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Welcome Back, Soldier

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I’ve waited so long for BJ to be here. Don’t get me wrong, I had a fun time playing checkers and talking with Henry, Colonel Potter, but I really started to miss BJ.



“Special notice courtesy of the big man.”

“Come in.”

“Captain Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce, due to unfortunate circumstances, Captain Benjamin James “BJ” Hunnicutt has passed. He stated that he does want to see you when he gets here. Be there.”

“Yes sir!” I’m so excited to finally see my friend and lover for the first time in years. Sure it sucks for everyone else, but I’m mainly focusing on me.

The next morning was different. Colonel Potter, Henry, and I were waiting for BJ. We made some light conversation here and there, some jokes, and then some, but once we saw BJ, all conversations came to a stop.


“Colonel Potter! It’s a pleasure to see you again! How’s Mildred?”

“Oh, she’s doing just fine. Along with my Sophie.”

“That’s always a good thing.”


“You must be Colonel Henry Blake!”

“I am! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Bj. Hawkeye’s told me a lot about you.”

“Hawkeye’s here?!”

“Yes. Allow me to move.”

Once Henry moved, I finally saw BJ.




“Stop. I already know what you’re going to say.”

“You do?”

“Yes. Now, I have some questions for you.”

“I’ll answer them.”

“Why in god’s name did you have to die?!”

I saw Henry and Colonel Potter leave. Henry mouthed a “good luck” to me as he and Potter kept walking.

“Excuse me?”

“WHY in GOD’S NAME did you have to DIE?!”

“BJ, it wasn’t that easy…”


“BJ, you don’t understand.”

“I sure as hell don’t! Why did you leave me alone? I left my wife and kids for you. And you did that. How the hell do you think I felt? I was alone and in silence for thirty five god damned years!”

“Because if I didn’t, they would’ve killed me anyway!”


“Therapy wasn’t doing anything for me but killing me! I talked, and talked, and talked but I was just told to take pills and hope that it gets better! DO YOU THINK IT DID ANYTHING?!”

“Hawkeye, I…”

“You didn’t what?! Oh, that’s right you didn’t know.”

“You never told me!”

“I did, BJ!”


“My last session. Do you remember how I came home crying my eyes out, hoping and praying to whoever and whatever that it wouldn’t worsen?! How I collapsed in your arms muttering about how I couldn’t be fixed?! I wanted to be fixed. To finally be happy. To be able to do things like I used to! But, nothing worked. They told me that if it wasn’t better by my last session that I would have to go elsewhere. Do you know what elsewhere is, BJ?”

“I’m afraid I don’t.”

“It’s a military mental hospital! And not one of the good ones.”

“I didn’t know, Hawkeye.”

“I know you didn’t. You just heard me muttering in your arms that I couldn’t take it anymore. Out of my love for you and my illness taking over, I had to pull my own plug. I didn’t want you to be there when I did, but I also didn’t want you to find me the way you did either.”

“I-I forgive you, Hawkeye. I don’t know how I could’ve been so blind that no matter what you did, or how you did it, it just wasn’t enough. I know life wasn’t easy for you, and death seems kinda boring, but I don’t want it to be. Not for you, anyway. I want to make your afterlife fun.”

“It’s-it’s okay BJ. If you want to make my afterlife, as well as yours fun, let’s go to the flower field. It’s wide and vast, and there’s all sorts of flowers and trees that we can sit and talk, read, or even just be with one another under. There’s lakes and river too. All filled with fish.”

“Lead the way, my dove.”

“You-you really do forgive me.”

“I do. Can we get married in the afterlife?”

“We can.”

“Do they allow two men to marry?”

“They do. What are you implying, BJ?”

I watched as BJ took my hand in his, and asked the question.



“Will you marry me?”


BJ took me in his arms, spun me, and kissed me quick.

“What’s all the commotion about?!”

“Colonel Potter! Henry Blake! I’m, we’ll we’re getting married!”

“Congrats you two! We’re so happy that you made up.”

“Thank you.”

“Of course. We’ll leave you to it.”

BJ and I went to the field where we sat underneath one of the big oak trees and just talked. After all of this time, all of these years, we finally got the life we deserved. I can tell that our afterlife together will never be short of happy and exciting.