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In This World, It's Just Us

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There was only darkness.


After all the time Wanda had spent under the influence of the Darkhold, there’d been a dark tint in her corner of her vision. Everything just slightly darker and cloudier than normal. But never like this.


This was pure darkness and nothing else.


She had used all the power she had left to destroy the Darkhold in every universe, and now there was no longer that controlling feeling influencing her every thought.


She assumed this eternal darkness was death, and she welcomed it. There was nowhere for her anywhere in the multiverse. Billy and Tommy… in every universe they already had a mother. They didn’t need her. No one needed her. No one.


She let go. Let it be over, she thought to herself.


Suddenly, a bright light appeared below her. She could only just make it out but it appeared to be star shaped. Before she could even comprehend what was happening, she was sucked into it.






Wanda opened her eyes and was blinded by the bright sun. Her head was pounding. A part of her had wished all of this would just be over, so this was a little disappointing. The sun illuminating her pale skin, her body still able to move - this meant she was very much still alive.


She’d been transported to another universe through one of America’s star shaped inter-dimensional portals. But why?


This place was a wasteland. All she could see was desert, and an almost red looking sun. Maybe this place was not fit for human life. At least, not normal human life. She was an exception. She barely even felt the blazing sun’s heat.


Wanda tested her powers and red flickers appeared in her hands. They still worked. She was exhausted, so they were a little weaker than normal. But they allowed her to fly, slowly, through the baron wasteland.






She lost track of how long she spent exploring this Earth. She explored every which way and she discovered it wasn’t completely abandoned. There were people. Not as many as Earth-616, but there was life here.


She considered going to Westview, but quickly abandoned that idea. This universe's Westview wouldn’t want her, just as hers hadn’t.


There was one familiar place she knew. It was out in the middle of nowhere in her universe. She hoped it was the same here.


The farm looked as it did back in her universe, but as she flew over, she noticed the lines of trees had no flowers, and barely any leaves. This universe was not very abundant in vegetation. The little cottage farmhouse was still here too. Almost untouched, same as it was when she’d found the one in her universe.


She entered through the creaky door and almost started crying. This is the place where she’d tried, she tried so hard, to just let it all go. Leave it all behind and start over. But she’d caved after not too long and sought out the Darkhold to try and find her boys.


This time, she’d promised herself, this time she would leave it all behind. There was no more Darkhold to corrupt her.


Wanda sat out on the porch and sighed. This was going to be her life now, she’d decided. Just her, alone, with her thoughts. She was going to leave her powers in the past and stop using them. Well, actually, she might need to use them a little to get the apple blossom trees to flower so she’d have food to sustain herself first. But she was going to commit to this life and not meddle in anyone else’s lives ever again.


She walked over to one of the trees and picked a blackened bud. She concentrated hard on it and a flower emerged. Quickly, it transformed into a young piece of fruit. She started with the first tree, bringing it back to life until it had all flowered, and then went along the line, bringing and each every tree back to life.


It was therapeutic doing this. Her thoughts of the past dissipated as she focused on the trees. It was kind of peaceful actually.


She stopped dead when she saw a familiar figure in the distance.


It couldn’t be… could it? He was completely white and she froze, remembering when they’d sent him to Westview, and the hollow body of the man she loved had tried to kill her.


She conjured some red tendrils in her hands and put her arms up ready for attack as he walked towards her.


“Stop!” she yelled.


White Vision stopped, and said in his unique voice. “Wanda. Wanda, it’s me.”


Hearing his voice, the voice she missed so, the voice she’d conjured in her head so many nights, that she’d created in her dream world in Westview so she'd never forget what it sounded like. But she knew it wasn’t him.


He wasn’t her Vision.


“It’s not you,” she said. “You’re dead. I… I killed you.”


White Vision closed his eyes, and something on his forehead began to glow.


White Vision, her Vision’s body that S.W.O.R.D had resurrected, was only a mindless android with Vision’s memories. He was not sentient because he didn’t have the Mind Stone.


