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Damen was good at his job. He was fucking good at it and it was because he cared and paid attention and worked hard. It wasn’t an easy transition into desk work after spending so many years as an athlete, but he learned he loved helping people. He loved organization and he was so good at communicating and smoothing out stress in meetings and every email sent to him was always signed off with a:


“Thanks for all your help Damen!”


“With Pleasure,”


“Warmest Regards,”


And so his stomach was in knots when this one, from his new boss, was filled with ridicule, corrections and closed with:


“Sent from my iPhone”


He felt his carefully controlled anger reaching a boiling point. 


Not only did this Laurent stroll in here weeks prior and barely get to know anyone, he missed half of the meetings! He sat in his office all day, picking everyone apart and laying out the freshly flayed pieces like some sort of puzzle for him to put back together. In this email alone, he was telling Damen to stop helping three different people with tasks he practically did for them! Laurent did not get the dynamic of their company at all and yet he felt his leadership role gave him the right to completely topple and restructure its hierarchy. 


It was enough to cause Damen to push himself back in his desk chair and pace his office for five minutes before he could calmly respond. 


“Thanks for the advice. I would love for you to sit in with either Erasmus or me during the next project before you decide it’s something that he can do individually. I’m not sure how much experience you’ve had regarding these graphs, but they’re very complex.






It took everything in him not to write something snarky, but he was proud. He’d barely released his tense breath when a notification popped up that Laurent had responded. 


I’m aware of both the complexity involved in the project as well as Erasmus’ and your job descriptions. 




Sent from my iPhone.” 


Damen stared at the L and wondered if it marked a small victory or a small defeat. Against his better judgement he found himself briefly clicking around some company software before he responded.


As per the new free time available in my schedule, please see the attached file it seems nobody has taken the liberty of assisting you with in the office . Let me know if you have any follow up questions.





One attachment”


Attached to the email was an auto-signature Laurent could attach to his email, followed by a step by step guide on how to replace his iPhone signature with it. 


Damen felt smug about it, until he had to sit through four more meetings. Three he successfully deescalated to a solution and a fourth was so unsuccessful he never got his last project finished before the clock ran out. He stayed overtime, which was dug into even deeper as he utilized a good chunk to attempt to locate Erasmus and give him the bad news that he was solely responsible for his major graphs for his clients, at least for that quarter. Not being able to find him, he drafted, deleted and edited an email eight times before finally getting back to his own work and deciding he would just have to tell him tomorrow. 


Practically dragging himself home, he felt himself filled with a frenetic energy. The remnants of his frustrating days clung to him like a film. It was as if his skin was too tight and his clothes rubbed him in all the wrong places, causing his tawny skin to flush and his dark hair to stick to his damp forehead. 


When he opened his front door, Jokaste lay sprawled out on the couch. She was asleep, her pretty lips pouted and a pucker between her pale brows like she was having a troubling dream. Something in his state of mind shifted, the frustration in his body singing deliciously through his body until it pooled tight in his groin. 


“Jokaste,” he spoke softly, folding his large frame down in front of her sleeping form. He spoke her name again and she hummed in response. “Wake up, babe.”


She shifted slightly in her place, her blue eyes blinking open. She slept in one of the shirts his brother had left over, a button up that hadn’t been fully closed. One of her breasts mostly spilled from it and she quickly covered her pert nipple as he absently brushed a thumb over it. 


“I was just admiring.” He said gently, but the way his body reacted was anything but gentle. He could sense it tangibly between them, like the air could crack into pieces if he moved too close. 


“I’m not in the mood. I’m tired.” She said, that crease in her brow returning. 


“Of course.” He said, when he realized they were acting out the roles in the script she’d set months ago. 


He would come home frustrated, from doing so much at work at first and then Laurent’s new dictatorship adding on more stress. At first, she would say he could touch her and she would rub him off. Then, she suddenly became too tired to be touched. Then, she was too tired at all. And Damen wasn’t an animal, he could handle a dry spell but Jokaste hated when he fucked his hand without her. When he watched men and women in porn, he couldn’t even get caught rutting against a pillow or she thought he might leave her for it. It was absurd, but he knew if he upset her about it how hurt she would be, how hurt she would stay for days at a time. 


So, Damen kissed her on her brow and said he would get it out at the gym. Packed his gym bag and used the five minute drive to think of all the cock-deflating images he could bring to mind. When that didn’t work, as it sometimes didn’t, he worked out harder than he thought he could. He already pushed himself so far to stay so physically fit while sitting in a cubby most of his day, but he ran until his legs felt like jelly and lifted heavier than ever before. Every muscle in his body screamed in protest as he walked back up to his apartment. 


By the time he came home to shower, Jokaste had gone out for a girl's night with a “don’t wait up” note attached to a bottle of whiskey she’d gotten him to make up for his shitty day. He’d say it was sweet of her if he didn’t know she’d simply grabbed it from work. And even still, he was still pissed and still horny. 


He’d done this routine with her so much now and those two things were never still true after a gym session like that. He popped the cap on the whiskey and chugged, hoping it could calm something in him. After some time, he was relatively drunk and somehow angrier, he drew himself a bath. Sinking into the tub, he felt himself grow harder against his thigh even in the warm water. 


He debated drowning himself, before his phone went off with a ding. It was a selfie of Jokaste out with her friends, her top low and her lipstick just slightly smeared. Her eyes looked bright and happy and she said 


Missing you”


“You too”


He responded. He waited to see if she replied and when she didn’t, he made his way to Twitter looking for a distraction. Scrolling, he almost jumped when he saw hair and skin that looked like Jokaste’s but on a body that was nowhere near the same. He felt himself throb in interest before he’d even opened the profile, seeking out what was in front of him. 


A long, pale neck attached to lean, lithe shoulders and arms. Something about the man in the picture was so delicate and boyish, but sturdy and mature. His coloring was everything Damen went insane over, all gold hair sprinkled over alabaster skin. 


His nipples bore flashy blue jewels on the ends of the bars that stuck through them and they looked mouth wateringly pink. They were the center of the show, Damen thought, under the column of his neck and above his slim waist. Damen clicked open the picture and suddenly the real star was on display. 


The blonde man held his cock in his hand, that neck exposed due to his back slightly arching to press himself into his palm. He cupped himself firmly, the head a ruddy color like he’d been going at it for a while. Lube glistened between his knuckles. It was long and thick, but not too much. Not as much as Damen, that was for sure. The photo cut off mid thigh, as it appeared he was standing on his knees as he worked himself. The high points of his chest and thighs were flushed red with the effort. It was beautiful, he was beautiful, at least every part of him that was exposed on the camera. 


