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And What Happened First

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Ranboo wasn’t sure how this had happened. One moment. Ae was crying, sitting in the little mirror-world of aer death. The next, ae was walking along the Prime Path towards Tommy’s home; new two block high yellow and black walls had sprung up around the hilltop. 

Ranboo’s face felt heavy and aer body felt more solid than ae remembered it ever feeling before. Whereas aer tails would float almost weightlessly normally, now ae could barely keep them off the ground

A… cloth? Heavy black and white veil? Sat over aer head, held down by aer crown. Aer hair, tangled and greasy, hung limply underneath. Ranboo grimaced at the sight.

Ae kept walking, aer feet clomping noisily, along the wood of the Path. 

It was strange– everything just… took more effort. Even climbing the hill to Tommy’s house and the bench took more effort. Ranboo reached the top and paused for a moment. 

Flowers were planted everywhere. Poppies, white lilies, and alliums were especially in abundance. A sniffling noise was coming from the old bench, and Ranboo walked closer to see what was making it. 

Aer jaw almost dropped in disbelief. Tommy was sitting next to the bench, carefully planting an allium and… crying? Ranboo tried to ask what was wrong, but all that came out was a staticky mess of syllables.


Tommy glanced up, jumped, and quickly wiped away the tears on his face. Suddenly reminded, Ranboo looked down to see no colored bracelet on aer wrist. Ae frowned, rummaging in aer pocket for the light purple one and putting it on. 

“I guess even Ghost[boo] has an enderwalk.” Tommy grumbled. Ranboo chirped in distress-confusion, kneeling down next to him. 

“⏚⎍⏁>⟟'⋔>⋏⍜⏁>⏃>☌⊑⍜⌇⏁,<⟟'⋔>⋔⟒⋔⍜⍀⊬-<⟟'⋔>Ranboo!” Ae said hesitantly. At least this time, aer words actually sounded understandable, but still Tommy showed no comprehension. 

“Yeah, whatever. <⋔⟒⋔⍜⍀⊬> (though his accent was horrible) enderwalked too, you’re not ‘special’. [Go away].” Tommy growled, focusing on burying the allium’s root system. 

“⏚⎍⏁–” Ranboo started to object, but Tommy just flapped his hand at aer. 

“Go find Dream, and get him to revive you, or some [thing]. Quit bothering me! [Go away]!”

Ranboo flinched back, hurt. Finding Dream was a terrible idea, actually. Why would Tommy tell aer to? And what [in] the [world] did Tommy mean, revive? Ranboo wasn’t– ae hadn’t– ae didn’t–

A sword through the chest.

Ranboo stood up and backed away from the bench in alarm. No, ae wasn’t–

Not through the chest– entering at ender lower- to mid-back, emerging right next to ender sternum. This binder was completely beyond repair. Stabbed from behind, because–

Ranboo stumbled down the Path, hands pressed to the sides of aer cloth-covered head. No, ae couldn’t be–

“Dream, come back here, or I’m gonna kill Ranboo!” Sam shouted over the chaos. Dream didn’t stop, but Techno did. Ranboo wasn’t quite sure why Sam thought that would work.

“Dream, come back, I’ll kill him!” Sam called, and the discomfort of being misgendered mixed with the fear in Ranboo’s stomach to curdle underneath ender lungs. Obviously, all of ender belongings, including ender colored bracelets, had been removed from ender inventory, so Sam had no way of knowing ender nicknames. That fact didn’t make the words any more comfortable, however. 

“You’ve taken the wrong hostage! I’m the one who cares about Ranboo, not Dream!” Techno bellowed, sprinting back. 

“C’mon, Techno!” Dream shouted at the same time, running away. 

Oh. There wasn’t a happy ending to this story, Ranboo thought.

Ranboo reached into ender pocket, grabbing the photo Sam had just handed end, tossing it to Techno. Sam’s sword dug harder, warningly, into ender spine. 

“He has Michael.” End whispered pleadingly, hopelessly, helplessly.

Techno took a step closer.

Dream mounted a horse, which broke into a gallop.

A wither appeared.

There was… pain. Through Ranboo’s core, spreading to the rest of end. It felt like a length of ice had overtaken ender senses; end reached up to touch the blade tip protruding from ender chest. 

End toppled forward with a wet gasp. 

Ranboo fell to aer knees, and the pain from aer kneecaps hitting the wood pulled aer out of the memory. Ae filled aer lungs greedily with air– it felt like ae had been kicked in the stomach.

Ae sat there, wheezing, for a moment, unsure of what to do.

So ae was actually dead. And ae was aer own ghost’s enderwalk state. 

Ae pinched aerself– it hurt. Not a nightmare, then. 

But before Ranboo could come to any more conclusions, the world went dark around aer. Ae was transported back to the abandoned mirror-world.

Ranboo woke up in voids limbo, tears pouring down voids cheeks. It burnt.

The grief in voids chest was heavy and bitter.