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Yoonie no Hyung

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Min Yoongi didn’t like secrets. Of course, being one of the rappers of the biggest band in the world, the man was used to hide things. Most people would even call him secretive.

But it was not his true nature, especially when it came to the people he loved the most.

That is how he shared with his bandmates everything: from his depressions to his sexuality to his biggest fears. Min Yoongi held no secret to them.

Expect maybe this tiny little secret. The one exception of them all. Little space.

He never intended to hide it from them. Or really, to have it being a big part of his life. It was supposed to be a one-night thing, just to prove to some of his Hyungs that he didn’t need to be babied. He never intended to need it more each time.

Yoongi told himself that he would tell them, one day. It would probably happen after they got one or too many glasses of whisky or soju or some expensive French wine. Even if all of them were close, he would probably tell some of them before the others, just to test the water ; just to be sure that they didn’t think he was a freak.

He never thought that Jungkook would be the first to discover his secret.

It happened around that time of the year when they don’t have so many work responsibilities, with a rather light schedule as a group. For most of them, it happened to be the time of the year when they miss living on each other back the most.

Even if their days were still busy, they still managed to plan to spend time together. Most of the time, everything ended up planned last minutes. That was how Jungkook ended up in his living room, arms full of boxes of takeout food. 

Yoongi wasn’t sure how the night would end. He almost asked Jungkook if he wanted him to call a taxi when the younger man asked “Hyung, can I sleep with you tonight please?”

He didn’t hesitate a second before saying yes.

Later, when the both of them laid next to each other, Yoongi wondered if he should have said no. Before Jungkook gate-crashed his evening, Yoongi had planned to spend the night in little space.

And now that he laid in the dark of his room, with a hot comforting body next to him, it was so tempting to slip into that nice fuzzy place of his brain.

No, warned his brain, don’t do anything stupid.

So, Yoongi tried not to while he slipped into dreamland.


If there was one thing that Jungkook learnt as a trainee, it was that sleep was the most precious thing. Hence, the young man had developed a habit to sleep everywhere. If no jetlag was involved, he could fall asleep in any bed in less than 5 minutes.

The second thing that he developed was his ability to not wake up, no matter how lighted or loud the room was.

These two conditions didn’t explain why he was waking up in the middle of the night. It took him many minutes to understand that the cold wetness he felt was coming from the bedsheets. Then, he realised that Yoongi was sobbing by his side.

Immediately, the situation woke him up, even if he wasn’t sure what it truly meant. It would be a problem for his future self. For now, he needed to be sure that his Hyung was okay.

“Yoongi-Hyung, please don’t cry. What’s going on? Are you feeling sick?” Jungkook quickly asked still not quite awake, in a deep voice. At the same time, he tried to get closer to him after turning on the bedside lamp.

Both of them got still, for two very different reasons. For Yoongi, it was the realisation that Jungkook was awake; for Jungkook, it was the realisation that Yoongi had just peed himself.

“Please, Yoonie sorry. Kookie, no mad…” pleaded the oldest man, between sobs. This voice held a lisp that could never be heard in Yoongi’s normal voice.

Yoongi kept crying for long minutes and Jungkook stayed speechless, not really understanding what his next move was supposed to be. Quickly, he realised that Yoongi wouldn’t move by himself and would definitely need to get out of his soaked clothes. Himself would unquestionably need a shower as well. This was now his mission to take care of his Hyung.

“I promise you, I’m not mad. Please, don’t cry. There is no need to worry,” spoke Jungkook in a whisper. Slowly, he brought his hand next to Yoongi’s face, hesitating in touching him. The choice was made by the crying man who connected his face to the hand. Jungkook wasn’t sure of what was going on. But he sure knew what he had to do.

“Accidents can happen. Take some deep breaths with me. We gonna clean us both and then, we will go back to sleep, okay? We both will feel so much better in some clean clothes, won’t we?”

Yoongi stared at him, trying to catch his breath in between small sobs. Somehow, his gaze held the hope that Jungkook had all the answers of the world. Something was off with his Hyung. The gaze, the lisp, the way he talked. Jungkook couldn’t put his finger on it, but he knew it was not the normal state of his Hyung.

“Kookie not mad... at Yoonie?” he managed to ask, in a hushed voice as he was getting out of the bed, his hands in front of his soaked pyjama pants. The situation was undeniable.

“Did you do it on purpose?” asked Jungkook. Immediately, Yoongi shook his head to the point that it would be painful. “Then, we are more than okay. Come on Hyung, let’s get a shower.”

He opened the door to the ensuite bathroom. He was sure that he heard the older man says “Yoonie no Hyung.” It didn’t make any sense.

Immediately, he put off his clothes while he turned on the water. When he turned around, just in his underwear, he realised that Yoongi hadn’t move a hair. His eyes still appeared full of water.

“Yoongi-hyung… You need to put off your clothes…?”

