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It’s gotten late.

Edric’s shoes crunched on the dirt path as he made his way to the Owl Lady’s cottage in the woods. He’d done an invisibility spell in hopes of avoiding the stranger than normal critters that lurked around these parts of the woods. Normally, the spell would have been cast long before entering the woods, just to get some semblance of peace outside of the Blight Manor, but thankfully his parents weren’t home this weekend. Everything was much calmer.

Edric and Hunter planned a meet up, since Luz was leaving the shack to spend the night with Willow and Gus and Eda was off doing… Eda things at the night market. They had the house to themselves, Edric felt excitement bubble up in his chest at the thought.

Well, mostly to themselves. Edric drops the invisibility spell to say hello to Hooty, who screeches at Edric’s sudden presence. 

“GAH! HOOT! Oh hey Blight brother! What’re youuu doing here?” Hooty drawls, his signature (more like annoying ) voice grates on Edric’s ears a bit.

“Just here to visit Hunter, Hooty.” Edric plasters on a smile, hoping to get out of this interaction with minimal conversation. 

“Really? ‘Cause last I checked, Hunter was asleep!” Hooty’s body (head?) moved out of the door to spin around some. Edric avoided being near him.

“Aw man, is he not up?” I took to long , Edric pouts internally

“I can let ya in anyways! Hoot!”

“Oh thank Titan,” Edric mumbles quickly under his breath. “That’d be great, thanks.” The door swings open, letting the witch inside.

Everything’s in place, except for the couch, which is covered in different sized plushies and blankets. What the hell happened here? Stepping closer, Edric can find King’s tail poking out from underneath a blanket. A crystal ball is set up on the coffee table, turned off. Edric stands behind the table, taking in the sight.

Hunter’s sprawled out, a couple of plush toys on him. His legs are completely stretched out in front, left arm hooked over the edge of the couch to keep him steady. He’s snoring softly, though his mouth is pretty much shut. Edric fumbles to pull out his scroll before snapping a quick picture. Okay, that’s too cute .

Edric debates waking him up. They weren’t going to do anything super important, so it’s not like Hunter’s missing anything. Edric did want to spend some time with him, though. Hunter doesn’t look that comfortable on the couch, with his neck angled backwards awkwardly. That’ll definitely feel weird the morning after if Edric doesn’t move him.

“Hunter, hey,” Edric lightly rubs the blonde’s shoulder, hoping to wake him gently. (Once, Edric had woken him up as a surprise, which ended with Edric getting a bruised side and lots of apologies from Hunter. Lesson learned: don’t sneak up on a trained soldier.)

Hunter snorts quietly, which was an adorable sound, before sinking into the couch a little more. He’s beginning to wake up though, which is good. “C’mon cutie,” Edric coos, moving his hand from his shoulder to Hunter’s cheek.

To Edric’s delight, Hunter leans into his touch, a soft purr rising from his throat. A fucking purr . Edric bites back an adoring whine. That’s so cute.

“Hunter, babe, I’m just gonna move you to your room,” Edric murmurs, thumb stroking Hunter’s face. 

“Mmnh… th’t feels good,” Hunter slurs, voice croaky from sleep. Edric can’t help but chuckle at his reaction.

That gets Hunter’s eyes to open, if only a bit. He takes a moment to process Edric staring. “What’re you laughin’ at?” Hunter mumbles, sitting up some, but still leaning into Edric’s loving touch.

“Nothing, just– you’re adorable like this. You’re like a mellowed out cat.” Edric grins, moving to pet Hunter’s hair. Hunter shakes his head, but doesn’t make any moves to push Edric off.

“Sorry ‘m fell asleep… We were waiting for you, but, I guess we just drifted off…” Hunter says quietly. Edric processes the ‘we’ in that sentence before remembering King, stuffed underneath the pillows. 

“Aw, even King wanted to hang out with me?”

“He likes the way you pet him.” Hunter explains lazily, leaning his head forward a little for Edric to card his fingers through his hair.

“Seems like he’s not the only one.” Edric teases, getting a huff from Hunter. They stay there like that for an extra minute, just Hunter basking in the attention Edric gives him. Edric’s back starts to ache a little though, causing him to stand up straight, pulling away from Hunter.

Hunter frowns and gives him a ‘what gives’ kind of look. 

“I’m gonna move you to your bed. The couch can’t be that comfortable.” Edric explains with a sweet smile. Hunter takes a second to process his words before nodding, then making the effort to push himself up off the couch, a couple of King’s plush toys falling.

“I’m gonna…” Hunter trails off, pointing to the pile where King’s burrowed into. Edric nods, watching him remove some blankets, revealing a very asleep King curled tightly into a ball.

“Aw, he’s almost as cute as you.” Edric smiles. Hunter throws him an unamused look, but Edric can tell he’s fighting off a smile.

King mumbles a faint ‘weh’ as Hunter picks him up like a baby, holding him close to the chest. Edric’s heart squeezes at the sight; Hunter looks so nurturing and loving . It looks right, like he’s always been this peaceful and happy. Maybe Hunter’s good with kids, if King’s anything to go by. Edric’s face heats up as he stops that train of thought before it can start.

“What were you guys even doing?” Edric asks in an attempt to distract himself.

“We were– King wanted to play. He was showing me his uh… tyrant stuff. Wanted to set up a little castle and stuff. I just went along with it, it makes him really happy.” Hunter mumbles, his neutral expression melting into a smile by the end. Edric wants to kiss him silly.

