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it started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

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Yangshang Teahouse.

It’s one of the many establishments within Liyue Harbor that Shenhe hasn’t had the opportunity to properly visit. She’s heard from both Lumine and Paimon how rude the hostess is along with many of the workers there (Paimon had did most of the complaining). Known for her habit to eat a little bit of everything and leave most of her food untouched coupled with the fact that Shenhe has a bit of a temper… she’s steered cleared from that place ever since. Yet here she is, sitting at the infamous bar within the teahouse as the distant voices of people talking and laughing turns into background noise.

Yun Jin and that funeral director, Hu Tao, were the ones to convince her to go. Something about “you can’t miss out the night life of Liyue Harbor!” and “you shouldn’t always limit yourself because of us, Shenhe.” She hates to admit it, but they’re both right seeing as Shenhe only goes to the restaurant and street stalls that her friends would drag her along to and since most of them are younger than her and, well, it might seem weird to bring them here.

She’s still nursing her untouched drink while sliding a bare thumb over the rim of the glass before analyzing her environment once more. Nestled within every corner of the Yangshang Teahouse is a table full of people ‘gambling’ from what Lumine had described it the other day. A burly man smirks down at his hands of cards as he chews on his cigar, seemingly assured that he’ll become victorious. But then, a woman dressed in non-traditional Liyue clothing easily throws her own cards on the table with a sultry like smile that immediately catches Shenhe’s eyes. Everyone around the table erupts into a round of groans and cries, the said burly man standing up hastily and anyone else who was watching the game are simply laughing at the display.

Yangshang Teahouse is none other than a gambling central.

She stares a little longer at the woman who had just won everyone’s money. Accents of blues and whites adorn her outfit like day and night, short shoulder length hair swaying under the low lights of the establishment when she cocks her head to the side and lastly, a mysterious yet confident smile painting those pretty pink lips. All in all, she’s attractive, and Shenhe has never shied away from openly admiring people, but something about this woman… draws her in. A pair of serpent green eyes flicker overs the crowd and eventually landing on her, pinning Shenhe in place with her piercing gaze before she swiftly looks away at seeing her stand up.

Damn it. Perhaps she was rude with her staring and caused her to be uncomfortable. She looks back down to the cold glass, noticing the bartender had also been watching her, except he was trying to see if Shenhe was actually going to drink that or not. She’d hate to cause any unnecessary misunderstandings as it only serves to annoy her in the end, so, just as Shenhe is about to raise it… someone sits right next to her.

“Let me get whatever this beautiful lady is having.”

Those same pair of vibrant green eyes once again meet her own and Shenhe isn’t sure how to feel about the compliment and the company. The bartender slides her the same golden colored liquid that Shenhe has been nursing and bringing it to her lips as she takes a sip.

“Hmm…” The woman hums under her breath, the sound low and charming. “I didn’t expect you to be the bourbon type.”

“It was recommended to me by a friend.” Shenhe replies at the statement but truthfully, she asked for the first thing she could remember from the list of alcoholic beverages Yun Jin had described to her.

“Not bad. I certainly prefer this sweeter kind.”

She rests a cheek against the knuckles of her gloved hand while regarding Shenhe with an easygoing smile.

“The name’s Yelan.”

Yelan. She’s heard that name before somewhere.

“Ah…” Recognition dawns upon Shenhe as she nods her head for a moment. “I’ve heard about you from my nephew.”

“Oh? Good things I hope.”

“Yes…” She warily glances at Yelan before returning her attention back to her drink. “He told me of a woman that wrote his name down in a booklet.”

“We all have our own agendas to follow, right?” She then proceeds to take another swig of her alcohol while Shenhe sits there uncertain of how to regard this new stranger.

Although she had captured her eye when she was gambling a couple of minutes ago, having heard the way she speaks and the things she knows leaves her a bit reeling. Despite growing up in the mountains and around the adepti Shenhe is still human at heart so, of course, she finds Yelan physically attractive in the same way she had with Lumine once upon a time ago, back when she still had a baby crush on the shorter of the two. This aura of secrecy rings every red flag in her book, yet she can’t find the will within herself to retract and instead she’s curious to know more. Especially if she’s had a run in with Chongyun once.

“I suppose that’s true,” She murmurs while tapping her fingers along the bar. “My name is Shenhe.”

“Oh, sweetheart…”

Yelan laughs softly and that only makes her confused. Did she miss some sort of social cue again? The other woman simply tilts her head a bit while raking her eyes over her form.

“I already know that.”

Hearing her say that Shenhe can’t help but narrow her eyes some, instantly feeling her defenses rise higher and facing the woman a little better now.


“Everyone talks, you know?” Yelan waves a hand in the air like it’s obvious while Shenhe stares at her blankly. “The people of Liyue speaks of a mysterious adeptus woman with white hair and an icy gaze that could kill a man.”

“A part of that is true.”

“Which one?”

“The killing a man part.”

That causes a much louder and heartier laugh to slip out of the gambler with Shenhe watching her the whole time. Of course, she doesn’t have much of a reaction of her own, instead waiting until Yelan calms down enough to speak again.

“Well, aren’t you a riot?” She doesn’t understand what she means by that so Shenhe shrugs and making Yelan shake her head. “I expected you to be blunt but not this blunt.”

“Where are you getting this information from?”

This time, it’s Shenhe who’s asking the questions, a clear crease between her brows as she studies Yelan carefully who only hums in response. In the recent time she’s spent within the city she’s had plenty of men try to approach her, but never a woman. Shenhe’s warily stares at her when Yelan leans in awfully close for comfort, that same carefree smirk on her face and mesmerizing emerald eyes pinning her in place.

“That’s for me to know and for you…”  She places a dangerous finger under her chin, tilting Shenhe’s head up who stares back at her impassively.

“To find out.”

“Do you always speak in riddles?”

She asks her smoothly but despite the flatness of her tone, inside her chest, Shenhe can feel how her heart had skipped a beat from the sudden close proximity. Yelan just laughs at the question, surprised that she hasn’t been pushed away given the look on Shenhe’s face, so she decides to take another risk, another gamble. She licks her lips very slowly and- there’s the catch- Shenhe shamelessly follows the movement before dark, sunset eyes flicker back to hold her gaze once more as Yelan trails that same finger down the front of her throat teasingly.

For some reason, Shenhe lets her.

“Only with the cute ones.” Yelan murmurs lazily while cocking her head to the side.


Shenhe tries and fails to find the right words, an odd fogginess clouding her mind before she quickly tries to shake it off at the same time she politely pushes her arm away. A lingering warmth stays where Yelan had touched her as she leans back a bit to carefully observe her, still on guard but not entirely opposed to the idea of them becoming friendly.

“You’re rather interesting.”

Yelan chuckles before resting her cheek on her hand once more while holding her gaze. “Oh, honey, you don’t even know half of it.”

“So it seems…”

“Then what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”

In all honesty, Yelan already knows everything about Shenhe based on the intel she’s gather. A woman who hailed from a clan on exorcist where she was unfortunately abandoned at a young age, only just a child. Now here she is, grown and capable of her own abilities, the very same woman who had singlehandedly frozen a monster made tsunami all with the power of her vision. She didn’t have to seeing as the reports mentioned how ostracized she is within the human society and Yelan’s own observation while following the disciple around. Yet she still fought valiantly during the battle of Beisht and easily earned both Ningguang’s approval and trust instantly, but Shenhe already did by assisting in rebuilding the Jade Chamber.

Someone like her is quick to grab Yelan’s interest. The effort to reinstall oneself back into the same society that had betrayed her, the horrors of life turning her into this cold, blunt yet earnest persona Shenhe has made. She knew about her presence long before her arrival in Liyue Harbor, back when she had followed the young exorcist Chongyun and discovering her long, lost relative first before anyone else. Yelan hadn’t actually seen her until she’d seen a head of white hair dining at the Wanmin Restaurant she often frequents, alone at the corner of a bench and taking her time to savor a boiled fish stew. She remembers the way Xiangling was worried about a rather silent customer that always came by to eat and the possibility of leaving a bunch of food as she’s heard from other restaurant owners. However, Shenhe always ate her fill at Wanmin, either because the food was that good or because she knew of their other competitions, the reason is still a mystery to this day.

So, for the most part Yelan has a basic understanding of Shenhe’s background and personality with this being the first time they’ve properly met. The opportunity to get to know her is quite literally in her hands and she, as always, takes the advantage with her question.

“The same with this drink,” Shenhe gestures towards her glass with her chin. “It was recommended that I extend my outings from just food stalls along the city and instead try the ‘nightlife’ of Liyue Harbor.”

“Well, isn’t much going on if you’re not one of those guys at the table.” Yelan points to where another game is taking place where everyone is carefully holding their cards. Shenhe looks over her shoulder before returning her gaze back onto Yelan.

“Do you often… gamble? As they say.”

“I own this fine establishment,” She sends Shenhe a confident smirk and finding the way she nods at the new piece of information interesting. “Gives me all the more reason to.”

“I thought this was a teahouse.”

“We’ve got a special menu at night.”

Shenhe doesn’t smile, but the corners of her lips quirk up for the briefest of a second as she laughs once. The sound is hushed and monotone, and from the looks of it Yelan has probably won her approval by now with her next question.

“What else is there to this ‘teahouse’ then?” From their conversation, she can tell that Shenhe is the sarcastic type and one for dry humor.

“Hmm…” Yelan hums knowingly, pretending like she doesn’t know what her own business offer, before smiling back at the disciple.

“Let’s just say… there are some offers we don’t give to just anyone.”

Shenhe tilts her head, just like a puppy, and eyes her silently as she continues.

“I like to give my customer the freedom to spend their mora as they like which happens to be gambling most of the time.”

Yelan traces the rim of her now mostly empty glass before leaning in closely once more with Shenhe watching her all the same.

“But we do have a few business transactions for our more… mature audiences, catch my drift?”


She sees how Shenhe tries to understand the loops in her words, her riddles as she had described it earlier, brows scrunching together in serious contemplation until she eventually shakes her head. Which only adds more to the excitement.

“I’m afraid you lost me there.”

Yelan laughs softly at her cluelessness while Shenhe frowns slightly knowing that her being socially inept has always been a weakness ever since stepping back into society. Before she can think further on the matter, something touches her arm, and she looks down to see that it’s Yelan’s hand skimming over the fabric of her sleeve. Shenhe slowly brings her eyes back up and if she knew better, she’d know that the look Yelan is giving her is one of pure seduction. That odd fogginess returns once more and this time she’s able to read her intentions a little better, seeing the same move done to her on a few occasions by men. Unlike them though, she doesn’t hate the intimate sensation, instead letting her snake her hand up higher and to her bicep where Yelan gives her a subtle squeeze.

“Sometimes people want the touch of another person, crave it even,” She starts again in a much lower, sultry like tone that has Shenhe hanging onto her every word. “To forget the perils of the world or maybe even just a bad break up. Just another excuse to let these carnal desires take over.”

“I think… I understand…” She doesn’t even know what to say, a conversation she wasn’t entirely prepared for until today, yet Yelan pushes on.

“Tell me then…”

Yelan still hasn’t removed her hand and Shenhe has yet to push her away, so she takes the opportunity to lay her palm flat against her chest. The move is effective in getting much more of a reaction from the icy woman, a quick twitch of her brow and eyes flashing with something dangerous that causes Yelan’s blood to thrum with adrenaline. Still, she has her complete and utter attention, leaning in closer again where her breasts are squished together and begging for a glance. Somehow the trick doesn’t work, because Shenhe still maintains her rather intense gaze on Yelan, a few strands of her pale hair falling over her face some more.

“What’s your excuse?”



Some would say that one of her most notable features would be the red ropes wrapped around Shenhe’s body. She’s always been told and learned that the adepti red ropes are to keep her homicidal tendencies at bay and that wearing the said ropes also mutes her emotions to a certain extent. Of course, she wears the occasional smile and finds the small joys in her life, but such moments are fleeting for Shenhe because as soon as she feels the spark, it’s gone just as quickly too. She compares that same feeling to when she first saw Yun Jin perform, when Ningguang had told her that she’ll find a reason to stay in Liyue Harbor, and when her master Cloud Retainer had told her one night in a soft, motherly tone how proud she is to reconnect with the human world.

Shenhe suppose in a way this is what it feels like being alive, going out and dining with friends or enjoying a show every now and then. She figured that there’d always be more than meets the eye, but Yelan has proven to be the one new experience she wasn’t expecting. Part of being alive is having these urges- and not the ones she’s always used to, no, these are the guilty pleasures nobody would ever admit. She’s seen it in the way Beidou would let her lone eye blatantly pass over Ningguang’s body, or the blush that would creep up on Ganyu’s face as she stutters pathetically at the mere mention of Keqing. She’s seen it all amongst her friends and colleagues of the like and a part of her deep deep down within herself has always wondered what that feels like.

The tension and the obvious want, the lust that comes with it all. It what makes them truly human after all and for the first time the opportunity presents itself in the form of this secretive yet charming woman. She’s used to being oblivious and asking questions, trying to understand the explanations her friends would give her but… sex? Shenhe doesn’t often get uncomfortable about certain topics, yet this seems to be the only one to give her trouble as the thought of having that conversation even with Yun Jin has her feeling a bit mortified. Speaking of her, she’s currently sitting at one of the back tables on the first floor of the Heyu Teahouse for another of Yun Jin’s performance. It’s been a while since she attended her last one and now here, she is having a mid-life crisis of her nonexistent sex life right before the opera.

“This is ridiculous…”

That’s what Shenhe mutters under her breath with a sigh. She’s not one to uselessly mull over things and more used to the let’s get this over with quickly mentality. No matter, that’s something she’ll have to think about another day, instead she settles on observing her surroundings to distract herself from her thoughts. It’s night once more in Liyue Harbor, the dark littered with a few pale clouds and galaxy of stars painting the sky as the lanterns nearby turn on, warmly illuminating the space around her. Soon it would be peak exorcism hours but there’ll be none of that today and replacing her usual routine with a wonderful show. She looks up at hearing some light footsteps coming up the staircase as a few patrons bring a new steaming set of tea and another group sitting at the table in front of her. When the footsteps grow louder Shenhe glances over for a second without much worry, except she quite literally does a double take, back straightening and eyes flashing in recognition at the three familiar figures.

“Shenhe, what a pleasant surprise.” The smooth, powerful voice belongs to none other than the Tianquan herself who sends her a soft smile.

“Lady Ningguang… good evening,” Shenhe greets her back respectfully and completely thrown off by the other woman’s arrival before she also looks over at her companions. “Captain Beidou and Miss Yelan, a good evening to you two as well.”

“Haha! What’s all the formality for, we’re all friends here, yeah?”

In the presence of the Crux Captain, Shenhe has always found it pleasant on not having to rely on social cues as much with Beidou taking the lead of their conversation with her easygoing speech of hers. Ningguang rolls her eyes at those words while the pirate confidently strolls up to her, taking a seat on of one of the stools next to her and throwing an arm over her shoulder. It’s not the first time Beidou has done this, so Shenhe was already mentally prepared for the affectionate greeting as she leans into the warmth of her friend’s arm with a small smile.

“Must you be so blunt, Beidou?”

“Hey now, that’s a quality that both Shenhe and I share,” Ningguang only shakes her head with a quiet chuckle before seating herself next to Beidou despite it all. “Insulting me is also insulting her you know.”

“Right, right, of course.”

“Are those two always a handful?”

Yelan is the next to speak in a much quieter tone compared to the rest, letting the Tianquan and the Captain to bicker back and forth with one another. Beidou has stopped hugging her by now and instead scooted a little closer to Ningguang as they keep talking, snorting under her breath when she sees her flick a tanned forehead with her nail guard.

“Very,” Is all Shenhe says before turning her attention onto the last woman. “I wasn’t expecting to see any of you today.”

“Lady Ningguang is always stuck in her Jade Chamber more these days after having it rebuilt.”

Yelan moves her own seat closer to Shenhe’s until their shoulders brush and how the lantern nearby perfectly highlights a side of her face. She crosses her legs and rests her chin atop the back of her hand, just like she did at the Yangshang Teahouse, as she hums for a second.

“And Beidou, well, the very little time she is on shore she’ll spend it either at a bar or with her crew.”

“It seems like we’re her crew for the night.”

Yelan laughs lightly, glancing over at the pair before raising a knowing brow. “More like her.”

And by her she means Ningguang when Shenhe subtly looks in their direction, noticing the fond gaze she holds and the way her eyes never leaves Beidou once who’s still talking about something random. Ah, it seems as if her thoughts from earlier are proven.

“I hate to third wheel with those love birds.”

The joke somewhat flies over her head but with how Yelan also rolls her eyes in the same annoyed manner Ningguang did, she can only assume it was a joke.

“But at least I won’t be the only one suffering tonight.”

“Third wheel?” Shenhe tilts her head in that same puppy as manner while Yelan nods with another hum. “Is that what the term is called? I always sensed it but… never knew how to put it into words.”

“More like fourth wheeling now since it’s also you and I.”

A few more people came up on the first floor along with the rest of them. The table in front of her is full so that leaves any leftover spectators on the second floor to watch up above or by the railings of the stairs. The chatter amongst them has grown in volume as a result and it does make Shenhe a little irritated, crossing her arms over her chest and practicing her breathing techniques. In doing so she also closes her eyes and successfully tunes out everyone else voices with the only thing keeping her anchored in time is Yelan’s shoulder once again grazing her own. A silence falls before them, not really an awkward one for Shenhe seeing as she welcomes the quiet, but she does feel off about ignoring her companion in the process.

“How was your day?”

She attempts at a light conversation, opening her eyes and focusing them back on Yelan. Her smile is like Ningguang’s in which it’s almost never genuine, instead one that’s been practiced over years of talking to others.

“Seeing as your acquainted with Lady Ningguang, I suppose it wouldn’t be an issue to talk about matters within my field of limited information.”

“I was going to ask how did you two come to know each other.”

Yelan nods while taking a careful glance around the area before inching her way closer and practically invading Shenhe’s personal space. She finds that she doesn’t mind it much like the other night, the scent of her fresh perfume and the way their eyes would meet more often was something that she looked forward to. So, Shenhe leans also down a little to hear Yelan better as she keeps talking.

“I met her long before she became part of the Qixing,” The raspy, timbre of her voice has Shenhe listening to her every word and oddly wanting to hear more of it. “I guess you can say we’re childhood friends who’ve also grown to form a business relationship as well.”

She ducks back a bit before looking down at Yelan. “That explains why you know more than others.”

“Hmm… who knows?” She’s wearing that mysterious smirk once again, one of her gloved hands tracing random parts on the table before she bumps her legs against Shenhe’s rather playfully.

“Maybe I have spies all over Liyue and the rest of Teyvat, maybe I’m stalking your every move, or maybe I just happen to know some of these facts. The possibilities are endless, don’t you think?”

“You’re speaking in riddles again…”

Shenhe mumbles those words under her breath, yet she understood every bit of what she said. If her Master were to see who she’s associating with these days, she’d probably be a bit disappointed as seeing as one of the first few lessons Cloud Retainer had taught was to not mingle with humans so easily. Yet here she is, getting terribly comfortable with a woman she’d just met the other day who is very clearly a threat in her book. However, just like Yelan, maybe Shenhe likes a little gamble, a risk she’s not so often used to and debating whether she’d take one or not. She seems to have been reading her mind that very second because than Yelan’s voice cuts through the sea of her thoughts.

“So…” She began, still awfully close that Shenhe can feel her cool breath tickle her skin. “Have you thought about my offer?”

“Oh. That…” She trails off for a moment while crossing her arms a little tighter (out of excitement, perhaps?). “The terms are rather… unclear to me. Repeat again as what we would gain from this.”

“No need to make it sound so serious,” Yelan jokes lightly with a shake of her head before holding her gaze once more.

“I won’t lie at first, I was going to charge you for my mora’s worth but after meeting like this and seeing the people you surround yourself with. Well, let’s just say I’m willing to be a bit lenient.”

“And what would that entail?” Shenhe furrows her brow in confusion while waiting for Yelan to get to her point. “I’m sorry, but you still haven’t answered my question.”

That earns her an airy laugh, one that reaches her eyes and leaving her mesmerized for moment. “Patience, sweetheart, I thought you exceled at that?”

“Ah, right, apologies.”

“Nothing to be sorry about really,” With them being so out in the open Yelan isn’t as obvious with her touches but it doesn’t stop her from staring at Shenhe with enticing half-lidded eyes and the occasional bite of her lip.

“Remember how I mentioned that a part of being human is succumbing to your urges and desires every now and then? Losing control or giving that control to someone else is also a part of the thrill and you, sweetheart, make it very hard for me not to.”

“How could I affect you that greatly?”

“Oh, don’t think I’m the only one that’s interested here.”

Her body goes still when Yelan leans up to her ear while hiding the side of her face from letting anyone read her lips. And Shenhe is entirely caught off guard on what she says next.

“I’ve seen the way you’ve hungrily stare me down, probably itching to just put your hands on me for a taste of this sinner.”

She closes her eyes as a rare flush reaches the tips of her ears where Yelan continues to speak so lowly, so teasingly.

“Back when we were sitting at the bar you couldn’t stop looking at me for one second. Does my body entice you that much, Shenhe?”

At the mention of her name, she snaps them back open just in time for Yun Jin to make her appearance along with the loud roaring of applauses that follows, but she doesn’t hear none of it. Instead, Shenhe finds her attention entirely set on Yelan who’s wearing that smug, confident smile that rubs her the wrong way and has her itching to do something- anything. She swallows roughly around a dry throat because she comes to the next realization that she’s right, that Shenhe does experience these hungry cravings just like any other human and like the rest… she wants to let them take over.

Perhaps she has found her excuse.



Shenhe soon finds herself going to the Yangshang Teahouse just like the other night. She’s on the second floor where the sounds of people laughing and drinking along below her is just a faint background noise.

After the opera performance everything had become a blur. Shenhe remembers giving a brief goodbye to Yun Jin before her manager was swiftly taking her away from her oncoming fans. Both Ningguang and Beidou had left not a second later when everyone was giving another round of applause, and the last thing she had seen was the Tianquan sending her a knowing look with a quirk of her brow that Shenhe pointedly ignores. She can only assume on their next meeting that she’ll have plenty more to say, but she won’t have much time to think about the future as her sole focus is currently on the present.

Yelan’s hand at some point has easily slipped into hers, her skin buzzing warmly where they touched due to the fingerless glove that she wears on one pair. Like the shadows of the night, they slipped away from the scenery as Yelan giggled and Shenhe’s breath stuttering for the briefest of a moment. Is this what they called the teens their ‘rebellious phase?’ from the way she friends have described it. The sneaking around like there’s a secret between them, a silent promise for more that only they know about as they’re nearing the teahouse. This is where Shenhe finds herself now weaving between a much rowdier bunch of people along the alleyway they’re passing through, high off the opera performance and the adrenaline like just them. She has yet to let go of Yelan’s hand as she leads the way and oh-

“Sorry folks, make way.”

There’s a couple taking up a significant portion of the already small alley where they’d been heavily making out. Shenhe can make out the heavy blush on each of their faces, eyes wide in both embarrassment and surprise at being caught but really, what’d that expect doing such a thing in public? There’s a tug at her hand and Shenhe follows Yelan, passing by the couple with a somewhat awkward silence accompanying them the rest of the trip. It isn’t until they face the only door on the second floor and entering the respective room that Yelan finally speaks up again, this time laughing hysterically for some reason.

“Oh man, the looks on their faces,” She closes the door shut, still laughing to herself while shaking her head. “Any second longer and they probably would have done it right then and there.”

There’s a twitch at the corners of her mouth and Shenhe shortly chuckles. “Their expressions were rather funny.”

“Hmm, yes. They’re lucky I’m in a pretty good mood right now or else…”

Yelan trails off with a small smile now and having calmed down from her fit. Shenhe hums while idly standing in place as the other woman finally meets her eyes and once more that charming glint returns. She takes a step closer, a sort of tension quickly befalling between them as Shenhe stares her down in silent anticipation and curiosity. The palms of Yelan’s hands smooth over chest just like the first time she had done it, except now it feels heavier- the fogginess hitting her tenfold and causing her to inhale sharply.

“Enough about that though…”

There’s the faintest trace of a blush forming on her cheeks and Shenhe finds her even prettier like this. She licks her lip in a slow, sensual manner that grabs her attention next before darting back up to now dark green eyes.

“We’ve got more important things to do,” Her voice has turned into huskier as Yelan all but drags her words, lightly pressing the tips of her fingers against her clavicle. “Let’s get to the bed, yeah?”

“Of course.” Her own sounds deeper, a little raspy around the edges with how dry Shenhe’s throat has become.

