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Serena was trying to keep her temper, and Bernie was pulling that blank stony-faced stare that she saved for occasions when she didn’t want to have any sort of discussion. Serena gave a long suffering sigh.
“I simply think it would be the right thing to do. I know you didn’t feel that you deserved the medal they presented to you last year to honour your medical excellence in the face of adversity, so perhaps this is one small way of offering something back. The community here has made us feel welcome, haven’t they? So would it be so wrong to agree to light the Jubilee beacon for them?”
Bernie huffed, but still didn’t say anything.
“I understand that you don’t like to draw attention to yourself, but it’s not as if it’s going to make a story for the national newspapers is it? They’re going to be far too busy, bitching about Harry and Megan, or slagging off Boris, to be concerned with who is lighting one of 300 hundred beacons spread over the length and breadth of the UK.”
Serena noticed the rigid stance of her wife begin to relax slightly even though there was no change of expression. She decided it might be the right time to play her trump card.
“And Jason would be so proud to think of you fulfilling your duty as a member of the armed forces. We could invite them all here to be part of it. Nikki and Juliet as well. But of course, it’s your decision entirely. I promise not to say another word if you really don’t want to do it.”
Bernie slumped onto the sofa, looking weary.
“In case you’d forgotten, I’m not in the army anymore, so I would have to ask for the Queen’s permission to wear my military uniform as I would, in effect, be representing the RAMC. There are all sorts of hoops I’d need to jump through, and I can tell you right now I would not be wearing my full dress uniform.”
A small thrill ran down Serena’s spine as she perched on the seat next to Bernie. 
“So I assume that means you’d  be dressed in your fatigues?”
She couldn’t help how squeaky her voice got on that last word, and she cleared her throat quickly before Bernie cottoned on as to why. There was silence, so Serena tried again.
“Does…does that mean you will at least think about it?”
Bernie turned her head to look at her wife and smiled. She really found it almost impossible to deny her anything when she looked at her in that adoring way.
“You do realise, that if Jason and Nikki say yes that we don’t have the room to put them up here, even if we cover the ground floor with air mattresses?”
Serena stroked Bernie’s arm gently and leaned in to press a kiss to her furrowed brow.
“You leave all the arrangements to me darling. You concentrate on getting that permission sorted and making sure that you still fit into your combat gear.”
In spite of the wink to show she was joking, Bernie spluttered indignantly.
“I think you’ll find that won’t be a problem Mrs Wolfe…I’m not the one who would happily plunge naked into a vat of Shiraz in an attempt to drink it dry!”
There was a small gasp from Serena but when their eyes met, there was no doubt that the mention of Serena naked meant that their minds had moved on to other things.
“Bed?” Serena said croakily, as she moved towards the door of the lounge. 
“Right behind you,” answered Bernie as she scrambled from the sofa.



Serena was standing about ten feet behind Bernie with Jason, Greta, Guinevere, Nikki and Juliet as they waited for the ceremony to begin. Bernie had been hugely relieved when she found out that the leader of the parish council was going to make the speech, and that her role was purely the lighting of the beacon. Serena was not so pleased that the a very slim and attractive brunette who was representing the Navy had so far not taken her eyes off Bernie. Not that she was jealous of course but it was mildly upsetting to think that she wasn’t the only one who more than appreciated the lovely body of her wife. She wondered if Bernie had any idea that she would likely be the object of desire in that young woman’s dreams tonight.
And desire was what had washed over Serena when she saw how good Bernie’s backside looked in those combat trousers. It was at times like this that she thanked her lucky stars that Bernie was just as attracted to her. She feasted her eyes on the ramrod figure ahead of her as the National Anthem was played over speakers near to them, and wasn’t sure that she would be able to contain herself once the ceremony was over and the Major returned to their little group. Guinevere was tugging at her hand impatiently but she couldn’t bring herself to stop staring at her wife. Suddenly Jason’s voice was in her ear.
