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stop the world

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I practiced speaking properly in front of the mirror that morning back in 88'. I didn't want to scare the poor soul away. I really did like him. Who knows what would have happened if things had turned out different back in Egypt.

He had soft hair and an attitude. His eyes were a calming dark green. He was Noriaki, Kakyoin.


That evening, when i found out he had died, i wasn't only sad. I was angry. It was probably my own fault these people had died.

I wasn't there with Kakyoin, wasn't there when he died. Maybe if i had confessed to him the day before, he would say he liked me back. We'd fight Dio shoulder to shoulder. I wouldn't let him die. Maybe he would be disguisted with me, call me ugly things and pack up his things and go back to Japan. I'd curse him but at least he'd make it out alive.

Over the years, i've thought about what would've happened if i did things differently. Over the years, i wished i was the only victim. Not Noriaki. Not Muhammed. Not Iggy. Only I. It was me that Muhammed had come to help all the way from Egypt. It was I, whom Dio had sent Kakyoin after. It was I, Iggy was sent to help.

It was I.

At least now, I will be with them. I will be with Noriaki.


I can feel my eyes closing. I drift to sleep. (I die.)

The universe resets.