Yelan sends her one last charming smile before trailing one of her hands back down to hers and leading them deeper into the room. It’s not decorated many asides from a few paintings and a plant in a corner, but she can very much tell that this is Yelan’s room. Accents of blues and black decorates the walls with a few white highlights, the same color scheme as her outfit. There’s a desk in the corner with a few envelopes, tools for calligraphy and nothing more than that. Shenhe herself has little knowledge on decorating places properly yet the simplistic and modern aesthetic of her room clashes well against the standard Liyue design.

Her observations are stopped short once they arrive to the bed and Yelan motions for her to sit on the edge with Shenhe does. Perhaps it’s her natural instincts but she’s still very much cautious of her surroundings and Yelan herself. Hell, she’d just met the woman and her she is already moving this quickly into whatever they have forming, not like she’s complaining anyways it’s just this is simply out of Shenhe’s element so to say. The space next to her dips once Yelan also sits down and she turns her body towards her so she can see her a little properly.

“This is it.”

She says quietly as she breaks the silence before gesturing towards the room itself. “Not many have the privilege to be in here.”

“I suppose I’m one of the few?” Shenhe asks, looking around the place once more to distract herself from the steady beat of her heart. “Am I that special?”

“Something like that.”

Yelan bites her lip again and Shenhe enjoys seeing her do it every single time, and every single time her eyes drops down to them. A palm lands on her knee and causing her to twitch, a small wave of panic falling over her and almost pushing her away, not before stopping herself. She swallows roughly, the action only making her mouth drier, as Shenhe glances between her hand and Yelan’s face. She’s sure her own eyes have become darker with the same obvious want, her own hands itching to touch something and opting to grab a fistful of the blankets, trying to calm down these new lustful desires. Yelan must have sensed her struggle because then she feels a soft squeeze, blinking through the growing haze a few times and focusing back on her hooded gaze.

“Your body seems to speak volumes, but…” The weight is off her leg and now on her face as Yelan cups the side of Shenhe’s cheek. “I’ll still need your verbal consent.”

“I don’t know any of this.”

She can’t help but blurt those words out, shifting in her spot on the bed which only causes them to grow closer. This time, Shenhe is one licking her lips, looking off somewhere behind Yelan before returning her piercing gaze onto her with a heavy, shaky sigh.

“I’ve never been intimately involved with anyone so all of this is a very new experience to me, and… although I’m not opposed to this… you will have to guide me. My only concern would be on the matter of trust between us.”

“I have a saying in my book I always go by. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

She slides her fingers a little lower, across her jaw until the pad of her thumb rest against her bottom lip. Shenhe is watching her carefully the entire time as Yelan applies a bit of pressure on the soft flesh and causing her to open her mouth some. She can’t help the shiver that runs down her spine at seeing dangerously sharp canines that could easily break through skin. A low, quiet noise comes from the back of her throat, something between a hum and groan as she exhales a trembling sigh.

“As long as you don’t do anything out of reason,” Yelan huskily murmurs before tilting Shenhe’s chin up and bringing her attention back on her. “I’ll happily comply. Just follow my lead and don’t hesitate to stop me at any point.”

“Yes…” She giggles at the dazed, soft reply and how the pupils of those sunset eyes have turned into slits.

“Have I got you hypnotized already?”


It is Shenhe who plays her next move by gently yet firmly grabbing Yelan’s wrist, almost jerking back in surprise from both the action and how cold her hand even through her gloves. Her lips are still parted enough to see her fangs and hear the faint sound of her breathing that’s steadily becoming uneven. She tugs Yelan closer, the space between them going miniscule, each one holding the other’s intense gaze before Shenhe speaks again.

“Please, continue,” She asks- no, begs, and that’s enough to break her. “You have my word.”

She takes one last second to observe Shenhe’s face for any signs of discomfort but all she finds is her insistent eagerness, and Yelan finally leans in. Her painted lips press against an equally softer pair, swallowing up a sharp inhale and feeling her own breathing stutter in both excitement and nervousness. It’s not like she isn’t used to kissing people in her line of work whenever she’s under a different disguise and getting close to her targets, but none of them were as interesting and enticing as Shenhe. One of her fangs catches onto her lip and that’s enough to make Yelan release another groan, this one throatier and a little louder than the last. Everything is messy with a clash of teeth and tongue, Shenhe’s inexperience and clumsiness threatening to cause a pool of saliva to dribble down the corner of her mouth.

Her hand trails down from her now warm cheek and down to her chest where she lies her palm flat against the front of her outfit. Yelan can’t help but grab a fistful of the material under her fingers when that grip on her wrist tightens and Shenhe is pressing harder into the kiss. Her eagerness makes up for how badly she reciprocates, enough so that Yelan doesn’t have the right state of mind to even complain about it. She tilts her head as her brows knit together in focus, the sheer strength and stature of this woman nearly overpowering her, but she’s not one to relinquish control so easily. She breaks away from Shenhe with an obscene, slick pop of their lips, their chests rising and falling in quick succession, lungs begging for air.

“Sit back.” Yelan orders in a dominant tone, her voice sounding entirely foreign to her ears as Shenhe nods stiffly.

She doesn’t waste another second to shift her weight onto her knees once Shenhe is sat further on the bed. A hand rests on her shoulder as she balances herself before sending a leg over her lap and slowly sinking down onto her. From this position, Yelan is the one towering over Shenhe and archons is she a sight. Her bruised, swollen lips stand out the most from her disheveled appearance that makes her so much more delectable. Her is a hair little mussed and the clip that she usually wears has fallen onto the bed, but she doesn’t seem to care one bit, both of her eyes trained on Yelan who’s been silently observing her the whole time.

“Tell me, Shenhe,” She begins while tracing random patterns on the side of her neck. “Have you ever kissed a woman?”

“Now I have.”

She can be quite cheeky with her answers when she wants to be like now as she licks her lips. That only pulls a soft laugh out of Yelan before she hums and leans down a little closer.

“Hmm, not bad for a first timer.”

“I cannot lie…” She lets her talk while trailing a few feather light kisses along her jaw and taking satisfaction in the way she loses focus for a moment.

“I’ve caught the sight of couples getting intimate one another more often than I’d like to admit. Especially during lantern rite.”

“Don’t tell me you have a thing for watching people.”

“It was interesting to see…”

Oh? Yelan pulls away pleasantly surprised at both her words and the way it sounded like a whine. She also finally notices the pretty tinge of pink painting her cheeks and the small crease forming between Shenhe’s brows. God, she really can’t stop staring at her no matter how hard she tried, her body buzzing alive in excitement at the way she speaks to casually and full of honesty. Yelan bites back a wicked smile, green eyes lighting up in delight as she takes one of her hands and place it on her hips, the side where there’s a horizontal cut and she can feel cold fingers pressing into her warm skin. The sensation has her shuddering with a trembling sigh, loosely holding the side of Shenhe’s neck as she settles a little more comfortably in her lap and being reminded of the ache between her legs.

“That was only the beginning. Now…” Her fingers find pale white hair, gripping it firmly before tugging her back and tilting her head up, not breaking eye contact for a single second.

“I’m going to teach you even more.”

She doesn’t give her enough time to respond because Yelan is swiftly bringing her lips against Shenhe’s and muffling her noise of surprise. The hand that had been simply resting on her hip tightens to something dangerous and strong, sending a familiar painful heat straight to her center. She angles her head just right that Yelan can run a slow, hot tongue along her bottom lip before taking the swollen flesh between her teeth and sinking down into it some. Shenhe’s response is immediate, the vibrations of a rumbling moan coming from her chest as she squeezes Yelan’s even harder now that she’s sure it’d leave a bruise. She can’t help but arch her back from both the pain and pleasure, her own brows knitting together as she groans softly while carding her fingers through her hair.

When was the last time she’s had fun like this? Days, weeks, months? One of her advantages of being an intelligence agent is using the power of seduction to get people to talk and release the most valuable and vulnerable information. It’s been effective every single time, without fail, and Yelan always leaves with an inflated ego at seeing how desperate these people would be for her touch. The way they’d continue to beg and beg for anything, faces absolutely red from embarrassment and the lustful, teary look they’d have the entire time always gave her such a high. However… it’d be hypocritical if Yelan excluded herself from that bunch.

The roles have been reversed and now she’s the one trembling in excitement, the blush on her face growing worst and reaching the tips of her ears especially when Shenhe slowly drags her hand from her hip, laying it flat against her exposed back in a desperate yet hesitant hold. For someone who carried a giant boulder from the mountains to Liyue Harbor, she’s surprisingly gentle but Yelan doesn’t want that. She wants to see this woman lose control, wants to see these so called ‘homicidal tendencies’ take over and see just what she would do to her. Maybe bite her hard enough to pierce through the skin of her neck? Or maybe roughly rake her claws down her back and draw blood. The lewd scenarios have her moaning rather loudly and tugging her hair once more, hearing a faint grunt from Shenhe as she does exactly that, nails scraping along her blemish free back and archons it’ll be a pain to hide. Yelan breaks away with a harsh bite of her lips and barely stifling a pathetic whimper, her face feeling unbearably hot and the ache at her cunt begging for her attention.

“Oh, fuck…” She drawls the curse out with a raspy, needy groan before slowly opening her eyes and looking down at Shenhe. “Is this really your first time kissing a woman?”

“Yes…” She nods dumbly, still stuck in a daze, as she gazes up at Yelan. “Why?...”

Her hand slips out of her now messy hair and instead holding a sharp jaw between her fingers. Yelan laughs, a sound that’s so terribly sweet, especially when Shenhe has her lipstick stain all over lips and the corner of her mouth. She attempts to wipe some of it away but she in doing so only makes it worst and Yelan can’t stop another amused chuckle from slipping out. Shenhe is a mess, and the sight has her smiling smugly, sunset eyes constantly trained on her and never looking away for one second. The hand that’s still on her back hikes a little higher and simply holds Yelan in place, fangs still in view as she tries to calm down her uneven breathing.  

“The way you’ve got me all hot and bothered…” Yelan tilts her head with a husky, alluring hum. “Not many can do that or has for that matter.”

“Hot and bothered?...” Shenhe repeats her words with innocent confusion, the perfect example of what being away from human civilization can do to an individual.

“Turned on, aroused, horny.

She lazily strokes her cheek before continuing. “All a part of your body’s response to positive stimuli.”

“But… some of it hurts…”

At hearing that, Yelan is instantly on alert, and promptly leans back some with a concerned expression. “Where does it hurt?”

She watches Shenhe chew on her bottom lip and now that the lustful haze has cleared a bit, she notices the pained expression on her face. Yelan is about to get up once she sees her squirming slightly but to both of their surprise, Shenhe stops her by tightening her hold.

“It’s not necessarily agonizing, like a cut or a wound…”

She explains more now which eases a bit of the tension, but Yelan is still very much in the dark. That is, until Shenhe brings her other hand and points to the area between her legs, eyes widening in realization at what she meant and- oh.

“It hurts… here.”

She stills, completely stunned at the confession, and for some reason that turns Yelan on even more. A harsh shudder threatens to hit her, but she swallows it down roughly with a tense laugh, her face growing hot at the lewd thoughts that’s horribly distracting her. Perhaps they need to slow things down and reestablish a few more boundaries now that she thinks about it.

“Is that normal?” Shenhe asks quietly, seeing the flash of panic in her expression before Yelan quickly reassures her.

“It is, kind of,” She frowns at her explanation, but she only shakes her head with a smile and then biting her lip right after. “Don’t worry it… also hurts for me to.”

“Shouldn’t we do something about it? I think I’ve read a few techniques in a book.”

“Easy there, tiger.”

Yelan chuckles at the way Shenhe’s brows are furrowed together in concentration and trying to come up with a solution. She lightly squeezes her jaw to get her attention and the trick works as Shenhe goes silent.

“Maybe we should have discussed this a little better beforehand.”

“The feeling is mutual,” Now she’s the one humming while eyeing Yelan up and down and making her tilt her head as she continues. “I’ve also come to another abrupt realization.”

“Oh? And what would that be?”

“I believe I don’t have the proper anatomy to satisfy you.”

An awkward silence falls between them that stretches for a second then two as Yelan processes Shenhe’s words and she doesn’t know whether to laugh or feel genuinely bad for her, actually a bit of both. She lets go of her face to instead lay her palm against her check while leaning back to get a better look at her.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Yelan is blushing wildly at her very straightforward way of speaking that almost makes her stutter. “What kind of books are you even reading?”

“When I traveled to Mondstadt there was a librarian who gave me a selected few.” Shenhe places her own hand on her jaw, seemingly lost in thought and despite what they were doing moments ago. “That poses another question, or rather observation.”

Uh oh.

“And what would that be?...”

“If Lady Ningguang and Captain Beidou are rumored to be together, then how would they-”

“Okay!” Yelan practically slaps a hand over Shenhe’s mouth to stop her from even finishing that sentence as she starts laughing harder than ever before. “I think that’s enough for tonight. This is so very sudden.”

She makes some noise under her palm and Yelan raises it, hoping that she would spare her any more embarrassment, and luckily, she does.

“Ah…” The same impassive, neutral expression settles over her face as Shenhe glances away for a second. “I suppose I… ruined the mood?.”

“On the contrary, dear, you’ve got me plenty intrigued.”

Yelan gets off to her lap to now stand in front of Shenhe, offering a gloved hand to her which the other accepts and swiftly pulls her up.

“Like I said, I think we need to go back to the drawing board and have ourselves a little do ever on the terms and conditions of this contract. What do you think?”

“Yes,” She nods once while listening to Yelan. “I agree.”

“Why don’t we also save this conversation for another day, yeah? A lot has happened already.”

“It is getting late, and I have training tomorrow.”

“Seems like we’re both pretty busy people.” Yelan smiles as they walk towards her door before facing her one more time. “And one more thing…. let’s keep our arrangement just between us for a bit of personal privacy.”

“You have my word.”

Especially from Ningguang and Beidou.”

The laugh that comes from Shenhe is quiet and soft, the sound so rare and much less robotic than the other ones she’s gotten a hint of. She can’t help but also join with her and although their night was cut short, Yelan found herself enjoying the disciple’s odd company anyways. She’s used to always having a change of pace in her everyday life given the job she has, so of course, this new encounter is very much appreciated on her end. She takes a minute to observe Shenhe’s alluring features and how her personality clashes so interestingly together that Yelan finds herself wanting more of.

At that thought, she quickly shakes her head before opening the door and holding it open for the other woman. Luckily, there seems to be no one on the second floor of the teahouse despite how popular it usually is at this time. Shenhe turns to her one last time while sending her nod.

“I shall retire for now,” She says softly amidst the faint bustle and chatter that still lingers around Liyue Harbor. “Until we meet again, Yelan.”

A warm feeling suddenly burst within her chest at hearing her name for the first time that night. She smiles back at her while leaning against the door frame, a blush threatening to spread across her cheeks as she chuckles lightly and trying to play off her silly feelings. When was the last time actually said her name without wrinkling their face up in disgust or absolute terror?

Yelan bites her lip, not missing the way Shenhe is glances down at them like always before she also sends her a nod. She wants her to kiss them one last time, to close the distance between them and loom over her slightly shorter form. Yet, none of that happens, and instead Yelan glances off somewhere for a moment before returning her attention back onto Shenhe who seems to be awkwardly debating her own move. The tension gets the better of her and she smoothly leans of the wood digging into her shoulder and settling one giving her the same nod she had received earlier, the taste of lust still heavy on her tongue.

“You know where to find me,” She finally cuts through the silence while grabbing the doorknob and holding that piercing sunset gaze one last time.  

“Goodnight, Shenhe.”


Chapter Text

Shenhe leaps back just in time when an Abyss Mage sends a splash of hydro in her direction with a shrill, high-pitched laugh. There’s been plenty of new demonic energy recently and she’s been assigned to get rid of these enemies, a part of her constant day-to-day training. She twirls her polearm with practiced ease, fingers twitching impatiently wanting nothing more than to rip the head of this cackling mage, the voice in her head urging her to run forward and impale them with her weapon. The blood in her veins is screaming to see the murder happen yet Shenhe ignores it, closing her eyes for a second while taking a deep breath in before opening them once the only other sound accompanying her is the soft, calming wind. And just like the wind, she flawlessly maneuvers through along the ground and into the air, biceps roaring under the red ropes as she clenches her jaw and taking delight in the way the abyss mage is beginning to panic now.

Mind be purged, world be saved.

She now stands over the dead corpse of her enemy, silently watching the ashes start to rise and flow until it disappears into nothing. This is how her life has been ever since she’d been rescued by Cloud Retainer, carrying her usual exorcism while floating in this constant state of limbo that’s always left Shenhe in a sort of stasis, like every day is a dream (or rather nightmare). She looks over at Calamity Queller, the tip of the polearm drenched in blood and dripping into the grass below. There are various splotches of red staining her outfit that she’ll know will be a pain to wash out, sucking her teeth when Shenhe realizes she probably spread some of the blood on her face at trying to wipe it off. Moments like these makes her feel like her homicidal urges haven’t died down one bit and instead… angrily festered over time at being repressed.

A soft sigh chills the air, causing the nearby trees to shake and the grass around her shiver. Well, it’s not all so bad, despite being used by a sacrifice and enduring years of emotional abuse from her father as a child, she was able to meet some amazing individuals. Shenhe is eternally grateful for Cloud Retainer first and foremost who basically raised her like she’s her own daughter, and although she’s not perfect, Shenhe much prefers her as both a mentor and parental figure more than anyone else. She’s the one that put in the infinite number of hours and work to make sure she’d train both her body and mind, fight against the evil that restlessly boils within Shenhe. It was also her and the other adepti that provided her the red ropes to subdue her violent personality and letting her full well the outcome of her decision.

“One must warn you, child… that by binding one’s soul to these Red Ropes will they suppress these homicidal tendencies… while also obtaining the mannerisms of us Adepti.”

Those words had been uttered by none other than Moon Carver himself in a hushed, low tone to a younger Shenhe back when she’d already resided within the mountains for some time now. It was the first time she’d met the other adeptus, solely focusing her training alongside Cloud Retainer until eventually she decided to let her branch forward and meet the rest of her acquittances. She was angry, frustrated, restless, a whirlwind of emotions and no matter how hard Shenhe trained there was always something wrong so when she heard that from Moon Carver she didn’t hesitate a second further before hastily accepting those Red Ropes.

And then the rest is… history.

She begins the slow trek home back to the Mt. Aocang, already mentally prepared for the speech her master will give her about tracking in dirt and blood all over her abode. But in a way, Shenhe has also learned that clearly there are limits to the red ropes powers as shown through her flourishing relationships like with Lumine and Yun Jin as well as the rest of her friends. However, one person stands out in Shenhe’s mind while passing by a slow, flowing stream that reminds her of a certain someone she’s met recently. She brings a hand to her face, long fingers skimming over her bottom lip as Shenhe falls deeper and deeper into thought the more she thinks about Yelan.

That night… she’s never experienced something like that before. Her body was hot, like a coal burning furnace, and the only other time she remembers having such a strong reaction were the times Shenhe had let her impulses take control of her a second too late. Yet here she is, completely aware of her emotions, the fire that burned in the pit of her stomach when the short haired woman had sat on her lap or the way she couldn’t stop staring for one second followed by that sweet, charming smile. She’s no stranger to attraction, but something about Yelan has made her so different from the rest, like how the protagonist falls head over heels for their lover in the books she’s read and the tales she’s heard. In every one of those stories though it leaves Shenhe with more questions than answers, how is it possible to drop everything in your life for one person? A stranger who you’ve only met by chance that soon becomes your partner for all of eternity.

Shenhe shakes her head at all the confusing thoughts coming back once more to taunt her. She feels admiration towards Lumine and Ningguang, protectiveness over Chongyun and Yun Jin, and love?... perhaps the only being worthy of her love is Cloud Retainer but that’s naturally a given. What she feels for Yelan… Shenhe can’t quite put her finger on it just yet, all she knows that she doesn’t hate the physical aspects of whatever is going on between them. Maybe she should visit the teahouse again tonight once she’s all washed up and well rested, have that talk their supposed to have and see where it goes from there.

Shenhe stops abruptly in her tracks, still holding her polearm, when the sudden sound of hushed footsteps reaches her ears. It’s quiet enough that any other regular human wouldn’t have heard, but not her, years and years of training has sharpened every one of her senses. She lowers her body to the ground some while carefully analyzing the area for any potential threats, a silent snarl already pulling at her lips when the footsteps come again, a little louder. Her stare hardens in concentration and all but ready for her enemy to jump out, only to stand there when it was none other than a small animal. Shenhe watches the furry creature scurry away with a blank look, the faint urge to laugh tickling the back of her throat before it’s quickly gone in the same way the small animal leaves her sight. She sighs with a shake of her head and turns back to the path ahead of her.

She should really get home now.


“Ah, Yelan, what perfect timing you have.”

She casually strolls into the vast space of the office which the Tianquan currently resides in. She’s sat behind her desk where a couple of neatly stacks scrolls and books lay about meaning she must have finished work for the day or there is to be a meeting soon. Regardless, Yelan wears her usual small smirk as she steps further into the office until she’s standing a good few feet away.

“Lady Ningguang,” She starts quietly, knowing that any little sound tends to echo throughout the Jade Chamber. “I’d be a fool to arrive late, like a certain pirate captain of yours does.”


Even though their relationship has always strictly been business, they’ve known each other long enough to become comfortable with one another. Especially Yelan.

“I’ll never understand this useless competition you two seem to have,” Ningguang shakes her head with an airy chuckle before smiling warmly at the other woman. “Anyways, I have another important matter that requires your expertise.”

“Hmm, isn’t that with most things?”

She pulls out a small piece of paper that’s been worned down around the edges and passes it to Ningguang who easily reads the note as she continues.

“I’m assuming this new ‘matter’ has something to do with the treasure hoarders working alongside with the Fatui on the outskirts of The Chasm.”

“You would be correct on that assumption,” She hums a few times, skimming over the words written on the paper before looking back at Yelan with a glint in her eyes.

“And it seems like you’ve beaten me to the punch once more.”

Her smirk widens then. Of course, just like the illustrious Tianquan of Liyue, she also has her own methods on obtaining the latest intel in all parts of Teyvat. She knows just about everything Ningguang knows and more since after all, she did help her become Tianquan, so sometimes Yelan would already be aware of facts in most situations just like these. The Chasm has been closed off for some time and she’s been diligently investigating it for months now, both for Ningguang and her own personal objectives. The last time she was down there was when Yelan had saved Lumine from the ruin serpent before turning her attention onto the recent activities of the Fatui and the process of electing a new Tianshu as an observing official.

That and… one other person.

Yelan is many things, and a liar is one of them. In this instance, she’d be a liar if she didn’t admit how much the adepti disciple has taken up a good portion of her thoughts along with the events that unfolded a few nights ago. Due to how busy Yelan has been the past couple of days, she hasn’t had the time to visit the Yangshang Teahouse and catch sight of Shenhe or a glimpse of that silky, soft white hair anywhere.

Archons, she remembers how embarrassingly wet she’d been that day after exchanging goodbyes. Yelan had quickly closed the door behind her and practically collapsed against it from how hard she was breathing, that painful pulse coming back full force and making her whimper. She’d been so utterly frustrated ever since, selfishly alleviating the annoying, throbbing sensation by her own hands and in those moments, she selfishly fantasized about her. That searing gaze, those dangerous fangs- Yelan doesn’t even remember the last time she came hard enough to make a mess on her bed and the breathless moans that followed right after. And yet, that orgasm seem to have made matters worse because the fire that had been steadily rising is now eating her alive and constantly begging for attention.

“Although I don’t always win at that little chess game of yours…”

Yelan summons her signature dice, tossing it into the air and watching it spin. Four. She smiles at the number before looking back at Ningguang.

“But when it comes to acquiring intel, I’m one step ahead of you, Tianquan.”

“So it appears.”

Ningguang holds the paper between her fingers, the warmth leaving her gaze and taking on something serious. “Then you will also know that they’ve been sneaking into the depths of The Chasm with the aid of these treasure hoarders.”

“Seems like an extermination job to me.”

“One you’re quite used to doing, aren’t you?” Yelan waves a hand at that with a snort.

“You know I have no problem taking on whatever you give me, Lady Ningguang.”

“As always I’m endlessly appreciative of your help, Yelan.”

She raises a brow at her name as the Tianquan stands up from her desk, walking around it and towards the small table that holds a steaming pot of tea along with two cups. Yelan silently observes the powerful woman for a moment, taking in the languid yet precise steps of her feet and how her demeanor has dampened some. She follows her at seeing Ningguang sit down on one of the chairs as she takes the other before sweeping an analytical eye over her body.

“There’s something else you’re not telling me.”

Ningguang laughs at that as she reaches out to the teapot, but Yelan beats her to it and does the honor. She leans back into her seat with a quiet hum and watching the intelligence agent pour their respective each of their cups.

“The Chasm continues to prove to be a dangerous and mysterious part of Liyue,” Ningguang starts, sending a nod in her direction as she accepts the still steaming tea.

