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Legends of Today

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"Miss Tarazi, it was so upsetting to hear that you and your boyfriend, who was shown in an interview on Da Throne, have broken up. Would you like to tell us what happened?" The interview held the microphone a little closer to her. 


Zari didn't love the attention as much as she used to. It had been a week since they all left the Waverider, but everything was so different and she missed it so much. She couldn't help but get sad at the question about John.


"Well, Teresa, some mistakes get made. That's alright, it's okay. But in the end, it was better for me. That's the moral of the story, and you can hear more about my story in my new book; Zari Tarazi and the Road that Made Me. Thank you, but I'm afraid that I have to go. My assistant can show you out." Zari gave her best smile and left the interrogation. 


Immediately after she got back to her office, she pulled out her phone and dialed her most recent number. "Hey, sis!"


"B! Are you busy? It's totally fine if you are."


"What's up, do you want me to fire my costume designer after the last episode?" He chuckled, his laugh instantly lifting Zari's mood.


She took a deep breath, careful not to cry and ruin her makeup. "No, no that's not it."


Behead was immediately concerned. "What's wrong? Are you okay? Do you need me to go to L.A?"


Zari smiled sadly, "No, don't do that. They asked about John today and it made me a little upset." Because of their magic totem bond, Zari could feel the way her sadness affected her brother. "I mean, it's nothing, really."


"Zari," he said sympathetically.


She let out a long side, "I mean, you can think that you're in love when you're really just in pain, but that doesn't make it any less real. He left me to go do his weird magic shit and he didn't even care how much it hurt. I'm upset and the media is all over it." Tears threatened to fall. She sniffled and let out a deep breath. It felt so nice having a close bond with her brother. 


"Well, sis, it seems like you really do miss him. That's okay, you were in a committed relationship and he left, it's alright for you to be sad. Listen, I'm gonna be in LA next week for some stuff, what if I reschedule to tomorrow and you and I can hang out tonight?" Zari nodded and even though he couldn't see her, he knew that she agreed. "Alright, we can talk about all this in a few hours when I get there. For now, take a deep breath, let it out, and be the boss bitch you are."


Zari let out a small chuckle and dabbed at her eyes. She hung up, fixed her makeup, and left the office to go do another interview. 


Maybe it would suck a little, but she had her brother there for her and that's what mattered.