As pretty as every erotic part of him on display was, Damen’s eyes kept wandering back to the hair that brushed against his shoulders and felt his own fingers ghost over his chest, right above the water. He dragged his fingertips over his nipples, shivering at how sensitive they’d suddenly become. 


He scrolled through the Twitter, cataloging the name and body in his mind. 




To Damen’s frustration, only the one pinned image showed off the uncensored length of him. Several sparked his interest, as even with the most sensitive part of him blurred, his body looked beautiful posed in front of the camera seductively from neck to thigh. There was only one photo of him from behind, a pretty pink plug tucked between his tight, round ass. That’s what sent Damen’s hand lower, not quite yet committing to what felt like the betrayal of touching himself. 


But this man even kind of looked like Jokaste. At least, that’s the rationale that had him opening up the linked tree and using the card saved on his phone to unlock the private site with the uncensored photos. As the screen loaded up, Damen could hardly resist wrapping his hand around himself. A small hiss released itself from his throat, the feeling of being touched even by himself for the first time in months almost too much to bear. 


He knew he could cum with just that, that this man had reached into every part of his need and cracked it open with practically just his torso. But it was because of that he couldn’t cum yet, couldn’t look away yet. He didn’t know if the guilt that would come after this would be enough for him not to look again, and somehow he couldn’t bear the idea of that. At least not yet. 


He scrolled for a moment, the now uncensored photos he’d seen on Twitter making a small whimper leave his throat as he slowly carved out the length of himself in his hand. The pretty plug was there again too, and when he swiped to the second photo in its set, the plug had been removed to show him gaping, ready and dripping. 


The caption read, “Could I take it?” 


“Fuck,” Damen whispered to himself, a small shiver running through him causing his eyelids to droop closed in pleasure. Was he really this far gone? Had his first true months of celibacy since he’d lost his virginity reverted him back to this? He’s never gone this long without anyone under him before Jokaste, was he going insane? Or was this guy just that fucking beautiful? 


His phone vibrated in his hand, a short, unfamiliar alert sounding and as he opened his eyes to refocus, he nearly dropped it into the water. 


ExpensivePet has gone live. 


Damen clicked it open and renewed the friction of his hand, the pacing of his breaths increasing. 


“Hi, Charls. You don’t need to donate that much, you greedy slut, you’ll see it all anyway. But thank you, baby, I love you. Hiiii shyguy43, I’m not shooting any scenes with Ancel anytime soon, at least until he’s out of that Dollface contract. His bussy looks amazing on it though, you should watch.” Damen was mesmerized by his voice, his hand stilling as something about it drew him in. The tone was so distracting, he almost didn’t realize what he was hearing until it was too late to leave. 


“Whose this? DimpledDude96? Cute, I love dimples. Did you see the ones I have right here?” Damen must have died and gone to heaven. All the fans in the chat box erupted as he turned around, lifting his shirt enough to show the two dimples in his lower back right before the curve of his ass started. Damen’s hands shook as he thought about typing a response, but couldn’t think of one so he just sent a heart emoji. 


“Ah, you’re shy. We’ll fix that.” He said, a light laugh escaping him. 


“You look so beautiful, Pet!”


“Oh please don’t tease too long tonight, Pet” 


“I’d do anything for you!”


Damen couldn’t disagree with them. This “Pet” had a voice like velvet and a wicked tongue. He practically forgot he was there to get off, mesmerized by how he flirted with the chat so effortlessly, slowly peeling off layer after layer of clothing as tips flew in in abundance. He was popular, with hundreds of viewers, but he made it feel so intimate, like maybe it was just a small group of friends and lovers teasing each other. 


By the time he was down to his underwear, a bright red thong that looked almost garish against his pale skin, brutal in a way that was gut wrenchingly seductive, he started opening private rooms. Waiting for him wasn’t hard, he’d only be gone for a handful of minutes and Damen could scroll through his extensive length of photos and videos while he waited. There was so much to see, so much material.


In between his private rooms and coming back to talk to chat, Damen lazily stroked himself as the water around him cooled and his skin began to prune. Just as he was getting out, toweling himself dry, the rush of the water slurping down the drain almost covered Pet’s return. 


“Charls you’re so sweet. You love to help our new friends, hmm?” Laurent said, before a small notification noise Damen had never heard before sounded. Rushing over to his phone that he’d placed next to his sink, his heart stuttered as on screen it read:


Someone has tipped for you! Would you like to open your room? 


Time remaining: 14m31s”


Fifteen minute private rooms were expensive it seemed like, and Damen’s anxiety around typing in the chat disappeared as he said,


“That’s so much money Charls you take it”


”No ty :)” Charls typed back, his username PetLuvrCuck making a little bit more sense. 


“Thank you so much <3!!!” Damen typed and accepted his time as it started dwindling to the twelve minute mark. He didn’t want to click it, but he didn’t want to waste kind Charls’ money. He also did want to click it, to see this Pet who could give so much attention in a chat room full of hundreds with all of his attention focused on him.


It flipped something in his stomach, in his chest, in his still aching erection that he somehow had still kept from exploding. 


“Hello, lover.” The blonde said, the very edge of his jaw inching into frame as he readjusted himself. He was folded in a space filled with fairy lights around the edges of the camera, blurring his skin in an almost ethereal way. Behind him was a cloud tapestry, and as he angled the camera lower Damen could see he was sat on a pile of throw pillows. A few squishmallows were thrown around him. He was clutching the angel one to his chest, playing with one of the soft wings between his long fingers. 


Damen was so enraptured with him he hadn’t noticed the pop up on his phone requesting camera or microphone access. He took a shaky breath, his thumb dancing between both before he decided to just allow voice. He still typed, too scared his voice might fail him. 


“Hello,” he typed. 


“I can hear your tub draining, sweetheart. Speak.” He said, and his chin dipped into frame again as he laughed softly. Something about it was mocking, and it caused Damen, to his surprise, to leak and suddenly the ache intensified. He grabbed himself through his towel, a soft noise escaping him. 


“Pretty noises aren't speaking. Did Charls pay for a good boy or not?” He asked, leaning back and letting the plush fall from his lap, exposing the expanse of his long torso and narrow hips. 


Damen was speechless whether this boy liked it or not. No one had ever spoken to him like this before and more so, he didn’t realize how much he would like it.  


“Sorry.” Damen choked out. 


“You have a nice voice. You’ll use it when your with me.” Pet said. 


“Um,” Damen had to swallow a lump in his throat, and readjust himself again, causing him to drop his towel before he could even think of what he was trying to say. He bent to grab his towel, hitting his head on his towel rack and a quick swear leaving his lips as his phone fell from his hand and clattered to the floor. 


