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on the way down / I saw you

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Skye’s giggling is quite literally the only legitimately good thing about this situation.

“Skye! Skye! Come on!” he yelps, but of course, as she’d taken to field work like a fish in water or some shit like that, she’s totally capable of holding onto him even as he tries to bat her away.

But eventually, he manages to hold her still for just long enough to pull open the button of his shirt that she’s wearing, and flip her off of him and onto her back, and the tickling stops.

He feels her grumbling underneath their subsequent kiss, but she seems to have realized that he’s had enough, and doesn’t start up again, instead wrapping her arms tightly around his back, almost as though she needed to hold him in place in order for him to stay down on top of her.

After a while, he breaks the kiss, starting to move farther down her body, until she grabs his forearms and stops him.

“You do realize that I’m going to be within tickling distance of you for like, the rest of your life, right?”

Grant chuckles, leaning down to press a kiss at her sternum.

“Well, that is how long I plan on keeping you,” he grins.