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In which True Love's Kiss breaks the curse and Snow ships it

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Oh god, here it comes.

The air around you starts to sizzle like electricity--you can sense it coming, like other people, with normal lives, maybe sense a thunderstorm or a hurricane--and you feel Charming's firm grip, grabbing your hand and pulling you close, Neal is in your arms, and he starts to cry a little as the both of you cover him in your embrace--one that you have perfectioned by now--I got you, the both of you say, and you draw a soothing hand over Neal's face, and bury your head in Charming's shoulder as you've done a dozen of times before.

Yet another rainbow colored surge of white magic sweeps over you and the whole town.

They did it again, somebody did it again, another couple has found True Love, and sealed it with a kiss.

Was it Emma? Was it Regina? And here they come, you can see them, Regina and Emma striding in the front, Hood and Hook tagging along behind, the way it usually is during any crisis that befalls this not-so-quaint seaside town, but, wait. Shouldn't one of them--and you close your eyes, and open them again and, wait--are Emma and Regina holding hands?


It can't be.

Your heart skips a beat and you get that tingle on the back of your head, they're holding hands, and there's a thought deep down inside your mind, telling you I knew it, and Regina's hand is in Emma's, and it's confident, it's tight, it's not maybe or we're not sure, it's not friendly, it's real, they're walking towards you, holding hands, and as you stare at them they suddenly freeze, slow down, and don't seem as determined as before, and you feel an alarming pounding in your chest, Emma and Regina.

Charming is baffled, he asks, What happened, Neal has stopped crying, and they stop in front of you, Hook and Hood stay somewhat behind (farther away than usual when it's just their safety distance from all the magic they can't handle) and they look more incredulous than they've ever looked before, and Emma lets out a breath, steals a glance at Regina, and you feel like, indeed, everybody around you is holding their breath, and Regina, who only ever harrumphs very rarely, harrumphs, and says--and her voice is a bit shaky--Well, True Love's Kiss broke the curse.

You're glad to hear her say it because even though you already know, you needed to hear it from her mouth, and Regina is actually still holding Emma's hand, she squeezes it, so Emma looks at her and the corners of her mouth start to twitch, and Regina's eyes widen and glow and they smile, at each other, and Charming is speechless at your side. You hear yourself saying, dumbstruck as well, You... you kissed? The two of you, and Emma's face looks like it's burning up, she says, We kissed, and she stares at Regina, We did it. We broke the curse.

You're still staring. Suddenly Charming beside you starts to move again, he's taken Neal from you, he looks deadly serious, and well, this is serious, but then he chuckles, and you don't know what else to do but join him, and hell, it's awkward, and Regina and Emma are still looking at each other, you can watch their eyes talking, and you breathe in and out quickly a few times and say, You're... in love? You can almost feel their blushes on your own cheeks, in their faces emotions are running on display ranging from I had no idea, to yes, a yes that's solid and absolutely sure, and suddenly Regina seems as if she remembers something, she looks around quickly and then says, Where's Henry?

And in that moment--that's how fairy tales work--he stumbles out of the library and runs towards them. As he gets closer and sees his moms you can also see the grin on his face. Moms! Moms! You did it! I knew you would be ready, and he smiles at them so broadly that you suddenly know he was in on this, he may have even had the whole thing planned somehow, and, as always, the three of them end up in a jumble of Henry!s, and Mom!s, and hair and faces and arms and bodies--I'm just soo happy, he says, and you can't see what sort of face he is making at Hood and Hook in the distance but they eye him woefully though they also don't make any attempts to disturb their moment.

The embrace goes on longer than any other one had before, and you then realize it's different, Regina's hand on Emma's back doesn't move away, and Emma's put her chin on Regina's shoulder, her eyes are closed, and Regina's hand slowly wanders from her back upwards to Emma's shoulder blade, and when Henry notices, he wriggles and slips out of their arms.

Regina's hand is now on Emma's neck, touching the back of her head, tangling in her hair, and Emma looks up, she raises her hand to meet Regina's other one and their fingers intertwine, and suddenly their faces are only inches apart. You can feel Henry by your side, taking your arm and whispering, Come on, let's give them some space, and see him throwing glances over to the other side of the street at the pair of men, who then make themselves scarce, slowly walk away, not together yet both suspiciously into the same direction, the one of the Rabbit Hole.

You want to say something but you realize Emma and Regina aren't noticing anything else right now, and as you walk away, you can see from the corner of your eye how Regina's hand reaches for Emma's face, Emma's eyes shining as if they're wet of tears, and Regina says--and you can hear her smiling even though she tries for sarcasm--Now, Miss Swan, who would've thought, and Emma pulls her closer and says, smirking, Regina, and she doesn't have to add, oh please but instead she kisses her.

Charming takes your hand and says, I never liked Hook. Not really, right? And you add, I always had a bad feeling about Robin Hood, he just didn't seem quite right, and you smirk, and shrug, and Henry next to you chuckles and rolls his eyes.