“Oh dear,” His camboy said. “You’re a mess, aren’t you baby?” 


Damen laid his head in his hands, his cheeks flaming and his dick so hard the air practically hurt against him. 


“Yeah.” He said, his voice muffled. Pet’s trill laugh sprang forth again, a beautifully mean sound. 


“I like that. Can you tell?” He asked. Damen uncovered his face and picked up his phone, slowly (and carefully) making his way to his bedroom. The camboy straightened out his folded up form, spreading his legs apart and dragging a finger up his thigh. He looked so soft, but his cock stood at the center of him like a beacon, calling Damen’s attention back to it every time his eyes wandered to another part of his screen. 


“I asked you a question.” He said, some of the teasing tone lost in his voice as he had to repeat himself. 


“Yes. You did.” Damen said, his brain trying to catch up to his mouth as his eyes raked over his screen again. 


“You’re a little dumb, aren’t you?” He said. 


“Mhm.” Damen hummed, only half paying attention to his words as he was once again mesmerized by his form. 


“Can you tell I like that you’re a clumsy idiot, or do I need to show you?” He asked, and he let out a small puff of air as he dragged a nail up his shaft. 


“I can see it.” Damen said, his voice still smaller than it had ever been but stronger than he expected. 


“Can you?” He teased. 


“Yes.” Damen said, wrapping his hand around himself for what he hoped would be the final time. He screwed his eyes shut, trying to find courage he thought he always naturally had, and willing himself to relax. He opened them sporadically, getting bite size flashes of his screen. 


“Are you ok?” The camboy asked, his voice shifting slightly to concerned. “If this is too much-“


“It’s not!” Damen hurried out. “I’ve just never…” 


“Been with a guy?” He asked. 


“No, any of the cam stuff. I never thought…I don’t know. I don’t usually have any trouble in real life so it’s just…new territory. And you’re very beautiful.”


“I know that, but how do you know? You can’t even see my face.” His voice was teasing again, now that he realized his discomfort was the kind he wanted. 


“Your voice is. And your body.” Damen said, his breath coming out in a shudder as he resumed his stroking. 


“What else?” Pet wrapped his hand around himself, beginning a lazy movement in his wrist. 


“I mean…every part of you.”


“Which part, specifically?” After asking, he leaned forward and spit obscenely onto the tip, rubbing it in carefully with his palm before resuming his slow strokes. 


“Your um…your cock. Your chest, even your fingers. Every part of you.” He said. 


The blonde stopped for a moment, and it looked like he might have titled his head as if thinking, but Damen couldn’t be sure outside of the movement of his hair and shoulders. 


“Are you touching yourself or do you always breathe like that?” He asked. Damen’s cheeks burned and he pressed his thighs together. 


“I am.”


“God, it’s like you’ve never spoken to a pretty boy before, you’re that much of a mess. We have a handful of minutes left and I want to make sure you cum before it’s over. Close your eyes.”


“They’re closed.” 


“That’s a bit rude when you’re getting a show.”




“You should be. Take a deep breath.” 


Damen took a measured breath, although it still caught at the end.


“Now open them and watch me. I would make you turn your camera on, but I’m scared you’d faint on the spot if you’ve got an ugly cock and I saw it.” He said, and Damen was almost upset by how thrilled he was at the idea of surprising him with how well endowed he was. 


“Are you watching?” He asked. 


“Of course.” Damen responded. 


“See, you can be a good boy. What would you want to do to me? Where would you want to touch me?” He lifted up on his knees now, rutting his hips, fucking into his hand, a wet gasp pulling itself from his chest. It was erotic, the perfect performance as his hips circled. 


“You like my voice?” Damen asked. 


“Very much, but it is all you’re giving me so maybe I’m just desperate, like you.” He responded in the same teasing tone that went straight to where Damen needed it most. 


“Would you let me talk you through it?” Damen asked. 


“I think that’s what I’m doing here, darling.” He said, his hips slowing.


“Right, for your performance. But if we were together, would you let me talk you through it?” 


Damen watched as hand and hips stilled for a moment, contemplating. 


“I don’t usually like being told what to do.” He responded mildly. 


“I would beg you to let me. Worship you, probably.” Damen said, his cheeks burned and his eyes stung, but getting these questions out made his hunger push past his nerves, made himself throb in his hand and he felt himself nearing his end. 


“I do like being worshipped.” ExpensivePet said, resuming his ministrations, but this time differently. His hips still rolled, but it was less lazy control and a bit more messy, his elegant fingers slipping over his shaft, collecting the bits of him that leaked and spreading it back down. “How would you?”


“It doesn’t seem like it would be hard. Finding the softest parts of you, marks on your body, thanking you for even letting me touch them. Kissing them-“  


“Who says I would let you?” He said, but his hand picked up its pace further, losing just the edge of its control. 


The timer only had a couple of minutes left. 


“I’d convince you.” Damen said. 


“A very hard task.”


“Oh, I’m very dedicated.” Damen said, pulling another laugh from the camboy. 


“Then cum. You don’t want to disappoint me do you? On our first date?” His voice was teasing still, but a breathlessness had crept in that seemed to be the push Damen needed. He felt himself tightening and his core burning and he knew it was happening. 


“You’re impatient.” Damen muttered and he heard the camboy scoff. 


“I don’t entertain brats, darling. I’ll leave right now.” He said. 


“Please,” Damen whimpered, knowing he was seconds away. Just a few more tugs between his fingers, just a few more seconds of watching his camboy stroke his pale, but ever reddening cock. He hadn’t realized how pink it had gotten, how much it matched the flush starting in his chest and he wondered if his cheeks were colored the same. “I’m sorry, please, I just need a little more.” 


“So needy.” Pet said, a false pout in his voice. “Who says I really want you to?” 


“I want you to.” Damen responded, a whiney noise leaving him as he spilled out over his hand. A low moan left his lips as he worked himself through it. 


“Rude not to let me see.” His camboy said, and he noticed he had pulled his hands off himself in the time it took the stars to clear from Damen’s eyes. “I don’t finish for brats.” 


“I’m sorry.” Damen said. “I didn’t know.” 


“You’ll learn.” He responded, before the timer clicked out and they were thrown back to the public room. 




Jokaste came home so late Damen didn’t even have to worry about her catching any part of his act. He’d cum so much he’d had to wash the sheets and take a shower. He’d taken a photo of it because he couldn’t remember ever cumming like that and it only made him feel guiltier. He knew he could just delete the app off his phone, cancel the subscription, cancel the credit card, whatever. But he couldn’t bring himself to. The idea of never seeing this Pet again making his chest hollow out like a Jack o lantern, carved out and empty. 