“It might seem to most people that you were intent on the lighting of the beacon, but I think we both know that your eyes were elsewhere, don’t we?”
Serena blinked and turned a deep shade of pink, as she realised that Jason had noticed how much she loved her wife, thankful that he probably hadn’t taken in just how much she was thinking of showing her later. Without even looking she knew he had a smirk on his face and she turned her head towards her great-niece to ask her if she had enjoyed seeing Great Auntie Bernie be part of the celebrations. In answer Guinevere pulled her hand from Serena’s and raced towards Bernie as she walked back towards them, and was swept up into the air and spun around by the Major. As she reached their small family group Bernie was smiling broadly, handing Jason his daughter, and turned to take Juliet from Nikki’s arms.
“Who’s ready for some food?” Serena asked as she linked her arm through Nikki’s and started to lead the way to their favourite restaurant.
“I wouldn’t mind just popping home to change first,” Bernie said to no one in particular. Serena quickly loosed her hold on Nikki for a second and leant in towards Bernie to hiss quietly in her ear.
“Don’t you dare take off that uniform, I have other plans for it..and you.”
Then just as swiftly she fell back into step with Nikki leaving Bernie startled and swallowing hard as her mind processed exactly what Serena was implying.
“On second thoughts, I’m more hungry than I realised. Let’s get going.” She set off at a very brisk pace, making Juliet chuckle with delight at being bounced up and down in her granny’s arms.

They all enjoyed their meal, and when they exited the restaurant, Bernie was quick to offer a lift to anyone who needed it, saying that she could easily make two journeys if necessary, ignoring the glare from Serena. But both Jason and Nikki declined her offer, saying that it was such a lovely evening they were happy to walk back to their hotel. After promising to turn up at there in the morning to have breakfast with them, Serena and Bernie walked back to the car that was parked close to where the beacon was still burning brightly. As they approached it, Serena put her hand onto Bernie’s arm and pulled her into an alley that was dark with over hanging trees from the nearby churchyard which cut out most of the gleam from the street lights. Before Bernie could say anything, Serena’s mouth was on hers and she was being pushed back until she felt rough brick against her  hands that she had put out in an effort to keep her balance.
Serena broke their kiss as she slid her fingers under the waistband of the combat trousers flicking open the button at the waist grateful to find that in spite of how snugly they fitted around her bum, there was a fair amount of room at the front to allow her hand to move swiftly down and  push between her legs.
“I’ve been going out of my mind since I saw you come down the stairs in your uniform. Looking so macho and in control and every bit the soldier.” Serena was panting now as she slathered hot kisses down Bernie’s throat.
“I’ve been wanting to make you tremble right down to your polished boots, to make you lose control. At ease Major!”
Bernie gave a small moan when Serena’s fingers slipped inside her knickers and her leg pushed between Bernie’s own. Bernie’s hands were still behind her back pressing against the wall and it made her feel powerless.
“Good god Serena, you can’t…I mean someone might see..this..this isn’t right..what would people think?”
Serena gave a very dirty chuckle that made Bernie go weak.
“Might I suggest then that you make as little noise as possible, so that we don’t attract any unwanted attention?”
When Serena lightly touched her clit, in stark contrast to the urgency with which Serena’s tongue was invading her mouth, Bernie gave a small whimper. Serena paused momentarily to make sure that Bernie was actually okay with this, and then added another finger into her pants, skirting around her entrance until she felt it grow wet signifying that Bernie too was enjoying this. She pulled away briefly and said softly, “Are you okay?”
Bernie wasn’t sure which way up she was right now, but nodded, stifling an even bigger moan as she felt a finger slide inside. Serena worked feverishly to reduce her wife into a molten mess, stroking and thrusting in a rhythm that soon had Bernie panting and mewling. Recognising that Bernie was very close, Serena pressed their lips together and swallowed the groan that issued from Bernie as her legs stiffened and her back arched.
