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Counterfeit Family

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“What?” Twilight asked completely in shock at what he is hearing. He stared at the woman sitting across from him at her desk.


“You’re going to have to carry the pup to term.” Sylvia said as a matter of fact. “It’s what's best for the mission.”


“What’s best for the mission?” Twilight asked. “And what will I do with a pup after the mission is over?”


“That is yet to be determined.” Sylvia said. “But rest assured that you will be able to continue to go on missions in the future. You’re invaluable to our organization.”

“If I am so invaluable, why would you do this to me?” He asked. “Pregnancy is not something you can just bounce back from right away.” Not to mention there is another life involved.


“You don’t have to worry. You’ll have sufficient medical care, and we’ll see to it that you’ll be back on your feet as soon as possible.” Sylvia stated.


“If I had sufficient medical care then I wouldn’t be in this mess.” Twilight argued. “If you had gotten me my suppressants than this wouldn’t have happened.”


Sylvia breathed in clearly annoyed. “Twilight, I know you’re in a....delicate state right now, but I need you to be receptive to how this could improve the mission. The target is a family man known to like pups and your pregnancy could assist...”


Twilight interrupts her, “Donovan Desmond is not a family man. He never shows up for anything his son does at school. I’ve not seen him once. Let alone be present for his pup. You can’t tell me that going through with this pregnancy is for the good of the mission or will assist the mission in any beneficial way. I don’t know the reason why you want me to have this pup, but I am disgusted with the prospects you have in mind.”


“You have no idea what will be done with the pup once this mission is over.” She said clearly annoyed.


“But you mean to do something with it.” Twilight said. He got out of the chair he was sitting in. “Sylvia, I am starting to think that you never once put in my request for more suppressants. I think you meant for me to become pregnant.”


Sylvia stood up, “Twilight, I am sorry that there was a mix up and your suppressants never made it, but I will not stand for these accusations. You’re going to have to carry the pup to term. Deal with it. For the duration of the mission do not worry about what will happen afterwards. Focus on your current mission now, which includes having a pup with your wife. We can’t get rid of it. The state of Ostania is already aware of your pregnancy due to your checkup, which means the state will be very suspicious if you suddenly are not pregnant.”


Twilight opened his mouth, but Sylvia wouldn’t let him speak. She walked over and started rubbing his currently flat stomach. “Ostania will always be concerned with the womb that carries the next generation. As will WISE from now on. Twilight...go home to that lovely alpha you found. Let her take care of you and pamper you as you become round with her pup. Play the art of the perfect omega.”


Twilight pushes her off him. “It wasn’t a checkup. I was injured during the last mission and was taken to the local hospital.”


“Does it matter?” She asks. “What’s done is done. Now, I have another meeting to attend. We’ll touch base later for the next phase of your mission.” Sylvia left her office leaving Twilight alone feeling helpless.






Twilight sat on a park bench staring at a family of ducks walking across the grass. He didn’t have the courage to go home just yet. He couldn’t face Yor. It was supposed to be a fake marriage, but with a pup on the way, it was going to become a very real marriage. Something that neither will be able to get out of easily. Rubbing his face, he silently cursed their circumstances. He just had no idea what he was going to do.


Sylvia was right: a termination was out of the question though he was loath to admit it. Even a miscarriage with no “legal” cause wouldn’t help him. In fact, it would make the situation worse. It would be investigated, and it could potentially put himself and his counterfeit family in danger. He couldn’t do that to them. Carrying the pup to term was a lesser evil in this case. He cursed his injury (which looked worse than it actually was) and the good citizen who saw it fit to take him to the hospital.


At the time he was hoping he could still do something about it, so he convinced the nurse not to call his wife saying he wanted to surprise her. The nurse so joyfully agreed thinking it was sweet despite the policy that the hospital informs alphas of pregnancies because the pup was not only property of the state, but also of the alpha that sired them. Upon reflection, he could have leveraged that when seeking an abortion, but alas...WISE saw fit to equally have him act as a human incubator.