So he laid stiffly next to Jokaste, and he thought his guilt and tension would keep him awake. Yet, he has the deepest sleep he’d had in years, dreaming of blonde hair that was too short to be who it should be. 


The week that passed was mostly uneventful, outside of his evenings. He would go to work, be accosted by an email or ten from Laurent, hunt around and be unable to find Erasmus, and be drowning in work all the while. One email from Laurent simply said 






Sent from my iPhone 


One attachment”


And Damen actually had to go to the roof of their tall building and jog up and down the stairs before he could give a response that didn’t involve a photo of his ass cheek. 


When he got home, somehow more wound up than normal, Jokaste would slide out the door for one reason or another, and he would find himself opening his phone and scrolling through ExpensivePet’s photos. His live was the same time everyday, always right after Damen’s dinner and the second night he tuned in was similar to his first. 


“Hello, Charls and co.” Pet purred, adjusting himself in his mountain of pillows. His clothes were expensive, and today he wore a tight navy long sleeve and jeans to start. 


“How is everyone’s night?” He asked, playing absently with a long blue earring that dangled from his lobe. 


He was so, so good at what he did. Charls would spoil one or two fans a night. He would always privately message Damen (he learned Charls was the main moderator of the chat as he was one of Pet’s first ever fans) and ask if he wanted time. Which of course Damen wanted time but it felt…wrong. Plus, Pet was so good at spreading his attention around, always cooing to Damen as soon as he logged on. 


“If it isn’t my special little brat.” He would say. Or, “How’s my whiney boy’s night going?” 


He wasn’t just good with Damen, he was good with everyone, but he always greeted Damen the moment he entered the chat. He clung to that feeling of uniqueness, like he was special to him. He desperately soaked it in every time he interrupted a sentence to welcome him in, or curl his lip and mention how silent he'd been if he hadn’t commented in more than a few minutes. 


“If you’re bored, you can at least compliment me or tip. Don’t just stare at your screen like a lecher.” He would say. 


Damen would do something like send him a dollar with a note attached saying something like “sorry, will stare louder next time.” Or “my lecherous tendencies only exist for you, Pet.” 


It was fun and exhilarating. He would stay on until it dwindled down to him and the handful of other ExpensivePet faithfuls who watched the entirety of the streams, even after he started doing longer private rooms. By then, he would tip the camera down on himself and perform some lewd act to close out the stream and it was always enough for Damen to cum. 


Until Friday night, when he had gotten into a fight with Jokaste and she’d stormed out and told him she wouldn’t be coming home. He’d spent the night quiet and seething, watching ExpensivePet writhe around, using body and tongue like some sort of spellcraft. 


“Not speaking tonight, Dimples?” He asked, and Damen felt a knot too tight in his stomach to reply. “Too bad.”


Sunday night, his fight reached a culmination with Jokaste it never had before. 


“So you’re just not coming home again?” He shouted into his phone. 


“Why should I? For what? So we can sit there watching the same movies and having the same dinners while I hope you’ll do something to make me feel wanted?” She yelled back.


“What can I do, Jokaste? What other proof do you need from me that I want to spend all of my nights with you?” He said, his voice taking on a desperation that made his skin crawl. It wasn’t that he was desperate to have her home, but he hated this fighting. He didn’t understand it and wasn't accustomed to the idea of screaming at someone you love. He’d only learned how to do it from her, for her. But the harsh words never fit in his mouth quite right and he always ended up on his knees begging for an end that resolved in kisses instead of slammed doors. 


“You don’t get it, Damen. I just need time. I’ll come back after work on Monday.” She said, hanging up before he could respond. 


So Sunday was his first night sitting at his desk to watch Pet’s stream on his laptop, angry and drunk and spread out shamelessly in his own home ready to jerk off until he went blind. 


“First on? Before Charls? What were you waiting there patiently, twiddling your thumbs right over your cock?” Pet asked as a greeting to Damen. 


“Always” Damen typed. 


“Oh, you use your words tonight. Well, why don’t we go private before anyone wanders in. You’ve been ignoring me.” Pet pouted. 


“I have not” He replied. Suddenly, his screen prompted him to turn on voice or video. 


“Speak, boy.” Pet said, in the same saccharine tone you would use on a dog. 


“You miss my voice?” Damen teased, still ignoring the video option, but allowing mic access.


“You’ve been awfully quiet, darling. Something wrong?” He asked. 




“So you’re a liar now?” Something in his voice was tense, and Damen wasn’t sure what to respond. 


“More silence? Noted.” He clicked off and Damen felt a surge of panic in his gut as his screen clicked back to the public room. He went to type and saw his chat privileges had been suspended for the next two hours. 


“Motherfucker.” Damen said under his breath, more upset with himself than anything else. 


“No private rooms tonight, I think everyone deserves a full show.” And a full show it was. It was like he pulled out all the stops, every little moment more excruciating than the last. 


Tips flew in with requests, undressing him before putting him in nipple clamps and emerald-ended plugs. He gave it his all, mewling and touching every part of himself. It was like some sort of dance, and his call and response with the chat was exquisite. 


Damen simultaneously felt like it was all for him and all against him. Like the most divine punishment. He was stuck silent in his corner as his camboy gave his best.


“I have a surprise,” He said as the last minutes of Damen’s suspension and the live dwindled to a close. “Only for the most faithful.”


After changing the angle of the camera so he could lay down without exposing his face, he laid back on his pillows. Spreading his knees apart, he was in a position Damen had never seen him in before. Pulling a long, purple dildo from somewhere offscreen, the noises that came out of him as he teased it against himself were enough to drive Damen insane. 


“Only good boys and girls get to see me like this. Are you all good?” He said, and the chat lit up with affirmatives. They were all good, they all deserved to see him like this, they all wanted him. 


“Oh, I don’t know.” He clicked his tongue. “I think someone who has been very naughty and very mean is here tonight. I don’t know if he deserves this. What do we think? Can he see me like this?” 


As he asked the question, little breaths huffed out of him. He was pressing the dildo against him, his ass right towards the camera, perfect and red from the night’s activities. Damen wanted to hit himself.


PetLuvrCuck: i think so :) 


Sweet, sweet Charls. 


“Mmm…I don’t know.” Pet hummed, before pressing the toy into himself and letting out a moan that had Damen ready to plead and weep and beg. 


“What are you willing to do for this? Say sorry? Grovel? You’re already so whiny. I’d like to see you desperate, I think.” He said, and god he sounded so mean. So mean and he was so unaware of how truly desperate and repentant Damen already was. He was willing to do anything, and his chat privileges came back just as Laurent pushed into himself in earnest, the prettiest noises leaving him. 