“From my reports, the ruin serpent that we thought was destroyed has somehow managed to survive that pillar you dropped on it.”

“So I’ve heard from the Yuheng.” Yelan mutters before taking a sip and hearing a sigh.

“I don’t know how it survived but no matter, this is just something we’ll have to come up with a solution for.”

“And this is where I come in?”

“Precisely,” Ningguang tilts her head, holding her gaze unflinchingly. “Think of it as a… bonus, I guess you can say. You’ll continue monitoring The Chasm under the guise of the Ministry of Civil Affairs while attending to the new tasks I’ve given.”

“I see…”

Yelan stares down at her cup as she mulls over Ningguang’s words. It’s true, her ‘work’ within the Ministry isn’t exactly ordinary and most of the jobs she takes care of is under the Tianquan order. Not like she’s complaining anyways seeing how stressful Ganyu’s job is as a secretary, Keqing endlessly working as Yuheng and most of all Ningguang. She’s seen what being a part of the Liyue Qixing does to one’s schedule and Yelan values her freedom and spare time a lot, she doesn’t even want to imagine the leash she’d have to wear working with them… Nonetheless, she admires her colleagues drive to continuously pour out solutions to these problems, so it’d only be fair if she also shows the same.

“You could also bring the Traveler with you.”

At hearing that, Yelan’s head shoots up and Ningguang laughs at the incredulous look on her face.

“I’m sorry, but I believe we both know that I prefer working alone.”

“Right,” She raises a perfectly arched brow at the slightly frowning woman and wearing a smirk of her own. “Then what’s this I hear about Lumine accompanying you on finding a new candidate for the position of Tianshu?”

“That’s a bit different, Lady Ningguang.”

She doesn’t back down from the friendly banter, flashing a fake smile that only makes her laugh even harder than all the other times.

“This is nice.”

Yelan relaxes a bit at seeing the way Ningguang hums while crossing her legs and staring off to the side. “It’s been a while since we last spent time like this.”

“Really? Didn’t I just watch the latest opera show with you? Oh!” Yelan exaggerates a gasp that catches her attention before she grins evilly.

“That’s right… you were so preoccupied with Captain Beidou to even pay attention to rest of your company. What a shame.”

“As if you’re any different.”

“I don’t know what you’re getting at, Tianquan.”


And the smile Ningguang wears is nothing but trouble, a trap that Yelan unknowingly fell into and suddenly she found her dice much more interesting. She tosses it in the air at hearing the playful tone that’s slipped into her usually stern voice.

“That’s rich coming from the same person who couldn’t keep their hands off from a particular adepti disciple.”

She looks down at her palm and sees a five. Damn it. Just her luck.

Okay, so maybe Yelan had been a tad too obvious with her flirting on Shenhe, but really, can you blame her? She’s beautifully breathtaking, doesn’t hate her presence and most of all, she also finds Yelan attractive. No one has possessed all three qualities (especially the second one) and made it this far, and lastly for the feeling to be mutual. Yelan for her part can’t lie that she’s busier than usual, especially now with constant trips to The Chasm and by following her own personal agenda, she hasn’t had the time to de-stress properly. Her usual methods would be gambling at the newly own Yangshang Teahouse or napping the day away, but neither of those have helped and Yelan finds herself still unbelievably high strung. Which is rare for her.

Then it came down to that fateful night, when she’d been gambling with a new bunch of customers who she easily won against, lifting her gaze and meeting that of the famed divine damsel. Yelan saw the opportunity and easily advantage of it without a second thought, sidling up next to the taller woman and sparking a bit of conversation. She was calm, speaking in a low voice that was barely audible in the bustle of the teahouse, keeping her eyes solely on Yelan who greedily soaked up every minute of the attention. One could say she took a gamble that day, amping up her efforts and really flirting with Shenhe heavily despite the introverted personality she portrays. And when she was blatantly stared down at her chest, when she leaned in closer at the opera performance and tickling the skin of her cheek with her cool breath, Yelan knew she had already won the game.

She was even luckier to bring her back to her home away from home, that being the upstairs bedroom of the Yangshang Teahouse. Gods, everything was so hot and messy, from their delightfully sloppy make out sensation to the quiet grunts and groans that’d mingle with her huskier ones. It’d been something in the heat of the moment, the type of solution that Yelan needed to take her mind off work- off the loneliness that endlessly hung over her head like the plague. Perhaps she gotten ahead of herself as shown how their night had ended with Shenhe, showing just how clueless she truly is to this intimacy stuff and how Yelan couldn’t stop blushing from very blunt manner of speaking. It was worth it though, and she doesn’t regret it at all, she’ll just have to clear up a few concerns on her end and for Shenhe to do the same.

Hopefully soon.

“What? Now I can’t have a little bit of fun?” Yelan teases back, ignoring the way her face heats up at Ningguang’s bold statement, hiding it behind her teacup with a smile.

“You and Beidou practically eye fuck everywhere you go, and no one dares to say a word.”


It’s Ningguang who’s blushing now, scarlet eyes wide in both shock and embarrassment as she crosses her arm. That makes Yelan bark out a laugh, slapping her knee and- oh, if looks could kill she’d be a dead woman right now.

“We do-” Ningguang cuts herself off with a sigh before looking away and waving a hand at her. “You’re dismissed.”

“Oh, what! I think this is the first time you’ve ever kicked me out of your office, Lady Ningguang.”

“Yelan. Leave.”

“Right, right. You have a ‘chess game’ with the Captain soon, hate to be in the way of your fun. I’m sure she plays really good-”


She walks out of the Jade Chamber with a smile and leaving behind a very flustered Tianquan.


The sky is a fascinating mirage of colors as the sun hugs the horizon and painting the ocean under it with a beautiful, golden hue. The mouthwatering aroma of freshly cooked food is heavy in the air, the perfect time for the people of Liyue Harbor who just got out of work to grab a quick dinner with friends or family. Shenhe sees this as she passes by the Wanmin Restaurant, the establishment full of people laughing and talking loudly with one another. The same can be said for the crowd sitting outside of the Third-Round Knockout where Iron Tongue Tian is telling another one of his infamous tales to listening ears. In every corner of the harbor, there’s a sense of liveliness Shenhe still hasn’t gotten used to despite how many times she’s visited already.

She eventually stops in front of a street food vendor who sells delicious grilled tiger fish along with the milk tea drink she’s tried before. There’s a bit of a line in front of her so Shenhe patiently waits while crossing her arms and further analyzing the area. Although she’s not the biggest fan for human interaction, one thing’s for sure, she can’t deny the small amount of joy she feels at seeing one of the street dogs playfully roll around. There’s a dark, coffee colored canine happily lazing about on the bridge nearby where a few other dogs and cats loiter at this time of day. Soon they’ll all be huddled up together, sleeping peaceful, and this makes her wish she had that kamera device Lumine always carries on her person.

“Bored without me?”

Shenhe swiftly snaps out of her thoughts at hearing a familiar voice as a soft shoulder playfully bumps into hers. She makes a small noise from both the sudden contact and appearance before she turns her head to the newcomer.

“Yelan,” She then greets her with a nod while the agent smiles. “It has, in fact, been quiet for the past few days.”

“I hope you don’t mind me changing that little routine of yours.” Yelan jokes with another casual brush of her shoulder that has her warming from the barely there contact.

“Change is something I’ve been welcoming for a while now. I’m not opposed to the idea.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes,” Shenhe tilts her head to look at Yelan a little better and effortlessly meeting her gaze. “I have been looking forward for the next time we met.”

A pair of bright green eyes widen at the sudden confession before Yelan easily schools her expression and passing it off with a strained, airy chuckle. Archons, how forward can this woman be? Yelan hates how warm her neck and face feels, turning her attention back to the line that’s steadily going down in numbers. She’s a quite honest character herself, but she’s always been used to reading between the lines and speaking in riddles (like Shenhe has described it), yet this level of honesty is a bit new. Especially when Yelan is on the receiving end of said statement.

“Hmm, I can say the same for myself.”

She says coolly, as if she wasn’t mentally panicking a second ago. The corners of Shenhe’s mouth turn up with the smallest hint of a smile, iridescent eyes gleaming in relief for just a moment.

“That’s good to hear,” Shenhe mumbles, glancing off to the side before looking back at Yelan. “This talk… when will we have it?”

Oh, right, no wonder the usual stoic disciple seems a bit jittery. She bites down on her bottom lip to stop herself from grinning as Yelan raises a knowing brow at her.

“What did I say about that patience of yours, Shenhe?”

“Right, I…” She trails off at playful scolding once again while they both take another step closer and soon to order. “I guess you can say it’s a… bad habit?”

“Quite bad,” Yelan sucks her teeth lightly and taking delight in the way Shenhe really does seem to believe her given by her stiff body language. “I think you need to fix that.”

“But I’ve been training so much more lately…”

“The type of training you do isn’t the only one there is, you know.”

“What do you mean?”

Yelan doesn’t answer her and instead snorts out a laugh while Shenhe seems like she’s one second away from having a meltdown. She gets a taste of her own medicine when something sharply tugs at the sleeve of her jacket and causing her to nearly fall against Shenhe’s chest as Yelan only ends up laughing harder than before.

“Don’t ignore me,” She frowns at her rather cutely. “And you know how I feel when you talk like that-”

“Chen, my good man! Two grilled tiger fish for me and my companion here.”


With a grumpy Shenhe in one hand and a steaming, hot skewer in the other, Yelan leads them to a quieter part of the harbor where a bridge sits right by the marketplace and in view of some of the ships idle by in the water. She turns around and casually leans against the railing while smirking at the betrayed expression that’s still very much directed at her.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Yelan bites off a piece of her food and both the question and her casual way of speaking makes Shenhe scoff.

“You cannot be serious right now,” She takes a deep breath before taking the spot next to her, keeping her stare entirely trained on her. “Very well, I was asking you to elaborate on what you meant by the different types of training.”

Yelan shakes her head, still smiling softly, before cocking it to the side.

“I only meant that in jest, sweetheart. Mostly at least.”

“Ah, is this one of those… innuendos? A friend explained it to me a few times.”

“Yes, yes, it is.”

She’s chuckling again as Shenhe finally relaxes before joining her with a soft laugh of her own and shaking her head slightly.

“You are impossible.”

“So I’ve been told.”

“Still,” Yelan watches her nibble on a piece of her food as Shenhe rests her arms on the railing and staring out into the sea. “It’s rather nice to speak like this. Even if I often miss the occasional social cues.”

“Does it get frustrating?” She knows it does, but she enjoys having a normal conversation like this with Shenhe.

“In a way. Although I learn more about the way humans communicate with each other, I can tell it’s often a hindrance and leave a sort of awkwardness in the air for them.”

“You’re one of the few people whose close with that funeral director, right?” At the question, Shenhe nods before Yelan continues. “She’s a bit of an oddball, and not many people see her in a positive light. But I know she wouldn’t mind talking your ear off despite any of that.”

“That is true.” Shenhe hums knowingly with a small smile. “Her singing is also a little strange, but I don’t find myself hating it either. I like how I can simply be myself around her and not depend on non-verbal cues, the same can be said for Captain Beidou.”

“With how loud that pirate is I’m not surprised.”


Shenhe grimaces slightly like she had just drank something sour.

“My only complaint is the crowd that seems to follow her every step.”

“Then I’m sure you’re glad I picked this nice little spot for us,” Yelan faces her body towards Shenhe a bit more as the latter meets her gaze once again. “Quiet and isolated, away from the hustle and bustle of the harbor.”

“Yes, I’m not complaining.”

She doesn’t miss the way she glances down at her lips before bringing them back up.

“I find myself enjoying the company as well.”

They’ve talk long enough for Shenhe to get comfortable and Yelan to formulate a rough script in her head. Obviously, she likes what they’re doing now, sifting through an endless number of random topics, and simply passing the time, but a part of her wants more. She thinks back to that night at the teahouse and when Shenhe had left afterwards, leaving behind a very desperate and frustrated Yelan. Now’s the time to make her move, and she doesn’t hesitate to lay a hand on the sleeve of her arm, subtly shuddering at the way Shenhe’s eyes darken from the touch.

“I think it’s time for that talk…” She tilts her head back at her. “What do you think?”

“I agree…” Shenhe steps a little closer as she goes silent for a moment. “I am unsure of where to begin so I kindly ask that you go first.”

“Relax, sweetheart, there’s no need to be so stiff with your words. Okay?”

At hearing that, Shenhe takes a deep breath in before nodding towards her. It’s true, her body has gone a bit stiff again at the painful but not unwelcomed heat that settles in the pit of her stomach. Every new experience has always left her a little hesitant, naturally unsure of the unknown like anyone else would be, but with Yelan she feels that she doesn’t have to be as scared. Her shoulders go lax and the same can be said for her slowing heart rate, and she’s reward with a smile.

“See? That’s not so bad?” Yelan idly plays with her sleeve as she continues.

“Now, seeing how our last get together turned out, it’s safe to say you’ve never done something sexual with anyone before. Right?”

“Yes,” Shenhe tilts her head in confusion. “I thought I mentioned that already.”

Yelan rolls her eyes but laughs, nonetheless. “I’m just making sure I got all the facts right and your explicit consent before we move on.”

“Right. That is important.”

“Very, like if I were to do this…”

Yelan snakes her hand up higher on Shenhe’s arm until she can feel the subtle outlines of her bicep before giving it a squeeze.

“Did you like that?”

“I did.” She admits almost immediately and that has her biting her lip.

“Me too, but let’s say I were to squeeze you hard enough to actually hurt. You wouldn’t like it then, right?”

“No… I wouldn’t…”

“I’m not actually going to do that,” Yelan eases the tension at seeing the way Shenhe observes her carefully for a second. “It’s just an example on the matter of communicating with your partner during those heated moments.”

“But wouldn’t I voice my pain otherwise?”


“Ah- um, right.”

She stutters, like Shenhe really does at seeing Yelan frown and the slight edge to her tone, remembering that she was the one to tell her to speak first. She sends her a stiff nod while the other woman sighs a chuckle at her awkward behavior.

“Please, continue.”

“The point is having your verbal consent. You’ve never had sex with anyone or even a woman, so this is all new and overwhelming. Plus, no one wants to be on Ningguang’s bad side and never see the light of day ever again.”

“When you put it that way…” Shenhe laughs softly at Yelan’s explanation, not looking away from her captivating yet playful emerald gaze. “Now I understand what you mean.”

“Good,” Her food is long forgotten as all Yelan can stare at is the beautiful woman in front of her.

“You’re also very attractive to me, Shenhe, I’d also hate for there to be bad blood between us.”

She hums at that and for some reason, by instinct, her hand finds the subtle dip of Yelan’s waist just like it had a few nights ago.

“The same can be said to you, I…” Shenhe chews her bottom lip before releasing what sounds to be a stressful sigh. “I am not the most ideal partner, both sexually and romantically, but I’ve heard you can still partake in such activities without the need to dwell on feelings.”

Yes, yes. That’s exactly what Yelan was trying to get at as well and she couldn’t have been happier to see that they’re both on the same page, humming in agreement.

“We can, the term is called friends with benefits.”

“I see…” Her brows knit together and what Shenhe says next catches her off guard.

“Does this happen often because of… loneliness?”

The question is painful and random because they both know the answer to that. Yelan, who’s an intelligence agent used to working on her lonesome, never relying on the two-faced partners she’s had in the past, smiling through all the hatred and betrayal every single person has thrown her way. Shenhe, who’d been verbally abused and sacrificed by her own father, bearing the heavy burden that is the curse of calamity and having no one else left in her life but herself. They’re both horribly lonely, to the point that it’s physically painful as they both silently stared deep into each other’s eyes. Anger, yearning, frustration, it’s all there in the depths of their woeful gaze. Yelan is the first to break, releasing a strained laugh, one that hides the truth of her feelings, but Shenhe can see the edges threatening to crumble.

“Seems like you’re getting the hang of this,” She murmurs while lazily caressing her strong bicep at trying to distract herself. “Didn’t I tell you everybody needed an excuse? The craving for another warm body next to you?”

“Yes.” And Shenhe knows exactly what Yelan means because she feels that every time, she sees Ningguang and Beidou together, or Ganyu and Keqing, or-

“I, myself, often get…” Her gaze flickers to the side for a moment before returning to her. “Lonely. I suppose that’s what happen when your own family betrays you and you’re stuck in the mountains for the rest of your life.”

Yelan laughs softly at the attempted joke, feeling the atmosphere around them lighten. “Yes, I think that’s to be expected with the way you’ve been looking at me.”

“What about you?” Shenhe blurts out, tapping the skin that’s exposed on her lower back. “What’s your excuse?”

“Hmm… I guess you can say a girl can only satisfy herself with her own two hands for so long before she ends up wanting a little more.”

Satisfy? Her own two hands? Shenhe wracks her brain at Yelan’s vague answer and trying to think what she means by that. Her memory goes back to her books (yes, those kinds of books) and remembers how the characters would feel a burning passion, some ache they needed to get rid of and- oh. Shenhe thinks she knows what she means now.

“I… understand…” She says slowly as the puzzle pieces fall into place, catching Yelan biting her lip so enticingly and leaning further into her touch.

“So it seems our ideas are mutually aligned… my bed has been rather cold these days.”

Something she has learned from Yelan is that, like Ningguang, they both have an elusive way of speaking. They’re like riddles as Shenhe has described it in the past, and she spends time with them and the rest of her friends, the more she’s starting to get the hang of it. And of course, how can she forget on the few occasions her and Beidou have hanged out that she taught Shenhe how to successfully flirt with women.

“Play with her. Let her know you want it too but be subtle. Charming.”

She smoothly slides her palm along Yelan’s back, feeling the shiver that tickles her fingertips, until she presses them between her shoulder blades. It causes her eyes to widen some in excitement from the bold move as their chests brush together, their poor forgotten skewers dropping onto the bridge with a muted thud and all Shenhe can focus on is the alluring woman in front of her. She leans down a little more, their lips only inches apart and the grip on her arm turning deadly as Yelan waits in anticipation, watching her.

“Then…” Shenhe murmurs lowly, her voice taking on a raspier tone before tilting her head.

“Shall I warm it for you?”


The walk had been treacherous, a palpable tension that seemed to be suffocating them both alive. It had all been a blur because one minute Shenhe is standing in front of Yelan on the bridge they’d been lingering on for the past hour or so and the next, she’s harshly pulled down by those gloved hands and brought into a bruising kiss after they both kicked off their heels. The groan that slips out of her is embarrassingly guttural with the lowest hint of a growl as Shenhe desperately returns it, a mess of tongue and teeth bumping into each other. She rests an arm above Yelan’s head and against the door while the other finds its usual place around her slim waist, fingers dipping into the small cut on the side of her outfit and teasing the skin there with her fingertips. A much softer, sweeter moan rivals her own, hands twisting and fisting her outfit even more as teeth easily sinks into her bottom lip.

A deliciously harsh shiver runs down Shenhe’s spine at the addicting feeling and honestly, she can’t enough of Yelan despite this being their second meeting. She wants this- craves it terribly so as her body eagerly reacts to every little new and foreign sensation. Those lithe fingers thread through the hair at the bottom of her neck before grabbing a handful and consequently scratching scalp with her nails. Archons above- her brows knit together tightly and Shenhe swears she could faint from the overwhelming taste of pleasure she gets as Yelan continues to dominate every aspect of her. It isn’t until there’s tug at where the red ropes wrap around her shoulder and under arm that she pulls away with a low groan.

“Yelan… be careful with the ropes…” Shenhe warns as best as she can with a rare quiver in her tone, gently grabbing her wrist and giving it a light squeeze.

“I’ll be mindful of them,” The said woman is quick to reassure, just as breathless, and that eases some of the anxiety that had suddenly spiked in her body before she’s looking past her. “Let’s take this somewhere comfortable.”

That’s where Shenhe finds herself sitting on the bed with Yelan on her lap once again. She’s gorgeous like this, the moonlight perfectly illuminating a side of her face and showing how pink her cheeks are, chest rising and falling in quick succession from their impromptu make out session. There’s just something about… her, who’s so evilly hypnotizing and dangerously bringing Shenhe to a new height she’s never experienced before and forgetting for a moment what her past has turned her into now. She swallows thickly when Yelan lifts her arms and reaches the back of her neck, maintain her gaze on Shenhe as she works on taking off her jacket.

“Shall I tell you a little secret of mine, darling?”

“What is it?” Her voice sounds so rough for some reason while dizzily watching the woman on her lap.

“My work led me to a specific part of Jueyun Karst today.”

Her jacket finally drops to the floor and revealing more of Yelan’s smooth, soft skin that she quickly rakes her eyes over before returning to her face.

“And I just so happen to see a particular… divine damsel in action.”

Her body goes still in that moment, mind going back to when she was out there training and then taking care of some of the demonic activity in the area and-

“That…” She stares up to the smirking Yelan who lays a palm against her chest while Shenhe is entirely dumbfounded. “You… those footsteps I heard… that was you.”

“It very much was.”

There’s a small pressure at her sternum and Shenhe falls back onto her elbows, still gazing at her rather dumbly and making her giggle. She was watching her- for how long? And how come she hadn’t notice in time? A flurry of emotions stirred within her, and she isn’t exactly sure how to feel about the revelation, but one stood out the most to her.


“You look ravishing all covered in blood and baring your fangs like that,” She takes her chin between her finger and thumb, finally snapping Shenhe out of her daze.

“So dangerous, so strong.”

“Stalking me…” She mutters under her breath while staring back at Yelan unblinkingly, her iridescent gaze a beautiful mix of caution and fascination. “I should consider you a threat by what you just said…”

“But you didn’t, and that was your first mistake.”

“I could kill you.”

Her hands twitch at either side while her uncovered thumb smooths over her still slightly swollen bottom lip. She sees the mischievous glint in Yelan’s eyes who continues to play with her by sticking out her tongue some before leaning in. She drags it along the bruised flesh and that makes Shenhe twitch, the heat that had been idly building up now practically eating her alive with how warm her skin feels. It’s a subconscious move when she sticks out her own, meeting Yelan’s halfway and pulling a soft moan out of her that only spurs her on. Both of their eyes have nearly fallen shut, watching one another and for some it makes this even more erotically sensual as that emerald gaze easily pins her in place. Shenhe presses her tongue in a little harder, slips deeper into Yelan’s hot mouth as a much louder mewl fills the air before she leans away some. They’re both panting heavily, staring back at one another, until the silence is broken once more.

“Oh, my sweet Shenhe,” Her other hands rests against the side of her neck as Yelan lets a breathless laugh slip out before biting her lip.

“Didn’t you know that I like a little bit of pain?”

Her brain short circuits. She doesn’t even know what to say or how to even react to what Yelan just said. Shenhe ends up making some noise in the back of her throat, the pupils of her intensifying gaze turning into slits as this hunger seems to only get worse.

“You’re so…” Her mouth feels heavy, like molten lead, trying and failing to find the right words. “You… continue to surprise me.”

“Oh, I can show you so much more, darling.”

“I wouldn’t stop you.”

Shenhe murmurs huskily, whispering the confession between them like it was a secret and that at any moment someone could overhear their conversation. That earns her a low hum before she’s slowly leaning back onto her lap and pulling Shenhe up with her. Yelan smirks at her as she reaches for the collar of her outfit once more, soaking up the delicious sight of lipstick stains painting the corners of her lips and a few strands out of place from how disheveled her hair has become, and all of it sends another painful ache to her center.

“Why don’t I satisfy that curiosity of yours?”

Her collar comes undone and slowly, very teasingly, Yelan uncovers more of her body and letting her heavy breasts spill into the cool night air. Shenhe hadn’t even realized she’d been holding her breath until she exhaled shakily at the beautifully erotic view right in front of her. She’d seen a few illustrations and paintings of naked women in those same books she’s been reading, and Shenhe never really understood the appeal or the need to worship, but now. Now, she completely understands, while openly gaping at Yelan’s breasts and the way they look so soft to the touch, noticing the mole that adorns one of them with some others crisscrossing along the front of her slightly toned stomach. Her throat bobs from how hard she swallows and Shenhe brings her gaze back to Yelan who was watching her the entire time with a smug, little smile.

“Want to touch?” The question is terribly rhetorical, because she grabs one of her hands and has it hovering close to her chest. “I know you do. I can see it on your face.”

“I feel as if I’m no better than a man.”

That makes her laugh and Shenhe’s eyes can’t help but follow the subtle movement of her boobs bouncing a little before quickly looking away.

“You’re different from a man, Shenhe, because unlike them…” She finally, carefully, places her much larger palm against her heated skin with a bite of her lip. “I want you to touch me.”