Twilight sighed looking up at the sky noticing it was nearly dusk. He must have sat there for hours. He decided that he must go home. He couldn’t stay out well into the night. He still had to cook dinner and help Anya with her homework. His mission was to be the family man that Donovan Desmond was not. And he was at least going to do his job.


Twilight stumbled when he got up feeling a little nauseous. In that moment, he realized that all the times he had been feeling a little sick lately must have been the pregnancy. He groaned rubbing his stomach and started to walk towards the station tugging his coat closer to his body as if it could hide his condition. Twilight looked down at himself wondering how long it would be until he started showing and if WISE would actually give him any missions that could possibly endanger the pregnancy. They may have to call in another agent to do their smaller, but still essential, missions here and there.


He took a turn around a corner of a building and walked straight into someone. He looked up to see a man. “Excuse me.” He smiled apologetically. “I wasn’t paying attention.”


“It’s quite all right.” The man, clearly an alpha by his scent, smiled back at him. Another alpha beside him smirked at Twilight, who internally skeeved. The first alpha spoke again, “Just be more careful next time.”


Twilight smiled nodding. He hated being treated like a child by alphas, but he was in no mood to say something. He walked around them and continued on his way thinking about how he was going to tell Yor. He wondered if she had noticed and was ignoring his changed scent or if she was as oblivious to it as he had been.


At some point during his walk Twilight felt like he was being watched. He tried to be inconspicuous about looking around and saw the same two alphas from earlier. They were following him. He looked around himself trying to come up with a strategy to avert them.


He must smell sweet because he was an unmated unmated pregnant omega and that would make his scent more prominent. He cursed himself. He should have convinced Yor to claim him too while they were at it. Might as well at this point. WISE seems hellbent on breaking him with this mission and being mated to a citizen of the enemy state seems like the next logical step in this mess. How will they deal with the fact he could never leave Yor if that were to happen?


Despite his musings, he took note of the alphas ever enclosing presence. Twilight would rather avoid an incident and started to look for a store or restaurant to walk into. They noticed his change in demeanor and changed their own tactics.


“Hey! Omega!” He heard one call out to him. “You dropped something when we bumped into each other earlier!”


Twilight knew he didn’t drop anything and made a b line for a clothing tailor shop.


“Did you hear him?” The other one shouted. “Hey! Why are you being so rude?”


They were catching up with him and he glanced back before running into someone. He turned around to see...”Yuri!” he said surprised. Twilight looked behind him to see the alphas still approaching him.


Yuri looked just as surprised that he ran into Twilight but followed the omega’s gaze to the two alphas. His face hardened and he pulled Twilight behind him.


The first alpha stopped and smiled brightly at Yuri, “Thank you for stopping my omega,” he said. “He can wander off sometimes.”


Twilight saw Yuri’s trembling form and was confused until he heard Yuri speak, “Your omega?”


“Yes, my omega. He...”


Yuri cut the guy off with a snarl, “How dare you try to lay claim to my sister’s omega.”


The two alpha’s smiles and good cheer dropped. “I am sorry. He doesn’t smell like a mated omega.” The second one challenged.


“You have no business with my sister’s omega!” He shouted. This caused a few passerby’s to stop and stare. “I will do anything for my sister’s happiness and you accosting her omega would make her cry! I will not let anyone make my sister cry!”


The two alphas started to back up as Yuri approached them. Twilight walked forward to try to stop Yuri from physically fighting these two alphas, but he didn’t have to worry about it because they ran off the other way before Yuri could actually have a go at them. Twilight wasn’t surprised as havening been subject to Yuri’s tantrums before and knew the damage he can do.


Yuri turned around and looked at Twilight, who felt rather pathetic at that point. The small gathering crowd quickly lost interest when a fight didn’t happen already dispersed.


“Come on. Let’s go home.” He pulled Twilight by his arm and walked him to a car. Yuri opened the door and waited for Twilight to get in.


Wanting nothing more than to go home, Twilight climbed into the passenger’s seat. Yuri closed the door and walked around to the driver’s side and got in.