DimpledDude96: you’d like to see me now, then. Desperate and willing to do just about anything for you. 


And he knew how pathetic he seemed, how desperate. The viewers had dwindled to just him, Charls and a couple others. His camboy’s full attention on him was like a dose of sunshine, of adrenaline, of anything that could make a man go crazy in abundance. His boy was all of it and more. 


“Prove it.” He breathed, sounding almost as desperate as Damen felt. Watching the toy disappear fully inside of him, the prompt came up for voice and video. Damen had never reached for his mouse faster, never had a decision been more made. 


Then the front door opened. 


He scrambled as quickly as he could, closing the browser and pulling his pants up, but some damage had been done even if he’d negated the worst of it. 


“What the fuck? Are you watching porn?” Jokaste looked like a wraith. That same pretty coloring he’d just been staring at, but made violent and terrifying. From an angel to a devil, in the span of time it took to turn from his computer screen. 


“What do you want from me, Jokaste?” He was exhausted, his mind confused. 


“Nothing, I shouldn’t have even come home.” She said, slamming the door she’d barely come into. 




He’d had a perpetual headache every morning going into work since Laurent had started, but that Monday morning took the cake. 




If I see your name on a single one of those charts, I will be personally ripping it to shreds and delivering each piece to you daily, making sure you swallow them until he submits one on his own. 

See attached image for clarification. 




Sent from my iPhone”


The attached image was their most recent chart that Erasmus had just submitted that morning. He was practically shaking for a multitude of reasons, but mostly it was because he realized Laurent still hadn’t used the signature Damen had sent him. 


“Good Morning Laurent,


Please see the most recent assignment’s start and end date. 

See attached image for clarification. 






The attachment was Damen’s personal calendar with today's date circled and the day Laurent had told him he was no longer allowed to help Erasmus, which were very close together. Laurent’s response was prompt. 


“That is a tacky color scheme with subpar organization. 




There was no signature. No sent from iPhone or anything, so it felt like a win of some sort.


He tried very hard to focus on his personal tasks, his emails, helping anyone but poor Erasmus. He did a good job for all of ten minutes before his headache was too much to bear.


Going to the breakroom for a snack was supposed to be the solution to his pounding headache. He grabbed a can of dr. pepper, hoping the caffeine would alleviate some of the pressure in his head. He punched in the code, wincing as the bottle hit the bottom of the machine with a heavy thud, and bent over to grab it. 


“So you’re dressed tacky, too.” Laurent said, causing Damen to spin around, almost ripping apart the soda machine as he did. 


Laurent was always dressed expensively, his golden hair pulled back in a short bun, wisps of gold falling around his upsettingly perfect face. His shirt was silk and a deep blue with golden embroidery on the breast pocket. His pants were sleek and black, with the shiniest dark brown shoes Damen had ever seen. He had one ankle kicked over his knee, a cup of tea held delicately between his long fingers. 


“Laurent, please.” Damen huffed, tired. 


“Oh, I do like the begging.” He responded, and Damen felt his cheeks pink. 


“Don’t you have children to be eating, or something?” Damen said. 


“You need to learn how to just do your own fucking job, Damen. Don’t attack me because you’re in a sour mood.” Laurent said in the least bothered tone possible, bouncing his foot on his knee. 


“You-“ Damen had a hard time holding in his anger for a moment. “You of all fucking people.”


“Me?” Laurent said, a slight furrow in his perfect brow. 


“You’re the most bitter, aggressive person in the building. You come into the building with a stick up your ass and jump up mine the minute-“


“I jump up your ass because everyone here walks all over you and you practically thank them while slobbering on their boot.” Laurent snapped, causing Damen to jerk his head back in surprise. 


“What?” Damen said. 


“Forget it,” Laurent stood up. “I have a bitter, aggressive mood to be in.” 


Damen sat down in the seat at the table Laurent had been occupying, placing the cool soda against his forehead and feeling only mildly guilty at getting in a face to face argument with his boss. He's not sure how long he sat there, but soon enough he felt his pocket buzz. He ignored it at first, and headed back to his desk but not even five minutes later he got another notification. Opening it up, a shock hit his spine when he unlocked his phone and saw both notifications came directly as DMs from ExpensivePet. 


The first read: 


ExpensivePet: Hello, sweetheart, I’m having a terrible day and would like to play. Let’s pretend your computer died last night so I can have what I want without wishing to kill you first.  

ExpensivePet: Very rarely do I offer free anything and even rarer do I accept less than an immediate response, especially when the person should be begging for my forgiveness. You have two minutes before I block you. 


Damen fumbled over himself to respond. 


DimpledDude96: I have a job, your highness. 

ExpensivePet: if I say jump, darling, you say…?

DimpledDude96: I assume I’m meant to bark?

ExpensivePet: my cursor is hovering over the block button. 

DimpledDude96: ah, free edging?

ExpensivePet: when did you get funny? I prefer you whimpering. 

DimpledDude96: and rolling over and jumping? I think you need a dog. 

ExpensivePet: how do you feel about collars, sweetheart? I think it would please me to see one around your throat. 

DimpledDude96: you’ve never even seen my neck. 

ExpensivePet: cock first. 


Damen hesitated, suddenly remembering where his shyness was, and also how things had left between them. 


DimpledDude96: What did you mean by play? 


Instead of responding, a call came in, his phone buzzing in his hand. He panicked, pulling his AirPods from his pocket and shoving them in his ears, accidentally answering and allowing both video and mic this time. He was lucky the back camera came on, not showing much outside of the crotch of his pants. 


“I’m in an awful mood.” Pet said. “Fix it.”


“I’m sorry.” Damen rushed out. “I’m assuming I’m part of it.”


“Sure. But I have this associate who is a fucking idiot too. A beautiful idiot but…I just need some…help. And you asked about that, in a way.” He sounded hesitant but more so furious, like his own need for this fueled some sort of frustration. 


“When I asked if you wanted to be talked through it?” Damen asked. It was then he realized Pet had no video on, just voice. The roles were already oddly reversed in every conceivable way. 


“How would you? Talk me through it?” He asked. 


“Am I telling you? Or am I…?” Damen asked, his voice so soft, especially after raising it at Laurent. 


There was a heavy silence, a tangible contemplation.


“You know,” His camboy started. “It’s not fair you always see my cock and I’ve never seen yours.”


“That’s your job, Pet.” Damen replied, again surprised by the softness in his tone. This moment felt strangely delicate. 


“I’m not performing right now.” He said. 


