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Proibida pra mim

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“Alec, I’d like to introduce you to my new girlfriend, Clary.” The golden-haired boy said when he approached the dark-haired with a red-haired side by side with him.

“Nice to meet you” The girl said “I’m Clary Fairchild”

“Alexander Lightwood, but you can call me Alec”


Alec still could remember the first time Jace introduced Clary to him. It simply wasn’t possible to forget.


“I’m gonna leave Clary with you a bit while I talk to Hodge, can you please show her the Institute, Alec?” Jace voiced, as he drifted somewhere else

“Of course,” Alec said, as he indicated with his head that the girl should be following him.


“So, Fairchild, you said earlier?” The blue-eyed boy asked

“Yes! Daughter of Jocelyn Fairchild, a former shadowhunter. I’m 18 now, so I decided I’m going to side with the Clave and –”

“That’s wise!” He cut her “Do you know how to fight?”

“No, but Jace said –”

“I see!”



They were walking around the Institute, Alec showing her around and telling a bit about the Shadow World, when Clary saw a room full of different weapons.


“Do you want to try something?” He asked with a grin, taking a bow and arrows, and watching the girl struggle with daggers. He couldn’t deny though, when seeing the girl closer, that she was even more stunningly beautiful than what she noticed the moment he saw her for the first time. Suddenly, he felt sad because she was already taken – not only taken, but taken by his parabatai, the person that trusted him the most and that he trusted the most as well.


“Clary!” A voice called the girl, and she stood immediately “Come here, I have something to show you!”


Alec heard his steps; he was getting closer and closer and soon his time alone with the girl would end and what would he do then? He wasn’t supposed to desire his parabatai girlfriend anyways.


“If you ever need training, come to me. I can show you how to fight”




Alec, prior to his encounter with Clary, had never showed any signs of wanting to engage in one-on-one fights. He, of course, like all trained shadowhunters, knew how to fight in case a demon got close enough. But he had never trained it daily like Jace, he never showed it was nearly as important as his bow and arrow. Yet, Clary was there, and he was punching bags and showing he was physically strong. It was noticeable, but only Isabelle had the guts to ask anything, and the girl said it wasn’t her problem as long as Alec kept fighting demons.


“Hey, Clary, can I have you for a minute?” Alec asked, after his training. He took her to the very top of the Institute, where the greenhouse was located.

“I wasn’t sure Jace has ever brought you here before” He started “So I wanted to show you something else. Other than the fighting stuff you’ve gotten used to in these days… Since that’s all Jace cares about” Alec laughs, and she follows and he thinks her laughter is the cutest thing in the whole world but he says nothing because she has Jace.

“Hey, Alec. You’ve been friendly to me, people warned me you’re not so open. I feel like I’m really, really lucky!” She joked, and he felt like saying they all were absolutely right and he was probably going to shun her out soon so he could suppress his own feelings but right now… Right now Alec Lightwood wanted her company.


“Se não eu, quem vai fazer você feliz? Guerra!”

(If it’s not me, who’s gonna make you happy? War!)





Jace and Alec were parabatai, best friends, the closest on Earth anyone could ever be. But when Jace told everyone in the Institute he was leaving with Clary to some unknown destination, Alec’s heart dropped. Sank like a ship. He locked himself to his room thinking about the girl with red hair and green eyes that was his parabatai’s girlfriend. How he wanted to be able to tell her how pretty she was the day they met and how Alec’s heart missed a beat because of her. Alec had to tell Jace that he felt like he felt. But how on Earth would that be an easy conversation?  “Hey, bro, I’m in love with your girlfriend?” Who on Earth says that? He had to, anyway.


But he hadn’t had time to. Because, that day, Jace got back to the Institute with Clary and each of them went to their own room in silence. Isabelle told Alec this unpretentiously in a casual conversation as if it were nothing (or maybe the weather forecast? He couldn’t measure how casual it was!). And Alec thought to himself that maybe then he’d have a chance.


“Clary?” Alec called her “Are you okay?” Isabelle told me you got home yesterday and locked yourself in your room since then…


She didn’t reply but when Alec got closer to the door he could hear the sobs. He got his stele, drawing an unlocking rune “I’m coming in”

The so beautiful redhaired girl was a mess. Her mascara was dry, and she clearly had been crying since the day before. The hair was undone, and she was hugging her knees and shaking lightly.


“Clary, by the Angel! What happened yesterday? You look terrible! What did Jace do?” Alec got closer to her, and hugged her until she stopped sobbing and could form at least a decent sentence.


It wasn’t what Jace did. It was what her heart did. It was what her heart did to her everytime she was closer to Alec.


“It’s complicated, Alec” Clary started “I didn’t want things to go the way it went. I didn’t want you two to…  I-I’m sorry, I didn’t want to be in the middle of your friendship with him!”


Alec felt his heart miss a beat. He knew where she was going.


“I told him and I couldn’t be his because I fell in love with you.”