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Three in the Woods

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Finn smiled as he was watching a naked Destiny's in the woods sliding one of her batons in and out of her pussy. His own dick was just getting hard just by watching her. His hand soon slid into his shorts as well as his boxers and started to rub his growing dick. With her eyes closed Destiny's continued to moan as she fucks herself. It wasn't long until she was squirting. Watching this made Finn's dick twitch in his hand.

She would squirt three more times before Finn can no longer take it. He pulled down his shorts along with his boxers and started jacking off as he continued to watch Destiny. Just as she was squirting once again he was shooting his own load. After he finished Finn pulled up his boxers and shorts before leaving. Destiny's for one smiled knowing that Finn was watching her and it turns her on.

Later that day Finn was telling Matteo about it as he jacked off his friend. He had to say for someone who is shorter then him he sure had a huge dick. Matteo loved his big dick at nine inches. It even looked even bigger on him. Even though he had a thing for Gwen, Matteo still would of loved seen what Finn saw as he was jacking off Finn's five inch dick. The friends had their own secret spot where they just jack each other off.

That is the furthest they had ever gone so far. The two had talked about sucking one another but they did not know when it be the best time. Matteo knew he could easily take on Finn's dick. Where Finn wasn't sure how much he could take of Matteo's dick. As they continued to jack each other off Finn just had to try so he leaned over and took his friend's dick into his mouth for the first time. Matteo's eyes widen.

Matteo's other hand was now on the back of his friend's head. At first Finn was trying to take all of it all at once but he started to gag on the thing. So he slid his mouth off of the twelve inch monster and looked at Matteo who was smiling at him. Matteo did not had to say anything and went back sucking Matteo's dick. This time around Finn only took some of his friend's dick. It was at this time Destiny saw what was going on.

Two things have happened. One Her pussy was getting wet seeing a somewhat naked Finn sucking away on a somewhat naked Matteo. As both boys just had their shorts and boxers around their ankles while sitting on the ground. The other thing was Matteo saw Destiny and just smiled at her. Destiny's eyes widen and she found herself walking towards the boys. As she was she was taking off her clothes.

Once fully naked Destiny started to rub her pussy. Once Destiny was closer to the boys, Matteo had Finn stop sucking his dick to show off more of his monster dick. Destiny for one was impressed. It sure was the biggest dick she had seen. Without even asking she took hold of the big dick and started to suck away on it. As she was Matteo let go of Finn's dick. Finn then got up and aimed his dick in Matteo's face.

Matteo took his friend's five inch dick and slid it into his mouth. Now his other hand was on Finn's ass. It did not take long for both boys to moan away as their dicks were being sucked. While Destiny was sucking away on Matteo's monster dick she was rubbing and finger fucking her pussy. She wonders if she be able to handle such a thing in her pussy and ass. Yes ass as she also slides thing up there too.

It wasn't long for one of the boys to be on edge and soon was shooting his load. That boy happened to be Matteo. The big dick boy kept shooting massive amounts of cum into Destiny's mouth where she did her best to swallow it all. After a few more shots Finn was shooting his load. It wasn't as big as Matteo's but it was a good amount for Matteo to swallow. Destiny was the first to slide a dick out of her mouth.

She just looked at Matteo's still hard dick. It was now or never in her mind. She got up just enough to slide the big dick into her pussy. Truth be told this wasn't her first time she had a dick in her pussy. That belonged to one of her fellow beauty pageant contestants that happened to be the only boy in them. Now here she is sliding twelve inches of dick into her pussy.

Matteo's eyes widen as he felt presser on his dick.
Once Finn slid his dick out both boys seen what was happening. Once all the way inside Destiny started to bounce away. Matteo was back moaning again while Finn's still hard dick just twitched on the sight in front of him. He soon aimed his dick at Destiny who gladly slid it into her mouth and sucked away. Matteo soon placed his hands on Destiny's ass and started to thrust away into the tight pussy.

Now all three teens were moaning. After a few more bobs Destiny slid Finn's dick out of her mouth and told him to slide it into her pussy as she wanted both dicks up there. Finn wasted no time at all and soon Destiny is having two dicks in her pussy for the first time. The boys went faster and harder into their friend while the woods was gaining the smells and sounds of teenage sex. It didn't take long for Destiny to squirt away.

Once she finished she would end up squirting once again ten seconds later. At some point after squirting more then thirty times Destiny passed out. Something that the boys did not noticed as they continued to thrust away. Even with a passed out Destiny she still manged to squirt away. A few more thrusts later and Finn was shooting his third load of the day. Matteo for one wasn't far behind.

As Finn was pulling out Matteo was shooting his load deep inside Destiny. Matteo for one did not know what to do once he realized Destiny was passed out. After some thinking he managed to lay Destiny down onto her back and slide his softing dick out of Destiny's pussy that was leaking both of Finn's and his cum. As for Finn he took his phone out and took a picture of Destiny with the cum leaking out of her pussy.

After that day the three of them would sneak off somewhere and have sex. However every time before she slides the boys dicks in her pussy and even mouth she wanted to watch her friends suck each other off while she rubs her pussy. She found the whole boy on boy action hot and hoping one day she will get to see them fuck. More so seeing Finn take on Matteo's monster dick.