She sounds so small and breathless, inhaling sharply when she gently cups the supple weight of her breast, afraid to hurt her while also wanting nothing more than to touch them further. They’re a bit larger and heavier than her own based on her observations as Shenhe gives it gentle squeeze before accidentally brushing her thumb over her nipple. She stops for a second, going completely still at the way Yelan inhales sharply, unsure of whether she did something wrong or right. Except, she tightens her grip of her wrist with a sensual arch of her back and lustfully staring down at Shenhe and- more, she wants more.

She sits up some and causing Yelan to rest more of her weight on her lap and looming over her curvy frame like before as her unoccupied hand slowly smoothing over the long expanse of her leg, lightly scratching her nails along any piece of skin that’s exposed which has Yelan shuddering. Shenhe licks her lip at the reaction, feeling something spark within her and she desperately reaches for it in the same way she rests her palm against the flat surface of her tummy. She’s starting to see why humans are so set on intimacy and the desire to touch someone because right now, in this very moment, all Shenhe can think about is the soft sighs of pleasure ringing in her ears and the look of pure hunger on Yelan’s face that only serves to encourage her. For some reason, she also finds herself out of breath, lips parted with every shaky exhale that leaves her lungs, especially when she threads those fingers through her hair and slowly pulling her closer.

“You can suck on them too…” Yelan says lowly and Shenhe has seen it out in the wild, when baby animals are drinking milk from their mothers’ teats, so this should be no different…


A shaky sigh escapes her while and sending Yelan a brief nod before she’s guided to the pert, pink nipple that’s begging for attention, and finally, she gives it to her. Shenhe wraps her lips around it, tongue coming to rest under the nub with her eyes nearly falling shut and hearing the throaty groan that Yelan releases. She can feel the vibrations tickling her skin as the hand in her hair holds her a little tighter, pressing her just a tad harder, and Shenhe complies by giving her nipple an experimental suck. She hears the hitch in her throat as Yelan to openly grinds on her thigh and effectively keeping her in place while chasing for her own pleasure, burning for Shenhe to simply ravage her and start using those sharp teeth on her skin, mark her up beautifully and turn her into a panting mess. None of the happens of course and has her whining in the back of her throat when a fang grazes over her nipple and she’s so close to achieving that fantasy.

But Shenhe must have read her mind, because Yelan is biting her lip painfully hard to stop an embarrassingly loud moan from slipping out when she tilts her head to lazily trace the now puffy nub. She swears that she’s making an absolute messof her underwear right now, squeezing her legs on either side of Shenhe’s lap to try and relieve some of that pleasurable ache. It only gets worse when she feels a thumb dig into her stomach, pressing right into her lower abdomen and against that sensitive little area there, and the numbing shiver that hits her practically has Yelan breathless. Her brows scrunch together before she’s throwing her head back some, openly moaning from the overwhelming sensation before biting down on her lip. She gasps and looks down again as Shenhe doesn’t stop sucking on her nipple with Yelan tugging her close and letting her do whatever she wants at this point.

She suddenly stops, leaning away some and she can catch the faint shine of saliva that coats her awfully puffy and red, and it’s such a lewd sight. Yelan isn’t given a second to catch her breath as Shenhe focuses her piercing gaze on her rather dazed one.

“Shall I mark you?” She asks her raspily, eagerly, and it almost makes her moan again. “Tell me how to.”

“Y-Yeah? You want that?”

The fact that Shenhe is really into this as much as she is has Yelan buzzing nervously with barely contained excitement.

“I do think it’s about time you put those pretty fangs of yours to work.”

Yes yes yes- do it. The voice in the back of Shenhe’s head eagerly agrees at the idea of sinking her teeth into her perfect skin and leaving constellation of bruises behind, and the mental image has her mouth feeling dry.

“I have reasons to believe you have a strong fixation on my teeth.” Shenhe mumbles absentmindedly while Yelan tilts her head with an airy giggle before staring down at her.

“I do, they look rather tempting.”

“I’d lean more towards dangerous.”

“And that gives me the most delectable thrill.”

Yelan licks her lips before leaning in and teasingly hovering over hers, and Shenhe can hear how ragged her breathing has become.

“Here, why don’t we switch positions, hmm? Just suck on my skin and bite me however you please, and I’ll guide you some more while you’re doing it…”

There’s an excerpt in one of the many books she’s read that falls on the more mature and explicit side of literature. It had been gifted to her by an infamous pirate captain, remembering how both the title on the cover and the wolfish grin thrown her way had left her utterly confused. She doesn’t know what prompted to give her the book, but Shenhe had accepted it anyways and read it later that day, and it was on that same night she had discovered the basics of what sex is. She honestly, truthfully, didn’t understand the appeal since Shenhe herself has never felt the kind of lust that was described in those stories. She didn’t feel the same hungry desires to push someone up against and wall and kiss them right there in that very moment or bend them over the nearest surface and pull delightful moans until they were a quivering mess.

Not until now.

Shenhe is soon sitting on her knees and between Yelan’s legs who lays underneath her, the sight nearly making her mouth water and oh, how she understands and- she gets it, she sees why the main characters always shamelessly stared at their companion and the need to stay so close to them because that’s exactly what she’s feeling right now. It’s so… strange to have these kinds of emotions, still very much muted like her emotions are stuck drowning underwater, but Shenhe senses how her body reacts to the view in front of her and how each touch has left her skin burning. Again, her body is processing all of this, and she’s nearly overwhelmed from how confusingly good this all feels, wanting to experience more and just so terribly curious. Horribly.

A few fingers slip underneath the red ropes around her shoulders again before tugging her a little closer and the action has Shenhe stuttering on a heavy exhale. Her white hair spills around them like a curtain, free from her braid and obscuring a part of her face along with another warning ready on the tip of her tongue, but it’s snatched away by that dangerous smirk. Yelan, archons, she’s stunning with her wild, dark tresses splayed out on her pristine pillow and pretty, stiff nipples begging for her mouth once more before her eyes travel higher and higher. She takes the time to engrave the image of flush of pink that spreads from between her breasts to the column of her neck, the lipstick that’s been smudged caused by their lustfully heated make out session and most of all, those alluring emerald eyes that’d been watching her the whole time. Shenhe attempts smoothly look away but judging by the quiet laugh that reaches her ears, she wasn’t very successful with her subtlety.

Due to this new position, Yelan easily squeezes her thighs on either side of Shenhe’s body before giving her an encouraging tug, whispering a soft “go ahead,” and that’s all she needs to hear and picking up where they left off. Her words are still ringing in her head as Shenhe lifts one of her hands, cups the other boob she’s paid no attention to and groping it in the same manner as earlier. Swollen lips latches onto her straining nipple and this time around, she feels a bit more confident with her moves from the way her shoulders relax while pressing Yelan into the bed a little harder. She’s instantly arching her back of the bed, into her hot mouth while tightening her grip around the ropes and the way it makes her feel is both worrying, guiltily exhilarating, yet Shenhe doesn’t have it in her to care. Especially at the whimpering moan and the mind-numbing shiver that runs straight down her body when she accidentally (purposefully) grazes her teeth against the sensitive area.

“Yes, just like that, Shenhe…” Yelan begs so sensually with a trembling sigh and pushing her a little harder. “Bite me… I want it.”

But she fights against the hand and voice that’s tempting her by hovering there and gazing up at her.

“I might draw some blood you know.”

She whines, loudly and pathetically, the blush on her face spreading to the tips of her ears along with a bashful expression. Yelan hates being needy and usually never does so but considering how turned on she is and how she desperately she needs Shenhe to do something more, something else- and the image she just provided herself has her throbbing even harder.

“Then do it.”

Despite how shaky her voice sounds, her tone still carries an air of dominance that makes her skin feel incredibly hot. She yanks at her ropes this time and it gets a much stronger response out of Shenhe, a growl, and Yelan giggles a breathless moan even with that deadly stare focused on her.

“Make a mess out of me…” She chases after those soft, swollen lips and groans when the kiss she receives is harsher than before, whispering one last tease as she holds her gaze.

“Use me for your own pleasure, Shenhe.”

The way Yelan phrases that statement so innocently yet annoyingly seductive at the same time does something to her. She swears she can feel herself still growling as Shenhe swiftly leans back down to the puffy bud under her lips, pressing her hips flush against the back of her thighs and ass before letting instinct take over once more. That gets her a delightful squeak, a much more agonizing pulse warming her cunt and making her twitch from the addicting sensation. It seems Yelan is enjoying herself as more of her quivering moans that fills the air, and shamelessly growing in volume when Shenhe settles a bit of her weight onto her and consequently against a very sensitive area. Yelan gasps, the sound catching in her throat, eyes widening some and her hips buck forward trying to get the slightest bit of friction on her stiff, aching clit.

She’s embarrassed by the whine that escapes her and at noticing Shenhe’s ever so observant gaze watching her helplessly squirm and twitch beneath her. “So responsive…,” is what she murmurs lowly and, archons, it sends another heat of painful desire down between her legs as she grinds against her stomach again, biting her lip when she gets just the right angle at the same time and- and fuck she just had to take that exact moment to finally sink her teeth into her breast. In an instant, Yelan is keening into her touch with a trembling sigh as she glances down and greeted with the arousing sight of Shenhe messily sucking at the steadily forming bruising skin, brows knitted together in utter concentration be catching sight of the other palm massaging over her tummy once more. She clenches around nothing from both the weight and the view down below as her own hands slowly glide down her shoulder, near the back of her neck and causing dark sunset eyes to snap back onto her.

“Your tongue as well, like- no, no, drag it-” and Shenhe tries listening to Yelan’s instructions the best way possible.

While holding her gaze, she traces the outline of the tender nub with the tip of her tongue at first, and it gets her a good enough reaction but that’s not what Yelan is looking for. There’s a weak tug to her hair and Shenhe moves a little higher, near the mole that perfectly dots her skin, and she has half a mind to lie her tongue right next to it at seeing Yelan bite her lip. She doesn’t stop there, especially at the guttural groan that forms in the back of her throat, and slowly drags it upwards almost torturously like she had told her. She murmurs something encouragingly, but Shenhe doesn’t pay much attention to her slurred words and focuses on making her release the most delicious of noises as loud as possible. Her other hand that’s been sitting persistently kneading at flat stomach slips underneath Yelan’s body and snaking around her waist before Shenhe leans in a little harder until there’s barely any space between them.

She feels hot all over, from the tongue that continues to coat her skin with saliva and causing it to shine some under the moonlight to the ever-growing pressure of Shenhe’s weight against her pussy. Yelan can’t help but let her nails rake against the surface of her scalp, getting an equally low moan that pleasantly tickles her flushed skin and has her arching into her touch. Oh, how she longed for something like this to happen, having spent every single night endlessly sating her own urges and only leaving her wanting more. Yelan jerks at the sudden sensation of teeth nipping at her boob and she whines desperately, squirming underneath Shenhe who easily keeps her still with a strong arm as iridescent eyes stares up at her through the dizzying haze. In that moment, she sees the silent question in her gaze and how she hesitantly hovers over her body, waiting for her consent and the fact that she is waiting has Yelan blushing impossibly more as she swallows around her dry throat before sending her a shaky nod.

“Don’t slow down now… mark me.”

Something dangerous shoots through her spine, has her drooling as a pool of saliva escapes her mouth and messily trailing down her tongue, feeling her canines lengthen before they catch onto her flushed skin. She sinks her fangs in hard enough to nearly draw some blood, the tips of her fingers digging into the exposed area of her back under her palm and Yelan… she practically melts in her hands. A throaty, high pitched moan slips past her lips while keeping a death grip on loose, disheveled white hair and not letting her pull away, no, she pushes Shenhe harder into her chest and stiffening in her grasp from the overwhelming sensations that hits Yelan. Her eyes roll back with unshed tears at feeling those sharp teeth biting down on the tender area there, but fuck- the pleasure mixes so perfectly with the pain that it makes this all the more worth it. Both of her thighs twitch helplessly on either side of Shenhe’s body before crossing over at the ankle and effectively trapping her, giving her no room to pull away matter how much noise Yelan makes.

Her hips also find themselves moving on their own, continuously griding against toned abs at the overwhelming ache that borders close to agony. It’s pathetic how she can feel herself building up from the smallest bit of friction on her throbbing clit, swelling up in her underwear and rubbing insistently along the wet fabric. Yelan is also pretty sure she’s soaked through her tights, barely biting back a whimper as her brows knit together so tightly at feeling Shenhe soothing the reddening hickey with her tongue. Her whole body is impossibly sensitive with how badly she keeps twitching, mouth falling open and letting a sensual moan slip out of her while that hot tongue doesn’t stop tracing the indents left behind. Thankfully, Yelan doesn’t have to say anything else, because Shenhe goes ahead and bites her again, this time on her other breast and she swears she’ll come any second now.

Shenhe herself keeps going, sating both her curiosity and urges for her own pleasure just like Yelan has asked, demanded, her. That painful ache has returned between her legs, causing her to squirm the slightest bit and digging her fingers harder into Yelan’s back. She also can feel every drag of those full hips against her stomach, and she realizes that she must be hurting in the same way she is, so, Shenhe grinds back. She worries for a moment if in any way she’s overstimulating the poor, writhing woman as she sucks another hickey on her skin but given with how much more vocal Yelan becomes the thought instantly vanishes. Eventually, Shenhe ends up with her face pressed against the side of Yelan’s neck as they both turn into needy, panting messes, just two bodies seeking the warmth and touch of the another as the air grows hotter- practically saturated with their wanton lust. Her mind is screaming at her to mark her there as well as she exhales heavily at feeling how sensitive teeth are.

She surprises them both by bringing the hand that’s trapped under Yelan along her waist where she squeezes it briefly, earning a breathy gasp from her, before taking her other nipple between her thumb and index finger. Now that she knows one of her weaknesses, Shenhe exploits it, tweaking and pinching the puffy nub that causes a pair of arms to tightly wrap around her nape, pulling her in closer. Her lips brush along her neck and she doesn’t hesitate to clumsily drag her tongue to the edge of her jaw which has Yelan huskily moaning right next to her ear. The word masochist bounces around in her head at hearing how out of breath she is and the way she’s continuously trembling underneath Shenhe. She’s heard about pain becoming some kind of pleasurable experience for humans, but never would she have guessed to see it in person, groaning when Yelan once again holds onto the red ropes on her shoulder. Those urges are slamming into her harder than ever before and she wonders for a second if the ropes are even working with how tightly wound up she feels.

Shenhe doesn’t care, all she’s focused on is making a mess of the hickey free skin under her lips as she sinks her teeth in once more. A growl tickles the back of her throat, her body going stiff at sensing the ropes move ever so slightly when Yelan tugs on them a bit too harshly and she’s scared about her homicidal tendencies taking over or the terror she’d unleash if they so much as come off her and-

The taste of copper smooths over her tongue and fills her mouth, rich in life and nutrients that seemingly spill endlessly. Her eyes tightly screw shut from the whirlwind of sensations, Yelan helplessly clinging onto her body as her moans get louder and louder, the rush of adrenaline that seeps into her veins as the voices in her head happily purr at her. It’s a lot to process, something Shenhe hadn’t been expecting, swiping her tongue at feeling the small bead of crimson threatening to trail down her neck and make an even bigger mess. Her hips also don’t stop moving along with the hand that’s still groping and kneading Yelan’s abundant chest until she commands her to stop.

And, well, how can she? Yelan is biting her lip hard from the pure ecstasy that courses down her spine and straight to her pulsing cunt, eyes rolling back some and letting every little gasp and whine slip past her lips. That familiar heat in the pit of her tummy feels even hotter than before, the coil tightening impossibly more and bringing her that much closer to the edge. She tilts her head into the pillow with a weak groan and exposing more of her neck to Shenhe as she completely devours her. Yelan blearily stares at the ceiling for a moment, both her body and mind screaming for a break- for a moment to compose herself when the pain slowly turns into agony. She can’t stop shaking no matter how hard she tried, legs clamping down on Shenhe’s lower back and consequently pushing her further into her neck. The skin around those deadly teeth is on fire, like at any moment she’s about to tear through her muscles as well, and she whimpers from how much it deliciously hurts. And turns her on.

“F-Fuck me…” Yelan slurs out, her voice shot raw and sounding seductively raspy. “Oh, fuck… that’s… Shenhe.”

At hearing her name, the other woman finally eases off her some and slowly lifts herself up until their gazes meet. Her lips stained red from her own blood, the slits of her pupils dizzily staring into hers and white hair cascading down her shoulder so perfectly and the sight sends another hot wave to her stomach. Shenhe brings one of her hands to her face and wipes the edge of her mouth free of any left-over blood as she exhales heavily, the pressing down into naked chest and oh. Her skin is a constellation of colors, a bite mark here and there followed by the hickies she’s left behind, her nipples still embarrassingly calling for her attention.

“Yelan…” Shenhe murmurs lowly, her throat bobbing from how hard she swallows before bringing her attention back to her face. “Are you okay?”

She’s so endearingly sweet and considerate that it makes Yelan laugh softly as she nods at her, the action causing her vision to swim some. Still, the throb between her thighs hasn’t stopped for one second and she subconsciously tries to grind on her again.

“Yeah… yeah, just- just felt really good for me.”

“Looks like it did,” Comes her short response before Shenhe is leaning down a bit once more while raking her eyes over her body. “Although… you’re trembling a lot.”

“That’s how good you make me feel, baby.”

Yelan sees how her eyes widen some from the pet name, and it only serves to make her laugh a little harder. Although, doing so causes her to wince slightly which Shenhe doesn’t miss with her ever observant gaze.

“Yelan.” She says her name again, a bit more firmly, and it sounds like the same warning she gave when her ropes were being pulled.

“Maybe I do feel somewhat lightheaded.” She finally admits and uncrossing her legs from Shenhe’s back.

“I just asked you if you were okay…”

She sighs before gently holding Yelan’s jaw and tilting her head to one side as she inspects the bite mark on her neck. Okay, at hearing that disappointment, she can’t help and feel guilty at trying to brush off her pain and acting like her head is ready to fall off her shoulders. Perhaps she did go a bit too far with her selfish kink (but really, can you blame her for being a masochist?) letting Shenhe analyze the steadily bruising wound that’s a mixture of red, purple and some green around the edges. The frown that paints her pretty lips makes her feel even worse and Yelan tries to quickly remedy the gloomy atmosphere.

“It’s fine, really,” She whispers softly while leaning into her touch and that slightly gets rid of the crease between her brows. “I can just heal myself and I’ll be good as new.”

“If you say so.”

She can sense that Shenhe is still apprehensive of her, and it has Yelan rolling her eyes for a moment with a smile before reaching up to tug at her sleeve.

“Lay down with me.”

“Wouldn’t it be wise to heal yourself now?”

“Weren’t you the one that wanted to mark me earlier?”

Shenhe scoffs but settles besides Yelan anyways, resting her chin on the back of her hand as she keeps herself propped up on her elbow. She looks down at the other woman with a raised brow, the corners of her mouth quirking up.

“That’s hardly fair.”

“Hmm, but you were very persistent,” Yelan faces her body towards her while humming quietly. “How could I say no when were asking me so sweetly?”

Shenhe remains silent, her eyes once more landing on her neck, not missing the new emotion that flickers through her usual passive expression.

“I could have accidentally hurt you.”

Because at the end of the day, Shenhe will always remain the same, times where the powers of these red ropes will falter where her violent urges would slip through the cracks and loopholes. What would have happened if she tugged on the ropes a little too hard? What if she teared through more than just the surface of her skin? Her mind goes wild with these questions as she wordlessly observes Yelan, seeing the hint of concern and guilt ever so present in her patient gaze. The concept of trust has always been something she’s struggled with, and thankfully it’s been easier with her new friends by her side, every conversation she’s had opening a new door on how to process these weird human emotions she’s so used to repressing.

The same can also be said for Yelan. She’s used to using her body for missions and getting information out of her targets, but it’s not every day that she willingly does so for someone. She wants to blame it on her body’s natural response to craving the touch of another, yet deep down, she knows it’s only a farce she’s keeping up. She likes the way Shenhe is staring at her with genuine concern and care that no one has ever given to her before, a kind of appreciation that’s so rare to come by these days. It makes her feel a little self-conscious, and perhaps a fool, as Yelan second guess herself for a moment at remembering the last time she’s established this same exact arrangement and… look how that turned out. She really really looks at Shenhe, into the depths of her soul and sees that she holds nothing but the truth in her iridescent gaze, how she’s openly letting her take the lead while also taking away some of that control by pleasing her.

The silence persists a moment longer as they’re both suddenly staring back at one another. Shenhe slowly exhales through her nose not moving a single muscle while Yelan who swallows down the ball of insecurity threatening to eat her alive and they’re both vulnerable, one with their body and the other with their feelings.

“Would you have stopped me then?” Shenhe asks carefully, quietly, afraid to speak higher than a whisper.

“Of course,” Yelan says smoothly as her face softens before scooting a little closer and laying her palm against her chest. “I got ahead of myself tonight, and for that, I’m sorry.”

“It wasn’t all bad,” Shenhe mumbles as she glances off to the side and then back to her. “I quite enjoyed it on my end. The last bite had simply worried me for a moment.”

“You’re telling me.”

Yelan smiles after that, the familiar smirk easing some of Shenhe’s nerves before she’s taking her chin between her fingers and pulling her in for a kiss. It’s slow and lazy, a kind of lip lock that would be considered too intimate with the kind of relationship they’ve established, but neither woman seem to care. A hot tongue slips into her mouth and Shenhe hums from the pleasant shiver that runs down her spine, pushing her own against it clumsily as Yelan groans a whine which she easily swallows up.  It lasts a bit longer, a few more breathy sighs and soft moans slipping every now and then before they finally break apart where Shenhe finds her voice once again.

“You were really good though…”

Shenhe whispers quietly, quiet enough that she almost misses it, and letting a small smile spread on her usually passive face.

“You think so?” Of course, she knows it, but Yelan has always been weak to praise as Shenhe gives her a firm nod.

“Why would I lie?” She counters back while lifting a hand that almost lands on the dip of her waist, yet she stops herself at the last second. “I am many things, but a liar, I am not.”


Yelan closes the distance by loosely wrapping her fingers around a slim wrist, confidently moving it back to its place where Shenhe instantly squeezes and kneads her side. She bites her lip at how good it feels, and she’s reminded by her delayed orgasm earlier along with the last bits of pleasure leaving her body sensitive. She also realizes that her chest is still very much uncovered at feeling her nipples harden some when they brush against the sheets and the front of Shenhe’s outfit.

“I might just pick up where we left off.”

“I would agree, however…” Yelan catches the way she roughly swallows down with a dry mouth, taking note of how it’s a nervous habit of Shenhe’s. “I don’t think I can handle that painful ache again.”

“The one you told me about last time?”

“Yes, I…”

She chews on her bottom lip, brows furrowing together in concentration as something close to panic flashes through her eyes and this all feels like déjà vu.

“I’m sorry, Yelan, but I cannot take off my ropes. I’m afraid I will be unable to bare myself as openly as you.”

Now that she thinks about it, Yelan has been the one of the receiving end of the stick and although she’s not coming her brains out, she’s getting way more stimulated than Shenhe. She hums to herself while thinking of a solution, ever the quick witted one, as she takes another second to scan over her much longer body. It seems that the ropes pose both an obstacle and a remedy for Shenhe, good for restraining her homicidal tendencies but when it comes to sex… what will they do then? Yelan notes how the red material twists and turns around her body like a coiling snake and how it’s also attached to her clothing.

But her face lights up with a deadly idea.

“Say, Shenhe…”

Yelan smiles devilishly, pulling her in a little closer until her lips are hovering over hers and sees those sunset eyes widen the slightest bit from the action and the familiar, dangerous glint in that mysterious emerald gaze.

“Do you know what bondage is?”


Chapter Text

To most of the people of Liyue, little is known about The Chasm.

Merchants would tell you that it’s the hotspot of bountiful minerals that bring home an overfilling bag of mora to the table while families would cower in fear and immediately warn anyone who even utters a word of that abominable place that it’s best to stay aware from there. The adventurers of the Adventurer’s Guild would suck their teeth and roll their eyes about another excursion they’d have to add to their already growing list, or the fact it’s been closed off for ages and there’s really no point to travel there. Regardless, everyone has their own views and opinions on The Chasm and unlike most, Yelan doesn’t see it the same way as they do.

The Chasm has always been a dangerously mysterious part of Teyvat, the most trivial of all investigations and probably one of her longest assignments to date. It has nothing to do with the people of Liyue Harbor or the Qixing, partially at least, but more so with her own personal agenda. Relationships with the Fatui have always been a bit rocky and Yelan can definitely confirm this given her history with them, an example of that being the Yangshang Teahouse and dealing with Childe’s crew of the disjointed organization. She’s overpowered a good portion of their bases and with the Qixing’s power, they’ve also been able to neutralize most of the actively hostile members now that they are seen as Liyue’s enemy and with how vulnerable they are it can only mean one thing… weakness that turns into desperation.