She waited a moment before she withdrew her hands from Bernie’s trousers and smiled like a cat who had got the cream. She kissed her again with a lot more tenderness than before, half hoping that Bernie might take some form of revenge right there, right now.
“You are magnificent,” Serena whispered lovingly into her ear. “Ready to go home now?”
“Might have to give me a moment,” Bernie said breathlessly. “I think my legs are pretty much just jelly right now.”
Serena smirked, and then faltered slightly as Bernie pulled her close, her hands digging into Serena’s backside.
“Just wait until I get you home Mrs Wolfe,” she growled. “You need to pay for disrespecting the uniform and rank of a member of the armed forces, even if she is retired.” 
Serena’s legs trembled with anticipation, so it was just as well that Bernie gripped her elbow as she swiftly manoeuvred her back to the car. 
When they pulled up onto the small parking place in front of their cottage, Serena was already in a heightened state of arousal as in clipped tones Bernie ordered her out of the car and told her to wait for her in the lounge, the first words she had uttered since getting into the car. Bernie went straight upstairs leaving Serena in the grip of her imagination, which wasn’t helping to bring her arousal under control. 
When Bernie came back downstairs, Serena was relieved to see she hadn’t changed out of her uniform, but her face was fixed, her lips compressed into a thin line, a look she remembered well from their days on AAU when they had differed in their opinion about how to treat a patient.
“I beg your pardon?” Serena wasn’t shocked, but the curtness with which the order had been issued had startled her.
“A simple command, I thought. But if you really need clarity, remove your”
Bernie was intent on speaking as little as possible and simply watched, with a gleam in her eye as Serena began to undress.
Serena felt strangely shy as she divested herself of her clothes. Bernie had seen her naked on many occasions but usually she was in a similar state. Being watched so closely by someone fully dressed and blank-faced was both unnerving and stimulating. When she was down to her bra and knickers Bernie spoke again. 

No less of a command but this time her voice was lower, softer.
A little thrill ran through Serena as she met Bernie’s eyes with a small smile and an even smaller wink, wanting her to know that she was getting turned on by this 
Bernie followed, drinking in the sight of Serena’s backside ahead of her. She allowed herself a soft smile whilst Serena couldn’t see her, knowing that she couldn’t wait to have her way with her.
Slightly out of breath Serena stumbled into the bedroom, with Bernie right behind her, and was grateful when she was ordered to lie face down on the bed as she wasn’t sure how much longer her legs would hold her upright.
Bernie knelt astride her thighs and smoothed her hands over her back, pausing only to undo her bra, but made no move to remove it. Her hands moved further down, smoothing over the twin globes of her behind before she lifted one to administer a firm slap, making Serena jump and exclaim in surprise. Serena felt Bernie hook her fingers into the waistband of her knickers and pull them down giving her another slap on her now naked bottom, which made Serena squirm.

“Am I the only one to be without clothes here?” Serena mumbled into the pillow. 
Bernie leant forwards and murmured into her ear.
“You seemed contented enough to keep me fully dressed a short while ago. Turn over while I get rid of these for you.” She moved off Serena’s legs so she could roll onto her back and then pulled her knickers down and off leaving her legs spread wide so she could kneel between them.
“You’re still fully dressed,” Serena said with a pout, which didn’t last for long as Bernie started to unbutton her shirt. Gradually Serena realised why Bernie had gone upstairs when they had first arrived home, as she saw that Bernie was naked underneath it and reached up to fondle her breasts.
“Oh no, no touching allowed,” Bernie corrected. “Hands above your head…unless you want me to tie you up?”
Serena groaned in frustration but did as she was told and lifted her arms above her head, wanting to show her compliance. She couldn’t help but notice that although Bernie’s shirt was now undone, she hadn’t removed it, so all she got were tantalising glimpses of Bernie’s upper body as she hovered over her. She watched as Bernie bent her head, pausing for a moment before closing her mouth over her right nipple, scraping the bud with her teeth making Serena moan with desire.

