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don't tell me you're jealous

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It's not like Ningguang didn't trust Beidou, it's just-she could go beyond the pale sometimes. That girl with the eyepatch didn't go unnoticed when her face reddened at the sight of Beidou. Don't get her started when Beidou stopped to greet her, and she gazed at her in awe, twirling a strand of her hair as Beidou spoke. She had to be put in her place for having the audacity to look at her captain in that prevented way of hers. On top of that, Beidou, Beidou was going along with her, smiling and patting her on the back. Was she that clueless or just pretending to not draw any unnecessary attention? Ningguang didn’t underestimate Beidou’s ability to read people, but either way, the poor captain couldn't do anything to ward off that snake in the grass. 


Ningguang’s eyes narrowed as she watched the scene unfold from the large window in her Jade Palace, taking a long puff of smoke from her pipe and exhaling slowly. How could the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing be jealous of an insignificant pirate girl that happened to get considerably close to Beidou. No, she wasn't jealous, she was just… overprotective of her captain. 


"Baishi, please make some adjustments to today's schedule. There has been an emergency business affair that requires my utmost attention ", her gaze never moving away from the window. 


"But Lady Ningguang, Ms Luo Qiao is wai-"


"I'm pretty sure that she won't mind waiting for a few more hours. Considering the ridiculous amount of money that she offered, not the most wise choice to withdraw it. It is a shame indeed to miss such a once in a lifetime opportunity…Inform her that there has been an urgent matter and the Tianquan's presence is indispensable."


"Yes, Lady Ningguang", Baishi bowed and made her way out of Ningguang's office. 



The sound of Ningguang's heels clicking on the wooden dock, quickly reached Beidou's ears as she strutted to the Alchor. Her stern expression and highfalutin attitude certainly didn't go unremarked by the nearby merchants and especially from Beidou, who raised an eyebrow in curiosity at the sight of a haughty Tianquan striding towards her. Ningguang knew her every move was in the spotlight, and in the City of Contracts, a rumor of being rich is better than a rumor of being poor. She couldn't care less about their little gossip mill when this repulsive pirate girl was throwing herself all over her beloved captain.


"Lady Ningguang…to what do we owe this honor of your presence to our humble ship?", Beidou smirked at Ningguang's stiff posture with her hands clasped in front of her. 


"I simply came here to inspect the area. Confidential information came in recently, signifying the appearance of some unlawful goods, and by virtue of my status as the Tianquan of the Qixing, it was inescapable for me not to investigate the situation personally. Then, I was nearly wondering if you could shed light on this dire situation, Beidou", Ningguang said monotonously, shifting her gaze slowly to where this pirate girl was standing fidgeting lightly with her fingers.


"Tell your little informants that their intel is bullshit. The goods imported into Liyue were all checked beforehand, even my ship, not enough proof to establish your statements."


"Are you questioning the capability of my most trustworthy assistants, Beidou? I believed you of all people would know by now that whatever issue occurs in Liyue Harbor, important or trivial, the Tianquan is always the first one to acknowledge the situation." Ningguang frowned at Beidou’s words. 


"I’m not questioning nobody’s information gathering skills here, I’m just saying that sometimes mistakes can happen and it’s absolutely understandable, I strongly believe this is just a misunderstanding."


"Yes! Lady Ningguang, sure there must be a mistake! I can assure you our Captain didn’t get herself involved in such activity this time.", Furong barged in. 


"Oh, pardon me, I almost didn’t see you there. What is your name again?", Beidou sensed the hostility in Ningguang’s tone and narrowed her eye in her direction. What was the Tianquan plotting again? Ningguang made a titanic effort for that smile to look genuine but at least Furong fell for it, Beidou however didn’t. 


"I’m Furong, a member of Captain Beidou’s Crux fleet-" 


"That’s quite enough. Furong, this a private matter between me and captain Beidou and I would be most grateful if you could be so kind as not to interfere in the Tianquan’s personal affairs. ", Ningguang spoke in that patronizing tone of hers. 


"Ningguang, I don’t care where your little assistant gathered those lies but stepping foot on my ship and throwing fake accusations against me and my crew, then you really pushed the envelope this time.", Beidou spoke, clearly irritated by Ningguang’s attitude. She wasn’t going to play Ningguang’s stupid game. 


"Rest assured Captain. If you are unable to cooperate in these circumstances then you leave me no other choice but to take my own measures.", Ningguang turned on her heel ready to leave, the smirk never leaving her face. 


"Oh, no, you aren’t going anywhere. We're gonna fucking settle this now" Beidou grabbed Ningguang's wrist and dragged her to her chambers before she could take another step.


"Captain! What work do you have for me next?", Furong shouted at Beidou. 


"GO CLEAN THE FLOOR OR SOMETHING", Beidou screamed before closing the door with a loud thud. 


Furong flinched at the loud sound of the door and sighed. 


"But I just cleaned it…"



"Shoot it, what is this about? You came all the way to my ship just to ‘check’ some illegal goods my ass. Is this about my fines? I know I've lingered over the payment for some days, okay maybe months but that doesn’t excuse your sudden raid on my ship.", Ningguang stared fervently at Beidou waiting for her ranting to be over. 


"You wish it were for your fines. You know Beidou, let’s make a deal, shall we?", Ningguang’s dark expression made Beidou frown in frustration. 


"Go on", Beidou knew exactly why Ningguang came all the way in her ship. She didn’t fall for that lame act. She knew Ningguang well and most of all she knew Ningguang when she was jealous. The looks she gave Furong and the sudden air of superiority were enough for Beidou to realize that the Tianquan was in fact jealous of Furong. Although Beidou chose not to speak and let it admit it herself. 