“Does the sun bleed through the clouds and over the harbor today?”

Yelan rereads the messily written phrase on the piece of paper she’d shown Ningguang yesterday. Thanks to the help of her trusted assistances, she’s been able to decipher that it’s some type of code between the treasure hoarders and Fatui, like the one used for the Jade Chamber. As for what the phrase means, well, that’s what Yelan has been trying to crack for the past day or so after conducting a very thorough ‘interview’ in the basement of the teahouse. There’s always bound to be a snitch in every group, and it just happen that one of the treasure hoarders she encountered willingly told her everything… which was only this piece of paper. She sucks her teeth lightly before quickly tucking the note away and turning towards the door to finally start her day.

Shenhe had left deep into the night when Yelan was on the verge of falling asleep. The exorcist did say she would be around the area to do some light shopping when they were quietly chatting in bed. She’s noted that most times Shenhe doesn’t speak on her own accord unless spoken to or asked some sort of question, just something Yelan found interesting. Usually people are so ready to chew her ear off at any given opportunity, especially when she’s threatening them, but here Shenhe is the one doing most of listening and letting her do the rest of the talking. It feels nice to be heard, to see the way Shenhe quietly nods to every word and maintaining a steady, attentive gaze and giving all of her attention. Yelan is so used to making things work her way that she doesn’t even remember the last time she spoke so naturally with someone asides from Ningguang. Just as turns back around after closing the door behind her, she spots a familiar head of white hair sitting at one of the tables on the second floor of the Yangshang Teahouse and there’s Shenhe…

Petting some cat.

Yelan can’t help but chuckle softly at the sight with a shake of her head at seeing this tall, statue of a woman melt to some cute animals. Perhaps she has a weakness for these cuddly creatures, another thing to write down in her book of notes. Shenhe is sat there with a gray striped feline laying on her lap, lazily scratching its belly and she can image how loud the purring must be. There’s also another cat dozing off on the floor next to her and bathing under the pleasant rays of sunlight warming its fur, cup of tea completely forgotten on the table at this point. All in all, it’s a rare view, something you wouldn’t expect from the stoic disciple yet here she is doing just that.

“You should probably take one of these little guys home.”

Yelan says softly but still loud enough to be heard, not missing the way Shenhe’s back straightens some from her voice before looking over her shoulder.

“Home…” She mumbles the word quietly, turning her attention to the cat happily nuzzling against her arm from the belly rubs. “The only ‘home’ I have is the wilderness of the mountains which the beasts and birds reside in. I am simply another addition to their environment.”

Yelan shakes her head with a smile before moving and taking the vacant seat next to her. “I’m sensing that’s your long version of saying no.”

“Even if I wanted to, I can’t,” Shenhe moves her hand up higher and takes in the delighted expression of the feline. “My Master would immediately turn me away before I could even say a word to her.”

“She sounds a bit strict.”

“That’s putting it lightly,” Shenhe snorts at that and spares her a short glance. “I had to abstain from all kinds of things while training under the adepti, and mortal food was one of them.”

“No grilled tiger fish?”

“No grilled tiger fish.”

“Oh, wow…” Yelan raises a brow in disbelief before laughing incredulously at what she just heard while Shenhe only hums. “I’m sorry, darling, but if you told me I’d have to cut jueyen chili from my diet for the rest of my life… well, I’d think you’re crazy.”

“Chew medicinal herbs long enough and you get used to the taste… kind of.” She makes a face at the last part, nose scrunching up slightly in what Yelan assumes is disgust.

“I can see how it’d be impossible to smuggle a cat.”

“Yes, although…”

She looks down at the small animal sleeping without a care in the world and happily purring away on her lap. Yelan can’t see it due to her hair being in the way, but Shenhe lets a small, genuine smile paint her lips and thinking about how they’d run about Cloud Retainer’s abode. That is something she would want to see.

“They are rather cute…”

For some reason, Yelan smiles. Despite her dry sense of humor and obliviousness, Shenhe is every bit human like the rest of them (literally) even if she grew up away from civilization. She’s slowly adapting and gaining new social skills, understanding how her own emotions and those of other people. It’s a work in progress, but she’s getting there, thanks to the people in her life which speaking of …

“Anyways,” She says abruptly, both her tone and expression going back to its usual neutral state. “I was just about to buy a few items today.”

“Hmm, did this cutie distract you?”

Yelan playfully murmurs, watching the sleepy feline stretch for a moment before it jumps off of Shenhe’s lap. They both watch cat lay down nest to its companion so now both are bathing under the sunlight and then hearing a hum next to her.

“Only for a moment.” Shenhe then takes her gaze off the two lazing cats and back to her.

“I wanted to buy a book on what you had brought up yesterday,” At the mention of last night she can’t help but let her grin widen while Shenhe tilts her head some. “I don’t think there’s a nearby bookstore and all the ones in my possession were gifted to me, so I wanted to ask you where I could obtain one.”

Yelan raises a perfect brow while crossing her legs under the table. “Really? You’re seriously considering doing this with me?”

“Why not.” Shenhe shrugs her shoulders like it’s no big deal as she carefully analyzes her.

“I’d like to say you’ve gained my trust by now.”

Confusion… that is what Yelan feels after Shenhe utters that sentence. She’s used to people walking around her like eggshells, as if any wrong step would land them in hell, and they’re right about that. So, that’s why hearing her speak so casually about the concept of trust and how it’s barely been a few days since they’re known each other, Yelan is confused. Is it really that simple to trust someone? To view them as another part of your circle? If it wasn’t already obvious enough that Shenhe is in Ningguang’s good graces, then she would have kept her naturally flirtation yet aloof behavior. At the same time though… she can’t make any excuses considering how ready Yelan was to jump her bones- but that’s beside the point!

She remains silent at those simply spoken words, and it seems she was in her heard for a while because suddenly Shenhe is much closer as she leans over her chair some.

“Did I say something wrong?” And Yelan easily brushes off her concern with a small smile.

“It’s nothing,” She decides that for now she’ll keep her questions to herself and ignore the frown on Shenhe’s face. Yelan looks around the area seeing that they’re still out in the open before meeting her gaze once more.

“Let’s talk about this another time, yeah? I have a pretty full schedule today and I’d hate to be out longer than necessary because of work.”

“Alright,” Her tone doesn’t match her expression which Shenhe remains skeptical of until eventually she lets it go. “Very well. I’ll leave you be. In the meantime, I will do some training-”

“Lady Yelan!”

A new voice enters the area, one that sounds a bit pubescent but seemingly belonging to a grown man. She isn’t shocked by the sudden arrival of this person while Shenhe, on the other hand, is instantly on the alert and donning that passive expression of hers as she looks over Yelan’s. The smile turns into something more of a smug smirk that she only wears around the company of people other than the Tianquan and now Shenhe.

“Oh, thank goodness I was able to find you-” His voice cracks again towards the end of his sentence before her quickly clears his throat with a bow.

“I followed your instructions on meeting with you in three days’ time and I’m happy to announce that I’ve successfully acquired a valuable piece of intel this time and I…” He anxiously glances behind her, like he usually does, before standing up a little straighter. “I… have made a few discoveries to report that will benefit us greatly towards the investigation, if you would like for me to continue.”

Her eyes widen slightly in glee and almost stands up immediately, but then she remembers that Shenhe is still by her side by his subtle mention of privacy and the nervous look on his face. She crosses her arms at first feeling that it shouldn’t be a big deal and for some reason her mind wanders back to what Shenhe had said about trusting her, wanting to test the truth of her words. Although she already has Yelan’s personal stamp of approval, she’s always been naturally cautious around other people, even Ningguang herself. Then she thinks about how they were literally kissing not too long ago, establishing this… sort of friends with benefits, so, naturally they’ll end up growing closer.

She turns to Shenhe first before saying anything else.

“I don’t want to hold you from training any longer seeing as you had your own plans.”

It’s an invitation, a subtle way to say, “stay only if you want to, I wouldn’t mind” and Yelan watches the way Shenhe silently decide on her offer. And to her mild surprise, she agrees.

“You wouldn’t be holding me back,” She nods towards Yelan once while holding her gaze. “Please, by all means, continue.”

“Alright,” She gestures a hand towards the still restlessly shuffling man. “Well, for starters, I’ll make a brief introduction here. This is Wupei, a trusted assistant of mine who helps me investigate some of my more… personal work, so to say.”

“Yes.” Wupei places a palm over his chest as Shenhe only stares at him.

“Through my recent findings, it’s further been confirmed that the code we found is indeed being used between the treasure hoarders and Fatui within the surrounding region of Dunyu Ruins.”

“This we already know,” Yelan frowns slightly before shaking her head. “But anyways, go on.”

“Yes, of course, Lady Yelan forgive me. As we also know, the Fatui currently have the upper hand with their fighting capabilities and because of this they are threatening the treasure hoarders for their cooperation most likely with hefty amount of mora on the line. I’ve been scouting the area for a while, and I believe that they’re using a secret passage that leads to The Chasm and past the Millelith.”

She perks up at hearing this because that is certainly something new, placing a hand under her chin as she sorts through the mental puzzle pieces. Shenhe has yet to say a word, but she knows the woman is ever the vigilant type and is quietly taking in every bit of information that’s being exposed. Acting as a supervisor under the Ministry of Civil Affairs, she’s noticed the little crooks and crannies that remaining hostiles have been able to slip through, so no wonder there’s still plenty of treasure hoarders on the surface of The Chasm. As to how they’re reaching down underground with the extra security that’s been implemented ever since the reopening of investigation, well, that’s why Yelan is here to figure that out.

“I see… this secret passage, have you deciphered its location? Any clues?”

“That I have not found out yet and I sincerely apologize if I disappointed you there, Lady Yelan.”

Wupei bows his head with another crack to his voice before standing upright once more.

“I’ve been extensively camping outside both The Chasm and within Dunyu Ruins but have not seen the Fatui themselves conduct any sort of activity would warrant any suspicion to their location, thus how they’ve been getting away with this so far. Asides from paying a visit to the many treasure hoarder campsites and with these two facts, that is all I must report for you. Forgive my incompetence.”

“You’ve done well, Wupei. This is more than what we had yesterday regardless of certain circumstances.”

She nods at him with a proud smile before continuing. “I’ll have you on standby until further notice, and the same can be said for Wenyuan and Shanghua. Thank you for the hard work.”

“Of course, Lady Yelan. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.”

That concludes the scheduled meeting as Wupei all but disappears back into the shadow and leaving Yelan brewing on a hot piece of information. With these new findings she can plan her next move ahead of time thanks to both Wupei’s report and her recent talk with Ningguang. She’ll have to investigate Dunyu Ruins herself and see just where this secret passage leads, uncover the truth behind their code phrase and lastly the ruin serpent that once again has her attention. She knows from her journal that whatever wondering Fatui left there are a part of Childe’s crew and the piece of intel they have would certainly be of value for the long run.

“Is this the work you do for Lady Ningguang?”

Yelan is brought out of her thoughts by the whisper of a calm voice. She’d been so deep in planning that she almost forgot about the other woman by her side as she hums quietly.

“Something like that,” She chuckles while gesturing a hand into the air. “Sometimes I go by what I have assigned on my list, sometimes it’s the Qixing’s. It really depends on the day and what’s on there to do, and thankfully Ningguang understands I perform efficiently as a lone wolf.”

“Lone wolf?”

“Means I work better alone, sweetheart.”

Shenhe feels something brush against her calf, paying it no mind believing that it’s one of the cats nearby when it’s really the toe of Yelan’s boot caressing her leg. She’s got that teasing smirk back on her face once Shenhe had noticed it was her doing, yet it doesn’t wipe the frown that etches onto her lips.

“That’s rather unwise,” She crosses her arms, going silent for a moment as Shenhe contemplates something before speaking up again.

“Dunyu Ruins is the home to every kind out there. From the Ruin Machines to the Fatui, the demonic activity of the Abyss Order along with those treasure hoarders and the list goes on, but I assume you already know that.”

“I’ve practically traveled every part of Teyvat and encountered every single enemy you can think of. A few measly, cowering men that hide themselves behind a flimsy bandana is nothing compared to what I’ve been through.”

She turns her body towards Shenhe to face her a little better as Yelan arches a perceptive brow, a hint of a challenge glowing in that emerald gaze.

“Are you trying to say I’m not capable of doing my job?”

“No, not at all. I’m just-”

Curse her inability to still struggle with communicating her words properly and creating misunderstandings. She subtly fidgets in her seat while heaving a heavy sigh and slowly pulling herself together.

“I often go to the ruins myself, often enough that I’m now very familiar with the area. I only believe these sorts of adventures shouldn’t be handled alone from my careful observations.”


Her grin turns devilish, smug, like the one she had seen the first time their eyes met at the Yangshang Teahouse.

“Are you worried about me, darling?”

Worried. Is she? Shenhe can’t deny that while listening to Wupei give his report her mind wandered back to the area crawling with both the Fatui and Abyss Order. She’s often sent there by Cloud Retainer for both training and clearing out the vicinity of any enemies that continue to pose a threat. The Abyss Order particularly have been very active as of late from what Shenhe has seen through her continuous visits and coupled with the fact that Yelan would essentially be stepping onto enemy territory is…

She’s suddenly reminded of the battle with Beisht and how severely injured Lumine had gotten during that battle, and she can still see the blood oozing from her wounds now. It’s simple, Shenhe doesn’t want to see the same thing happen to Yelan, not when she’s already entered her life and they’ve formed this sort of connection, showed her the kinds of things she’s never experienced. Perhaps she’s being selfish in that aspect since Shenhe has spent her whole life in the mountains, away from the culture and ‘mortal delicacies’ as her Master would always remind her. But now she’s finally ready to venture further into the human world and better understand herself, she can’t let things end here and she must let her know somehow.

“I could be of help.”

Shenhe suddenly blurts out which at first doesn’t get much of a reaction from Yelan who remains silent, and for a moment Shenhe panics at suspecting she must have overstepped some type of boundary or spoke too bluntly again. A hum reaches her ears and Shenhe straightens her back, watching her laugh so sweetly as that is easily gets rid of her anxiety.

“And here I thought you were insulting my skill and work ethic,” Yelan’s tone grows playful with a shake of her before looking back at her. “When in reality you just have a loose tongue.”

“I don’t have any reasons to insult you, Yelan.” Shenhe replies smoothly, truthfully, before leaning back in her chair some. “On the contrary, I should be repaying you as my thanks.”

“You sound like Lady Ningguang talking about some poorly coded compensation.”


“Nothing, nothing,” Yelan chuckles with a wave of her hand and the atmosphere is back to normal when she’s suddenly pinching one of Shenhe’s cheeks. “Sure you won’t get sick of me?”

“Perhaps I’m having second thoughts already.” She’s amused by the quiet grunt she hears and the hint of mirth in her tone.

“And here I thought we were getting along so well,” Yelan drops her hand before she’s laughing even harder at the sight of Shenhe massaging her cheek with a glare and a cute frown on her face.

“Oh, what? I buy us some delicious food and offer you to a night of fun, and this is how I get treated? What a shame.”

“We both know that wasn’t necessary… plus you went ahead and ordered before I could even get a single word out.”

“Gotta be quicker than that, sweetheart.”

“You’re impossible.”

“And yet here you are,” Yelan pushes her chair back before standing up and extending a handout to Shenhe. “Alright, up we go. We’ve got places to be and people to torture!”

“Torture?...” Shenhe easily slips her palm against hers before she’s practically yanked to her feet.

“Well we’re definitely not about to walk around, pick some flowers and make a bunch of friendship bracelets while we’re at it.”

“I was warned by my Master to not cause any unnecessary harm on the humans I encounter.”

Yelan throws a look over her shoulder that translates to “really?” as they walk down the stairs of the teahouse. Her brows furrow together in confusion for a moment because had she said something wrong? Again? She was just saying that-


It finally dawns on her when as they’re walking towards the opposite side of the harbor and accompanied by nothing else but Yelan’s sickeningly addictive laughter.

“Now I get.”

“Glad to see you do. Now, come on!”

She tugs Shenhe’s hand a little harder that nearly sends the taller woman crashing into her back while Yelan just sends her a teasing smile. She grunts again under her breath from the sudden movement and honestly, Shenhe finds herself pleasantly surprised by Yelan’s behavior every time they’re together. With each passing day, she learns more and more about the agent’s personality and the way she functions, how she usually speaks with an air of mystery and mischief that clash so perfectly. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons she finds herself so entranced by her, their stark differences but also the few similarities in their mindsets. She stares at the back of her head, admiring the black-blue ombre of her hair that barely reaches past her shoulder along with the softness of her hand in hers. Shenhe smiles to herself then, the same soft rare one she wore when she was petting one of the cats earlier and she realizes this isn’t so bad.

Being human.


Liyue is the opposite of Snezhnaya. One is shackled with never ending snowfall and a cold so violently bone chilling that it rivals even that of Dragonspine, while the other is full clear, blue skies and allowing the sun to relentlessly beat down on anyone who’s walking by. On this day, the weather had decided to be their enemy, making her skin itch painfully from the heat and bangs sticking to her forehead from how sweaty she’s become. Her clothes have also started clinging to some parts of her body, making her feel even grosser than she already is and Yelan is really having second thoughts about this journey. She huffs and puffs under her breath as they walk down the dirt path and having passed Mt. Tianheng some time ago with little trouble asides from a whopper flower that had jumped in front of them.

A glance towards her companion welcomes her with the sight of how coolly composed Shenhe is. Her strides are quick and easy that it gives Yelan a bit of a hard time to keep up woth considering their slight height difference. There’s also the fact she wields a cryo vision and god, she would do anything for them to switch elements right now. She’s not even breaking a sweat, perfectly letting her steps land in front of her along with her even breaths, but if Yelan were to stare hard enough she’d notice the bead of sweat threatening to slide down her temple. A scoff slips past her lips before bumping her shoulders against Shenhe’s and grabbing her attention.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d believe you’re actually an adeptus with the way you’re able to still walk so gracefully.” Her voice shakes slightly from exertion as they keep following the path ahead.

“I thought you do this often?” She lifts a hand over her head to shield her eyes while looking in her direction. “At least, that’s what you made it seem like.”

“I do. Just not during the day.”

“I must admit…”

Her eyes scans over Yelan’s body who’s still greedily gulping for air with an annoyed expression. Shenhe merely chuckles at the sight and seeing how exhausted she already is.

“It is rather entertaining to see how you physically perform on a simple walk.”

“Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up while you can,” Yelan barks back, rolling her eyes some while Shenhe just shakes her head with a small, amused smile. “I work better during the night and not under the sun cooking me alive.”

“What’s the sudden change then?”

“Even I hold myself on a high pedestal and don’t like to be slacking for long. Duty still calls and all.”

“That’s understandable.”

“Yes, so with that being said, can you please take advantage of that vision of yours and help me cool down?”

“You’re rather needy…”

That makes Yelan laugh from the way Shenhe grumbles those words before she feels something pleasantly cold wash over her skin. She can’t help the content sigh that slips out of her from where an icy palm lies over the exposed surface of her back. She leans into her touch without any hesitation and feeling much more energized now that she doesn’t feel like she was roasting away in an oven. Yelan spares Shenhe a glance from the corner of her eye before closing them with a smirk once she realizes how the meaning of that sentence could be interpreted.

“Hmm, I thought you knew that already?” She turns her head with a bite of her lip and grabbing her attention once more. “You had me under you begging for your touch just last night… or should I refresh your memory?”

“There’s no need for that.” Her reply is quick and only prompts her to laugh even louder.

“What if I suddenly decided to take a break and tend to my desires. Would you watch me then?”

Yelan murmurs the question sensually, the hand on her back pressing into her a little harder and earning the softest of moans. Shenhe feels as if she’s the one on fire now, her skin growing warm and her throat suddenly dry before she sighs quietly.


The other woman hums at the whispery mention of her name and taking it delight from how Shenhe fidgets slightly, still walking down the path.

“Do not distract me.”

“I’m not the one who’s easily persuaded.”

She yelps with a jump at feeling the cold practically seep into her veins. She’s quick to narrow her eyes at Shenhe who shrugs her shoulder like she hadn’t almost freeze Yelan on the spot.

“Just cooling you off.”

Oh, how Shenhe can be so funny sometimes.

“Anymore and my blood is going to turn into ice,” Yelan pushes her arm away, a light blush painting her cheeks which she actively chooses to ignore for the time being. “I think I see a camp in the distance. Let’s go check it out.”

True to her words, there’s a tent with a cooking station and some books carelessly spilling from a bag and onto the ground. Their footsteps slow down to a stop as Yelan immediately kneels in front of the still burning coal that sits under a hanging pot. The fire has been put out but judging from how loudly the pot is still boiling, they must have done this a few seconds ago and that means whoever is camping here will return soon.

“Hey, why don’t you sort through those bags there?” She looks over her shoulder and up at Shenhe who’d been idly standing next to her. “See if you can find anything relating to a code.”

“What code?”

“Anything along the lines of does the sun bleed through the clouds and over the harbor today?

“Another riddle,” Shenhe mutters and hearing her say that makes Yelan laugh with a shake of her head. The disciple crouches not too far away from her as she starts flipping through the pieces of literature and messy journals.

Yelan turns her attention back to the cooking station and mentally sorting out an analysis. The path from Mt. Tianheng to Dunyu Ruins is littered with enough treasure hoarders to fill Liyue Harbor. This campsite surely belongs to one of them given by the tapestry draped over their tent and the bags haphazardly filled with both mining tools and random books. The mining tools… she can only assume that their being forced to dig a tunnel by the Fatui from what Wupei had reported about the association threatening these lowly treasure hoarders. Yelan stands up then while pulling out her own journal, flipping through the pages until she lands on her hand drawn map of Liyue. Following west of Dunyu Ruins leads you straight through Lumberpick Valley, behind Fuao Vale and right on the outskirts of The Chasm.

She knows from her own surveillance that the Millelith there do guard the area, but not as intensively as the entrance which gives easy access to whoever decides on sneaking past them from the side. Yelan writes down her suspicions on the map and already planning on her next move which will be executing the entire trek from here and through the route she had just marked. Like Shenhe had mentioned earlier, they’ll be treading right in the middle of enemy territory so the chances of them getting caught is impossibly high. But hey, isn’t that a part of a gamble? The risk? Yelan smiles to herself, biting back a wide grin at how her body is already buzzing with excitement. Once she reaches the west part of Liyue, she’ll also have to check on that ruin serpent Ningguang had told her about. For now though, she walks towards Shenhe who’s back is facing her as she rummages through the rucksacks.

“Found anything useful?”

“There’s nothing related to that code you told me,” She crouches down next to Shenhe and watching her open one of the books. “But I did find this that might be of use. I believe it’s a map of some sort for the secret passage that was mentioned before.”

“Let me see.” Yelan leans in closer while using a careful eye to scan the tattered page. There’s roughly sketched drawn over the paragraphs and upon closer inspection it does look like a tunnel, the very same she had hypothesized mere moments ago.

“This is going to be very useful,” She turns to Shenhe with a proud grin before holding a hand out. “We’re definitely taking the book with us. May I?”

“You have a look in your eye that tells me we’ve struck gold.”

“My dear, sweet Shenhe…”

She plucks the book out of her grasp before invading much of her personal space until her lips are hovering over hers all the while sunset eyes never leave her face. She traces her fingers along her sleeves and that gets a bit of a reaction, the twitch of Shenhe’s brow, but she doesn’t pull away.

“This is only the beginning of a tumultuous journey.”

And just like that Yelan pulls away, leaving a dazed Shenhe in place who continues to stare at her. She only giggles before standing up and tugging her along the way.

“Come on, there’s probably another-”

“Where do you think you’re going…”

A deep, gruff voice cuts her off along with the sound of heavy footsteps that slowly draws closer. Shenhe is the first to turn around as she crosses her arms, gaze hardening into a murderous intent and a chill filling the air. Yelan, on the other hand, smirks while lazily examining the book in her hand some more and paying them no mind as if they aren’t here. There’s a warning growl from Shenhe when the same tall, burly man lifts his hammer onto his shoulder with a snarl painted beneath his mask. Yelan doesn’t see all of this, but she already knows, she always does.

“Ah, gentleman,” She looks over her shoulder while raising the book some. “Care for a read? I find this particular page quite riveting. A lot of juicy details you don’t usually come across in other pieces of literature.”

“An arrow through your heart would be much more interesting,” One of the other men on his side, a marksman with a crossbow, shouts a threat at her. “Put it down and we might just let you slide.”

“You won’t be doing none of that.”

