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Ty knocked on Kit’s dorm room door twice and waited for him to open it. He heard Kit swear from inside, a faint thud and frantic shuffling. Ty wondered what he was doing, he was clearly not expecting Ty. Maybe he should’ve called first. Ty was already there so instead he started counting till 20 which was when he would knock again. When Ty reached 14 Kit had opened the door just a crack. He peered out and the panic on his face cleared when he saw that it was Ty.

“Ty hey,” he said, not opening the door.

Ty stared at him, something was off about him, “Can I come in?”

“No,” Kit said immediately before continuing, “I mean not right now, I'm uh, my room is really messy.”

Ty wasn't paying attention to him anymore because he noticed a weird smell and he was pretty sure he saw smoke behind Kit.

“Is there smoke inside?” Ty asked, trying to push the door open further.

“There's no fire,” Kit insisted.

Ty shoved the door open and Kit fell away easily and Ty’s eyes widened at the faint smoke around the room.

“Are you smoking?” Ty whirled on Kit who had shut the door.

Kit looked slightly panicked, “Not cigarettes! Just…weed.”

Ty’s eyes widened some more, “Weed?”

“Uh yeah, I just ya know, it feels good so I thought I might have some,” Kit looked vaguely embarrassed, at least to Ty. He was fanning some of the smoke with a t-shirt he’d gotten off his chair.

“Does it?”


“Does smoking it feel good?”

“Oh,” Kit shrugged, “Yeah. For me, at least.”

Ty chewed his lips, contemplating. He was curious. 

“No. No way,” Kit said like he’d read his mind. “Jules will kill me.”

“He won’t. I just want to try it once.”

“Ty…” Kit said in the voice which meant he was going to give in despite how much he would protest.

“Jules won’t kill you.”

Kit sighed, “He definitely will.”

That’s how Ty found himself on the floor of Kit Herondale’s dorm room. They were both seated with their backs against the bed, a cup of brown liquid that might be coffee but could have as easily been something else between them. There was already a half finished joint stubbed out in the cup and Kit was lighting a new one. The end burned red, Kit took a puff. Ty thought he looked awfully attractive while smoking. He handed the joint to Ty. 

Ty stared at the joint between his fingers before suddenly realising, “I don’t know how to smoke it.”

Kit looked at the joint then at Ty with a blank expression before his face lit up, “I got an idea.”

He took back the joint in his right hand and gestured at Ty, which he didn’t understand. It was very vague, more like just shaking his hand in Ty's direction. 

“Turn towards me,” Kit said. 

Ty turned sideways till he was facing Kit. He eyed the joint and wondered if Kit rolled it himself.

“Okay now look at my face,” Ty lifted his head up and rested his eyes on the freckle below Kit's right eye.

“Now close your eyes,” Ty’s eyes darted to Kit's eyes for a moment and he raised his eyebrows sceptically.

Kit tsked him and said “Just do it.”

Ty sighed and closed his eyes obediently, “What are you doing?”

“Hush, just trust the process,” Kit said insistently.

Ty felt two of Kit’s fingers settle on either side of his chin, holding his face in place lightly, “Good?”

Ty hadn't smoked anything yet so he assumed Kit was talking about him holding his face. “Yes.”

“Okay so I’m going to blow the smoke into your face and you just need to breathe in. Okay?”

Ty thought about it for a moment and didn’t see anything necessarily unsavoury about it so he answered with an okay. He hoped Julian wouldn’t be mad about him doing drugs. Even if weed was legal in their state. Not that he would go out of his way to tell Jules about this. 



Ty couldn't stop smiling and Kit was sure he was in heaven. After the initial panic Ty felt at whatever the cannabis was doing to him, he’d settled into a blissed out state, blinking slowly and melting against the bed.

“Feels good, does it?”

Ty nodded enthusiastically and grinned at him. He’s so fucking beautiful , Kit thought.

A pretty blush rose up in Ty's cheeks and his grin mellowed down to a shy smile, “Thank you.”

Kit blinked, realising he’d said that out loud, he huffed a laugh, “I didn’t mean to say that out loud.”

“Maybe I read your mind,” Ty said, abruptly serious.

Kit stared at him, flabbergasted, but then Ty’s lips twitched and he dissolved into giggles causing Kit to do the same. It only took them moments before they collapsed against each other breathless and shaking with laughter.

After they'd calmed down a bit, Kit asked, voice strained with laughter, "Well, did you read my mind?"

Ty elbowed him and rasped, "Shut up."

And they'd gone into another bout of heaving laughter. Kit didn't even know what was so funny. After their laughter died down, they stayed like that, leaning against each other, their heads tilted together as they stared into the smoke filled room. 

Ty then shook his head, rubbing against Kit’s head like a cat and messing up his hair. 

“What,” Kit asked sluggishly.

“You look good when you smoke,” Ty answered. "Kiss me."

You kiss me,” Kit huffed in response after taking a second to process the compliment. Ty grumbled softly to himself.

Ty sat up anyway, jostling Kit in the process. Leaning his head back against the mattress, he watched Ty as he shifted over Kit until he was straddling him. Kit watched his own hands reach out and rest reflexively on Ty's waist. Before Kit could think another thought, Ty grabbed his face and pulled him up into a kiss. 

