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A Safe Resting Place

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Everything is quiet until Eve hears a familiar voice.


Oksana. Her Oksana. Her baby.

Eve quickly walks to Villanelle’s room and gasps at the sight once she’s inside.

"Mommy, I need you—"

Oksana lies on their bed, naked. Vulnerable.

Eve needs two seconds to switch her mood.

"My sweet baby, Mommy’s here."

She moves closer to Oksana, wraps her arms around her tight and leans in to kiss her.

"M- M- Mommy, please-" Villanelle starts quietly whining into Eve’s mouth whilst abruptly grabbing the older woman’s hand.

Then she’s guiding it. To the place she needs it the most.

"Baby." It sounds perfect because Eve moans it when her fingertips find out that Oksana’s already soaked and ready. Ready for Mommy. Always.

"Baby, what do you need?"

Oksana’s hips buckle when Eve’s fingers run through her wet folds again.

"In- Inside, Mommy."

"Tsk. What’s the magic word?"

"Please!" Oksana whines, impatient.

“Good girl.”

Eve gives her baby what she wants.

What she needs.

"M- Mo- Mommy, ohgod—"A loud moan escapes Villanelle’s mouth as she opens her legs wider, her eyes become bigger and her facial expression becomes way more desperate. "Two fingers, please~!" She manages to say it before Eve curls her single digit inside of Oksana, drawing a high-pitched sound out of her.

Eve understands her baby’s needs, and they’re the most important thing right now. So, she listens to Oksana and easily slides the second finger in.

"Mommy!" Villanelle cries out as both digits inside of her are being curled.

"I’m here, my baby, it’s okay. Tell Mommy what you need. You know I’ll give you everything."

"I- I-", Oksana stutters once she feels Eve’s fingers deep inside, curling again, and she lets out a quiet whimper, filled with anticipation. "I wanted to- ah - to… make myself feel good, but you—", she suddenly arches her back when Eve hits the right spot. "—you do it better, Mommy. Always."

“Oh, my sweet girl.” The older woman can’t stop herself from smiling gently. "You know you can always call for Mommy when you need me, right? Is there anything else you need now?"

A few seconds pass. Eve delivers another few thrusts while slowly kissing Oksana’s neck. She feels her baby tense, and she knows.

"I need your cock." Villanelle’s voice is quiet.

"You need Mommy’s cock?" Eve likes hearing it.

"I- n-need Mommy’s cock!"

How pretty.

Eve slowly pulls her fingers out, making Oksana frown with irritation, so she reassures her, "I’m just going to get your favourite toy, okay?", and proceeds to walk up to the drawers.

She doesn’t need much time, since she has done that a lot in the past. It takes her a minute to completely undress and quickly put on the harness. After just a few seconds, she’s back.

On Villanelle’s bed. Between her baby’s legs.

Exactly where she needs to be. Wants to be.

"Please—", Oksana lets out a quiet whimper when she feels the tip of Eve’s cock slowly teasing her entrance, "—please, Mommy , in- inside…"

Eve always listens to her baby. Gives her what she wants. Needs. So, she starts slowly pushing in.

It’s wonderful, perfect; to Oksana, it’s better than anything else ever was and will be. And yet, she still grabs Eve’s arms like she’s afraid everything will disappear. Like she’s going to lose it.

"Sweetheart." Eve whispers, lets Villanelle pull her even closer, lets her hide that pretty face in her neck. "Next time, just call for Mommy. I’ll help you however I can." She reassures Oksana. Again.

And Oksana is already falling apart. With her legs spread wide, her back arching from time to time uncontrollably, her hands grabbing whatever they can, she feels her walls clenching around Eve’s cock, making her want more and more—

"My sweet little girl. You can let go for me."

Villanelle gasps with surprise, knowing exactly what that means. She does not have to behave.

Eve knows too — so she picks up the pace.

