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Blondes have more fun

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"So," Rose says mildly one morning over breakfast, her tone not unlike how one might start a conversation about the weather. "Are we going to talk about the hots you have for my sister?" 

Kanaya chokes on her tea. Rose patiently forks a bite of her eggs and eats it while she waits for her wife to recover. 

"I am sure it must be difficult," Rose goes on, her eyes glinting with mischief, "to restrain yourself when she is just down the hall, sleeping so innocently in our guest room-" 

"Dear," Kanaya says primly, her cheeks flushing a deep jade as she dabs at her mouth with a napkin.

"-but I must wonder, if I should be expecting your attention to wander to other blondes as well? Not that I would be particularly put upon, depending on where it falls-"


"-though surely you must agree that Roxy was particularly lovely last night when she-"

"Rose!" Kanaya exclaims. "Please, darling, at least lower your voice a little. Your sister may be a heavy sleeper, but she must be waking up soon, what if she heard-" 

"What, how my sis' hot wife tooooootally wants to bang me?" Roxy's sleepy voice says from the doorway behind Kanaya. 

Kanaya buries her face in her hands. 

"Good morning, Roxy," Rose says. 

"Morning, Rosie!" Roxy saunters past the table in a sleep shirt that hangs down loosely off of one shoulder, baring the lovely slope of her neck. With how long it is, it's impossible to tell if she's wearing underwear or not. 

Kanaya can't stop herself from looking as Roxy goes up on her toes and reaches up to the top shelf- 


She's not.

Kanaya jerks her gaze away only to meet her wife's waggling brows, filthy and indecent. A heat is growing in her face and between her legs, one that Rose never fails to draw forth with an ease that Kanaya envies.

"Somehow," Kanaya says weakly, "I feel as if I am being… teamed up on."

"What? Noooooooo," Roxy denies with a giggle. She leans back against the counter and crosses her legs, her thighs sliding over each other and teasing the hem of her sleep shirt. Kanaya wants to put her fangs to those soft thighs and find out what kind of noise Roxy will make, if she'll moan or gasp or squeal. 

"Whatever gives you that impression?" Rose rests her chin in her hand, her lips painted with a wicked smirk. Her pinky curls over her lips, delicate and coy.

"You are a rogue and a flirt," Kanaya accuses, but there is no heat to her words. Roxy giggles, stepping over on bare feet and leaning down so their lips are almost touching. Kanaya can see down her shirt as it hangs- and under the fabric, Roxy's lovely breasts are completely unrestrained. 

"I think you've got it mixed up, Kan," Roxy teases. "I'm the rogue here."

Kanaya casts a sidelong glance at Rose, who gives her a wink back- and then Roxy is kissing her and it's sweet and warm in the way that humans are and trolls aren't and Kanaya is shifting, turning her chair so that Roxy can climb into her lap and straddle her and deepen the kiss.

After a moment, Kanaya puts a hand on Roxy's shoulder and pushes her back, gentle but firm. Roxy blinks at her, confused.

"Please go brush your teeth," Kanaya says. "Your morning breath is atrocious." 

"...oops. Knew I was forgetting something, be right back." Roxy slips off of Kanaya's lap with a grin and a wink and vanishes down the hall into the bathroom.

Kanaya breathes out, feeling shaky, and puts her head back into her hands for a moment, then looks up at Rose. "You're… really okay with this?" She asks, uncertain. "I thought that humans were… they only took one matesprit." 

"Not always," Rose says, getting up and moving her chair around the table to sit next to Kanaya, taking her hand and squeezing it reassuringly. "It's not the average relationship experience for humans, but we can have multiple partners."

Rose's purple eyes are steady and warm and Kanaya gazes into them with all her love. 

"I love you very much, Kanaya," Rose says warmly. "I love Roxy as well. I really, really would like to see you pin her down and stuff her full of your bulge." 

Kanaya is embarrassed at the sound she makes at Rose's words, a startled chirping of clicks that would tell any troll just how turned on she is at the idea, but Rose just reaches up and cups her face to drag her down into a slow, heated kiss. 

"What's the verdict?" Roxy asks cheerfully as the kiss ends, leaning in the doorway. 

Kanaya licks her lips, feeling the sharpness of her fangs, and her voice is husky when she says, "bedroom." 

Breakfast is forgotten on the table, mugs of tea left behind to grow cold. Kanaya finds herself picking one woman up in each arm as she gets to her feet, the two beautiful ladies clinging to her and laughing as she carries them down the hall. Sometimes Kanaya feels as if she could break her wife by being too rough, godtier or not, but now she puts that strength to good use to get all three of them to the bedroom without further shenanigans that would doubtlessly be brought into existence should she leave them to tease her further.

"Ooooh, Rosie," Roxy pretends to swoon into Kanaya's shoulder as she's carried into the bedroom, "you get this classy lady all the time? I'm sooooo jealous." 

Rose laughs, pressing a kiss to Kanaya's other shoulder. "Well, who knows, she might be your classy lady, too," she says warmly. 