And it was really good. Kit didn’t know how long they lazily made out but he guessed pretty long from the way his lips were starting to feel numb. He slid his fingers under Ty's hoodie pressing into the small of his back. Ty sighed against his lips and pushed further into the kiss, tangling his fingers in his hair. Kit registered someone’s phone going off after a few moments of hearing it distantly. 

Pulling back from Ty’s insistent kisses, which only led Ty to press kisses along his cheek and the side of his jaw, Kit murmured, “Ty, your phone.”

“Just ignore it,” Ty nipped at the spot under Kit’s ear. Kit was almost distracted enough to ignore the buzzing.

Kit reached into the back pocket of Ty’s jeans, causing him to drop his head onto Kit’s shoulder, and pulled his phone out. The screen showed a picture of Ty and Livvy with their faces squished together, slightly blurry and terribly close to the camera. 

“It's Livvy,” Kit said.

Ty lifted his head, he twisted around and grabbed his phone. He only answered the call once he’d gotten off Kit and sat next to him again. Kit tried to discreetly adjust his jeans.

“Hello,” Ty greeted.

Pressing closer to hear Livvy’s voice was pointless as it still sounded muffled. There was a pause as Livvy spoke before Ty started stuttering out a response.

“I’m uh, just…” his eyes flitted frantically around the room, glancing off the weed in the mug and the smoke and the wet cloth shoved into the crack beneath the door. “We’re just…”

Kit took the phone from him. Hitting the speaker phone first, Kit said in a snooty voice, “We’re just doing what couples do in their free time on weekends, Livia.”

There was a weighted pause, “Sure, Kit, now pass the phone to Ty-”

“No, Livvy, I don’t think we’re doing what couples do in their free time on weekends.” Ty said dubiously, glaring at Kit.

“We were making out.”

There was another pause. Ty flushed, “Oh, that’s what couples…then, yes.”

“Oh, alright then,” Livvy said, sounding unbothered. “My apologies for interrupting.”

“Wait, why did you call?”

“Jules was trying to get ahold of you but you weren’t answering your texts so he asked me where you are. And I said!” There was the sound of fabric shifting on the other end. “I said, ‘I’m not Ty’s keeper.’ and he said that I quite literally am given that we’re twins. This man does not understand the first thing about twins. It’s not like we’re conjoined, like a singular creature with two bodies!”


“Don’t start, Kit. So, Ty, you’re at Kit’s dorm, yes?”



“Hang on, he’s not going to come here is he?”

“Just put a sock on your door and he’ll probably leave you two alone.”


“Okay, I have to go. See you, boys.”

The call ended.


They found themselves lying on Kit’s single bed later, their buzz having died down a bit. Kit thought he was probably still a little high. He’d stripped down to his boxers and tossed his t-shirt somewhere. Ty had borrowed Kit’s sweatpants, gotten out of his hoodie but was still resolutely in his undershirt. The smoke had dissipated.

“Hey,” Kit whispered.

“Hi,” Ty said back.

The late-afternoon sun was slanting in through the blinds, dust danced in the light and the standing fan whirred lazily. 

“How was that for your first?”

“It did feel good, really different but not bad. It felt a little quieter.”

Ty’s voice was soft, Kit’s felt rough. The undershirt Ty had on was long-sleeved and so impossibly soft, Kit pressed his bare-skin against as much of it as he could reach. Ty tightened his grip around Kit’s shoulders as he shuffled closer. 

“It was a good experience,” Ty continued.


“I rather don’t think I should smoke it again, though.”


“I did mean that Jules won’t kill you but I don’t think he would be okay with me doing drugs often.”

“Some would argue that weed isn’t really a ‘drug’.”

“Really?” Ty sounded curious.

“Yes, I think? I don’t remember why.”

Ty still had his socks on in bed which Kit privately felt upset about. The silver chain around Ty’s neck glinted even in the muggish lighting. Ink, mint and sweat were a heady scent Kit inhaled when he pressed his nose into Ty’s shoulder. 

“I don’t really smoke weed regularly, you know,” Kit’s voice was half-muffled by Ty’s shoulder. “I used to a bit before college but not anymore really. It’s not like a secret habit I was keeping.”

“Why did you smoke today?”

“I guess…I’ve been stressed a little, lately. From schoolwork and stuff. This module I’m taking is really beating my ass but it counts for 40% of this semester’s grades.”

“Do you need any help? I can help you study.”


“Of course. And Mark, he took the same Major as you, maybe you could ask him for help if he’s taken this module too.”

“Really? Would he help?”

“Yes, it’s Mark. He’ll help.”

And Kit adored this too, Ty’s steadfast belief in his siblings. 

“I don’t think…” Ty chewed his lip, hesitating.

“You can say it.”

“Don’t get upset but I don’t think stress is a good prerequisite for taking drugs.”

Kit sighed, “I know that. I may make bad decisions but at least I’m self-aware about it.”

“I wish you’d talk to me about these things that are bothering you.”

“I’m trying to be better at it, Ty. can talk to me, too.”

Ty nodded slowly, “I know. I think I should be better at it as well.”

Kit kissed his shoulder. The buzz was definitely wearing down. Ty brushed his hair back, fingers light on his nape. The silence felt peaceful as it lay over them. Kit almost felt sad about breaking it but– 

“I’m really hungry.”

“Let’s go get dinner.”

“In a bit,” Kit said and they lied there a little while longer.