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Schoolgirl Fantasies

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Hermione hated Quidditch.

She had only come today because Gryffindor was playing. No. It had nothing to do with Malfoy playing today. Whatever Malfoy was to her now- or ever- was irrelevant.

Because Hermione Granger was rational. Logical.

But as her thoughts trailed back to the bratty blonde her broken heartbeat staggered yet again. It made her question herself. Had she been the only one feeling emotions at all? Had he lied about starting to see past his long-ingrained prejudice of her blood? Was she simply another notch on his bedpost? A bragging right?: Yes I shagged the swot of Hogwarts, add it to the record please.

Hermione pushed aside these questions, the stuttering rhythm in her chest, because she knew it would soon be  followed by a torrent of frustration. Malfoy didn’t matter! He didn’t matter at all! What she needed was to stop thinking about him. 

Hermione was snapped out of her thoughts by sudden high pitched noises.

Oh. It was squealing. He had made it to the quidditch pitch then.

Hermione looked away, holding her breath. No, no, no. She needed to forget about him. He didn’t deserve her. After he’d just…gotten up and left that morning all those days ago. After he’d ignored her for all these said days.

The squeals increased in volume, their volume starting to hurt her ears.

On an impulsive whim she turned her head towards the pitch to find him running a hand through his hair and loosening his tie.

Her cinnamon eyes met his gray ones, the most contact they’d had since The Morning.

And then the git had the nerve to smile at her. She scowled back. But her collected scowl would not last long, no. Because her world started spinning on its axis.

Because Draco Malfoy had mounted his broom and was flying in her direction. No, no. Not in her direction, he was flying towards her. And now he was landing straight in front of her.

Her heart came to a screeching halt and her mind couldn’t stop screeching. What was he doing-?

And then he kissed her.

The crowd- the people that were here to watch the quidditch match (yes Hermione, her mind reminded her, focus on the Quidditch match because thishastobeadream)- went wild watching them. She hadn’t received this much attention from the student populous since 4th year.

Throwing everything out the window, her rationality shut down and she lost herself in his lips for a moment. But only for a moment. Because Hermione was logical, and rational, and not stupid

She pulled away and slapped him.

His alabaster skin turned red as he flinched. “If the shag was that bad, you could have told me.” She hissed as quietly as she could, making her fury apparent.

Her face was still close enough to his that she could feel his breath mingle with hers. Still close enough that she couldn’t tell which gust of warm air was whose life force. To anyone else, it would look like a lovers’ embrace.

Hermione ignored the fact that this was not the time or the place to talk about their personal problems- they were in front of a crowd for god's sake! But apparently (or as Draco Malfoy had determined), it was the appropriate time and place for a kiss. Their only kiss in the timespan of a whole week.

His eyes were now tracing her fuming face, and it took another moment for his mask to break. Her face was in his, no one else could see his expression, and so his smirk fell and gave way to something broken, something fragile. Something only for her.

“I don’t have it anymore..” He said in a whisper of his own.

“Have what?” What. Was. Going. On?

“ I received an owl That Morning. Father found out about us, and He’s…he’s threatening to hold back my inheritance if I don't leave you.”

“So you left me for your inheritance?” She didn’t know how to react. She tried to ignore the shattering in her chest and the rising flames of anger. No, it was fine, it must be karma for all her selfless choices in life. She should just-

 He reached towards her, bringing her impossibly closer. “I would never! I thought you’d leave me because of my inheritance.” His voice was quiet, but his tone was filled with passion and vigorous denial. But his words...his words didn't make any sense. 

“What the fuck Draco.”

And he started on a rant he looked like he'd been composing for the past week. “I know you’ll make enough money to support us both, but what if you didn’t sign up for that? What if you don't want to have a reliant husband- and yes husband because there’s nowhere else this was going- who’s jobless? Because we know Quidditch is a competitive industry and it’ll take me a while to get a job after Hogwarts and-”

“Shut up Draco.”

“And I was thinking I would just hold off until next year, when I got a hold of the finances for myself. I could help you achieve that start up like we’d talked about and not let you down and society wouldn’t-”

“What the actual fuck Draco. I don’t need your money. Listen- all those plans we’d made, they’re dispensable. You’re not.”

He looked unsure, running a hand through his hair.

“Hey, hey.” Reaching up, she took his face into her hands, angling his eyes to meet hers. “I love you for you. I’m not another one of those witch weekly cover girls who are after you for your gold. And I would never, never, judge you for not being able to “provide for me” or whatever sexist bullshit people pull out. Besides that? Whatever Rita Skeeter says has never been my concern.”

She grabbed his collar to drag him down to kiss him. “But if you thought you had to leave me, then why are you here? Did you realize how stupid you were being?” She whispered on his lips.

He grinned. “Well. Mother owled me that she was going to beat Father with a stick for his threat. And it was already killing me to stay away from you and then Theo talked into my head what an idiot I was.”

Hermione couldn’t help it, she burst out laughing. “Yes, you are an absolute idiot. You could only last a bloody week without me Draco. But really, you can’t do this shit without telling me what’s going on. I thought you didn’t want me anymore- or ever- when you starting ignoring me, so don't you ever dare do that again-”

"I don't want to last another day without you-" He interrupted. She hid a smile. Because, really, that's all he picked up from all of that?

All of a sudden, the referee blew the whistle, cutting Draco off. The noise brought Hermione's focus back to her surroundings, outside of her reverie in which the world revolved around his mercurial eyes.

Interrupting her rant to say a goodbye, she hugged him. “You have to go…” She reminded him, burrowing her head into his chest.

“Shh. They can wait. I’m the prince of the wizarding world, you know?” His usual haughtiness was back. Obviously.

She laughed.

“And for your information, the shag was…the best one of my life.” He pulled away and winked. She slapped his chest, because for all their quiet murmurs to each other, that part he had said rather loudly. Her cheeks were burning.

She could just feel Luna commenting on this moment afterwards: And so the lovebirds have finally decided to let the play begin. I sense heartubbles in the air today, a very good sign.

“Go!” She told him. He was holding up the game, and everyone was looking at them.

“One more kiss, for good luck.” He grinned that dazzling grin of his again. She kissed him, a quick, deep, peck on those lips of his, and then pushed him away as he dived in for more. Greedy pig.

Finally, the game began as he flew back through the stands. And then Hermione finally got a full blown view of how many people were watching. Not too many, not too many, just…half of Hogwarts?

Hermione was going to faint.

Oh no. She reversed her opinion, Malfoy was a git.

     Later, she asked him why he had chosen that specific moment to talk to her. He listed his several reasons on his hand:

      “See it would be harder for you to permanently maim me before I got close to you, you couldn’t scream at me in front of the whole of Hogwarts-”

     “Half!” She interrupted.

     “ I also read in some muggle book that it's a school girl fantasy that a guy...” He had read a muggle book?
    “Embarrasses a girl in front of half the school?”

     He waved her reply away with his hand continuing on to the final statement which made her choke on air,

     “And because I wanted the school to know you were mine and not available like that git Cormac thought you were.”

       Cormac…oh right he’d picked up her books when she’d dropped them that one time in front of Draco. Because she was busy looking at Draco’s beautiful face.

        Hermione looked up at Draco’s face now, which was set into a pout. She burst out laughing. Making a mental picture of how adorable this was (but shhh she would never tell him that).

       And for her own pride, she would ignore her treacherous heart fluttering at the third reason he had given because…this had most definitely been one of her schoolgirl fantasies checked off.