“Thank you.” Twilight said. “For helping me.” As much as Twilight hated to admit it, Yuri’s weird obsession with his sister got him out of a very bad situation. He was glad that he didn’t have to fight the alphas or try to lose them. He was certainly glad that they were unable to do whatever they had planned for him. He tugged at his coat again.


Twilight looked up at Yuri’s face when he heard the SSS Officer breath in and making a face at Twilight’s fear fueled scent embarrassing the omega further. Twilight rolled down the window to let fresh air in and tried to force himself to calm down.


Meanwhile, Yuri got his car keys out of his pocket and looked at Twilight. “Do you need any medical attention?” he asked in a serious tone.


Twilight shook his head. Even if he did, Twilight wouldn’t go. He’s had enough of hospitals for one week. “No, you stopped them before...anything happened.”


Yuri looked ahead nodding. “Good.” he said. “Roll up the window. I don’t like the wind when I drive.” he said as he started the car and took off.


Twilight obeyed and they drove in silence. Twilight noted when Yuri turned down a street that was different from the usual way he went home. Twilight felt another twinge of panic and made sure he paid attention to his surroundings in case he needed to call Franky for help. Though, he doubted the SSS officer actually had anything nefarious planned after saving him, but the spy in Twilight couldn't help the paranoia. The father, who wanted to protect his pup also couldn’t help the paranoia. Twilight covered his stomach as he catalogued their movements: left...then a right...left....... Suddenly, Yuri parked on the side of the road.


“I thought we’d bring home dinner. I might as well stay since I am taking you home. Plus, I haven’t seen Yor and Anya in a while.” Yuri said without looking at Twilight. “Stay here.” He added when he got out of the door and closed the door.


A weird feeling of relief flooded Twilight. Yuri was just wanting to get dinner...that was oddly considerate of him. Usually, he would have just let Twilight cook for everyone. Yuri secretly loved his cooking. It always made Twilight smile as he made extra to pack for the alpha to take home. He considered it his way of being spiteful towards the SSS officer. Killing him with kindness so to speak.


No longer in the mood to do anything but make it home, Twilight resigned himself to staying where he was. He rubbed his face and leaned forward. He concentrated on breathing. He couldn’t believe how shaken he was by the day. What was wrong with him?


Twilight heard Yuri open the backseat door behind the driver’s seat and set down a bag holding the food. The effect was instant. The nausea from earlier came back triggering Twilight’s gag reflex. He immediately got out of the car to escape. He stumbled on the curb and fell to the ground. Twilight covered his mouth holding his breath and tightening his body to prevent himself from throwing up.


Instantly at his side, “Why didn’t you just say you were hurt?” Yuri scolded. He reached out and touched Twilight’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s get you to the hospital.” He pulled at Twilight’s arm.


“No!” Twilight shouted pushing Yuri away. “I don’t need the hospital.”


“Do you not see yourself?” Yuri asked in frustration. “You clearly need...”


“I don’t need the hospital.” Twilight repeated. “It’s the food. The smell is making me sick.”


“This food is from The Chugai Grace, one of the best restaurants in this country!” Yuri said offended. “Every leader and officials of all levels in National Unity Party eats here!”


“I’m pregnant, Yuri!” Twilight sat back leaning against the car and regretted smelling the food again from the open door. He turned his face away from the door, closing his eyes and taking a moment to get his gag reflex under control again. “I am not trying to insult you or the National Unity Party. I sincerely can’t help it.”


After a few moments of silence Twilight looked over at a speechless Yuri. Several emotions crossed his face, but he finally decided on joy. “My sister is going to be a mother?”


And with that sentence, something within Twilight broke and he started sobbing. He curled in on himself and just couldn’t stop. He was only aware of people stopping to stare when he heard Yuri say, “It’s all fine, everyone. You can go about your business.” He felt Yuri’s gentle, but tight grip around his arm pulling him to his feet. “Really, we’re fine. Thank you for your concern.”