Shenhe’s is eerily calm while summoning Calamity Queller, twirling the polearm with an aura of intimidation that serves to make everyone tense, more than they already are that is. The buff man tightens his grip around his hammer and the same can be said for the marksman with his crossbow and another holding a shovel, readying themselves for a fight that’s bound to happen, except it doesn’t go there. With an irritated sigh, Yelan snaps the book close before turning around and laying her other hand on Shenhe’s shoulder. Their eyes meet briefly for a moment as she shakes her head and wordlessly telling her to stay down which Shenhe reluctantly does. Yelan hums under her breath before taking a few languid steps, meticulously scanning her surroundings knowing that one wrong move could cause them some more intel. She cocks her hip to the side and that dangerous smirk never wavering once as she raises a brow at them.

“Now, now… I think we’re all due for a quick little chat, don’t you think?” Yelan begins innocently and only seeming to infuriate their new intruders.

“To hell with that…” The one with the shovel is the next to speak as he narrows his eyes towards them. “Boss, I say we beat them to a pulp and take our stuff. Can’t risk any witnesses.”

“I call dibs on the talkative one. You can have the other.”

“What- hey! I never agreed to that-”

“Shut the fuck up.”

Their boss, the one holding his hammer, shuts them up with a loud, commanding growl and not missing the way his bicep flex. Shenhe just watches them all silently while Yelan just rolls her eyes and raising a brow at their boss.

“Are you three done wasting any more of my time?”

She glances down at the book in her palm and then back to them. “If so, there’s no need to resort to such violent methods since after all… this is the land of contracts.”

“Enough with the fancy talk. What’s in it for us, huh?” The boss asks before crossing his arms and flicking his chin in her direction.

“I’m starting to like the way you think, my friend.”

“Do not call me that.”

“So snappy,” Yelan snorts out a laugh, straightening her back as she flips through the pages once more. “I know a few things; you all also know a few things. I’d say a fair deal should be in place.”

“Boss, I don’t think-” He holds a hand up and effectively stopping whatever the marksman was going to say. He nods for her to continue which she does with a sinister smile.

“My partner behind me is very… hungry.”

Yelan stalks back to where Shenhe is standing and the disciple glances at her oddly, but she ignores it and instead goes along with her act. “You see… humans are some rather cruel creatures to put it bluntly. They fight, cheat, steal and so on and so far, and she’s no stranger to being on the receiving end of this treatment.”

The whole time she is saying this Yelan lets a wandering hand caress her arm then shoulder once she’s behind her and looking over at the gaping men across from them. She lays a palm flat against her chest with a pleased hum at feeling how Shenhe’s heartbeat has picked up despite wearing such a perfect poker face. She focuses her intense gaze on the boss, stoned face and returning the staring contest before an airy laugh slip past her lips.

“And because of that, well …” Yelan tilts her head ominously.

“She hungers for your blood specifically.”

A hush falls over them and for a few tense seconds, nobody moves, nobody breathes, the only other sound is the careful breeze that tickles the grass and trees around them. Both the marksman and the other stand still on either side of his boss, anxiously glancing between him and Yelan as they wait for his next order.

“You’re both insane…” Eventually comes his slow response and she can see the clenching of his jaw through his bandana. “State your terms. Quickly.”

“Oh! Now you’re speaking my language.”

She instantly separates herself from Shenhe, not before passing her the book with a quiet “hold this for me, dear?” and producing her signature hydro dice.

“Indulge me with a little game, hmm?” Yelan rolls her dice between her fingers as she now stands a few feet away from the boss and his crew. “I’ll make this simple. We each roll a dice and depending on the number we choose for each round, one of us will be victorious. Best two out of three.”

“And if we win…”

“We will leave all your belongings alone and let you walk away alive.”

“I don’t trust that dice of yours. How do I know it’s not rigged?”

“That’s what the three rounds are for,” She tilts her head before offering him the dice. “What’s your number of choice boss man.”

He narrows his eyes at her and silently observing her for a moment, eventually he heaves a sigh with an impatient tap of his foot. “Four.”

“Five for me.”

Boss reaches out for the dice, taking it into his own palm and doesn’t waste another second to toss it into the air. They all watch it flip through the air just as another quiet gust of wind walks between them, everyone’s eyes staying on the dice until it stops midair.

“Looks like you win this one.”

“Let’s get this over with,” The cube lands in his palm before he’s handing it to her. “Six.”


Another round. Another tense few seconds. Another spin of the dice as they all wait for the result, and atmosphere turns colder.

“Would you look at that…” Yelan smiles sweetly at the angry looking Boss who growls under his breath. “Seems like we’re tied… better choose wisely now.”

“She’s tricking us! Can’t you see it!”

“Boss, you shouldn’t have-”

“Didn’t I tell you two to shut the fuck up!

The Boss easily overpowers them with his voice, and now they’re cowering even more with fear than ever before. The marksman sucks his teeth while the shovel holder swallows roughly and Shenhe, well, she’s just enjoying the show. Once everyone has calmed down and the Boss has given her all his undivided attention, Yelan gives the dice back to him.



And three.

There’s a flurry of movement as the next few seconds become a blur. The treasure hoarders charge forward with their weapons drawn with Boss being the first to swing his hammer as a cloud of dust covers him. The marksman stays behind them both, readying his crossbow towards Shenhe’s direction and firing it a few times, waiting for that pained scream to reach his ears!... except, it never does. A flash of blue zooms past hi, backing up in surprise from the sight and the sensation of something snaking around his body before pulling taut. Next thing he knows, he falls face first into the ground with a loud grunt right as their surroundings clears and his eyes widen at what they see.

“G-Guys!” The marksman yells out at seeing the rest of his group tied up in a similar state as him with the Boss only one kneeling.

Yelan stands in front of him, the hydro infused rope wrapped around her hand with Shenhe by her side. It seems she also used her vision given the blocks of ice encasing the other two’s legs and the shivering of their teeth. The marksman angrily curses at himself since he knew this was all a trap from the very beginning, especially with someone like Yelan.

“You…” The Boss starts slowly, his tone full of raw fury and gaze holding an intent to kill. He puffs out a ragged breath as a trails of blood slides down his exposed arm. “I’m going to murder you.”

“Aww, don’t tell me you’re a sore loser?”

She lifts a boot and carelessly places it onto his beefy shoulder, not caring if the heel is digging into his flesh. “And did you honestly think I was going to play fair? Looks like that head of yours is full of more rocks than mora.”

“You fucking!-”

“Watch that mouth of yours, my friend.”

The pulls harshly at the ropes around is body, digging them further into his skin and drawing even more blood than before. Boss hisses from the pain that overwhelms him to the point of screwing his eyes shut, hearing his teammate speaking up next to him.

“B-Boss…” The one who bears the shovel is shivering from the cryo encasing his legs from where he lies on his side. “What are w-we… going to d-do?”

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out, you complete imbecile.” He lifts his head back to Yelan while panting underneath his mask. “What do you want from us?”

“I’ll cut to the chase. A little birdie has informed me that the treasure hoarders have been forced to form an alliance with the Fatui,” She raises a careful brow at him. “Yes, or no?”

“Ha… you really think I’m going to tell you the truth that easily?”


The disciple steps forward at the mention of her name and Yelan loves the way his eyes widen in fear when the other woman is much closer than before. She places a hand over her arm, caressing her bicep for a moment as she leans into her ear.

“That tongue of his… I don’t like it one bit.”

Boss entire body goes still, his other two companions yelling at the threat Yelan had just made.

“Don’t you dare do anything to the Boss!”

“Let us go!”

Shenhe almost- almost­- grins crazily at the way her body screams in pure excitement and heart pounding even faster than before thinking about the carnage she so badly wants to unleash. She rolls her shoulder with a hum, staring down at the now slightly shaking man as he stares at the ground while Yelan continues.

“I think you ought to yank it off his person, don’t you think?”

“Your behavior thus far has been rather unruly…”

There’s an eerie lilt to Shenhe’s voice that sends a shiver down his spine, especially with that predatory gaze of hers.

“It’s making me feel a bit peckish.”

“Fucking gods above- alright, alright!” He swallows down a glare before releasing a shuddering breath.

“Yes! It’s fucking true. The Fatui have basically cornered us saying that they’ll give us with plenty of mora if we do their bidding, which we have no choice, but to follow seeing as our men are nothing compared to them. It all comes down to power at the end of the day.”

“The surface of The Chasm is full of your hellish bunch, how you’re slipping right through the Millelith is still a question to this day… so tell me, how are you sneaking past them?”

“I can’t tell you more than that, girlie.”

“Really now…” Yelan kicks his shoulder and sending him flying onto his back, his crew once again screaming for him in unison.


“And what of this code I’ve heard… hmm… how does it go again- oh!” She gasps dramatically as she looms over his crumpled body rather menacingly. “‘Does the sun bleed through the clouds and over the harbor today?’ Ring any bells for you?”

“We have been disguising the Fatui with our clothing and allowing them to travel down The Chasm through our own methods,” His eyes harden as he stares both Yelan and Shenhe down. “That is all I will be telling you.”

“Fair enough.”

She kneels in front of the Boss and roams her hands over his body, ignoring his grunt of protests while feeling for each of her pockets. Yelan doesn’t find anything at first, not until she dips her hand down his shirt and taking delight in the way she can make this grown man squeak. She just snickers at him as she feels around his warm chest before something touches the tip of her finger and look what it is.

“H…H-Hey, give that-”

“Thanks for the lovely chat gentlemen,” Yelan looks over at Shenhe with an uncanny smirk that she’s never seen before but on herself. She’s already lifting Calamity Queller at this point, frost almost becoming visible on the palms of her hands as she licks her lips.

“Think you can freeze their hearts to death, darling?”

Her cryo avatar appears and does the rest of their work just as the three men begin to beg for mercy, but she’s having none of that and neither is Shenhe. In another flash of sudden movements, all three of the treasure hoarders are frozen thanks to Yelan’s hydro rope that was still wrapped around their bodies. The sight is a gruesome one to any regular folk yet for these two women, it’s nothing new and instead, they derive pleasure from the violence.

“Now what?” Shenhe asks after a moment of silence, looking over at Yelan right when she dismisses her cryo avatar.

“First, we’ll have to lay low for a while,” There’s the crunch of her footsteps as she soon senses the presence of the exorcist close to her back, still staring down at the paper. “Then I’ll need to send a missive to Ningguang about our findings, especially with how close the treasure hoarders are to Liyue Harbor they pose more of a threat than ever before to its civilians.”

“And what of Dunyu Ruins? I thought we were going to travel there today.”

“Ah, ah. There goes that patience.”

Yelan swiftly turns around so now that they’re both face to face while Shenhe quirks a brow up.

“Intel work is best done when it’s not rushed as the puzzle pieces all fall into place. The trail is hot, but one mishap could send us back to the losing team.”

“Then,” She gestures her chin at the note in her hand. “What’s does that say.”

“Let’s take a look together, shall we?” Yelan sidles up against her side almost instantly before reading it aloud. “Chasm, Dunyu Ruins, Wangshu Inn. Northeast.”

“That… doesn’t seem very helpful.”

“Not one bit with how ominous it sounds but I suppose that’s the point,” She tucks the paper away and holds Shenhe’s gaze once more with a smile. “Well, we know where our next destination is.”


Arriving at Wangshu Inn is rather uneventful. The only complaint Yelan has is that she wished she would have cleared up her schedule beforehand and recharged properly with a couple of off days. Nevertheless, here they are, climbing up some of the stairs that leave her a little winded until they eventually arrive to the inn’s elevator. Shenhe again doesn’t break so much as a sweat as she crosses her arms and leans against the railing next to Yelan, letting the distant chatter of folks nearby do the talking for them. She’ll have to prepare that letter for Ningguang once she’s sat in front of the desk, separate the more important details from the others while keeping a few to herself. This is usually how she operates with her work.

A quiet sigh slips out of her, letting the events of earlier today replay in her mind during this moment of solitude. Shenhe joining her had been an unforeseen factor Yelan hadn’t considered in her plans. Sure, on occasions she’s worked with Beidou closely and even Lumine, but she’d already known them both for some time while she hadn’t with the infamous damsel. All she had was a file of her information to go by and the hushed gossip from the people of Liyue Harbor. Does she not like working with Shenhe? No, that’s not the issue for Yelan, it’s the fact she doesn’t mind letting her get this close and personal with both herself and the job. Her and Beidou have this sort of playful competition between them that Ningguang always seems to hate, Lumine has saved the harbor twice along with her help of rebuilding the Jade Chamber and in all these instances she was never intimately involved with them.

Well, of course she wasn’t, she’s heard of the traveler having a partner in Inazuma and it’s obvious what Beidou and Ningguang have for each other, but Shenhe? She hasn’t seen Yelan naked, not yet at least, but she’s heard the wanton moans and raspy sighs of pleasure slip past her painted lips. She’s witnessed one of the most powerful and intelligent women in the world beg for her touch, and in a way, it makes her feel… vulnerable. Yelan is no stranger to using her body for intel, used to seeing the raw lust in her target’s eyes, used to her wandering hands roughly handle her like she’s their personal toy. It’s different with Shenhe because although she looks at her with the same desire, she doesn’t grab her thighs harshly or grope her chest like some object, she asks for Yelan’s guidance and patience. For what she likes, for how she wants to be touched, and it’s the first time someone has actually paid attention to her. Looked at her and not through her.

She doesn’t know how to feel about that.

“Are you alright?” Shenhe soft voice cuts through the silence and grabbing Yelan’s attention, sunset eyes gazing deep into hers. “You’ve been quiet for a while now.”

“Just tired,” She shakes off her concern with a lazy smile. “You miss hearing my voice or something?”

“You seemed as if you were deep in thought is all.”

“I’ll admit it,” Yelan takes a deep breath in before speaking in a much more serious tone. “I am rather exhausted. I didn’t take my daily nap, nor did I prepare for this a few days in advance. So, I guess you can say that the work fatigue is finally catching up to me.”

Her brows knit together in what she assumes is worried, though it looks more as if Shenhe is annoyed from the little expression change. “You should have said something before we left Liyue Harbor.”

“I told you, duty calls, and Lady Ningguang had recently summoned me to her office. Whenever she has orders for me, I am to follow them as soon as possible.”

“That makes sense,” Shenhe mumbles before tilting her head some. “I suppose we should… stop talking about work and ‘unwind’ for a bit?”

Yelan laughs softly at the way she attempts to sound as casual as possible when in reality it comes out a little awkward from using a new phrase. She finds that she doesn’t mind it though, taking Shenhe’s palm into hers for a moment once they reached the main floor of the inn.

“You’re lucky you’re pretty or I would have cringed at what you just said.” She squeezes her hand briefly before disconnecting and stepping forward some, not missing the quiet chuckle Yelan hears behind her.

They soon stand in front of Verr Goldet, an acquittance of both hers and Ningguang seeing as the Qixing frequently do business related events at Wanghu from time to time. All Yelan must do is send Goldet a knowing look and a short, simple explanation of their ‘situation’ before they have the key to their room and entering a secret passageway under the stairs. It’s a space reserved for those closest to the Tianquan like herself, Keqing or Ganyu, and now Shenhe is also added to that list. They both remain silent until Yelan unlocks a second door with the same key and finally enter their room for the night.

The place is decorated beautifully with elegant shades of gold and orange, staple colors that’s often associated and incorporated in Liyue interior design. The last few rays of sunlight casts a pleasant glow that makes one feel at home with the dark, auburn planks and walls aligned with shelves of literature and a few flowerpots. Of course, this was all done by the Tianquan’s design, something that is indisputably obvious the pale gold rug that lays underneath a long desk both of which can also be seen in the Jade Chamber. There’s large, plush bed sits on one side of the room with a bathroom on the other, and to top it all off there’s a balcony that overlooks Dihua Marsh.

“Home sweet home,” Yelan stretches her arms above her head as Shenhe walks ahead of her. “God, once I lay in that bed I’ll probably knock out into the next week.”

“Your physical fitness still amuses me.” She comments while looking around the place and not seeing when Yelan rolls her eyes.

“Ugh, are you never going to let that go…”


Shenhe turns around then and easily holds her gaze as the air around them suddenly grows tense.

“Are we to relax now?”

She hums knowingly before taking a few practiced steps that cause her hips to sway subtly and catching the attention of those iridescent eyes for a second. It was only a matter of time before they were going to end up like this, with Yelan standing in front of Shenhe and only mere inches apart. Her hands find their familiar place on strong, broad shoulders as she tilts her head up some and not daring to look anywhere else.

“Oh? You seem unusually eager tonight…” She sends her a teasing smile while the other woman looks to be leaning in closer. “Is there a reason for this naughty behavior of yours, Shenhe?”

Yelan waits for her response and doesn’t expect her to laugh so softly, a sound that is already rare from the quiet and seemingly introverted exorcist. She also catches sight of those deadly fangs before she’s biting her lip some as her gaze intensifies.

“You are very observant.”

She shuffles a little in place while Yelan loops her fingers under the ropes like she’s done before and hearing a faint hitch in Shenhe’s throat. Her hand also finds a place of her hip and thumb coming to rest against the exposed skin of her outfit.

“This might sound a bit odd…” She trails off with a quick glance to the side before looking back at Yelan. “But seeing the switch of your personality earlier today had me feeling…”

The embarrassed look in her eyes, the way she couldn’t stand still and now this. She easily puts the pieces toward as her body grows impossibly warm and blood rushing to her ears.

“It… turned you on?” Yelan asks carefully, successfully keeping a neutral expression despite the excitement clear in her voice.

“Yes?...” Shenhe tilts her head and squeezes her hip at the same time. “For some reason, I found the sight quite arousing.”

“When I’m being dominant?”

“When you’re telling others what to do.”

“Oh,” Yelan hums before raising a brow at her with a smile. “I see, so it’s more of the commanding aspect for you.”

“I did tell you to guide me whenever we’re intimate.” Shenhe murmurs lowly like it was an obvious fact and hearing her grumble about makes her laugh even harder.

“Yes, yes, my mistake for not storing that tidbit of information.”

“Your teasing earlier also didn’t help,” She does something that surprises her once more, earning a quiet squeak when Shenhe leans down and nuzzles against her jaw. “May I kiss you now, Yelan?”

She hates being caught off-guard truth be told, but somehow, she doesn’t find it as bad when it comes to Shenhe’s unique way of sneaking through the cracks in her walls. Yelan closes her eyes for a moment when a pleasant shiver runs down her spine, tightening her grip on her shoulders from the warm puff of air tickling her skin with every quiet exhale. She feels another hand gliding across the naked expanse of her back and loosely holding her, keeping her still in place, before Shenhe slowly pulls away with a heavy, lidded gaze and hovering dangerously close to her lips which makes it so tempting for Yelan breach the distance between them. She can’t think about anything else other than the enticing woman in front of her, gone are the thoughts and worries she just had and instead they’re replaced by one single person. Yelan tugs on those red ropes and sees something feral flash in Shenhe’s sunset eyes for only just a second before their crashing into a brutal kiss.

Neither of them knows who moaned first, a hot mess of tongue and teeth that left them both wanting more. Yelan is tilting her head and pushing in a little harder while cupping the side of her neck, the tips of her fingers digging into the warm flesh there. That gets her a low growl from Shenhe followed by sharp teeth sinking down on her bottom lip and the moan she releases is utterly guttural. Her brows knit together as her knees grow weak and Yelan loves this push and pull between them, the struggle for dominance, the promise of something new every time they come together like this. Just two needy souls yearning for each other’s touch. She’s hit with a harsh shudder at a possessive grope of her hip has Yelan pulsing and cunt aching before she’s pulling away with an embarrassing twitch of her body. Shenhe shamelessly stares down at her, eyes full of want and breathing a bit uneven but it sounds like she’s panting in the relative silence of the room.

“Next time…” Yelan lick her lips, feeling how swollen they are from their little make out session. Her hand soon finds the sharp outline of Shenhe’s jaw as she lazily traces her skin with a soft hum.

“Don’t ask me, darling. Do it.”

“Noted,” She murmur raspily, leaning in for another kiss but Yelan easily stops her and giggles at the annoyed look on her face. “What?”

“First of all, we both reek of today’s activity and I will not be laying in that bed with my work clothes. Much less have sex with you while I’m filthy.”

“I’ve seen worst in the mountains.”

“No way! You’re gross!” Yelan laughs harder than before and making Shenhe smile softly at her.

“I’m kidding,” This time when she goes in for a short, sweet kiss, Yelan doesn’t stop her. “You can go first. I’ll wait my turn.”

“You sure know how treat a lady right. Oh!” She bites her lip for a moment, eyes glinting dangerously once more and Shenhe knows she’s up to no good. Her face is hidden amongst the length of her hair as Yelan leans in and right next to her ear, whispering a secret for only her to hear.

“About that thing we wanted to try…”


Chapter Text

The moon sits high and mighty amongst the mostly empty sky trying to peek through the long, flowy curtains and bathing the area in a serene, tranquil glow that threatens to put anyone to sleep. There’s also lamp warmly illuminating the desk nearby and the bed a good distant away, and if it weren’t for her current arrangement Yelan would have made a comment on how romantic the scenery is. She sits at the end of the lavish mattress with her legs crossed and patiently (impatiently) waits on Shenhe to finish up in the bathroom. She figured that the exorcist wouldn’t take long seeing as she’s the type to work quickly, yet here she is anxiously expecting her arrival instead. The letter she’s written for the Tianquan is finished and ready to be delivered first thing tomorrow morning which leaves her feeling rather antsy and unable to stay still.

Yelan fiddles with the string of the silk robe she has on, a beautiful ombre of red and gold like the sunset that bathes over the harbor every day. She wears a façade of confidence though at the silence now begins to suffocate her, mostly in a good way, feeling the excitement simmer in the pits of her stomach along with an ache forming between her legs. Yelan would be lying if she didn’t admit how pent up she’s been lately, from their first heated hook up and to one just yesterday where she’d been hotly bitten and then today with the mini make out session they had only moments ago. Her thighs press together at how much hotter her tummy suddenly gets and it has her biting her lip, tempted to slide her hand down below and take care of herself, but of course she doesn’t. Another minute or two passes by and then finally finally she hears quiet footsteps, looking in the direction of the noise and Yelan nearly forgets how to breathe at the sight before her. 

There stands Shenhe, her hair loose and freely spilling down her shoulders and behind her back, wearing the same-colored robe as her that reaches just shy of mid-thigh. She looks… ethereal, the subtle curves of her body casted under a soft yet sultry like glow and the contrast makes her look beautifully graceful. Yelan doesn’t know what compels her, but when Shenhe takes the next few careful steps in her direction she immediately stands up while holding both of her hands out. By some miracle, her legs don’t buckle under the immense weight of her beauty or gaze as a pair of cool palms easily slip into hers. A perfect fit.

“Oh, darling…” Yelan whispers sweetly, completely in awe from the view in front of her and shamelessly letting her eyes roam over her form. “You look divine.”

Shenhe snorts at that, somehow making the noise sound cute while cracking a small smile. “That’s not a joke, is it?”

“Absolutely not,” Yelan returns the smile all the same before giving her hands a quick squeeze. “I told you that I find you quite attractive.”

“The same can be said to you.”

Then she notices Shenhe biting her lip some and glancing away, and she’s been around her long enough to know that’s a nervous habit of hers. 

“I did what you asked of me,” She says almost shyly, staring down at Yelan with an intense yet anxious gaze. “I hope it is to your liking.”

“Hey, this is for both of us to enjoy. If at any point you feel uncomfortable then we don’t have to continue, Shenhe.”

“True. Although, it’s more of a conflict with myself than anything else.”

At that moment, she chooses to undo the strap of the robe and Yelan holds her breath at the confident move that Shenhe seemingly does so smoothly without a care. Underneath the expensive piece of clothing is the red ropes wrapped carefully around her naked body and she tries not to let her eyes linger on lush, pillowy breasts and the way they look so sweet and soft to the touch, her nipples hard either because of the cold or arousal and she wants to believe in the latter. Yelan admires Shenhe a little longer and how the ropes crisscross over her chest then just beneath her boobs, extending down her stomach to a diamond shape and disappearing behind her back. It’s done similar to one she wears over her outfit, just with a more erotic twist in this scenario as she moves lower and seeing that it’s also wrapped around the junction of her hip and thighs. The seed of desire that’s been steadily festering over time is now at a boiling point as Yelan silently takes in the sight with a very dry throat.

“The red ropes are binded to me in a specific manner,” Shenhe begins before she can voice some more of her appreciation. “But for some reason I find it not… as… strong?”

Yelan looks up at hearing that and tilts of her head some, noticing the faint blush tinting her cheeks which has her entirely intrigued.

“What do you mean?”

“Perhaps it’s because I’m not wearing the earrings and the hair tie that go along with it. So…” She trails off and something new flashes in those cat-like pupils of her eyes and her usually passive stare slowly turns into something more expressive the longer she holds her gaze. 

“My emotions aren’t as muted as before.”