"You two are going to cause spontaneous combustion here in this very room," Kanaya declares, face flushed as she drops Rose and Roxy onto their troll-sized and reinforced bed. Plenty of room for all of them. 

"Oh, no, that's bad!" Roxy exclaims. "Quick, Rose, we gotta stop it from happening, how do we do that?"

Rose shifts onto her knees, looking up at Kanaya with a smirk, and reaches for Kanaya's skirt. "I have an idea," she says coyly. 

"O-oh, Rose-" 

"Ooooooh," Roxy follows suit with a grin and a wink, "I see what you're getting at!" Together, the two blondes get Kanaya's skirt off and reveal the jade bulge slipping free, the long tentacle easily wider than Rose's fist at the base. 

Without any prompting, Kanaya's bulge is beset on both sides by soft lips and hot tongues, kissed and licked at as the jade troll lets out a breathy moan, each hand falling into a different set of blond tresses. She watches with stuttering breaths as Rose and Roxy kiss their way up to the tip and then kiss each other, Rose coaxing Kanaya's bulge into the middle of those lips so they can lick and curl their tongues together around the tip like they're kissing Kanaya's bulge together.

It's the hottest thing Kanaya's ever seen- and with that, she can almost hear an audible snap of her last bits of self-control breaking.

She tugs them apart by the hair, getting an excited squeal from Roxy and a moan from Rose. "Up the bed," Kanaya orders, voice husky. "Now." 

Roxy scrambles to obey, practically vibrating with excitement, and Kanaya is on her in moments, claiming Roxy's lips with her own, gripping her thighs and parting them, kneeling over her. Rose presses up against Kanaya's back, hands working to help strip Kanaya's shirt off, and when Roxy tugs her own shirt up Kanaya can see how aroused she already is, she can smell how aroused Roxy is.

"Ohh, Kan, please," Roxy breathes, pupils blown wide with desire, grabbing her own thighs to hold herself open.

"What kind of lady would I be to deny such a request?" Kanaya purrs- and then she's guiding her bulge down. It finds Roxy's soaked folds and plunges in and Roxy moans her pleasure at the sensation, arching as her hands let go of her thighs to fly up and grip at the pillow under her head.

She's so fucking beautiful. Kanaya can't help herself, starting the hard, rolling pace that she and Rose have found together, the perfect blend of troll and human sex that leaves both of them satisfied- and Roxy clearly fucking loves it.

"Oh, ohhhh yes, mmmh, yes, yes-" Roxy babbles, voice high and wanton as Kanaya holds her down, her grip firm and unyelding. "Oh, god, so good, Kan, Kanaya, aah, yes- fuck me, oh my god, oh my god-!" 

Kanaya barely registers Rose as she slides up onto the bed next to Roxy, only in her panties as she leans in and tilts Roxy's head to the side to kiss her, swallowing her sounds and blending them together into little moans of passion. 

Pressed together in their bed, the Lalondes are visions of beauty and erotic enticement. For a wild moment, Kanaya realizes that she now understands the human creatures known as sirens- for a taste of these women, she too would throw herself into the sea for them and drown. 

Roxy's face is flushed as Rose breaks the kiss, pinning her sister down by the shoulders. "Come on, Kanaya," Rose murmurs. "Give it to her." 

"Yes, darling," Kanaya breathes- and she does exactly that. She thrusts hard, fucking Roxy on the bed and listens to her voice going higher and higher as she twists and babbles her pleasure, her wet pussy squeezing around the length of Kanaya's bulge that she can fit inside her, so hot and slippery and good. 

When Roxy reaches her peak, it's with a cry and a clawing motion at the sheets, arching off the bed- and Kanaya can't do anything but follow her, pouring her slurry into Roxy's inviting body, though she's not done yet. 

As Roxy sinks into the bed, breathing heavily, Kanaya grabs Rose's arm and turns her over, putting her face-down on the bed and peeling her panties down to reveal her own need. Rose moans just as shamelessly as Roxy does when Kanaya fills her up, though at a softer volume.

Kanaya knows she can be rough with Rose. She grips her hips hard enough to leave bruises, she bites at her shoulders and arms and leaves scraping teeth marks behind. She fists Rose's hair and pushes her face down into the bed, smacks her wife's ass and feels the way Rose tightens around her in response.

It feels so filthy, so naughty. Kanaya's always adored Rose for her ability to smear quadrants like no one's business, roughness during pailing is such a black thing to do- but Rose loves it and it always leaves Kanaya breathless with how deliciously wrong it is. 

"Ohhh, Kan, you're holding out on me," Roxy moans, reaching down to rub at herself, biting her lip, "why the hell didn't you smack my ass? Unfair, I tell you-" 

Without stopping her pace, Kanaya reaches over and does exactly that. Roxy squeaks, jumping a little- and then giggles, rolling over to give Kanaya her ass, jade slurry slowly dripping from her cunt. 

"More?" Roxy asks sweetly- as if she even needs to, because Kanaya is already drawing her hand back to give Roxy another spank, much to her delight. 

Kanaya is more than happy to go as long as these beautiful blondes want her to, however many times they want to do this. 

(Maybe if she's lucky, it'll be forever.)