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The apartment was cold, a window open somewhere surely. Early morning wind blowing through the rooms causing goosebumps to prickle the two boys skin. Ranboo felt as though his toes could just fall off of his foot entirely. He internally cursed at himself for not shutting whatever window was making him feel so frozen. But as he twisted his body ever so slightly, pushing his and Bill's body impossibly closer, he didn't mind the coldness all that much.

Bill's breathing turned ever so slightly irregular as he woke up, his face pressed into Ranboo's chest and his plain black long sleeve shirt balled up in his fists. Bill stretched his back, stiff from being still for hours on end and rolled his ankles. Bill pulled his legs up and wrapped them around Ranboo's calves. He felt Ranboo's chest jump with a soft, dry laugh as the two finally made eye contact. "You're awake!" Ranboo said, his smile turning impossibly wider as the fingers that were twirling Bill's mullet came to an almost abrupt stop. Bill's half lidded stare turned into a lighthearted grimace.

"Good morning." Ranboo said, calmer this time as his eyes pressed together from the large grin he wore on his lips. Bill hummed in response, leaning up to press their lips together. Ranboo's arm left Bill's waist where it was tracing his spine, cupping his face. "No" Ranboo laughed slightly as he watched Bill's face fall, "you have to brush your teeth first." He said, brushing his hand through Bill's messy mop of hair. "Your breath absolutely reeks" Ranboo exaggerated, instead opting for a kiss between Bill's eyebrows.

Bill grabbed Ranboo's shirt impossibly tighter and pulled up for their lips to meet. Ranboo made a high pitched sound of surprise against the others lips which made both of them laugh into the kiss. Both lips chapped from the cold night and sure enough, both of their morning breaths nearly unbearable. Ranboo pulled apart quickly, falling on his back entirely, rather than half on his back, half on his side. "Oh, GOD" Ranboo dramatically cried, refusing to face Bill again, although Bill's head still laying on his arm.

Bill rolled his eyes, mirroring Ranboo's position. "You're so god damn annoying, you know that right" He spoke, taking his hands away from the other's chest and instead opted for crossing them over his.

Ranboo supported himself on his forearm that Bill's head rested on as giggles escaped through his lips. "Yeah..." Ranboo rested his forehead against Bill's, dipping down and pecking his lips softly. Ranboo's other arm came up on the other side of Bill, trapping him against the bed. Ranboo felt Bill smile into the kiss as he stretched his arms up to cup his cheeks. Successfully, still putting butterflies in his stomach even after how ever many kisses they've shared.

Each time their lips parted for those few sacred seconds, Ranboo didn't waste glancing at Bill. His eyes still closed, eyelashes resting on his freckled cheeks. His chapped lips curled into a permanent smile that Ranboo could notably recognize in every kiss they shared. His face painted a light pink color that pushed his freckles out, making them an even more prominent feature of his face. His body radiated lustful heat even though the cool air still wafted throughout their apartment.

Ranboo swung one of his legs over Bill's body as he slowly maneuvered his arm out from underneath Bill's head. Instead, pushing his body up to hover over the other's Bill leant up, pushing their bodies and lips closer as his tongue slid across Ranboo's bottom lip. Ranboo kept the upper part of his body still as his other leg swung over Bill's body. As he parted with Bill's lips, – giving another peck between his eyebrows, almost like a parting gift – he stood up finally, stretching his arms up making his shirt hike up on his torso. "Where are you going?" Bill whined out, laying on his side to watch Ranboo.

Ranboo shrugged, "I need to go to the bathroom" as if it was obvious. Bill reached his hand out, fingering for Ranboo's hand. Ranboo turned around to pat his cheek, "get ready to seize the day, love" Ranboo smiled, almost mockingly as he made his way out of the room, not paying mind to Bill who called for him to come back.

In the bathroom, Ranboo took care of his messy morning routine. Releasing his bladder and washing his hands, brushing through his bedhead and beginning to brush his teeth. Not even seconds later, arms wrapped around his waist and Bill's forehead pressed against his shoulder. "How are you so... energized already" Bill groaned into Ranboo's shoulder, squeezing his eyes shut from the loud lights.

Ranboo rinses his toothbrush off before setting it back in the cup that sat on top the sink, his neat, dark blue brush and Bill's black and red brush with messy bristles clung to each other. He shrugs making Bill's head bounce slightly, "i've been up for hours" Ranboo laughs slightly as he starts waddling out of the bathroom, Bill still tightly clung to his back.

"hours?!" Bill exclaimed as he lifted his head up and stretched his neck to set his chin on Ranboo's shoulder. Ranboo laughed and shook his head at his boyfriend's dramatics. He slowly made his way into their kitchen, grabbing two bowls and the half full milk carton from their fridge. "So what? Did you just sit there for hours?" Bill asked as he finally let go of Ranboo and instead opted for pouring his milk and cereal.

Ranboo glanced at Bill from beside him and shrugged again, "what else was I supposed to do? Each day I spend with you I become more and more convinced you're actually a koala in disguise." Bill snickers and slams the cereal box onto the counter, crossing his arms.

"I hate you a lot, y'know" Bill said as he twisted his lips into a melodramatic frown, swiftly turning his face away from the other. Not even a second later Bill slips one of his eye open to see Ranboo putting away the cereal boxes in the overhead cabinet. Ranboo turns back, laughing as he catches Bill's eye before he quickly closes it again.

"Mmm... mhm." Ranboo hums out as he walks over to bill, his cereal bowl in his left hand. He squeezes Bill's cheeks together, puckering his lips out and kisses him. Pulling away, Ranboo watches as Bill's face had immediately dropped the fake tension he was putting on and admired his long lashes and freckled covered cheeks again.

"C'mon," Ranboo says pulling away from Bill before grabbing his bowl from the counter. "Let's go watch a movie" Ranboo smiles at Bill as he walked to the drawer to pull out spoons for the both of them and walked into their living room, Bill trailing behind.

Ranboo sits down on the couch after putting the two bowls full of cereal on the coffee table in front of them. Bill sat down beside him soon after, his leg crossed under him as he reached for his cereal. Ranboo scrolled through the movie options for a minute before putting a movie on, worried for his soon to be soggy cereal.

"I had a dream about you" Bill states minutes later, his bowl of cereal now thoroughly dug into already. Ranboo looks over to him, expectant on a follow up - story or something - about the dream but he just stays silent, seemingly invested into the movie.


"So what?" Bill asks dumbly, his eyes slowly parting from the television to look at Ranboo. The two made eye contact making something almost spark in Bill's mind. "Oh!-" Bill exclaimed bursting into laughter as he sat his bowl down on the coffee table. Not too long after Ranboo joined in on the laughter as he watched Bill resettle himself, his thigh pressed into Ranboo's as he sat facing the wall in front of them instead of facing the television diagonal from them.

"Erm... so we were in a band , right?" Bill started, his hands doing extravagant motions as he explained his dream. Ranboo nodded along intently with Bill's storytelling as he continued shoveling his cereal into his mouth. "So here's the thing. Tom was the singer, you were playing some, like... keyboard thing, and fucking- fucking Sneegsnag was playing the drums" Bill explained with a large, goofy smile on his lips.

Ranboo found himself hanging onto each of Bill's words as he explained his dream. He watched as his eyebrows furrowed while trying to remember small details like the songs they played, the color of 'Dream Ranboo's' keyboard, or the design on 'Dream Sneeg's' drums. Ranboo watched as Bill's eyes crinkled at the edges as he recalled a funny detail and how he glanced over at Ranboo to make sure he was paying attention, he was.