She hums at first, still a taken aback by this new, blooming behavior at the same time she processes her words before Yelan slowly understands the meaning behind her concern. Since the ropes aren’t keeping a hold their usual intense hold on her feelings, she can just imagine the influx of emotions suddenly flooding her as Shenhe tries to distinguish them to the best of her abilities. Although it’s not all of it and only a taste, she can just imagine how scary it still is for someone who’s used to seeing everything as black and white, and now everything is in color. Again, Yelan reassures her with a gentle tug to her hand and catching Shenhe’s iridescent eyes. 

“Really, we don’t have to do this,” She sends her a warm grin trying to uplift the mood. “I’m sure there are other ways that I can command you.”

“I know, but I want this.” 

A soft, breathy laugh is her answer, and she thinks she sees the blush spreading to the tips of her ears. 

“I really do. Whatever you have planned for us I want to continue.”

Maybe it’s because Shenhe mentioned how she isn’t wearing the hair tie of the red ropes or the earrings that’s always on her person, but Yelan notices how much more… expressive she is tonight. In fact, she doesn’t remember seeing the earrings after their little encounter with the treasure hoarders now that she thinks back to it. She’s reminded of the night she had let Shenhe suck on her breasts and paint her skin with an abundance of hickies, remembers hazily that her hair tie had come loose, and she’d seen a glimpse of her true self. The puzzle pieces are all slowly falling into place the more Yelan spends time with Shenhe, understanding the very woman who’s just as much of a mystery as she is. 

The sensation of something snaking around her waist and pulling her closer is what brings her out of her thoughts and eyes widening from the sudden proximity. Yelan’s squeak of surprise is easily muffled by a pair sickeningly, sweet lips, tasting the left-over almond tofu they had ordered earlier before taking turns to the bathroom. Her empty hand now finds its place on the sleeve of her robe and fisting the silky fabric as the other holds tight onto Shenhe’s fingers, trying to keep herself anchored with something. Yelan can’t keep up with the sudden switch of her personality this time around, gasping softly at the feeling of naked breasts rubbing against hers through the front of her robe so temptingly. Another groan bubbles in the back of her throat when she also feels a hot tongue slipping into her mouth, pushing against her and everything is just becoming so increasingly heated and messy.


Yelan hisses a curse under her breath, breaking away in hopes to slow things down but Shenhe goes for her neck instead. Her teeth sink into the bruised flesh of her bottom lip, and she can’t stop a needy moan from escaping and filling the air as she all but melts into her arm. 

“Eager, aren’t we?” An overwhelmed giggle comes out of her before it turns into a quiet whimper. “Y-You continue to take me by surprise.”

“You said I don’t have to ask for a kiss.” Shenhe simply murmurs against the side of her neck which she’d been lazily tracing with her tongue. 

“Shen- mmpf!

And again, Yelan is cut off by her, her entire face heating up from another distracting kiss. Her mind can’t keep up with her body or her surroundings, just letting Shenhe take more and more from her. She’s pushing harder against her lips and causing them both to stumble backwards before the back of her knees hit the edge of the lush mattress and sending them both falling. Their kiss is interrupted by the sudden movement with a lewd pop that has her ears ringing, but then Shenhe is leaning down while settling between Yelan’s thighs and things are really heating up now. Both of her hands find her broad shoulders and weakly holding onto them, feeling the red ropes underneath her fingers and realizing how arousing their position is. Her robe must have slipped down her body some during their little crash because Yelan can feel the raw warmth of Shenhe’s chest against hers and the contact has her whining louder than ever before, squeezing her thighs on either side of her waist. She’s unbelievably turned on, probably the most she has been in a while, and although she’d love to just jump into things they need to slow down first.


Yelan tries to call out her name again, this time pinching the exorcist and earning a noncommittal grunt against her lips. When that doesn’t work, she decides to push at her shoulder with an even amount of strength and that’s enough to successfully stop her. 


“Yes?” She answers impatiently, breathing having gone ragged and voice dangerously raspy. It almost breaks Yelan again as she shivers from the delicious rumble of her tone, but she holds on strong. 

“You’re getting way too ahead of us, sweetheart,” She sounds embarrassingly shaky and reminded by the ache at her center more than ever before. “I thought you wanted me to take the lead?”

“I do…”

“So then what’s the rush?”

“I’m sorry,” Shenhe murmurs an apology and Yelan can hear the guilt in her tone as she nods. “You’re right. I don’t know what came over me, perhaps I got too excited.”

“You did and although I like the enthusiasm, there’s no need to move so fast,” She smirks right after those words leave her lips before tapping at the red ropes near her hand. “I asked you to wear it like this for a reason.”

“And that is?...”

There’s a light pressure on her body and sees that Yelan is wordlessly asking her to lean back. Shenhe reluctantly complies while settling onto her hunches and this time, she’s the one speechless as she watches her undo the knot of her robe and…

There’s a lot of skin, like a lot, shamelessly soaking up the breathtaking sight below her and although she’s already seen her boobs, the same couldn’t be said for the rest of her body which she takes her time to admire. Her skin is adorned with a few more randomly placed moles that makes her look even prettier and Shenhe is hit with the sudden urge to kiss each and every one of them. Of course, she knows Yelan is a very beautiful woman, yet the fact hits her harder as she takes in the disheveled appearance of short, black and blue hair splayed out on the pillow, her spit-slick swollen lips and hard nipples begging to be touched already. Her gaze drops lower and lower, memorizing the curvy shape of her exposed waist and hips, and she- she sees something glistening between her legs and it reminds Shenhe of the wetness she found at the same spot for herself. Why does the air around her suddenly feels hotter than before? Does she still have her red ropes on?

Right. She isn’t wearing the full set which explains why she’s acting a bit more careless than usual, letting her instincts go wild and throwing any last of her rationality out the window. The voice in the back of her head is screaming at her to snap out of this addictive haze that’s got her by the neck, except she wants to fall into, wants to become a victim to her desires in the same way Yelan had ignited that fire during their encounter earlier. That excited look in her eyes and deranged smile, call her crazy but Shenhe loved every second of it, the way she’d brush against her and whisper the simplest of command- gods. She groans right then and there, still relentlessly eye fucking Yelan’s body and feeling like an absolute animal who drools at the sight of their favorite piece of meat. Okay, maybe she should have used more of the red ropes because her emotions are starting to get out of hand. 

“Enjoying the view?” 

Shenhe hastily lifts her head at the sultry tone, realizing that she’d been staring the entire time while Yelan had watched her with dizzying amusement. She all but purrs those words and for some reason it sends a shiver down her spine. 

“Did your little stories feature anything about naked women?”

“Actually, it did…” Shenhe mumbles the reply, keeping herself steady with both palms on the bed behind her. “Now I can fully grasp as to why the characters were so enamored with one another.”

“Do tell,” Yelan bites her lip then and god is it hot. “I like receiving a little bit of praise.”

“I feel as if you’re searching for compliments now.”

“From you? Always.”

She sucks in a sharp breath, fisting the sheets under her hand and Shenhe feels like her skin has been set aflame. 

“How are you…” Then she’s stuttering on a trembling sigh with a shake of her head and staring down at alluring green eyes. “How are you so good with your words?”

“A bit of practice is all,” Yelan lifts herself onto an elbow, smirk holding something dangerous and her gaze turning seductively half lidded. 

“Now, be a dear and kneel for me at the foot of the bed.”

The order shoots something hot down her spine as Shenhe sends her a stiff nod before doing as she’s told. She maneuvers herself up and onto the floor, feeling the way the red ropes pleasantly dig into her skin and eventually finding herself on her knees and- oh. Yelan scoots herself to the edge with her legs slightly spread and Shenhe is face to face with her most private area. She swallows hard enough that it would hurt as she can clearly see just how wet she is compared to brief glimpse she was able to catch. It makes her tummy feel all warm and weird, her own pussy starting to pulse with a familiar ache and Shenhe wills herself to stay still which Yelan doesn’t miss at the attempt.

“Are you comfortable, sweetheart?” 

Her voice is soft and lilting, emerald eyes gazing deep into hers. She soon realizes that she must keep her head up from this position and the obvious power imbalance only adds more fuel to the flames of her desires. 

“Do you want a pillow?”

“I’m alright,” Her hands twitch from where they rest on her own thighs before Shenhe licks her drying lips. “What are we to do next?”

The other woman smirks some more at the question and answers it by holding her palm out.

“Give me your hands.”

At the new command, Shenhe looks at her a little strangely but follows it regardless. What she doesn’t expect Yelan to do is place her slightly larger palms against the surface of her thighs and dangerously high up at that too. She must have noticed the mild look of panic in her eyes because she instantly soothes her worry with a soft voice and a comforting rub of her thumb over her knuckles.

“Is this okay?” Despite the heavy blush on Yelan’s face and the breathiness of her tone, she makes sure to check in with Shenhe in between these little moments. “Or am I going too far?”

“Yes. Wasn’t expecting it.” She murmurs lowly and Yelan giggles from the strained response. 

“Hmm, I can see that. Now…”

An air of dominance surrounds Yelan, cool and collected, directing a new confident smile towards her before she’s leaning in tauntingly close and placing a single finger under her chin. She’s slowly tilting her head up and Shenhe sees hazy eyes staring down at her, full of blatant lust and want, and she can’t help but tighten her grip on those plump thighs. 

“I’m going to establish a safe word for us, something you can say that will immediately stop everything that we are doing. Understand?”

“Yes,” She licks her lips trying so hard not to be distracted by the sight of Shenhe on her knees and clinging onto each of her words as she nods. “I understand.”

“We’ll use… orchid,” Yelan lazily traces the outline of her jaw, and the touch has Shenhe inhaling sharply. “Again, you say that at any point you feel uncomfortable or if I’ve caused you pain. Ready to begin?”


And that’s how it starts. In the highest room of the Wangshu Inn, far away from any disturbances and in the comfort of their privacy, just two desperate souls seeking for relief- for attention

Yelan lets her hand wander to Shenhe’s naked chest, lingering around her collar bone where she lightly pushes her back onto her hunches like how she was earlier and instead this time she’s on the floor. She notes that she quite likes this view, her long white hair perfectly surrounding her body and adding this soft yet feral glow that she’s starting to enjoy more and more. The robe haphazardly hangs onto her strong frame, hiding some of her curves and rippling muscles but not the obvious evidence of her arousal down below and Yelan just likes everything she sees. Although she doesn’t have the best stamina record, she knows Shenhe certainly does, and of course plans on taking advantage of that breathtaking strength of hers. 

“Come a little closer, darling.” Yelan says smoothly, easily luring her in with the enticing melody of her voice.

She listens and when Shenhe’s shoulder brushes one of her knees, she doesn’t waste time on spreading her legs a bit more and causing them to blush for different reasons. Yelan knows how embarrassingly wet she is right now, can even feel some of it on her thigh and staining the sheets underneath her. It’s been days since the last time she had an orgasm or any kind of relief for that matter and saying that she’s pent up is a complete understatement. She hasn’t touched herself since the first night Yelan had brought Shenhe to the second floor of the Yangshang Teahouse where she shamelessly made herself come twice after the exorcist had left. Now, here she is finally about to take care of herself for the first time in what feels like forever, and Yelan practically moans from pure excitement. Having Shenhe right there, watching her, the thought of it has her squeezing her thighs and seeking relief, and forgetting that she’s in the way…

The other woman growls lowly at the subconscious move and digs her fingers harder into the soft flesh under the palms of her hands. Shenhe isn’t faring any better, daring to say that she’s in a much more torturous position between the two of them. Her minds wander back to when Yelan had teased her about a “tend to my desires” follow by the next line of “would you watch me then?” and honestly, Shenhe felt the last of her sanity almost break during that very moment. She exhales rather shakily when the cloudy haze seems to intensify the longer she stares at lithe fingers skirting along the expanse of a smooth, lean tummy before retreating. Yelan is teasing her with a taste of a show, that much Shenhe can tell, as she suffers in silent anticipation and barely contained self-control. She looks up in time to see her grab a handful of her boob, letting a thumb skim over her perky nipple and hearing the airy sigh that comes out of Yelan.

“Today’s your first official lesson, my dear,” Her smile sends a painful heat to her own center, especially when she also bites her lip. “You’re going to be a good, little disciple and listen to everything that I tell you.”

Shenhe swallows harshly around a dry throat, her tongue suddenly feeling heavy and mouth full of cotton at the implications of those alluring words. 

“I’m going to touch myself right… down… here.”

She taps the space just below her belly button before hooking a leg over her shoulder and bringing her that much closer that has Shenhe stifling a groan at the way Yelan continues to play with her while she simply giggles.

“You are to watch me the entire time and see how a woman truly pleasures herself,” Yelan keeps talking in that same perfectly husky tone of hers and putting Shenhe in a trance. 

“But… I don’t want you squirming around and losing that patience of yours you’re so often fighting against. Think you can handle it?”

“Yes…” She mumbles her reply, entirely enraptured with how effortlessly sensual Yelan sounds and easily carrying an air smugness. Bringing her gaze by to her face, Shenhe sends her a slow, unsteady nod. “Yes, I can.”

“Good girl.”

The simple praise has her reeling in flustered confusion while Yelan simply smiles at her. She settles a bit more comfortably while trying her best to ignore that painful ache between her own legs and willing her twitching hands to sit still on Yelan’s thighs. This sort of self-control should be easy for Shenhe considering her training routine and skillfully repressing her urges, but this?... this is something entirely new. She slowly drags her gaze down lower and lower and- archons, her eyes trace over the pretty swell of her clit that’s so terribly swollen, begging for attention, and the sight is entirely too erotic for her own good. Of course, Yelan catches her shamelessly staring as always and indulges her by slipping one of her hands into her line of sight as the tips of her fingers skim over her lips and accidentally grazing the sensitive bud. A quiet gasp reaches her ear and Shenhe wants to ask if she’s okay, if something is wrong, but instead she sees the way Yelan’s eyes have grown seductively half-lidded and brows knitting together ever so slightly and that really turns her on.

She carefully rubs herself in slow, teasing circles and Shenhe watches completely entranced by the show before her, memorizing every little her reaction of hers. If Yelan goes a little lower that has her biting back a barely contained moan, if she presses fingers down that gets her a jerky twitch of her hips, if she straightens them and spreads those rosy, puffed-up lips then she can see the lewd twitch of her entrance and the source of her wetness. The last observation has Shenhe roughly swallowing around a very dry throat along with a harsh shiver running down her spine and straight to her own. She doesn’t realize she’s squirming slightly until the heel of a foot digs into her back and Shenhe hisses under her breath as she looks up and her whole body goes still. A rush of blood fills her cheeks at seeing that Yelan had never stopped watching her, smirk ever so present on her face with a light sheen of sweat already coating her skin, the silky robe threatening to slide down one of her shoulders and she swears she looks exactly like a goddess.

“Like what you’re seeing so far?”

She’s still touching herself while letting the question hang in the air as Shenhe sits there on the floor, motionless, saved for the tight grip she has on her legs. This time she doesn’t hide the needy groan from Yelan as she tilts her head and bunches her brows together in both annoyance and painful want.

“How can I not?” She counters back with her own question, a growl lingering towards the end and the sound pulls another pretty moan from Yelan. “I don’t know whether I should find this as torture or entertainment…”

“Pick your poison, charmer.” Another nickname added to the list, another growl leaves her lips.

“Maybe I should teach you a lesson for the way you speak so carelessly.”


She snaps her attention back onto Yelan’s face at hearing a louder, throatier moan and her hand having picked up the pace and… had she liked what she said?

“It seems this comes more naturally than you think,” Her laugh is a bit raspier than usual as Yelan cocks her head to the side. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Apologies, blame it on the lack of some of my ropes today.”

Shenhe murmurs with a light squeeze to her thighs, suddenly feeling a bit guilty as she looks away for a second and mentally cringes to herself for uttering such a bold sentence. Usually, she wouldn’t feel such shame but for some reason she does around Yelan and- oh. Another abrupt realization hits her again and honestly, she wishes nothing more than to hide away because of course since she isn’t wearing the entire set of the adepti red ropes her emotions are getting the best of her and soon enough she won’t be able to make the right decisions. The crimson material unpleasantly rubs against her skin like a reminder that’s mocking her for her lack of human understanding and self-control, feeling almost feral with the way she must willingly calm herself down. She dares to hold Yelan’s gaze who watches her with a dizzyingly smug smirk, exhaling a breathy laugh of amusement.

“Is that the excuse you tell other women?”

“None of them quite get under my skin like you.”

“Don’t I feel special,” She bites her lip while shamelessly spreading her legs further and subtly rolling her hips towards Shenhe. 

“K-Keep talking to me like that.”

Shenhe closes her eyes with a shaky sigh and stomach twisting up in pleasurable knots. Damn this woman, damn her, for being so easily persuaded by those tempting words as she opens her eyes and feeling the air knocked out of her lungs. Yelan is touching herself a little faster, panting just a tad harder, can feel the slight tremors running down her legs and tickling Shenhe’s shoulders. The heel of her foot digs into her spine and pulling her that much closer and swallowing agonizingly hard because gods she can smell Yelan’s arousal, how much she wants her, and the scent is addicting. Shenhe brings her attention back to her glistening cunt as the faint, slick noises of her movements seem to have grown louder, making her ears ring and face grow impossibly warm. The scene before is debauched, making her feel a sort of carnal desire that makes her no better than some starved animal out in the woods. There’s the need to claim- to taste, and Shenhe wouldn’t even know what to do but she wants to try anyways, let her instincts guide her on the best way to please Yelan.

Shit, right, she was supposed to be talking to her right now. Her eyes drag along the soft surface of her thighs that’s resting on either of her shoulders and she thinks perhaps another change of position is required. She’s holding her at a somewhat awkward angle now which has her straining her wrists uncomfortably, so Shenhe slides them off, huffing an amused laugh at the way Yelan actually whines from the loss of contact. She likes this game of powerplay they have between them and the smooth exchange of control that comes with it that she’s starting to like a lot more. Her hands move along the outside of her thighs before they’re inching up higher and snaking past her ass and easily settling on her hips as her thumbs rest near her tummy. Shenhe just holds her there in place while biting her lip some, seeing how far they’ve taken things tonight as she lightly caresses her sides with another brief glance to her center and then to Yelan. 

“How do you usually touch yourself?”

She sounds out of breath, like she just came back from a run and carefully watches her reaction. What Shenhe gets is a pleasant twitch of her body as Yelan slows down the movement of her hand some at the same time she leans back on the other. She seems to have liked the question given by the glint of excitement that flashes through her emerald eyes followed by a rather shaky sigh.


Yelan begins at the same time she’s lazily tracing her clit and somehow maintain a steady, husky tone.

“It’s nice to just get a feel of things… get yourself ready and enjoy the ride before jumping right in.”

“Do you always do that?” Shenhe’s interest and attention on her has her itching for more, especially when she casually rests the side of her face against her thigh and feeling how warm she is. “Foreplay, I mean.”

“Hmm… not always. Sometimes I want to enjoy that build up that leaves me oh so weak, and others… something quick and rough.”

She doesn’t miss the implications of her words this time around as her eyes widen slightly and Yelan giggles at the sight.

“I can tell…”

“And then on occasions I’d use a toy when my own two hands aren’t enough.”


Oh, Yelan revels in the fact that Shenhe’s knowledge of sex is entirely limited and close to nothing. Something about being the one to teach her the joys and pleasures that she gets to experience herself just adds more fuel to the flames of her desires. She bites her lip at the innocent look of confusion Shenhe wears, and with the red ropes accentuating the curves of her body and the swell of her breasts it makes Yelan incredibly horny. She flicks her wrist a little harder, a quiet gasp filling the air when her clit twitches at a particularly perfect rub of her fingertips that brings her that much closer.

“M-Mhmm…” She hums around a moan before swallowing roughly and peering down at Shenhe. “Remember when you told me you didn’t have the correct anatomy the first night we were together?”

“Yes…” She replies quietly, becoming even more confused at the question while Yelan simply laughs at the gradually building pressure inside of her sensitive walls.

“Well, we can simulate that with the use of adult toys.”

Adult toys? If what Yelan says is true, which she knows it is, then… how is it possible? How could she satisfy in the same traditional way a man would to another woman? But then Shenhe puts some of the pieces together, the gears in her head working overtime as her mind wanders back to one of the erotic novels she’s read. There was the description of a dildo and a strap on, and she had no idea at the time on how to picture the visual despite the book’s detailed writing. Yet now, as the realization dawns over her and Shenhe freezes in silent understanding, she can see the image better. Her above Yelan. Her behind Yelan. 

Yelan Yelan Yelan-

“I could show you how to use a strap,” Comes that devilish voice like she could read her mind and seeing green eyes heady with lust. “And fuck me the same way a man does.”

This time, Shenhe moans, a sound so high-pitched and delicious gravelly altogether. It’s the first time she’s ever made a sound like that and the first time Yelan has ever heard it from her as well given by the obvious hitched in her throat.

“I only have a basic idea on how to use it, but…” She gives her a jerky nod before licking her lips, looking up at her. “I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.”

“Oh, Shenhe…”

Her head lolls to the side as her brows knit together so tightly and the ache is bordering close to pain rather than pleasure for Yelan. Fuck the foreplay, she wants to be ravaged by Shenhe and turned into a whimpering, panting mess of her own moans and loud cries. She can feel how embarrassingly wet she is from the way it coats her fingers and the decent size stain forming on the sheets and coupled with fact that she can see all of this… Yelan breathes in sharply at their position once more, puffs of warm air tickling the insides of her thigh and the tight yet loose grip of her hands around her waist, she doesn’t hesitate to lean into her touch. Her fingers dig into her lower back, and she loves the sensation, loves how it sends another pulse and clenching around nothing which Shenhe sees.

“You make me feel so good, baby.”

Another pet name, and Yelan blushes at the word while Shenhe just gazes at her, iridescent eyes full of want and wonder. She circles her clit a few more times before she keens with a whine from the heat slowly crawling up her spine and making her feel unbelievably hot. She blinks through the haze a few times and notices her hesitating for a moment, like she wants to do something, and before Yelan can ask she’s already beat her to the punch by saying-

“Would it hurt if I bit you here?”

“It would…”

“But you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

And fuck Yelan really can’t keep quiet any longer as an obscenely loud moan fills the air and her skin flushes at the terribly pornographic sound.

“I-I…” She tries to maintain a smug tone as she smirks some with an airy laugh. “I thought you already knew this, darling?”

“Care to refresh my memory.”

“You know I always do,” Yelan tilts her head to the side, mewling softly while keeping her eyes on Shenhe. 

“Go ahead. Make a mess of me again.”

The words this woman whispers should be considered a crime or even worse, a sin. Shenhe stutters on a quiet chuckle before turning her head and hiding her face against the flushed skin next to her. She experiences a sort of rush as she presses in a little more, soft lips brushing over the tender area and that gets her a pretty twitch of her legs, hips jerking forward some. She can tell that Yelan must be very sensitive here, can feel it from the way she’s trembling nonstop and how the movement of her hand has sped up some. Shenhe wishes she could keep watching her- she really does- but she forces her eyes shut and puts her attention on the shaking thigh right under her mouth. Hot. It feels too overwhelmingly hot kneeling between her legs to the point that it’s almost suffocating, a bead of sweat rolling down her neck and breathing have gone uneven, but Shenhe doesn’t care one bit. 

As for Yelan… well, she isn’t faring any better. She’s biting her lip painfully hard, and the faint taste of blood threatens to fill her mouth as she takes in the view of Shenhe peppering feathery like kisses along her flushed skin. The small sensation alone is enough to have her choking on a moan and Yelan realizes belatedly that she’s only just began, she hasn’t even used her tongue or teeth yet. One of her strong arms hook right under her leg, firmly holding her in place before Shenhe lazily drags her tongue against the blushing surface of her thigh. She whimpers with a needy jump of her hips that has her grinding against her own fingers, smearing more of her wetness all over her palms and further ruining the sheets. They soon find a rhythm together, with Yelan incessantly rocking into her hand and Shenhe continuing to map the rest of her thigh with her lips and is it a feeling.

She kisses her skin once then twice before messily suckling on the sensitive area, not caring that she’s practically salivating all over Yelan and letting the drool roll down her trembling leg. She should consider the sight downright filthy, but it’s the kind of filthy that has her groaning loudly and pressing harder into both Shenhe’s hot mouth while dipping her hand a bit lower. Another throaty moan spills out of Yelan when she teases her entrance and almost slips in with how wet she is. She’s shaking much more than before that it causes Shenhe to look over at her but never stopping her work, instead sucking at her thigh a little harsher just as she slides two fingers right into herself- knuckle deep. Her eyes roll back some, arching upwards and almost off the bed were it not for the arm locked onto her leg and hand tightening around her hips. She feels a light pressure just below her tummy and Yelan can’t help but lean back onto her palm and into Shenhe’s firm grasp, pressing down perfectly just as she crooks her fingers and hitting the right spot inside.

