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Under the Waterfall

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The scorching sun was shining down upon skin slick with sweat. Not a cloud to be seen and so the usually cold climate became one of blistering heat. With a dull ringing in my ears and a burning in my lungs, it felt as if gravity would truly push me through the ground. 
Cassian decided today would be a family day. 

Barging into our room at 6 in the morning, he promptly explained what we would be doing. I was only half conscious but when I heard his plans, immediately my body pretended to sleep. Unfortunately to me, I was unwilling dragged out of bed due to a crying Nyx, woken by 200 and something pounds of annoying muscle. 

Lifting him out of his crib, he struggled into my warm and nuzzled his head into my neck. His tear flow stopped as he began to drift off once again. I could hear Rhys talking with Cassian about our supposed day trip. I was barely listening, choosing to sooth my son until I heard the mention of one particular activity.
“No,” the words left my mouth with no room for arguing.
“Sorry Fey but its family day and you don’t have a choice.”
“No? Is our high lady scared?”
“Cassian, unless you want to lose your balls, I would shut the fu- fudge cakes up.” I glared at Rhys for almost exposing our perfect son to such vulgar words. He had the wits to give a sheepish smile.
“Nice save but I can’t have Feyre not attend family day! Ugh… I wasn’t going to do this, but I’ll just have to tell Nesta that you don’t like her plans for today.”
I scowled at Cassian while he grinned triumphantly and I mouthed over the top of my son’s head, ‘Fuck you’.

So here we were, just east of the mountains surrounding Velaris. 
Our surroundings were beautiful and normally my inner artist would be blooming with ideas but the constant ache from my feet to my hands to my head was quite an adept distracter. My virtuous self would have to wait. 
The mountain we were currently hiking were steep and uneven with a cliff side just to our right. The ache in my ankles from the many times I stumbled on the jagged rocks of this mountain, would leave me with a premiant injury or at this rate, I might just fall to my imminent death. Clearly, Nesta gets a thrill about the persistent idea of the looming death pit waiting to swallow me whole.
Rhys trekked in front, almost at an angle to assist me if I tripped again. Nyx strapped to Rhys’ back, just babbled and giggled while he watched with amusement written all over his face.
“You think it’s funny don’t you, watching your mother suffer. You have the exact same humour as your father,” I panted out. My hair was sticking to my neck as sweat dripped down the column of my spine. The ickiness of the situation along with my permanent displeasure was enough to make me consider winnowing back to Velaris, Nesta kicking my arse aside.

It’ll be fun she said. What a fucking liar she was.
“Nyx don’t listen to her. I would never find anything humorous about your mothers suffering, unlike some, cheeky one,” he said as he reach around his back and pinched his son’s cheek. Nyx squealed and it was so adorable I stopped walking.
My moment was shortly ruined when Mor collided with my back and we both fell towards the cliff face. Screams pitched high enough to break eardrums burst free. Thankfully Rhys caught my hand and Azriel caught Mor. Both of us grabbed onto the rockface behind, holding on like the earth below our feet would suddenly shatter.
I didn’t think I could breathe enough air; didn’t think I could breathe fast enough. Rhys continued to hold my hand, squeezing it to bring me back. Eventually my panic subsided, and I was once again able to take in the breathtaking beauty of this natural wonder.

That was until I heard cackling from behind Rhys. The wicked creature that was held my heart hostage was finding this experience absolutely hilarious. I couldn’t help but smile.
Are you okay? Rhys whispered in my mind.
Yes. I raised his hand to my mouth and placed an affectionate kiss on the back. Down the bond he sent loving strokes.
The group soldiered on until we reached an expansive green plateau with a perfect view of the spectacular mountain range we had hiked all the way around. Upon seeing the magnificent phenomena of the night court, my throbbing body pains dwindled into nothing, and my artistic eye came into full bloom, the same way the flowers did in spring.
I suddenly ached to have a sketch pad in my hand, to capture the sight before my eyes, but I ignored the persistent need. I knew if I started, I wouldn’t stop, at least not today. This natural wonder of the night court wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon so I had as long as I liked to visit again.
Nesta and Cassian began placing down blankets, working together in synchronisation. Rhys, Mor and I summoned in our many baskets of food from the pocket between realms. 

