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Blushing Pink

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“You won’t believe the day I just had,” Mac announced to the room as she shut the door to the bungalow behind her. She took off her hat and sighed deeply, though a smile rose to her lips when she heard a sympathetic voice coming from a different room.

“That bad?”

Mac shook her head as she removed her suit jacket. “No, not bad; just long. And very busy,” she added, pouring herself a stiff drink. She took a gulp and then smiled as Rosie emerged from their bedroom.

“You look comfortable,” Mac remarked amusedly, looking Rosie over as she walked down the hall, barefoot and clad in a silky midnight-blue dressing gown. Her hair was unpinned, dark curls hanging loosely over her shoulders, and Mac couldn’t resist running her fingers through them as she greeted Rosie with a kiss.

Rosie’s eyes twinkled mischievously when she pulled back, her lips turned up in a sly smile. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” she said, taking Mac’s hand and leading her to the bedroom.

Mac laughed as she followed Rosie down the hallway curiously, suddenly feeling rather less exhausted. “I don’t see anything,” she teased when they walked in, glancing around the room.

Rosie shook her head as her fingers flitted up to Mac’s neck, untying her cravat. “Patience, Doctor,” she admonished lightly, dropping the piece of fabric onto the dresser. She stole Mac’s drink from her hand, taking a long sip and then kissing Mac, letting her taste the whiskey on Rosie’s tongue.

Mac sighed into the kiss, allowing the memories of her day to fade away as Rosie pressed her firmly back against the wall. They kissed for what felt like hours, unhurried and gentle, and the tenseness in Mac’s muscles slowly dissipated as she lost herself in the pleasantly familiar feeling of Rosie’s body pressed against hers, her soft lips and gentle tongue exploring Mac’s mouth.

Eventually, Rosie pulled back, looking just as flushed and breathless as Mac felt.

“Was that the surprise?” Mac murmured, smiling fondly as she brushed a strand of hair off of Rosie’s face.

Rosie’s smile widened, eyes twinkling playfully again, and she shook her head.

This is the surprise.”

With that, she shrugged off her robe, letting it fall to the floor gracefully as she revealed the entrancing step-in chemise she was wearing underneath. Mac’s eyes widened as she drank in the sight: silk ribbon straps holding up a lacy see-through bodice that only functioned to outline the pattern of the delicate lace over her tempting breasts, and blush-pink silk crepe draping beautifully over her torso and accentuating her waist and thighs. Rosie usually favored dark colors in her clothing – and looked stunning in them, to be sure – so the sudden switch to a lighter color only served to enhance the enticing image.

She was the most breathtaking woman that Mac had ever seen.

Still, she couldn’t resist a bit of teasing. “Someone’s been spending too much time with Phryne,” Mac said, even as her eyes trailed admiringly over Rosie’s body.

Rosie smirked, watching Mac’s eyes follow as Rosie slowly traced her fingers downward along her own torso, fluttering past her breasts… over her stomach… down to the tantalizing patch of dark hair between her legs, clearly visible through the sheer fabric. “I could always return it…” she said slyly, calling Mac’s bluff.

“I never said it was a bad thing,” Mac said hurriedly, making Rosie laugh. Mac covered Rosie’s wandering hand with her own.

“No?” Rosie’s voice was whisper-soft, her fingers curling around Mac’s.

Mac pulled her closer, suddenly desperate to feel Rosie’s body pressed against hers again. She pressed a kiss to Rosie’s cheek, then nuzzled into her hair, her teeth tugging at Rosie’s earlobe and making her shiver.

“I believe it’s the best surprise I’ve ever received,” she whispered.

She felt Rosie let out a breath. “Careful, Doctor; that kind of praise could go to a woman’s head.”

Mac laughed as she wrapped her arms around her lover, stroking her fingers over the chemise’s soft fabric as she traced along the length of Rosie’s spine. Rosie sighed in pleasure as Mac captured her lips again, each new kiss deeper than the last.

“Come to bed,” Rosie murmured after a minute, and Mac didn’t need to be told twice. She broke the kiss briefly to undress, untying and slipping off her shoes, followed by her socks. Before she could go any further, though, Rosie caught her hands. “Let me.”

Mac smiled as she allowed Rosie to undress her, her nimble fingers making quick work of the buttons on Mac’s waistcoat and shirt and pushing them off her shoulders along with her braces. They joined Rosie’s robe on the floor as Rosie bent down slightly so she could press soft kisses down Mac’s chest and over her breasts. She caressed Mac through the fabric of her brassiere, and then finally reached around to unhook it, carefully pulling it off and dropping it on the floor as well. Mac’s trousers and tap pants were next to be added to the growing pile when Rosie eagerly pulled them off, having apparently grown impatient with her own pace.

Once Mac was completely naked, Rosie spun them around and nudged Mac backwards until she bumped into the bed. Taking the hint, Mac sat down on the edge and pulled Rosie forward to stand between her legs.

“Enjoying the view, Doctor?” Rosie teased as Mac’s eyes raked over her body once again.