The moan that spills out of her is much throatier and raspier from the overwhelming pleasure that suddenly hits Yelan. She whimpers softly when Shenhe tightens her hold, thumb digging harder into her skin and spurring her on as she picks up the pace, feeling how the mess dripping down to her wrist. It’s simultaneously all too much while also not being enough for her, and Shenhe must have known that, because right when she looks down, she catches sight of those dangerous fangs until she’s feeling them. Yelan curses under her breath before she’s mewling weakly when they nip at her thighs carefully at first, still testing out uncharted territories and her heart spikes up in anticipation as she pushes into Shenhe’s mouth desperately. Yelan wants more- needs more, she wants a taste of that pain like last time and the way it had her embarrassingly close so fast. She watches her, bruised lip caught between her teeth as she stares down at her dizzily and hating the way she’s still so careful.

Shenhe…” Yelan husks her name out with a warning, dark sunset eyes flickering towards her, and she swallows harshly with an annoyed quirk of her brow.

“Hurry… do not make me beg…”

“And I thought I was the impatient one.”

“Shut up…”

Her reply is a quiet chuckle from Shenhe before she smooths her tongue over her thigh and giving her hip an appreciative squeeze. For what reason? Yelan doesn’t know, but she finds the small display of affection enjoyable, face heating up with a blush along with the subtle hitch in her throat. She withdraws her fingers from inside herself, whimpering slightly at the emptiness that follows but the pressure hasn’t died down one bit as she goes back to circling her clit. True to her words, Shenhe does hurry as Yelan gasps at the sudden bite that has her jerking in surprise from both pain and excitement. Yes. Finally. She grinds harder against her hand while shamelessly scooting closer and the coil tightens just a bit more that she wants to cry, especially with how sensitive her clit is getting and the emptiness that’s starting to hurt her. Yelan would do anything for Shenhe to finger her right now, pin her against the bed and continue to fuck her until she’s a sobbing, panting mess of her name. Her eyes have become glassy with unshed tears as she swallows back a needy whine, her wrist is already starting to ache and she’s nowhere near satisfied yet.

Her eyes widened and then Yelan is practically choking on a gasp when Shenhe bites harder, pain shooting up her body and bucking her hips from the overwhelming sensation. She’s saying something and the only way she knows how is because she feels the vibrations of on her skin, can barely make out the low timbre of her voice from between her legs but she catches onto a few of her words. “I’m going to bite you again…”, and hearing that has Yelan exhaling shakily as her thigh threaten to close together on either side of Shenhe’s head who effortlessly keeps them open with a quiet growl. That’s exactly what she needs to hear, that aggressiveness in her tone, because as much as she loves to be in control fuck is it even better when someone else takes it from her. Her jaw goes slack when she moves a little higher and Yelan can see some of the hickies she’s left behind before she’s turning her focus to where Shenhe is now tracing an unblemished area of her skin. Her heart is pounding so hard against her chest as she continues to rub her clit and trying to bring herself even closer- she can taste it, the familiar hotness washing over her body and threatening to set her aflame.

Her wrist continues to ache, but she doesn’t care with how her chest constricts and stomach feeling hotter than ever before. A few strands of her hair sticks to her forehead and temple as Yelan rolls her hips against her fingers tips and feeling how much more of a mess she’s making. Oh, how she loves it all the same knowing that Shenhe can probably smell just how turned on she is now that she’s closer and it sends a harsh shudder down her spine. She chews on her bottom lip when she kisses her thigh once, then twice, making Yelan gasp from the feathery sensation and she can see how red Shenhe’s cheeks are. She’s barely getting enough air into her lungs as the pressures builds some more and has her grinding erratically, hand starting to hurt even more and she’s- she’s right there. Never has she ever been this desperate in her life but it’s just something about Shenhe and the way she has her yearning for her touch, for everything that she can give her. There’s squeeze to her hips and tummy and Yelan blinks down to see Shenhe running her tongue along her thigh with a just as lustful expression.

“You’re so tense…”

Yelan almost curses at her but all she does is whimper. How is she going to tell Shenhe it’s because she’s so so close and just teetering on the edge of bliss? How can she explain the trembling in her legs and loud moans of pleasure is because of her and how she’s already about to come? She nods with an overwhelmed laugh that soon turns into a groan as Yelan whines out of embarrassment.

“I’m- you-” She shakes her head as a throatier moan slip past her lips, trying but failing to hold her observant gaze. “Shenhe, I am so c-close that I could cry right now.”

“Close?” A look of confusion passes through her face at the word and Yelan really doesn’t have the time to explain yet Shenhe seems to like making her suffer.

“Close how?”

Shenhe… oh my- fuck I can’t-”

“Can’t what?”

Yelan squeaks at feeling a sharp nip, eyes widening some and her heart almost stop from the expression Shenhe wears. She looks devilishly smug, a small smile tugging at her lips before she’s pulling Yelan closer by her hips and then it dawns on her.

She was playing with her all along.

“Shenhe…” She drags her name out with a frustrated whine as her brows bunch up together and somewhat glaring down at the disciple. “You- ah- you know what you’re doing to me…”


Then she’s sucking another pretty hickey on her leg and Yelan finds that she likes being marked up like this from the shaky sigh she releases. The teasing is not an unwelcomed surprise, she just hadn’t expected for Shenhe to be as mischievous as her during sex but then again all of the ropes aren’t exactly on her. Yelan doesn’t dwell on her thoughts for long before another quick bite has her cunt squeezing and clit twitching in delight, bringing her much closer with a sharper moan.

“I’ve realized that I enjoy watching you squirm,” Shenhe murmurs lowly and Yelan almost doesn’t catch it from the way she presses harder into her thigh, fingers digging into her skin and as her grip tightens and she forgets how to breathe for a moment.

“You look so pretty like this, Yelan.”

And that’s all it takes.

She breaks with a pretty, high-pitched moan at the same time Shenhe sinks her teeth into her thigh hard enough to pierce her skin and draw a heavy bead of blood. Oh that pain, it’s unlike anything Yelan has ever felt as she shoulders tense up, back arching up and grinding her puffy center against her drenched fingers. It hurts so good, all she can think about is the raw pleasure filling her body to the point that it’s overstimulating her, eyes rolling back some and she can feel the vibrations of Shenhe’s groans so close to her center. Somehow it gets even better when she messily sucks on the bite mark and through the daze Yelan can see the pink of her tongue soothing the pain away before she catches her eyes and that pushes her more. She didn’t even realize she’s mumbling under her breath until she feels how her stomach drops into a pool of heat with another swipe of her fingers and guttural groan forms in the back of her throat.

“Oh, f-fuck, Shenhe I’m going to- I’m-

Then the rest of her words turn into an incoherent mess of moans and whimpers as Yelan comes hard, waves and waves of pure ecstasy shooting up her spine. Her legs continue to tremble and quake at the same time her hips jerk forward, and the pleasure just won’t stop. She bites down hard on her bottom lip, brows knitting together so tightly and her clit twitching nonstop under her fingertips. And Shenhe- fuck- she’s still eagerly licking at the bruising mark she’s left behind with her tongue as Yelan rides out the rest of her orgasm. She doesn’t dare look at her because she knows she’ll just spiral even further and with how hard she came, Yelan doesn’t know if she could handle that right now. Her sensitive walls continue to clench around nothing, and she really wished Shenhe had been inside her so she could feel just how good she made her, but that’ll be for another time.

Yelan releases a shuddering sigh as she retracts her hand, still shaking all over as she tries to catch her breath. She’s completely blissed out and limbs feeling delectably warm, opening her eyes once more to see Shenhe slowly leaning away and not missing the mess she’d perfectly left behind. Her leg is a mess of reds and purples, a beautiful yet agonizing constellation of hickies that’ll be so fun to watch it heal over time. Yelan gasps for air one last time before Shenhe’s sharp eyes locks onto her and she shamelessly groans at the look of barely restrained lust in those iridescent eyes. Granted, she’s not as much as a mess as she is, but her pale hair is equally as disheveled with a pretty flush to her skin. She’s still very much aroused from how hard her nipples are and the way she’s subtly shifting her weight, causing the red ropes to dig deeper into her skin. She’s yanked out of her pleasure addled mind by a gentle squeeze around her waist and blinks to see Shenhe gazing up at her with both worry and want, more of the former.

“Are you alright?”

She whispers the question softly and the sweet lilt of her voice threatens to put her to sleep. Yelan just smiles at her lazily while placing her own hand on top of hers.

“You just gave me one of the best orgasms of my life,” She drawls out with a tilt of her head and a quirk of her brow. “I think I’m more than alright, darling.”

“I’m glad to see I held up to your expectations.”

She licks her lip and glances at something off to the side before returning her attention to Yelan, and she knows she’s about to confess something.

“Also… hmm, you’re…” Shenhe fumbles over her words and despite having just came, she’s already feeling for another round as Yelan waits for her to finish that sentence.

“You’re good at this.”

Her heart skips a beat at the praise, and she ignores it, instead focusing on the slightly flustered woman before her.

“Yeah? You think so?”

She instantly nods at her, throat bobbing some at the way she swallows so hard that it looks like it hurt before Shenhe is squeezing her hand again. A little harder this time around.

“I’m not usually one to talk much, but you? Yelan…”

Shenhe shakes her head with this small goofy smile on her face and dear god it makes her feel so many things- too many things. She bites her lip while she’s scooting back some, tugging her arm and Shenhe wordlessly follows, somehow moving perfectly despite the heaviness in her breathing.

“There’s so much I want to say about you.”


She sighs her name softly as the exorcist words does something to her tummy, twisting up into knots and fluttering with those familiar cliché butterflies. Her cheeks are dusted with the faintest of red as Shenhe settles between her legs on the mattress and soon enough her back meets the cool surface of the sheets. She must tell her that she can’t just say things like that, things that could complicate their relationship and lead into something more, but Yelan doesn’t have the heart to say it. Not now, not when Shenhe’s thigh grazes over her sensitive cunt and reigniting the flame in her tummy once more. She gasps from the contact, hands falling onto her shoulders and feeling the other woman’s wetness on her own leg as she stares down at her.

“You’re saying some rather dangerous things, my dear…” Yelan whispers softly while Shenhe only hums.

“I’m just being honest, is that so bad?”

“Not in particularly.”

“Now that I’ve seen how a woman touches herself, I can make a sort of comparison,” She muses on quietly before dipping down and hovering over her swollen lips, and the closeness has Yelan feeling dizzy.

“The novels had described it in great details but it’s not the same as experiencing it in person. You know you couldn’t stop moaning?”

She scoffs at that as Shenhe chuckles before raising a careful brow at her.

“Are you saying I’m loud during sex?”

“I am actually,” The distance closes between them for a chaste kiss and then Shenhe’s holding her gaze once more. “It’s not bad, I found my body’s reaction to this very interesting.”

“Were they positive reactions?” Now she turns the question onto her as Yelan idly caresses her biceps.

“Like I said, although it was quite nice to get some firsthand experience and see what I’ve been missing out…” Shenhe trails off with a sharp intake of air. “It did leave me a bit overwhelmed, and perhaps scared.”

“You know we could have stopped at any point with the safe word.” Her brows knit together out of worry as she squeezes her arm. “I told you.”

“And I told you the issue is more with myself. Internally, mentally… however you want to describe it.”

She lets some of her weight settle onto Yelan and accidentally grinding into her, or maybe it wasn’t an accident from the hooded look on her face.

“This, all of this- it feels… good. Too good, I’m afraid. The feeling is the same from when I first came down to Liyue Harbor and how I was restraining myself from overindulging in human food by taking a few bite of each dish.”

“Because then you’ll want more?”

Shenhe seems to hesitate with her answer, leaning back a little and Yelan can see the conflict clear on her face. Everything was going swell until now and she wonders why, but deep down, she knows. The way Shenhe had been staring at her with obvious lust and admiration, the way she continues to check up on her and their constant use of communication. It all feels too familiar from something of the past and Yelan wants to believe that some of that fear has transferred into her. There’s lapse of silence, one that doesn’t feel uncomfortably but instead heavy with unspoken words and Yelan almost says something, almost proposes a plan they both wouldn’t like. Except she doesn’t and ends up holding her tongue as Shenhe is the first to speak.

“Yes,” She admits hastily, quietly, like she’s ashamed of the confession while biting her lip. “If I’m behaving like this without a few of my ropes… how would I be without any of them?”

“This doesn’t have to be something you figure out on your own, Shenhe.”

Fuck. She has no idea where this is coming from as Yelan is not one for word vomit and even worst without a plan, but the truth is… she can sympathize with her. It’s clear as day that their personalities couldn’t be any more different, but one quality they both share is their loneliness. The sacrifice of others in their lives, the constant feeling of never fitting in with the rest and never really developing any true connections with people and look what that has turned them. One isolated from the rest of society and another abandoned by those very same people, they couldn’t have been more alike in that aspect.

“Do you mean that?”

Shenhe looks at her with innocent confusion and despite not saying much else, her eyes show how vulnerable she is.

“You said you trust me, right?” Yelan whispers softly and that gets her a nod as she smiles. “Then trust me when I say that, and in time, I’ll do the same.”

“In trusting me?”

“Of course.”

“These feelings are… strange,” Shenhe exhales heavily before hiding her face against her neck and that only makes Yelan smile harder with a laugh. “Being human is so tiring.”

“Hmm, you’re telling me.”

She taps her shoulder to get her attention which Shenhe does by pulls back and meeting her gaze again. Yelan slides a hand up and cups one of her cheeks because as much as she wants to ignore the fire at her center, she just can’t with the way Shenhe is still pinning her down.

“So, does that mean we’re done for the night? I know these conversations could be a sort of mood killer.”

“On the contrary,” She replies smoothly while leaning into her touch and those sunset eyes darkening with a familiar air. “I want you even more.”

“Yeah?” She says breathlessly already, biting her lip as Yelan rolls her hips and rubbing her still very sensitive clit against her thigh, seeing Shenhe glance down between their legs and then back to her.

“Tell me what else we can do, Yelan.”

“You can grind on me,” She throws her arms over her broad shoulders with an airy sigh and blush returning full force. “In this position.”

“You’ll guide me as always?”

“When have I ever let you down, sweetheart.”

“When you stole my food from me.”

“That was one time!” Yelan giggles quietly while Shenhe cracks a small smile, and everything just feels so right, even during sex. “Looks like I’ll have to make it up to you.”

“I can think of a few ways.”


She cards a hand through the silk of her hair and giving it a gentle tug, their lips almost touching, and she spares her one last glance along with a knowing smile.

“I hope this one is your favorite…”

And then they kiss. A slow, passionate kind that unlike all the other ones they’ve shared before. Yelan lightly scratches her nails against her scalp with a slight tilt if her head and she’s rewarded with a pleased hum from Shenhe. The robe she wears has pooled around her elbows, completely exposing her chest that’s now pressed firmly against Yelan’s. She can feel the pebbled softness of her nipples rubbing her own and the sensation sends a shiver down her spine and pinning her harder against the bed. She easily swallows up her surprised gasp before Shenhe slowly runs the length of her tongue along her bottom lip and the moan she gets is guttural. The hand in her hair travels down to her nape where it lazily caresses the cool skin there while the other lays on her hip, just holding her there.

They make out a little longer and Shenhe savors the feel and taste of Yelan as her mind wanders off. She thinks back to the desperate movement of her fingers and the expression of pure want she worn, the way she wouldn’t stop moaning and chanting her name. It was all too good. And Shenhe is afraid to admit that she’s starting to grow an addiction for the other woman already because no matter how much she tries to reason with herself, right now during this very moment, she can’t find the desire to pull away. Was this what she was missing out the whole time? If so, Shenhe doesn’t want it to end. Especially when she sees dazed, hooded green eyes dizzily gazing up at her and swollen lips shining under the warm lighting of their room. She exhales heavily since archons- Yelan is quite the sight.

Shenhe groans lowly at feeling something rubs against her center, glancing down to see that Yelan has started to slowly grind up into her and steadily working them up. The hand on her hip digs into her skin slightly and she has half a mind to return her own testing thrust which earns her a pretty moan.

“Just like that…” Yelan says with a so sensually, brows scrunching up prettily. “Just- keep doing it l-like that.”

“Okay,” Shenhe whispers back, her own voice sounding hoarse around the edges as she nods. “Yeah.”

“Is this alright for you?”

“More than alright,” Comes her quick reply along with a much harder thrust that has Yelan biting her lip. “I don’t want to stop. Not yet.”

“Me neither…”

And Yelan sounds so far away when she says that, so agonizingly sweet and patient like she’s always been. She angles her thigh a little better, watching how it makes Shenhe shudder with a sharp inhale and another erratic jerk of her hips. She looks up in time to see sunset eyes fluttering shut for a moment, not before catching a glimpse of her snake-slit like pupils that make her entirely more feral. As much as Yelan tries to downplay it with her nonchalant and confident attitude, Shenhe truly has become a source of her desires. She’s not only attractive but also dangerously handsome with her buff arms and strong hands, and she’s also soft with her quiet yet aloof voice that Yelan has come to understand. How they had a little heart-to-heart with Shenhe expressing her worries and it’s a risky game to play, keeping her close and fucking her like this but if she were to be honest… Yelan is feeling awfully selfish.

Her body is starting to tremble and breathing growing uneven the more she drags her sensitive cunt along the tensed expanse of a muscled thigh. Since she’s still pretty sensitive from having come already earlier, it comes to no one’s surprise that she’s steadily building up to another one again. Her bottom lip is trapped between her teeth and Yelan stifles a throaty moan in time, clinging onto Shenhe’s back where she brushes over the red ropes tied around her. She had forgotten for a moment that she still had them on, grinning to herself at remembering a particular move that always made the exorcist so weak. There’s a stutter in her breathing as lithe fingers hook under the said ropes near her shoulders blades before giving them a nice tug and Shenhe almost loses her balance for a second. Fuck. She doesn’t say the swear word aloud, but it pops into her head with a shaky sigh, seeing the smirk on Yelan’s face and oh, she is too evil.

“You’re quite cheeky…” Shenhe huffs out with an obvious tremble to her tone.

“And you’re irresistible,” The hard muscle of her thigh nudges her clit a little better and Yelan breathes a soft moan. “Will you do something about it?”

“I’m guessing you want me to.”

“Hmm, and if I do?”

She suddenly grabs one of Shenhe’s hand who effortlessly keeps grinding on her and keeping that flame alive in her tummy. Her cunt twitches in excitement as Yelan brings her hand closer to her face while maintain steady eye contact before she’s parting her lips and Shenhe isn’t prepared for what happened next.

The tip of her thumb slips into Yelan’s hot mouth and she shivers at the wave of emotions that hit her. All she can concentrate on is the warmth of her tongue and the way she can feel it rolling against her, still gazing intensely at her. Shenhe swallows hard around a dry throat, and she doesn’t know what to think, she can’t think, her entire focus on the way Yelan is lewdly sucking and lapping at her tongue that has her throbbing even more than before. She grunts quietly as her brows knit together and she bucks against her leg with a little more force, causing them both to moan together. She sucks in a heavy breath at seeing her eyes roll back some and Yelan takes her thumb a little deeper into her mouth, a dribble of saliva escaping the corner of her mouth and the entire scene is so erotic.

The ache at her center is starting to worsen and Shenhe begins feeling an odd pressure in her abdomen that turns her breathing shakier than ever before. It’s a good kind of pressure though, one that has Shenhe biting her lip and barely containing a throaty moan as the noises she makes grows louder, movements becoming sloppier. The other hand on her back snakes down to her waist where Yelan digs her fingers into her skin and bringing Shenhe down harder with each thrust. The sudden spike of pleasure has her bowing her head with a trembling sigh and sensitive walls clenching around nothing. She’s creating an absolute mess on Yelan’s leg, and the same can be said for her own along with the desperate whines coming from the other woman. Her stomach starts tensing up as she squeezes her eyes shut and letting a plethora of sensations wash over her.

Despite how good it all feels, Shenhe also is scared. She blinks them open at feeling Yelan moan around her thumb and she looks down to see the debauched look on her face again, cheeks tinted a pretty pink and breasts bouncing with each thrust. She’s sure she’s just as much of a mess as her with long white hair sticking to her skin that’s glistening with a light sheen of sweat, chest rising and falling in quick successions. Shenhe wants to speak- to say something about the pressure at her center and how it’s causing her legs to quake and obscenely loud moans filling the air around them. She takes her thumb out of her mouth and instead places a hand on Yelan’s chest to keep herself steady, lungs burning with every harsh intake of air and fuck Shenhe has never felt this hot in her life.

“Yelan…” Her head tilts to the side with a breathy groan as she stares down at her. “Yelan- I…”

“Fuck, when you moan my name like that…” She doesn’t miss the whimper that comes from Shenhe. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Yes, but-”

Sensitive. She’s too sensitive as Shenhe gasps quietly and twitches on Yelan’s lap, dazed eyes gazing down at her with worry and slowing down the slightest.

“Too much,” She squeezes her leg on either side of her thigh while panting heavily, brows knitted together so tightly. “It’s as if I’m… about to wet myself.”

Yelan knows she shouldn’t find it hot, but damn is it hard to when Shenhe is trembling and talking like that. She bites her lip and swallows a shameless groan before gently kneading the curve of her waist.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. That means you’re going to come soon,” She exhales shakily while glancing between their legs and back to her face. “We could stop if it’s too much, darling.”

“Y-Yes- sorry, I just feel-”

“Don’t apologize for anything, Shenhe.”

All Yelan gets is a stiff nod once she whispers those words so softly to her as the desperate movement of her hips slowly come to a stop. There are still a few lingering aches at her cunt, clearly begging for more but she ignores it and instead focuses on Shenhe’s comfort. She presses her tongue against the roof of her mouth when she sees the string of wetness connecting from her thigh to lips of Shenhe’s cunt, so red and swollen. She lefts herself entirely before settling right next to Yelan with a heavy sigh and the blush still prominent on her cheeks as she closes her eyes. Then silence encompasses the room as their breathing evens out and whatever left over excitement dissipates into nothing and replaced with the calm quietness of the night. Nothing is said for a while until Yelan turns onto her side and faces the other woman.

“You okay?” She asks softly and that gets her a quiet sigh before Shenhe slowly opens her eyes while looking at her.

“I’m alright,” A hum tickles the back of her throat, and few more strands of her white hair falls over her face. “One could say I was overwhelmed again.”


“And before you even mention the safe word,” She places a reassuring hand on Yelan’s naked waist, squeezing it gently and the action quickly rids the frown from her lips. “I didn’t feel uncomfortable nor was I in pain.”

“Yet you said you were scared,” She stares at Shenhe hard while releasing her own sigh. “You should have used it otherwise.”

“Next time I will.”

“There’s a next time already?”

“Of course,” She scoots a little closer and Yelan holds her breath. “Why wouldn’t there be?”

Now it’s her turn to go silent as her mind goes through everything that had unfolded tonight. It’s not to say she hated it, no no quite the opposite, only that Yelan found everything to be… unexpectedly good?  When Shenhe had said she wanted more of this, when she kept telling her how pretty she is and most all the way she sounded while grinding her thigh. Call her an addict but she wanted to hear more of those pretty moans and the pleasure painting her face. Now, Yelan can make a few observations: that both her and Shenhe are very lonely, that she’s more than willing to teach her everything there is about sex and that she doesn’t mind the company. Nothing more, nothing less. And on that note, she supposes there’s nothing wrong for them to continue this little exchange since after all, Yelan was the one to approach Shenhe first.

She studies her passive expression, searching for any cracks in the mask but all she gets is an owlish blink from those sunset eyes. She chuckles once with a small smile and has to remind herself that Shenhe isn’t like most people and that her honesty is something she means wholeheartedly.

“Never mind,” She traces the sharp outline of her collarbone with a hum. “I’ll admit it, I was worried for a second if I overstepped any boundaries.”

“Yelan… you know I would have voiced my concerns before any of that would have happened, right?” A crease forms between her brows as Shenhe strongly holds her gaze.

The way she’s staring at her so intensely causes her eyes to widen, feeling a bit flustered from the attention.

“Yeah…” She tries to calm down her racing heart with a sigh. “Sometimes I get too in my head. When you have too many bad experiences to count, well, you’re usually always on the defensive.”

“That’s a quality we both share.”

Shenhe doesn’t miss the implications of her words and it has Yelan smiling a bit awkwardly, seeing that this conversation is going to a side she doesn’t often talk about. She suddenly leans in for a short kiss, something that Shenhe immediately returns while lazily caressing her skin. She’ll have more time to worry about her own feelings another day, for now, Yelan will focus on the present. Tomorrow will be another mission for them on uncovering the Fatui and that of the ruin serpent in The Chasm.

“I think we’re due for another bath,” She says once she pulls away and looks up at Shenhe with her trademark smirk on display. “Me first this time?”

She huffs a laugh while wearing her own tiny smile as she chases after her lips, earning herself a pleased giggle.

“One more before you go."