“You want me to?” Damen asked. 


“You’d perform for me?” He sounded mildly surprised, a small laugh coming from. 


“I’d try. I already told you I’d do anything for you.”


“But why?” The frustration again. “I mean, sure, the usual pathetic reasons. I make you cum, nobody else will. I’m beautiful. My wit and charm are overwhelmingly abundant-“


“I can cum just fine.” Damen interjected calmly, but Pet continued his tirade. 


“You’re ugly, unfuckable, dick the size of a kidney bean-“ that was enough, Damen decided. 


Damen’s office was small, but private. It was a glorified, enclosed cubicle. But on slow office days it gave him immense privacy, and he’s never been more appreciative of it than this moment. 


He, quicker than he would like to admit, undid his belt with one hand and took his cock out. Pet quite literally choked on his words, a sputtering noise ending his tirade and a small gasp ripping through him. 


“That’s your prick?” Pet rasped. 


Damen was large, thick and he wasn’t too humble to admit that it was nice to look at. It always gave him the warmest feeling deep in his gut to have his cock praised and Pet’s surprise stroked the part of his ego that needed to be ignited to get him talking. 


“Now you take yours out.” Damen said. 


“I’m-um,” Damen never thought he would hear Pet stumbling over his words, but he glowed with the feeling. 


“I need you to touch yourself, baby.” Damen said just a bit firmer. 


“I’m-I’m not going to show you.” 


“I’m not asking you to.” Damen said, and he heard another small, confused sound leave him. He liked this, surprising him. “I just want you to feel good. And I’d like to be the cause of it.”


Damen had had phone sex before. He even felt less awkward in the cam world of Expensive Pet. But this was new territory for both of them and if Pet didn’t want it, he would back off. 


“I would like that.” Pet’s voice sounded smaller than it ever had, and something about it cracked Damen’s heart in half, reserving a soft spot just for himself.


“You spend so much time just making others feel something. I want you to touch yourself for once and it’s for you.”


“Not for you?” 


“It’s for me if you feel good.” Damen said, again met with silence that went on a moment too long. “I want you to touch yourself, for yourself.”


Quietly, Damen heard Pet’s belt unbuckle, the sound of fabric shuffling. It was almost more erotic not to see him, to imagine every perfect line of him pulling himself free. 


“When you touch yourself on camera, it’s beautiful. But I want you to do this…” Damen spit in his hand. He heard Pet do the same.


“Make sure it’s nice and wet for me, ok baby? I want you to be messy. I want it to look however it has to to feel good. Keep pace with me. Can you see me ok?” 


Pet’s breaths were already deep and uneven and his little “uh huh” was so suggestive without even trying. No wonder he was such a favorite on the site. 


“Move your hand with me. I want you to imagine how it’d feel with my hand on you. With me inside you…”


After Pet had cum, Damen murmured and cooed about how well he’d done. How he’d made the prettiest noises and done so good for him. It was weird, how when Damen was the dominant one all he could do was praise and praise, but Pet was just worthy of it all. 


This wasn’t the last time they would talk like this. It moved into texts, and phone calls. They stayed filthy, at the start. Pet called late at night, Damen hiding in his bathroom to muffle his moans with a bathroom towel. Soon enough, he didn’t need to sneak away. Jokaste was away more than she was home, and his first non-sexual phone call to Laurent was regarding her. 


“Jokaste-She’s pregnant and I-I just need someone. I can’t tell my best friend, he’ll-”


“Your girlfriend is pregnant? How many months?” 


“Five, and I-” 


“You haven’t fucked her in that long, baby. Breathe. You’ve been cheated on, process that before this random kid.” Pet said, his voice sturdy and dripping with...anger?


“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called. This is way too personal I just needed-”


“I love that you need me, darling. I’m fucking furious that someone as soft as you is being taken advantage of. You said you hadn’t slept with her months before meeting me, and it’s been months since that. That’s not your kid.” 


Damen eventually got it out of Jokaste that it was his brother’s, and another tearful call to Pet after that followed.


“That's why she couldn’t touch me. She thought I’d know.” He shuddered, his disgust making headway through a sob. 


“I’m sorry, honey. I’m sorry.” 


It wasn’t easy, but Damen found Jokaste’s absence didn’t feel so different from her presence. She’d always been gone, and in those brief moments of domestic bliss he had with her, he now had friendlier phone calls. Memes sent from Pet’s number, and him sending what he’d made for dinner. Little glimpses inside each other’s apartments, beyond Pet’s camroom. It got to the point where after the nightly cam sessions, Damen and Pet would spend hours chatting, falling asleep together. More time spent talking without their hands down their pants, than they did with. 


Damen also found his work life had gotten a little easier since he stopped taking on so much, although it wasn’t much his choice. He’d frequently help others if it was small and unnoticable, but anything large and Laurent was there with an email reading something like:



I will get rid of all the Dr. Pepper in the building if I find one more of Jord’s power points with your name in the acknowledgments. 

  1. i see all 




Damen hadn’t complained much about work to Pet, just the simple “my boss fucking sucks” lines before the world’s best phone sex ensued. He’d also started sending photos and videos, and Pet encouraged them. He seemed to have a day job where he couldn’t reciprocate visually, but would send adoring voice memos that started making Damen swoon. As much as he was content and satiated with whatever it was they had going on, he couldn’t help but yearn to touch him. To even know him beyond the pet name, after months of speaking. There was still some level of separation Pet was holding between them, and it was starting to scare him how much that bothered Damen. 


Damen had even built up a small repertoire with Charls, a genuine friendship blooming. One late night when they were playing video games together, Charls offhandedly mentioned how much time Damen and Pet were spending together. 


“I worry about him, how lonely he is. How he refuses to cum on camera. I wonder if he even lets himself truly get off at all.” Charls said. 


“What?” Damen asked. “What do you mean, he refuses to cum?“


“Oh, you know. I’ve seen every stream, I’ve heard about almost every private show from either Pet or his fan. He’s never came. Closest I’ve seen him do it was that time he was teasing you on his back, but he still didn’t finish after you left.” Charls said, placing a few squares in their game. 


Damen felt his cheeks grow hot. 


Pet has definitely cum for him, multiple times at that point. 


Just as his feelings over Jokaste fully seemed to slough off, and a tentative excitement to having a niece or nephew settled in, he realized how much he truly cared about someone whose name he didn’t even know. He decided he would broach the subject carefully, but Pet evaded it every time. He would suddenly have to leave, want to start a stream, get overtly sexual and flirty. Anything to talk around them revealing their identities to each other. Finally, he decided he would make a big deal of it, but in a way that Pet seemed to understand. 