"Fuck!" Oksana finally opens her mouth, curses deliciously, this time making Eve moan quietly. "Fuck, Mommy, just like that, just- oh shit ~!" It sounds like sweet poison, sending strong shivers down both women’s spines and exploding abruptly right where they need them to.

"So pretty for me, aren’t you?" Eve manages to say, although she’s practically panting, ruthlessly pounding the toy into Villanelle.

"Y- Yes- fuck- I'm your- your—" While trying to form a proper sentence, Oksana's right hand grabs Eve's arm and guides its hand to her neck.

Eve knows.

"Say it for me, baby. Say it for Mommy." The cock that's penetrating her without mercy is not helping at all. But Oksana wants to be good.

For Mommy.

"I'm your little whore!" Those words alone make Eve suddenly moan loudly as she feels a delicious shiver sprinting through her spine all the way down to her cunt. "I'm your little whore and nobody else's! Only M- Mo- Mommy can use me- fuck me-", she arches her back hard again and nearly screams when Eve's cock hits a certain spot. "I need Mommy to- to- fill all of my holes!"

Eve stills instantly. "You need Mommy to fill... all of your holes?"

Oksana quietly grows with frustration when she doesn't feel Eve inside anymore. "Yes, please!"

Eve always listens to her baby. Gives her what she wants. And what she needs.

"On your stomach, then, sweetheart. Mommy will make you feel good, okay?"

Villanelle does not reply, just follows Eve's orders almost robotically, ready for her again. This time in both places.

Eve's cock slides into her easily. She spits on her right hand, her left gently exposes Oksana's other entrance — where she slowly distributes her saliva two seconds later.

"Mommy, please—", Oksana starts whimpering again, "please, use all my holes-"

Eve does.

She pushes her thumb in as carefully as possible. Villanelle moans, welcoming her.

"More, fuck—" She pleads pathetically, and Eve listens. Half of her thumb is now in. "Shit, Mommy, more!" Eve listens again and pushes her thumb in to the hilt. She's still moving her hips, but her hand stays still. As if she is waiting for something.

"Y- You can move it, Mommy."

Eve does. It's warm and wet, and then it starts getting easier and easier with each thrust. It also draws out beautiful sounds out of Oksana's mouth.

"Fuck me- Faster, please, I- I'm close, Mommy." Eve smiles at those words.

"Faster in both your pretty holes?"

The smile becomes even wider when Oksana begs, "please!", and moves her hips, searching for more.

And Eve, of course, listens.

She picks up the pace, both with her cock inside Villanelle's cunt, and with her thumb inside Villanelle's ass. Both women's moans become louder and louder, if almost feels unreal, everything is wet and feels so fucking good, and Oksana needs to come because she will die if she doesn't, and she wants to satisfy Mommy, she wants to be Mommy's good little whore.

"M- M- Mommy, oh fuck, I'm going to—" Eve doesn't feel like being cruel today, so she smiles again, even though Oksana can't see it.

"Come for me, baby. Come for Mommy like a good little whore you are."

That's all Oksana needs.

She comes hard, maybe harder than ever before — she doesn't know, and she doesn't care because she sees stars, everything becomes blurry, the world is spinning fast, Mommy is filling her completely and this is exactly what Oksana needs. She also needs a solid minute to calm down, waiting for her body to stop trembling. Eve immediately pulls out her cock and her thumb, and proceeds to take off the harness.

"No, wait." Oksana stops her by grabbing her arm. "Can you stay inside me while we sleep?"

That's new. But Eve is not really surprised.

"Of course, my love." She leaves the harness on and lies down next to Villanelle. When they both roll over, Eve carefully pushes her cock inside, filling Oksana completely, and then stills.

Villanelle just lets out a quiet whimper. "Thank you, Mommy."

"I love you so much, baby. I'm here. We can rest now, okay?"

Oksana doesn't need a lot of time to fall asleep. She feels safe. She's happy.