This Vision standing in front of her did appear to have the Mind Stone in his head. Could it really be him? Her Vision.


She put her hands down and let the tendrils dissipate. “Vis?” she said through tears, abandoning everything else and running to him, completely off guard now. “Is it really you?”


He took her hand delicately and brought it up to his head. As soon as her fingertip touched the Stone, she felt it all. Its power, its beating heart, the source of her powers…. Vision.


Her voice was shaking. “How… how is this possible?”


He took both of her hands in his strong yet gentle grip. “After I left Westview, I went to try to understand who I am, but I got nowhere. Nothing made sense. Until Stephen Strange and America Chavez found me. They gave me this,” he said, pointing to the Stone, “and suddenly, I was me again. Wanda, I finally feel like myself again.”


It still didn’t make sense, trying to wrap her head around this. “You’re from my universe…?”


“Earth-six-one-six, yes, Wanda. The one who, in Westview, I’m sorry Wanda. I’m so sorry for what I did.”


She shook her head. “That wasn’t you, Vis. I know you’d never hurt me…” Her hands tightened around his. “But I still don’t understand. Where did they find this?” She touched the stone again and felt a surge of its power.


“They told me they travelled the multiverse and found it in a universe where it had not been destroyed. Then they sent me here.” He pressed his forehead to hers. "To be with you.”


“Where are we?” she whispered.


“Earth-two-seven-nine,” he replied.


She pulled back to look at Vision, but then looked down in shame. “America and Stephen sent us here? Why would they do that? After… after what I did. After I tried to kill them.”


“They don’t blame you, Wanda,” he said, gently pushing her head back up to look into his eyes. “They know the power of the Darkhold. They know you didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”


“But I should have fought it. I should have known what I was doing was wrong. But I still did it. I… Billy and Tommy… I wanted to be with them, and you, no matter the cost.” The tears were falling down her cheeks now. “I killed so many people. So many lives were lost because of me. I’m a monster.”


“No, Wanda—“


“Vis, I am,” she said sternly. One of the few she knew for sure that she was. “Billy and Tommy were afraid of me. You should have seem them, their terrified faces... All I wanted was to protect them, and all they wanted was to hide from me.”


“Wanda, you’re not a monster,” he said gently, bringing her into a hug. “You were driven by love, which is one of the things I love most about you.”


She let her tears soak into his shoulder. “I’ve made so many mistakes,” she whispered.


“As have I,” he said. “We can learn to forgive ourselves, Wanda. We can put the past behind us and start anew.”


She pulled away from him, knowing that was only a pipe dream. It wasn’t real. “No, we can’t. What about us in this universe? Billy and Tommy already have a mother in every universe. I can’t... I can't stay here. There’s nowhere for me.”


“There is no Billy and Tommy in this universe,” Vision said matter-of-factly.


She’d dreamed so many nights of all the different variants of herself, and her boys. How could they not be here, in this universe they were in now? She thought she’d seen them all. “What?”


“There is no us in this universe either. The only universe in the whole multiverse where we don’t exist.”


Wanda was trying to comprehend the scope of what that meant, of what America and Stephen had given to them.


This was somewhere out of the way where they really could start over. Where she couldn’t hurt anyone else. Where she and Vision could live whatever life they wanted.


Vision brought her hands up to his lips and gave them a gentle kiss. “It’s just us, Wanda. It’s just us and we can stay here for as long as we want.”


She nodded, still not quite believing this to be true.


Vision smiled, and oh how she'd missed his smile. “How about we go inside? I can make us some tea. How does that sound?”


He started leading them back towards the cottage, past all the trees she’d brought back to life. Soon, this place would feel like a home.


Soon, this place would be their home.


“That sounds great,” she said, and genuinely meant it. Something small and mundane like tea was the greatest thing in the world right now. “I’ve missed you so much.”


“I know,” he said. “We won’t be separated again, I promise.”


“Just us,” she whispered.


“Just us,” he repeated.