To that, the young man’s face changed direction, as if he wanted to avoid Jungkook’s. “Yoonie no Hyung,” he repeated, in a louder voice.

Jungkook closed his eyes and counted to 5. He didn’t understand why his Hyung was so difficult tonight but he promised to himself a long time ago to always do the best he could to help his bandmates. His promise seemed to be put to a test tonight.

“Let me help you to get out of these clothes, okay?” he whispered. In a few seconds, Yoongi was naked and under the hot shower. He quickly followed when he realised that his friend wouldn’t even try to get clean.

Them sharing a shower was something that had happened way too many times in the past. Jungkook only wanted to be efficient and quick. The quicker he was done with that, the quicker he could continue his night. He also was sure that it would help Yoongi to feel safe as soon as possible.

Jungkook only stopped when it was time to clean the tights and crotch area.

"Uhh, Yoongi-Hyung, do you…" he hesitated, not wanting to make things weirder, "do you wanna do the rest yourself?”

Yoongi got still and Jungkook wondered if he would repeat the same phrase he had said before. His answer was a lot more hesitant than he thought. “Yoonie d-dunno…”

The situation brought back tears in his Hyung’s eyes. The youth that could be witness inside of them stunned him.

“Yoonie, are you okay with me touching you there?” he finally asked, in the same tone he used with the youngest ARMY they met.

Yoongi nodded but Jungkook asked him for a verbal answer that he obtained quickly.

The clean was done in less than two minutes, Yoongi being the best helper he could be in this state of mind. Jungkook got out of the shower first to catch the warm towels. His ended up around his waist while Yoongi was engulfed in his from the shoulders.

Damn, how small he is, thought Jungkook.

His hair was down, his face so tired and his body hidden behind the towel. Jungkook then realised that Yoongi could almost fall asleep standing, with a corner of the towel inside of his mouth.

Wait, what?

“Yoongi, come on, we need to put clothes on…” he whispered, while he opened the door to the bedroom. He stopped moving when he realised that he needed to clean the bedsheets first. Shit. He turned around and asked Yoongi “Please, can you be a good boy and go find some comfy clothes?”

The words were out of his mouth before he even realised their meaning. Once again, he froze, unsure of his Hyung reaction. He sure didn’t expect his face to light up at the given mission before he started to move by himself to one of the dressers.

Jungkook decided to not lose any time. He quickly took off the bedsheets, before he found something that created even more questions inside of him. There was a plastic mattress on the bed, which held the urine that hadn’t been soaked in the bedsheets.

Realising that he wouldn’t have any answers tonight, Jungkook quickly used the already moist sheets to mop up most of the liquid. Then, he somehow managed to get the plastic mattress off the bed to clean it in the bathroom.

He let it rest in the shower. It would be another problem for future Jungkook. When he came back to the bedroom, he found new bedsheets that he put in in a few minutes. Damn, Jin would be proud of him.

It was only then that he focused on Yoongi.

The oldest man was wearing some fluffy Koya pants, with a large inside out Anpanman tee-shirt. Laying on the floor, he used a RJ plushie that Jungkook had never seen as a pillow. The most surprising part of the view was the pacifier in his Hyung’s mouth.

Inside the drawer that Yoongi hadn't closed, Jungkook saw lots of items, that could normally be found in a nursery. He wasn’t really sure how to react to it. But he then remembered that 1. their life was everything but normal; 2. his Hyung seemed a lot calmer; 3. he was tired.

“Come on Hyung, let’s get to bed,” he whispered, as he got closer to him.

“Yoonie no Hyung, Yoonie is baby,” managed to answer Yoongi, behind his pacifier that mumbled his words.

“Okay, baby, let’s get to bed.”

They ended up in the same situation as before, laying next to each other in the dark. Expect now, Yoongi hold a plushie and had a pacifier in his mouth.

Jungkook felt that they needed to talk. He wasn’t sure that he truly understood what happened tonight. He could be certain of one thing, though. It was definitely something bigger than he first thought.

Yoongi ended up being quicker than he was, “Kookie mad at Yoonie?”

He turned on his side and tried to look at his not-quite-Hyung in the dark. Slowly, he brought his hand to the still wet hair. “I would never get mad at you, especially for something as silly as an accident.” He hesitated for long seconds before keeping on going, “And no matter what this means to you, I would never be angry at you, baby.”

The words seemed to shake through Yoongi, who hugged him with his free arm. It surprised Jungkook but he immediately understood that it was what needed to be said.

With his mouth in Yoongi’s hair, he whispered “I love you baby. Now, let’s try to get some sleep, okay?”

Worn out by all the tears, Yoongi felt asleep in a few minutes.

No matter how peaceful Yoongi was, Jungkook didn’t manage to fall asleep. Tomorrow would be a new day. He couldn’t wait to understand what happened tonight, but most importantly, what all these feelings of caring actually meant.