A sudden cry broke everyone from their rhythms, hands drifting towards non existent weapons. Realising what creature made that squawk, I hurriedly walked over to my mate. Rhys was also trying to figure out what the commotion was going on his back.

As I reached Rhys side, I walked around to his back to see my son, who grinned at me. His smile was borderline devilish.

“Are you feeling left out, Nyx darling?” He hummed in response, still smiling wickedly.

A sigh left my lips as I unstrapped my son from my mate’s back, “You really do have us wrapped around your little fingers don’t you,” I emphasised with a tap on his nose. Nyx babbled a response and I smiled. I went to kiss him on the head but as I did I caught a whiff of him.

“Oh my cauldron, you stink of your father. I can see why you were screeching, I would be too.”
“It’s funny you say that because I do remember early this morning when you were like a starving beast just trying to get whiff of my scent and that was just a few of the things you were trying to get,” my mate smirked and I felt flames rise to my cheeks at his innuendo. I looked towards my son only to realise he was too young to understand and I silently thanked the mother. I promptly slapped my mates arm and marched away with MY baby.
I could hear my mates chuckle and feel his amusement down the bond.


But I’m your prick.
That can be changed.

You wouldn’t dare.

Sure about that?

Feyre darling, you wound me.

Illyrian baby.

Why dear Feyre, if you replaced me, you’d have no one to be mean too. I could almost see his pout in my mind.

Ugh fine, I’ll keep you. For now… but right now I need you to help me clean this baby.
Rhys came up behind me and as I turned to him, I offered up HIS stinky baby. He took Nyx from my arms, all too happy to snuggle with his father. The wind suddenly changed directions and as Rhys wrapped his arms around Nyx, his eyes widened as he got a whiff of his son.

“Woah, you really do stink Nyx.”

A laugh escaped my lips and Rhys glared, “you wouldn’t be laughing if you were holding him.”

“The thing is,” I started listing the problems of my fingers, “one, you took Nyx into your arms so that’s your fault and two, he reeks of you so I believe that is also your fault,” I exclaimed with a grin, a worthy rival of my mate’s. Rhys just sighed, knowing I was right.

“I know a place we can clean up,” Rhys said and led us back off into the bush.

We followed a gravel trail that winded left and right, and down a sloped rocky range. I could hear running water and thought it was a river, but was I saw was nothing I could ever dream.

Rhys had taken us to a spectacular waterfall that connected to a beautiful crystal blue lagoon. The water cascaded down and bounced off awaiting rocks, turning to mist and adding a mystical feel to the place. Different levels of rock foundations that were flat enough to walk on, surrounded the waterfall and caused the water flow to calm as it gently entered the pool. Creamy white sand and small grey pebbles filled and encircled the clear water that made up this masterpiece of a place. I was totally enraptured, my breath taken away.

“Rhys… it’s beautiful,” I said with small tears lining my eyes.

He turned to me and whispered with a small smile, “you’re beautiful.”

I cupped his face with both of my hands and brought his head towards mine until our lips touched. The kiss was soft and full of so much love. The gentle caress of his lips against mine sent sparks and fireworks through my body, brightening an ever burning flame inside of my heart. I traced the seem of his lips with my tongue and when he opened, I deepened the kiss. That flame inside my heart grew and moved lower. My head started going fuzzy from the lack of oxygen but I simply didn’t care. Nothing could separate my mate and I from this moment-

A tiny hand smacked the front of my chest. Reluctantly I broke the kiss to look down towards my son. A pout lined his face that was so similar to Rhys’, I simply laughed. His frown brightened at the sound of my laughter and when I reached for him, he started smiling. It seems his facial expressions were not the only thing he inherited from his father.

“Come on mister. Let’s get you washed up.”