“For god’s sake Berenice, stop teasing. I’m going mad here.”
“Should have thought of that before you attacked me so voraciously in that alleyway. Actions always have consequences….you should know that.” 
She ran her fingers lightly down Serena’s sides and then stroked gently across her stomach coming to a rest over the curly thatch at the apex of her thighs. Then suddenly she was gone from the bed and was striding across the room to the high drawer where they kept an array of ‘toys’ that they would never want the children in the family to find. She reached in for a small tube of lube and then turned to see the delicious sight of Serena, with her legs still spread, her eyes a dark pool of desire and want.
“I’m pretty sure you won’t need that,” Serena muttered, her face a deep shade of pink that paled slightly as Bernie stood at the foot of the bed unbuttoning her fatigues and lowering the zip to reveal a black strap-on dildo that Serena had never seen before.
“Ohhh,” she gasped, feeling her clit pulse as she watched Bernie smooth lube over its sleek form. 
“When did you..?” Serena couldn’t take her eyes off Bernie as she crawled up the bed towards her and whimpered as long fingers rubbed a little more lube over her entrance before bringing the tip of the dildo to rest just inside. Bernie gazed into Serena’s eyes, making sure it was okay to proceed and then, with a gentle thrust from her hips she slid fully inside at the same time as she pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss. Serena’s “ohhh god” was loud as Bernie began moving her hips to thrust in and out of her, gradually building in force and speed until Serena was desperate to cling onto her wife, but knew if she made a move to do so Bernie would immediately stop, so she reached backwards to grab hold of the slats on the headboard.
Serena thought that this was everything she considered to be erotic, being fucked by the (nearly fully clothed) woman she loved, when she felt a vibration in the head of the strap-on as it pushed inside and she opened her eyes to see Bernie leaning back looking oh, so smug, with what looked like a key fob in her hand.
Again “ohhh..” seemed to be all that Serena could manage to utter and her back arched towards Bernie who had started to suck roughly on her breasts.
Bernie increased the strength of the vibrations and she pressed another button on the remote which turned on a pulse setting to the smaller vibrator that was lodged inside her own vagina angled to press on her g spot. She shuddered and began to increase the force of her thrusts when she realised that she was much closer to coming than she had thought. Serena meanwhile was rising up with every surge forwards from Bernie, bringing their clits into close contact. Bernie was very glad that they had paid for all their family to stay in a nearby hotel because Serena was now yelling “yes, yes” and please” as they both hurtled headlong towards their orgasm. 
Merely seconds after Serena came with a high pitched shriek, Bernie collapsed as her own orgasm washed over her and she slumped forward her forehead resting next to her wife’s on the pillow. They were still panting and groaning when Serena managed to gather enough breath to speak.
“For pity’s sake darling, switch off the vibrator please. I’m just not ready for round two quite yet.”
Bernie gave a shaky sigh and switched both motors off before carefully withdrawing out of Serena and then pulled it out of herself as well. Serena had watched with interest when she saw the whole ‘toy’ before Bernie placed it on the small table to the side of the bed. 
“Now that’s an impressive piece of equipment… I wouldn’t mind wearing that myself one of the days.” 
She pulled Bernie in close and peppered her face with kisses.
But right now I think you need to get out of your uniform, you have more than fulfilled your duty today and I want to feel all of you.
Bernie shrugged off her remaining clothes and wrapped her arms around Serena, spending a few minutes murmuring “I love you” over and over again.
In the distance they could hear fireworks going off as people celebrated the Jubilee with parties of their own. Serena snuggled into Bernie’s embrace and started to giggle. 
“You know, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to hear ‘God save the Queen’ again without blushing.”
Bernie’s answering laugh (honk) filled their little cottage to the rafters.