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Making Plans

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The words on the screen begin to blur as Ron scrolls aimlessly through what feels like thousands of menu options. His eyes skim over words like crudités, julienne, marmalade , reading without absorbing any of it.

He loves food—has made a career out of it, even—and somehow he can’t choose the most important meal of his life.

It makes sense for him to spearhead the catering efforts for their wedding, while Hermione puts her own expertise as a travel writer to good use planning their honeymoon. But the options are so vast, so varied, he’s having trouble choosing. The rioja braised short rib wonton sounds incredible, but he’s also intrigued by the lobster and Granny Smith apple appetizer—topped with avocado mousse and toasted fennel seed on cucumbers—and he knows Hermione would love the crispy brie drizzled in pear chutney. How is he ever supposed to decide when it all sounds so good?

It’s perfectly normal to hire four caterers for one wedding, right?

An ad blinks across the screen for a local bakery, and Ron shuts his laptop with a groan as he realizes he hasn’t even begun to think about the cake.

The front door opens and closes with a bang, and Hermione’s voice rings out through the tiny flat. Ron calls back a greeting, listening to the rustle of grocery sacks as she makes her way through the kitchen toward the spare room they both use as an office when they’re not traveling. Which, most of the time, they are. Fortunately, ever since Ron’s blog took off, they’ve been able to travel together most of the time.

“Hi, love.” Hermione breezes into the office, arms now empty, and settles into his lap with a kiss, lightening his mood immediately. “How was your day?”

“Oh, it was…fine.” Ron forces a smile; he doesn’t want to tell her how difficult a time he’s having with what should be the easiest task of the wedding planning, at least for him. But of course, she sees right through his facade.

Her delicate fingers thread into the hair curling around his ear as she frowns at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, really. Just having a hard time deciding on a caterer.”

Hermione huffs a laugh. “Tell me about it. I’ve looked at about fifty resorts, it seems, and not one of them is quite right for our honeymoon.”

He shouldn’t interfere—Hermione has her task, and he has his—but the answer seems so simple that he blurts it without thinking. “Why don’t we just go back to Costa Rica?”

“Costa Rica?” Hermione repeats, her brow furrowing. “Well, I haven’t even really looked there, but I suppose there must be other resorts…” She leans backwards in an attempt to reach for the colorful brochures that are scattered about her desk, but Ron tugs her attention back to him.

“I mean, let’s go back to Pura Vida. It’s where we met…seems appropriate, doesn’t it? Besides, we had our own rooms last time. I reckon we’re in need of a do-over and a thorough examination of the honeymoon suite.”

“You don’t want to go somewhere new, somewhere we’ve never been?”

“Not necessarily. Besides, if we go somewhere we’ve already been, there's less reason to leave the room.” Ron shoots Hermione an exaggerated wink, and her laughter fills the office.

“Okay,” she agrees. “Pura Vida. I’ll call them tomorrow.” She seals the statement with a kiss before turning to his laptop. “Now what are our options here?”

Ron sighs. “Endless.”

“Let’s see about that.” Hermione pulls the computer onto her lap, and Ron watches her click back and forth across the pages of menus he has open. After only a moment, she gives a definitive tap to the screen. “This one.”

Ron looks at the menu over her shoulder. It was definitely one of his contenders, but he had seen nothing to narrow down the field. Every item on the menu looks just as delectable as the next caterer, and the next.

“Why? How?”

Hermione shrugs. “This one has the most vegetarian options for Audrey.”

Ron shakes his head in disbelief. “You’re amazing, you are.”

“We make a good team,” Hermione volleys back, grinning as she leans in for another kiss that Ron returns eagerly. “We should try swapping tasks again. I’ll pick out the cake, and you decide on bridesmaids’ dresses?”

Ron laughs and kisses her again. “Let’s quit while we’re ahead.”