“I think we both know the answer to that,” Mac murmured, leaning up for a deep kiss. After a moment, Rosie gently pushed her back, and Mac happily obliged, scooting back on the bed until she reached the pillows.

“Come here,” she said, inviting Rosie to climb onto her lap. She leaned back against the headboard as Rosie nestled herself into Mac’s arms for another heated kiss. Mac stroked Rosie’s sides as they kissed, relishing the feeling of their bodies nestled so closely together. Her lips left Rosie’s, and she pressed a trail of kisses along Rosie’s jaw, down her throat, into the crook of her neck. She nibbled at the sensitive skin there, making Rosie shiver, then teased and soothed the skin until it was blushing bright pink to match her chemise before moving her lips to a spot on Rosie’s collarbone and repeating her ministrations.

Rosie was relatively quiet as Mac worked, combing her fingers gently through Mac’s hair. Mac suddenly realized that Rosie had taken the opportunity to pull the pins from her hair, releasing her coppery-red curls from where they’d been held in place all day. Mac couldn’t help but laugh at that, shaking her head solely for the pleasure of watching Rosie follow her curls’ movement with her eyes.

“You’re so beautiful, Mac,” Rosie said softly, the earnestness in her voice making Mac’s heart flutter.

“Not as beautiful as you are,” Mac murmured, cutting off Rosie’s protestations with a long kiss.

Without warning, she flipped them over so that Rosie was lying back on the bed as Mac hovered over her. Rosie watched her in amusement as Mac finally – finally – took the chance to explore her body more thoroughly. She kissed her way down Rosie’s neck and chest before pausing above her soft breasts, her prone position putting them on perfect display through her chemise. The way her nipples poked through the lace was downright obscene, the very sight of them sending a rush of arousal through Mac’s body.

Mac knelt down and, eyes watching Rosie’s gaze, covered one breast with her mouth. Careful not to damage the lace, she swirled her tongue around the nipple, teasing it into a hard nub that stiffened even further when she gently blew cool air over it.

Mac,” Rosie cried out, squirming beneath her. Mac simply grinned and then moved to the other nipple, repeating her actions until Rosie was breathless under her. Carefully, she slid the straps of the chemise down over Rosie’s shoulders and tugged the bodice downwards until it was resting on her stomach. With her breasts now free, Mac latched on again, sucking harder this time, teasing with her tongue and teeth as Rosie writhed on the bed, making the most delicious soft keening noises. She switched breasts, continuing to tease the first one with her fingers, as Rosie dug her own fingers into Mac’s hair, clutching her curls desperately.

“Mac-” Rosie managed finally, tugging Mac back up for a messy kiss that was mostly teeth because Rosie was laughing. She gripped Mac’s face in her hands. “I’m glad you like your surprise,” she said breathlessly as Mac kissed along her jaw again.

“I love it,” Mac corrected, caressing Rosie’s side with her thumb. “I’d like to get it off of you now, though,” she said slyly.

“I believe that’s a fine idea,” Rosie agreed. She lifted her hips off the bed, just high enough for Mac to slide the chemise down her body and set it carefully to the side. Mac paused for a moment to gaze at Rosie, flushed and pleased lying splayed out on their bed, before she knelt down over her again, cupping her cheek with one hand as she pressed her lips to Rosie’s jaw, and down her throat. Her fingers soon wandered south, skating over Rosie’s sides until she reached her thighs.

“Wait – ah – Mac,” Rosie gasped as Mac’s fingers dipped into her folds. She was already wet, Mac realized with a pleased grin, stroking Rosie gently. “This – mm – was a surprise for you,” Rosie managed. “Let me – oh!” she cried out as Mac swiped over her clit.

Mac smiled against Rosie’s skin. “Let me take care of you first, love,” she said, pressing a kiss to Rosie’s shoulder.

Rosie nodded, her body visibly relaxing, so Mac began moving her fingers again. She traced a finger lightly along Rosie’s labia, making Rosie huff with what Mac knew was mild chagrin at the teasing. Mac relented, stroking Rosie harder as she shifted positions slightly so that she could take Rosie’s breast into her mouth again. She teased the nipple with her tongue as she pressed one finger into Rosie, followed soon after by another.

Mac continued her actions for a few minutes, gradually working up to a faster pace. Rosie was a remarkably quiet lover, not prone to much more than a cry if Mac caught her off guard, and so Mac had learned early on how to interpret her body language. It was obvious by the way Rosie’s breathing was getting quicker and more stuttered that she was getting close. Her back arched off the bed as Mac added a third finger inside of her, twisting and teasing them as Rosie gasped. Mac changed the angle slightly so that she could stroke Rosie’s clit with each thrust, grinning against Rosie’s skin as her breathing quickened until she was practically panting.

“Mac,” Rosie breathed, back arching again as her eyes squeezed shut and her whole body tensed. Mac stroked her through her orgasm until Rosie finally let out the breath she’d been holding, muscles relaxing as Mac continued caressing her lightly. She sped up again after a brief moment, rubbing Rosie’s clitoris rapidly, leading her through a second orgasm.

“More?” Mac murmured once Rosie had relaxed again, pressing soft kisses against Rosie’s skin as she switched back to longer strokes.