He would do his biggest, most dramatic act yet. Barely anyone was in the office that day, as most were working from home. He waited for the end of the day, until the last person went home. He decided, Pet loving his subtle humiliation and all, as well as public sexual deviancy, he would make his final plea in his office. If this didn’t work, he would accept his lot. He wanted Pet more than he wanted whoever was behind the hidden face. He was ok with just having what he was ok to give, he would wait. But he wouldn’t pretend he didn’t want all of him so deeply it hurt. He would at least give all of himself first, if it only made Pet feel okay. 


Sprawled out in front of his computer, his cock in his hand and his lip between his teeth, he set up his phone with a timer, to take a photo of his entire body-face included. Just as the flash went off, his office door opened. He stumbled over himself, trying to pull up his pants and catching himself in the zipper, letting out a small yelp as he fell out of his chair and the sexy position he’d been trying to pose in.


“What the fuck?” Laurent said, his eyes wide and face pale. 


“Please dont fire me!” Damen begged, uncatching the zipper from himself and readjusting so he could safely rezip. 


“Stop!” Laurent shouted, his hand out, and Damen froze, dick out and all. “What is that?”


“I’m sorry…I was…There’s a boy I really like. I’m just…stupid.” Damen stuttered out.


“You’re very stupid.” Laurent said distractedly, eyes still on where Damen was exposed, hand frozen on himself under Laurent’s gaze. “Very fucking stupid.”


“Can we please just pretend this didn’t happen?” Damen said, his chest heaving with labored breaths from the adrenaline. 


“You like a boy?” Laurent said slowly. “You’re gay?”


“I’m bisexual.” 


“And you like a boy? Didn’t you have a girlfriend at the company picnic last year?” Laurent said, his eyebrows pinching like he was trying to make sense of something. 


“She got pregnant with my brother’s child.” Damen said, surprised he was able to get the words out without clenched teeth. 


Laurent finally peeled his eyes away from where Damen was exposed, snapping to his gaze with a look of pure shock. 



“Yeah.” Damen said, surprised he remembered her name. Laurent reached up instead of responding, unbuttoning his shirt. “Um, you’re very beautiful Laurent but like I said, I really like-” 


“Yeah, I heard you.” He said, continuing to unbutton his shirt. Damen should feel uncomfortable, and should feel bad. He was just taking photos for his camboy, and here he was feeling himself stiffen at the sight of Laurent undressing. His jaw worked as he thought of what to say, willed himself to move from his embarrassing sprawl across the floor. As he tried to piece his brain into a rational puzzle, a pair of blue nipple rings he recognized too quickly flashed before him. 


“Oh.” Damen said. 


“I didn’t know.” Laurent said, sounding astonished and his chest bare, his nipples hardening under the cool AC vents of the office. “I didn’t know it was you.”


“Is that ok?” Damen asked, feeling a sudden cold shock that he might not want it to be him. Damen was shocked Laurent was his camboy, of course. His domineering, asshole of a boss. He’d fucked his hand to Laurent’s voice degrading him and then gotten up the next morning complaining about an email filled with the corporate equivalent of the same thing, and he hadn’t known. But Laurent was beautiful, and he knew the real him under those bitter emails…didn’t he?


“You think I’m a fucking cunt. You’ve told me as much.” Laurent said, his face going even paler. 


“I’ve never called you a cunt. I’ve said you’re unnecessarily cruel to me.” 


“Yes, fancy language for cunt.” Laurent said, his voice acidic. Were they already arguing, each of them a different half naked?


“You’re mean.” Damen said, standing up. “You think I’m horrible at my job and you make me feel it every day.”


“You’d think that would get your cock hard.” Laurent responded, and Damen’s jaw dropped. 


“I’ve touched myself to you every night, and you open with that.” Damen says. 


“Then maybe you should stop.” Laurent said. “A bit unprofessional, probably. Juggling your balls to the boss that you hate.” 


Damen opened his mouth, ready to fight. Ready to make this ugly, and long, and draw it out like a year’s worth of heated emails. Instead, he saw the tightness in Laurent’s mouth and shoulders. His normally leisurely posture became completely rigid, scared and pale and naked. He saw fear. In that fear, he heard that same voice that was being so crude, being so kind. Gentle with him. Talking to him through Jokaste’s leaving and lonely nights. Letting him be gentle in return, and even in this moment of anger, he would try to find that gentleness. Because Pet deserved it. Laurent deserved it. 


“What are you scared of? That I won’t want you?” Damen asked, taking a step closer to Laurent. He somehow stiffened more. Damen reached out, placing a hand tentatively on Laurent’s cheek. He closed his eyes, his jaw clenching under Damen’s fingers even as he seemed to subtly lean into his palm. 


“No.” Laurent responded too quickly, his voice thick. 


“I touched myself to you when you first took the job, when I didn’t know what a cunt you could be yet.” Damen said, his voice quiet. Laurent’s eyes snapped open, staring into Damen’s face, who was moving ever closer. 


“You what?” 


“I came, your real name caught in my mouth. How funny it is. I’ve been trying to figure out your name for months, and I’d used it first.” Damen said. “Can I?”


He brought his face down slowly, slowly enough for the frozen Laurent to reject him or turn away. Bringing his mouth down to his in the slowest, gentlest press he could. It felt too blissful for him, too peaceful. He almost second guessed that it could be real, that he could finally be kissing his boy after all this time. Just as he went to pull back, realizing Laurent was still rigid against him, Lauren’t hands came up into his hair. He was not gentle like Damen was, his nails digging into Damen’s scalp and using handfuls of hair to pull Damen’s mouth tightly against his own.


A small, involuntary noise left Laurent, and Damen began to lose his senses. His hand found Laurent’s hips, pulling him over and up onto his desk, slotting himself between his thighs and deepening the kiss further. 


“I don’t just want you.” Damen said, voice hushed. “I need you.”


Whatever Laurent had planned as a response broke on a cry as Damen reached between them, cupping him through his pants. 


“I need to be inside you like I need to breathe. Is that ok? Can I fuck you?” His voice was breathless, a little whiny, and again a helpless noise escaped Laurent. 


“I want you to fuck me, idiot. You don’t have to beg.” 


“You like it when I beg, remember?” Damen said. 


“I’d like you cumming in my ass more.” Laurent replied, and Damen’s cheeks pinked even as he teased him. 


“So vulgar. We should probably wash your mouth out.” 


“Yes, please.” Laurent said, sliding from the desk and onto his knees.


“You don’t have to-“ Damen started. 


