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In Our 30s

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September 1998

It had been 5 months since the Good Friday Agreement was voted on. James still didn't know why there were tiny brides at Erin and Orla's joint 18th birthday but he's since chosen not to question it.

Clare had already headed off to university, James promising to see her in a week's time when he arrived. Clare would be going to university in London to both no one and everyone's surprise.

James would be leaving Derry next week, to do his undergraduate in history (his filmmaking taking a backseat).

Orla had decided not to go to university, as her step aerobics teacher had promised to give her lessons on teaching.

With Michelle's still working with Dennis at the wee shop.

But today, Erin would be heading to Liverpool with Mary and Gerry to get settled in. Granda Joe would be watching Anna as the parents took their firstborn wain to university.

Tears had already been shed.

Stood on the street as Gerry and Mary sorted out the last of Erin's bags and boxes, were: James, Orla, Michelle and Erin.

They shared a massive group hug, with James' hand resting on the nape of Erin's neck.

Pulling away, there were tears already streaming down Orla's face, as well as Michelle's. James currently only just managed to hold it in.

"Orla," Erin mutters, reaching her hand to wipe away the tears rolling down her cousin's face.

Orla swatted away at Erin's hands, as she slowly composed herself.

Michelle had slowly come to terms with the idea of her boke of an English cousin and one of her oldest friends getting together - but it would still make her boke if they actually did.

James reached over and tightly hugged Erin. "Clare and I are only 3 hours away," James told her, having looked it up on the computer. "Or I'll pay the expensive phone bill whenever we ring," he promises.

"If I'm comin' over to see you as often as you're offerin', ye'll be bokin' at the sight of me," Erin tells him.

James chuckles. "I could never be sick of seeing you, Erin," he states. "I can wait," he reminds her.

Michelle tightly wrapped Erin in a hug, making the blonde swear she wouldn't go riding any English fellas, to which she swore with a silent chuckle with James.

"See ye at Christmas, Erin," Orla said, tightly squeezing her cousin.

"Halloween, Orla. We're going down to London to see Clare," Erin reminded her having put it on the calendar under mammy's nose in August.