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Kim Dokja is sitting on the big couch in the living room, enjoying the feeling of the sun stepping in through the large window. He finds his mind surprisingly idle in this moment, staring at a stained spot on the coffee table while flipping his phone around in his hand. 

Suddenly he’s startled out of his reverie by the BANG! of something hitting the table and bouncing off into the room, clattering across the wood floor. 

He looks up, then down to his hand. His hold on his phone had laxed, which sent it flying. He winces. 

“Ah.” That was… Loud. But maybe no one heard? 

Just as he thinks this, he hears the sound of someone rocketing down the stars. Lee Hyunsung slides into the room on his socked feet, gripping the edge of the banister to stop himself from crashing into the next wall. 

“Dokja-ssi!! What happened?!” Lee Hyunsung anxiously scans the room, his brows twisted up with worry. 

“As you can see, I’m fine. I… threw my phone across the room. Accidentally.” Kim Dokja sighs. “I’m sorry I startled you.” 

Lee Hyunsung puts a hand to his chest, exhaling away his anxiety. He smiles a little, his thick brows going all wobbly. “You should be more careful, Dokja-ssi.” 

“Yes… Again, I’m sorry.” 

Lee Hyunsung's smile turns funny before entering the room properly, bending down to retrieve the lost phone. He pads over to the couch to return it, their scarred fingers brushing as it passes between them.

“Thank you.” 

Lee Hyunsung nods. 

The presence of another person shifts Kim Dokja's brain back into active duty, aware once again of everything around him. Lee Hyunsung stands in front of the couch, hands linked behind his back. After a moment he turns to stare out the window. 

“...It looks nice out today.” 

Kim Dokja hums. “It’s still cold, though.” 


Kim Dokja runs his thumb up and down the volume button on his phone. Lee Hyunsung shifts on his feet. 


He startles at the sudden volume, snapping his head up to look at the other man. “Ah - yes! Hyunsung-ssi?” 

“When-! When it’s warm again, let’s all go to a park!” Lee Hyunsung’s chest is puffed up, looking at Kim Dokja with the same professional intensity reserved for a commanding officer. “It’s good to be outside. Lee Seolhwa-ssi suggested we get you out more. ‘Being outside for even ten minutes a day is beneficial for the body and mind,’ she said!” 

Kim Dokja smiles a little at the nervous, forced speaking manner. It’s become rare to hear these days since Lee Hyunsung has gained more confidence and… everything else that happened to change him. 

“So-!!” Lee Hyunsung’s eyes have squeezed shut with his shout, as if to punctuate how serious of a matter this is. 

Kim Dokja laughs softly. “Yes. That’d be nice.” 

Lee Hyunsung’s mouth snaps shut. He looks down as if to confirm Kim Dokja’s answer was real, and the tense round of his shoulders relaxes. A warm smile relieves his anxious face. 

The pad of Kim Dokja’s thumb feels dull from the repeated motion of rubbing his phone.