from his wife in return. She slowly goes to put it back in his hands, until James laughed. "Not like that!"

James goes over to their old video player, which James has clung onto thanks to his old Doctor Who tapes from the 70s.

The video was the two of them and the girls, from the 90s - along with close-ups of her in her red jacket and old school uniform.

"You were smitten with me, weren't you, love?" Erin commented, throwing her arms around her husband's shoulders smiling at the young Orla, Clare and Michelle.

"Still am," James replies, pressing multiple kisses along any skin he could find of Erin's.

The sound of fake vomit drew James and Erin's attention away from the TV. Their son, the eldest. Jamie Joe Maguire.

Erin raised her eyebrow at him, and he stopped, having always been Erin's boy (but could appreciate Doctor Who more than his ma).

"Is that you, daddy?" The small voice of Elizabeth 'Liz' Rose Maguire. The apple of James' eye. His little girl, and their youngest.

James nodded, holding his hand out for Liz and the four watched the video tape before school. They explained what everything was like in Northern Ireland in the 1990s.

It was like Granda Joe said, at Erin and Orla's 18th birthday. They never believed James and Erin, shocked to think soldiers would climb aboard the school bus every day and check for bombs.

It was like a ghost story now.