Yuri’s voice turned softer, “Come on, now.” he said to Twilight. “Let’s get you in the car and...oh!” He made sure Twilight was stable before letting go and running to the other side and taking out the food and putting it in the trunk. Twilight stood there, trying to cover his face as much as possible, tears still streaming down. Yuri made a motion to walk back over to Twilight, but Twilight shook his head and sat in the car shutting the door. Yuri got into the driver’s side.



They sat in the car for a few minutes while Twilight just covered his face and cried. The spy hated himself in that moment for his open display of weakness, but he sincerely couldn’t help it. It’s like after he found out he was pregnant he couldn’t contain any emotion or have any kind of self-control like he could before.


Eventually his heavy crying turned into sniffles. Yuri’s hand was soon near him holding out a handkerchief. Twilight accepted it and blew his nose. He pocketed the cloth taking a mental note to wash it later before giving it back.


“Are you sure something didn’t happen?” Yuri asked gently. “I was under the impression that most omegas were happy to be pregnant with their...spouse's pups.”


Twilight shook his head and wiped his eyes. “No nothing happened.” he said, his voice catching in his throat. “I just don’t know what I am going to tell Yor.”


Yuri studied Twilight and said, “Unless there is something I am unaware of...I feel like she would be ecstatic. I mean...she loves Anya and she isn’t even her pup. She should be happy to have one of her own.”


“I don’t think she’ll be angry or upset.” Twilight confessed. “We just weren’t planning on having one...any time soon.” he added the last part for good measure. They weren’t planning on having one at all. They were supposed to make a relatively clean break from each other at some point. Even if they didn’t know exactly what point that would be. He honestly had no idea how Yor would react.


“I am just so worried for the future. How am I going to take care of the pup?” Twilight’s voice broke and he started to cry again. Not as hard as before, but hard enough that he couldn’t speak. And he was glad for it. He didn’t mean to say that last part. His ability to differentiate between his fake life and his spy life were slipping in this moment. The two lives were greatly affecting each other. Regardless, he needed to get a grip on himself. He needed to figure out a plan.


“Sorry.” Twilight said after a few moments of silence between the two. “I didn’t mean to put my marital problems on you.” He had dug himself a hole and he had to at least try to be Loid Forger.


Yuri cleared his throat and Twilight looked at him. “Loid...I talked to Yor. She didn’t say anything private, but I am aware of your late wife.” He looked like he was struggling to figure out what to say. “What I am trying to say have Yor now...and she’s going to stick around to help you take care of your pups...not that I am saying your late wife...” He sighed.


“Let me start over.” Yuri said. “You’re not going to be alone this time around. You have Yor and you have me. I know we started off on the wrong foot and I admit that I am still not happy about you being with my sister, but you are a part of the family now. And if anything happens to you or God forbid, Yor...I will help out with raising the pups. Anya and this new little one...they’ll have a family to take care of them.”


Twilight smiled and gave a small laugh. How is it Yuri, of all people, that has been the most comforting to him? The SSS officer. Granted, he didn’t know that Twilight was...Twilight, but still. Twilight needed this. He needed someone to tell him it was going to be okay...even if it’s this moment he just needed to hear it. That the rest can be figured out. But more importantly, he wasn’t alone. It has been so long since he felt companionship with anyone. Anya was the first chip away at his isolation...then Yor...and now Yuri...Twilight was slowly becoming aware of a future mess...but for now he was going to listen to Yuri.


“So, you’re finally allowing me to be a part of the family?” Twilight asked smiling.


Yuri visibly bristled, but conceded, “Listen, you’re still not my first choice for a partner for Yor, but she chose you...for whatever reason...and you make her happy. So long as you never make my sister cry, you’re family. And I will do anything for my family.”


Twilight laughed at Yuri’s continued resistance to him being married to Yor.


Yuri caught himself smiling and went back to his usual grumpy face he kept whenever he was around Twilight. Yuri sighed and sat back in his seat. “Now that you and my sister’s pup have ruined my dinner plans. Let’s go find somewhere else where you can eat and we can finally go home.” The SSS officer started the car.


Twilight nodded and sat back in the seat. He may just fall asleep. It’s been an exhausting day.