"I will dismiss half of your fines, IF you get rid of that clingy pirate girl."


"So Furong is the real deal, huh?", now it was Beidou’s turn to smirk. She finally managed to get the words out of Ningguang’s mouth. 


"Why didn’t you stop her? Or at least politely reject her. It was clear that you sensed her intentions. What is this sly fox planning on doing to you next time?"


Beidou sighed, massaging her temple, clearly tired of Ningguang’s dramatic ass. 


"Furong is a member of my crew. I assigned her a job and she came to report to me. Nothing more nothing less. No flirting, no hidden implications. Are you satisfied now?"


"Then prove it Beidou. Prove me that I'm the only one for you. The only woman to ever love, touch, taste."


Those were Ningguang’s last words before Beidou grabbed Ningguang’s chin and smashed her lips on hers, pinning her to the wall. Beidou kissed Ningguang like a hungry animal finally claiming its prey. Ningguang sighed when Beidou’s fingers teased her clit above the thin fabric of Ningguang’s underwear. 


"Tsk look at you , a brief touch of my fingers and you’re already giving in, pathetic ."


"Cut it with the teasing", Ningguang breathed out, feeling the tension arise as Beidou increased the pressure. 


"Now, getting a little impatient, are we? And good girls know how to be patient. But you’ve been a very bad girl, Ningguang. Being jealous of a member of my crew-thought that you were better than this.", Beidou grabbed Ningguang’s ass. 


"Naughty girls deserve to be punished, Ningguang"




Beidou removed Ningguang’s dress, tracing the perfect curve of her hips as she slid it down from her thighs. Ningguang inhaled sharply when Beidou caressed her outer thigh drawing circles with her fingers in a feather light touch. She took Ningguang in her arms and pushed her onto the bed.


"And isn’t it a wonderful time to put my new toy to test? Bought it just for your spoiled ass", Beidou chuckled and opened the first drawer of the nightstand to get the toy. 


Beidou turned around to face Ningguang, in one hand a strap on and the other a bottle of lube. 


Ningguang raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Did you finally decide to make your own collection of kinky toys?"


Beidou scoffed at Ningguang’s words. "I was getting a little jealous of you, so I decided to jump into the business", she chuckled. 


Beidou put on the strap on and stroked the toy with her lubricated hand. She positioned herself between Ningguang’s entrance, inserting the strap on slowly. Ningguang’s groan is what made Beidou’s smirk wider. 


"Can’t take it?"


"Deeper, Beidou-", Ningguang moaned. 


Beidou increased the pace of her thrusts. Ningguang moaned as she felt the strap on going deeper inside of her. Beidou leaned in to catch Ningguang’s lips for a hungry and lustful kiss, pressing their bodies closer together. Ningguang didn’t have the slightest control over her body. She had willingly given it to Beidou. Beidou's gaze was drawn to Ningguang's bouncing breasts beneath her. How she loved seeing Ningguang like this. It was plain as day that Ningguang was desperately trying to get Beidou’s hands on her, to touch her and mark every inch of her body, claim her and let everyone know she was hers. 


Beidou pushed Ningguang’s legs further apart, holding her hips down with a tight grip so the strap on can fully fill Ningguang. Ningguang groaned at the new sensation and her breathing quickened rapidly. Beidou could feel the wetness in Ningguang’s cunt and she couldn’t help but smile. 


"Beidou-…fuck-harder…", Ningguang’s loud moans echoed throughout the room. Beidou pushed her hips deeper, smacking their hips together, changing her rhythm and thrusting hard and slow inside of Ningguang. 


Ningguang’s moans increased and her breathing became unstable. With the strap on, filling her completely with each Beidou’s push, tears of pleasure began to form in her eyes, whimpering. 


"This is your punishment, Ningguang. You can take it"…


Keep going…", Ningguang’s breathless voice was barely audible.


Beidou leaned in again and rested her head beside Ningguang’s to increase the pace of her thrusts. She rolled her hips faster, the combination of the wetness in Ningguang’s cunt and their bodies smacking against each other, along with Ningguang’s high pitched moans and cries, were the only sounds that could be heard. 


"Look at you, taking me so well, your body trembling, begging for release. That’s right, moan louder for me Ningguang, I wanna hear my name coming from that filthy mouth of yours as i fuck you, let the whole world know that you’ve been fucked by me", Beidou whispered. As breathless as she was, she wouldn’t slow down the slightest until the Tianquan was screaming in ecstasy.


" Beidou… "


Ningguang wrapped her legs around Beidou’s hips and gripped her back with her arms, digging her nails in her back, leaving long red scratches. 


Beidou was drunk with lust. She wanted to feel like she was the only woman that could satisfy Ningguang. The only one to ever taste her and claim her as hers. Beidou smashed her lips on Ningguang’s as she continued thrusting into her. With every groan Ningguang made, Beidou pushed harder. She broke the kiss just when Ningguang was about to come. Mouth agape and a shaky breath, the strap on was covered in Ningguang’s fluids. Beidou slowed down her pace and eventually pulled out of Ningguang and lay in the bed beside her. 


"Was this enough proof or do you need a second round to verify my actions?"


"It is quite enough…", Ningguang breathed. 


"Oh, and I'm sure your sworn enemy heard our little intimacy moment", Beidou chuckled and pressed her head on Ningguang’s shoulder, wrapping her into her arms. 


"Good", Ningguang couldn’t hide the small smile of satisfaction that crept up to her face. 


"Such a cold-hearted woman"


"Only when they dare to flirt with my captain ", Ningguang murmured softly.