“What, you always just go along with his schemes?” Edric teases as Hunter walks toward him. His footsteps are even softer than usual, thanks to his thick, wooly socks. They’re bright red – cardinal colored, with a pattern and everything. Definitely his attempt to match Flapjack. Edric leans over to pick up the crystal ball, careful to not drop it.

“Whatever keeps him entertained.” Hunter chuckles as they begin their trek down the halls of the Owl House and up the stairs to the second floor. 

Flapjack greets them at the top of the stairs, chirping curiously in Edric’s direction before flying off down the hall to Hunter’s room.

Hunter’s room ; more like a storage closet that was converted into a room. It’s about the same size as Luz’s room, maybe a little bigger, filled with little nick nacks on every shelf. Lights are strung up from one side to another in a zigzag pattern, courtesy of Luz. In the back right corner is a mountain of pillows and blankets, meant to be Hunter’s ‘bed’.

Edric keeps insisting that he help Hunter buy a mattress, but Hunter keeps refusing, saying that if he buys a mattress it’ll be after Luz gets one, which doesn’t look likely. Eda won’t buy any because she’s convinced that everyone sleeps like she does; with a collection of soft and shiny things to form into a nest. 

Edric thinks it's kind of silly , but he doesn’t push the matter. (It’s a nice excuse to have Hunter come over so they can cuddle in a real bed, too.) 

Hunter lays King down on a particularly soft pillow, watching with a soft gentle smile as King snuffles and readjusts himself to get comfortable. Edric can’t help but stare at Hunter, he looks so handsome and happy and at peace . Warmth blooms in Edric’s chest.

“You wanna put that down?” Hunter smirks at Edric over his shoulder, pointing at the crystal ball in his hands. Edric nods dumbly, setting it down on the hardwood floor. He looks back at the other teen, who’s gotten to work fixing his ‘ nest’ to have more pillows stacked near the wall, allowing for them to sit up.

“What’dya wanna watch?” Edric asks as he shuffles over to help Hunter fix up the blankets. Hunter hums in thought before shrugging.

“Anything you want to.”

With a snap of his fingers, Edric grins; “Why don’t we watch When Sparks Fly . That’s a cute one.”

Hunter raises a brow, “Isn’t that one of those really cheesy romance movies?”

Color fills Edric’s cheeks as he shrugs. “So what if it is? It’s still cute. I like it.” There’s a boyish smile on the boy’s face as he looks back to Hunter.

Edric takes note of how Hunter’s face flushes before he turns around to sit into the nest. Hunter could be so fucking cute ! It takes all of Edric’s willpower to not pull him into a tight hug and smatter him with kisses. Edric sits back to get comfortable on the pillows, using a spell to turn on the crystal ball and pull up the movie.

Taking a glance at Hunter, Edric stretches his arms up before laying one down on Hunter’s shoulder. He can feel Hunter’s little snort, but the blonde leans in anyway, wrapping his arm around Edric’s waist.

They fit together perfectly , Edric thinks as the movie starts. Hunter’s weight presses into Edric more and more, and Edric can tell he’s getting sleepy again. Wrapping his other arm around Hunter, Edric falls back and pulls Hunter with him.

The blonde lets out a short huff, eyes barely open. “Can’t really watch like this.” Hunter mumbles into Edric’s chest. Edric rolls his eyes, knowing all too well that Hunter wasn’t going to watch the movie no matter what position they were in. 

It’s not that Hunter doesn’t care about Edric’s interests, it’s just that the latter knows that Hunter drifts off easily when they’re cuddling. It was an adorable little trait of his, Edric doesn’t mind.

“I can see just fine,” Edric counters, beginning to card his fingers through Hunter’s hair. “Besides, isn’t this more comfortable?”

Hunter practically melts into Edric, letting out a muffled mnhm against his chest. Edric scratches lightly at his scalp and Hunter purrs , nuzzling into the place where Edric’s neck meets his shoulder.

Edric takes his eyes off of the crystal ball for a little to watch Hunter. His ears are angled down and his eyes are blissfully closed. Edric doesn’t have the best view from this angle, but he can imagine Hunter’s cheek smushed up against his chest. Edric cuddles him even closer.

Hunter mumbles something against Edric’s neck, and Edric’s breath hitches. “What was that, babe?” Hunter mumbles it again, much quieter this time. Edric knows Hunter’s basically gone.

After a couple minutes of the movie, Edric feels Hunter go limp against him, his breathing evening out. He’s out like a light when you pet him just right. Edric shimmies over a little, pulling Hunter down a little more to get a better look at his face.

When he’s asleep, he looks so peaceful . His brow is no longer furrowed in concentration, there’s no far off look in his eyes as he thinks about events too painful to say out loud. He looks like any other sixteen year old, and it’s perfect .

Edric keeps brushing his fingers through Hunter’s hair, even though the boy is already deep asleep. It helps calm Edric, too, doing something with his hands. It helps mellow out his fast beating heart, but it’s not like he can help it with a boy like Hunter– someone so beautiful and courageous snuggled up against him.

Hunter faintly snores. Edric would have missed it if he wasn’t showering Hunter in attention, it’s one of the cutest sounds ever, he decides.

He leans in some more to pepper light kisses on the top of Hunter’s hair, then cuddles in as close as possible to let himself drift off, the movie long forgotten.

The next morning, they wake up with tangled limbs and morning breath. Hunter looks breathtaking in the morning light with his sleepy face, and Edric can’t help but lean in for a soft kiss. Hunter complains about his morning breath, but he’s smiling the whole time.