Rosie shook her head, the movement just visible out of the corner of Mac’s eye. “No, your turn,” she said, opening her eyes and fixing Mac with a playful smile.

Mac smoothed her hand up Rosie’s torso, grasping her side as she leaned up to press a kiss to Rosie’s lips. “Where do you want me?”

“On your back,” Rosie said, gently pushing Mac off of her. Mac lay back easily as Rosie rolled over on top of her, straddling Mac’s hips with her thighs. Mac took a moment to enjoy the sight of a naked Rosie Sanderson on top of her, flushed and sweaty and looking very disheveled. No matter how long they’d been together, or how many times they made love, Mac still found herself marveling at the beautiful woman she’d fallen in love with, and who’d fallen in love with her too.

“You’re staring,” Rosie teased.

“You’re irresistible,” Mac replied, stroking her fingers over Rosie’s legs.

“Is that so?” Rosie’s eyes were twinkling affectionately as she bent down to kiss Mac.

“Yes,” Mac murmured into her mouth, gripping Rosie’s sides as they kissed.

“I could say the same about you.” Rosie hummed as she kissed a line down Mac’s throat. Carefully, she cupped one of Mac’s breasts in her hand, rubbing the pad of her thumb over the stiff nipple as she took Mac’s other breast in her mouth. Mac moaned at the sudden wet heat engulfing her, and she let her arms fall to her sides as Rosie swiped her tongue over the nipple before switching her hand and mouth, taking Mac’s other breast into her mouth and giving it the same treatment.

Ah – Rosie,” Mac sighed, closing her eyes as she relaxed into the blissful feeling of Rosie’s mouth on her.

Eventually, Rosie released her breasts and slowly slid farther down Mac’s body, pressing a hot kiss to her ribs, then her stomach, and finally her hip. She climbed off of Mac and nudged the insides of Mac’s legs until Mac spread them apart, then knelt in between them. She kissed the inside of Mac’s thigh, finding the spot where she knew Mac was most sensitive and scraping her teeth over it lightly. Mac gasped and squirmed as Rosie gently nipped at her flesh: not enough to hurt, but enough to leave a mark. Rosie’s hair was blocking her face, but Mac was certain she was smirking as she continued her ministrations, no doubt leaving a mosaic of bruises in her wake.

Once Rosie was apparently satisfied with her work, she kissed her way back up Mac’s thigh and nuzzled into the soft curls between her legs. She pushed Mac’s legs further apart, then flattened her tongue and licked a slow, teasing line over her labia.

Mac let out a ragged breath as her arousal grew even more intense, and Rosie thrust her tongue deeper, eliciting a breathy moan from Mac as she instinctively lifted her hips towards Rosie’s mouth.

“Rosie,” she gasped as her lover continued tonguing her, her hands gripping Mac’s thighs to keep them spread apart. Mac was still having trouble holding her hips still, but Rosie didn’t seem to mind the thrusting as she buried her tongue in Mac’s folds.

After a few minutes, Rosie worked her way up further, licking over Mac’s clit and tugging it between her lips, her mischievous gaze trained on Mac to watch her reaction. Mac cried out as Rosie teased the sensitive flesh, her hands gripping the bedsheets below her in desperation as she muttered a string of curses.

Rosie pressed a finger inside of Mac as she continued to tease Mac’s clit with her tongue, and before long, it was Rosie’s name that Mac was crying out as she finally tipped over the precipice of her orgasm, her muscles clenching around Rosie’s finger as Rosie stroked her through it.

Once her muscles had relaxed again and her breathing was back to normal, Mac pulled Rosie up for a long kiss. Rosie obliged happily, their bodies nestled together from head to toe as she kissed Mac over and over until they were both breathless again.

“I love you,” Mac murmured, rolling them over so that Rosie was on her back.

Rosie’s expression was fond as she cupped Mac’s cheek in one hand and brushed the other through her hair. “Love you too,” she said, pulling Mac down to lie on top of her.

Mac collapsed easily into Rosie’s arms, resting her cheek on Rosie’s shoulder as they lay on the bed, limbs intertwined, and shared soft kisses. Rosie scratched her fingernails lightly over Mac’s back, and Mac sighed contentedly.

“That was definitely the best surprise I’ve ever received,” she murmured after a while, catching Rosie’s eye.

Rosie gave her a coquettish grin. “Mm, just wait until you see what I got for your birthday,” she said slyly.

Mac felt a renewed spark of arousal rush through her, and she pushed herself up on one elbow to look at Rosie. “Rosemary Sanderson,” she warned, though she was unable to keep the amusement out of her voice, “if you keep talking like that, we’ll never leave this bed.”

Rosie laughed then, breathy and playful and a little bit naughty, as she reached a hand up to cup Mac’s breast. She stroked her thumb over Mac’s nipple, grinning as Mac’s breath hitched. “I fail to see the problem with that, Doctor,” she whispered, grinning triumphantly when Mac captured her lips in another heated kiss.

“In that case, then,” Mac murmured against her lips, “feel free to talk as much as you please.”