“God, I want to. I’ve wanted to do this to both versions of you for a very long time. But since I saw your cock? God it’s so pretty it makes my mouth water.” Laurent said, pulling Damen’s pants down to his knees, his eyes going wide as he looked at him again. 


“Both versions of me? You hate me.” Damen said, his eyebrows pinching. 


“I hate that you do everyone’s job for them and then have to stress over your own. You’re so good at what you do. Everything could be easy and perfect for you but everyone here takes advantage of you and you let them.” Laurent said, frustration laced through his tone. 


“I like helping people.”


“Then let me help you.” 


He dragged a nail up the length of him first, glancing up at Damen to watch the small hiss leave his teeth at the sensation. 


“You’re so needy. Dripping for me already? You look like you might’ve cum your pants at the idea of being in my mouth.” Laurent tsk’d. He dragged his tongue up Damen’s shaft and an embarrassingly loud noise left Damen’s throat. 


Laurent did tease him, tonguing at the tip and leaving gentle scrapes of his teeth across his thighs. Damen was practically shaking before Laurent finally gripped him firmly and took him into his mouth. 


“You’re amazing.” Damen said, his breath coming out in a shiver as Laurent really began to work him. It was embarrassing how naturally his body reacted to him, like a starving man finally sat before a feast. 


Laurent took him deep in his throat, taking him hungrily and he looked like he could do it forever. 


“Laurent, you have to stop or-“ Laurent came off him with a pop. 


“Are you already gonna cum? Pathetic.” Laurent said, coming up to stand, but there was an endearment in his gaze that warmed Damen’s chest. 


“You’re so beautiful.” Damen murmured, running a thumb along Laurent’s swollen lips. He pressed a kiss to him again. He could do that forever, just kissing him. 


“I want you to fuck me.” Laurent spoke against his mouth. Before Damen could respond, Laurent was turning around and bending over the desk. Shimmying his pants down his narrow hips. Damen stopped him with his hands, surprised by his own assurity. 


“I did not wait this long to fuck you and see your beautiful face, for you to hide it when I finally get inside you.” He said, grabbing the back of Laurent’s pants and spinning him. He took an arm, sweeping the area of desk behind Laurent free of clutter. Then, pressing a large hand over Laurent’s chest, he slowly pressed him onto his back. He kneeled before Laurent, carefully pulling off each shoe and then his pants. 


Luckily he’d been keeping lube in his office since he’d been fucking his hand so much, and he pulled it out of his drawer. Returning to a stand in front of Laurent, he gripped his calves delicately, pressing them up to expose his ass to him. He drizzled some lube across his fingers, before pressing them in. 


A whimper left Laurent’s mouth, causing a groan to build in Damen’s. 


“You look so pretty like this.” Damen said, adding another finger. As he fucked his fingers into him, the noises leaving Laurent were enough to cure any ailment, to raise the dead, noises so incredible they had to be pure magic to Damen’s ears. 


“You’re being a-a tease.” Laurent complained, his cheeks matching that exquisite pink Damen had seen spread across his chest dozens of times. He was pleased that they did match perfectly, the blush spreading across him. 


“I'm just going slow, baby.” Damen cooed. 


“Well, don’t, dummy. I’ve been waiting too. I’ve been patient. I want you now.” He said, his breaths labored as Damen kept adding fingers. 


“Okay,” Damen said, a chuckle rumbling through his throat, vibrating through the warmth he felt in his chest. 


Laurent needed him. 


And God, did he need him back. 


After putting some lube on himself, he pressed his cock against Laurent’s opening, pressing his legs further back. 


“Ah, Damen, please,” Laurent whined. And Damen knew he could never deny him, pressing himself deeper and earning himself another pretty noise. Laurent reached up, wrapping a hand around Damen’s wrist and the other to the edge of the desk. “Please, please, please.”


Damen picked up his pace, driving himself to hilt and Laurent let out a cry. 


“You feel so good, Laurent.” Damen huffed, a small glow of pride filling him at getting to moan his name and getting to hear his own. 


He fucked into him slowly at first, deeply. But he couldn’t keep up the torment for both of them, a chorus of breaths and sighs. His hands slid down from Laurent’s calves to his thighs, pressing into the soft skin so hard he knew it would bruise him like fresh fruit. But he couldn’t stop, couldn’t think. All he could do was keep building, finding a place inside of him deeper, faster. 


Laurent’s reaching out blindly, pulling Damen down against himself, zeroing out any space between them. He melted their mouths together, tongues meeting, Laurent’s cock between them was hard and sticky. Damen swallowed every noise he made, feeling them all the way down his belly. 


“You said you really liked a boy.” Laurent said breathlessly against Damen’s mouth. 


“Yes. I really like you.” Damen said back and Laurent let out a small whine as he quite literally drove his words home. 


Instead of responding, Laurent kissed him harder, wrapping his arms around Damen’s neck. He clenched around him, shivering as an orgasm started, causing Damen’s climax to reach its own height. He went to pull out, but Laurent only pulled him closer and they moaned into each other’s mouths as they found their release together. Damen, spilling inside Laurent and Laurent coating the thin space between their stomach and chests. 


Exhausted, Damen pulled Laurent from his desk, curling him up in his arms on the office floor. They laid there for a while, labored breaths calming and the mess they made of each other drying up. 


“I really hope nobody is here.” Laurent laughed breathlessly. He turned, and Damen looked at his face. So open, cheeks still warmed and his eyes soft. He looked…happy. Damen realized he’d never seen him look so at peace before. 


“I do really like you. I like us, whatever we’ve been doing.” Damen said. “I’d like to keep doing it.”


“You don’t want…more?” Laurent said, suddenly cautious. 


“I want whatever you’ll give me.” Damen said. “I’d take you to a court house right now if you asked.”


Laurent hesitated before laughing. 


“You’re serious.”


“I am.” Damen said. 


“Well…I won’t be making you do that. But I would like to be carried to the showers.” Laurent said, holding his arms out. 


“Let’s hope nobody is in the gym, then.” Damen said, scooping Laurent up from the floor. He held him there for a moment, staring down at him. 


“What, you big oaf?” Laurent said, his eyebrows pinching. He looked like he was trying to suppress his smile. 


“You’re just really cute.” Damen said. 


“I am not cute! I am handsome and perfect.” He responded and Damen laughed, starting to leave the office. 


“Don’t think you’re safe in the shower.”


They spent the evening together, but Damen woke up alone in his bed. Heading into work the next morning, he found an email pulled up on his computer screen and a latte left at his desk. Sitting down, he read. 



I’ve been using the signature you gave me with everyone else since the beginning. You’re just special to me, I guess. Or…especially annoying. I haven’t yet decided. 

Affectionately Yours, 

Laurent x