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OCC: Over The Counter Crush

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Robin was no party girl. She rarely got drunk, she rarely stayed up late, and despite loving the occasional adventure, her life was relatively slow. Robin liked that about her life though, not just because she was a weird runner and struggled to keep up with everyone else, but it allowed her time to appreciate a lot of things in life.

Her job, for example, really allowed her to to this. If you were to ask Robin a year ago what her favourite thing was, she definitely wouldn’t have said working at Family Video with none other than Steve ‘the hair’ Harrington. In fact, so most likely would have puked at the thought of it. But times change and seeing the boy outside her house, ready to take her to work, always brought a smile to her face. 

The two had shared many laughs in there, despite being almost twenty years old, they acted like children when around each other. Robin would end up chasing Steve around the store before they opened, or sometimes they’d get so invested in their conversations that they’d forget to open all together. But the thing they had most fun doing, was watching one another forget how to function in front of pretty women. 

In Steve’s case, he had no problem talking to them, but it wouldn’t be long before he said something stupid, causing them to run away. As for Robin however, she’d freeze up, start spewing nonsense, eventually realise that she needed to shut up, and end the interaction as quickly as possible. 

They were both hopeless.

That’s why Robin much preferred to people watch rather than actually talk to them; more than what was necessary, at least. So many interesting people came in and out of Family Video, and you could tell a lot about them just from the sections they browsed in and the movies they rented.

But there was one customer, a regular at the store, that Robin struggled to figure out. She had a routine; she’d come into Family Video every Friday no earlier than four o’clock to rent a movie, and she’d return the following Sunday no later than eleven AM to return it. But despite this, however, she was incredibly unpredictable; one week she’d rent out the most gushiest of all romance movies, the next she’d select the goriest of all horrors. 

But if one thing was for certain, is that she was beautiful. She had the prettiest of all smiles, the shiniest of all hair, and she smelled incredible

She was none other than Nancy Wheeler.

Yes, the girl that almost every boy in Hawkins High sought after, and Robin was no better. The only difference between Robin and the male population in her school was that she knew she didn’t have a chance. Even if she did- which she didn’t!- Robin would never be brave enough to make a move. 

It was just that, Nancy didn’t seem to mind the nonsense that Robin would splutter- she seemed to enjoy it, in fact. The two of them would talk by the register, usually about the latest drama in school- something that Nancy was well versed in considering how she ran the school’s paper. (Robin would read all the articles she produced, but would tell Nancy that she didn’t get her hands one one so that she’d talk to her for longer.)

Today was no different. It was a Friday afternoon, Robin had been to school, went home and got changed where she was then picked up by Steve and taken to work as per usual. She was in the middle of stocking the shelves when the bell atop the door chimed, indicating that someone had entered. Robin looked up at the clock that hung on the wall, it read four pm which could only mean one thing. 

Robin rushed to the register. She eventually locked eyes with Nancy, causing her heart to race and her face to flush- her lips curled up into an uncontrollable smile. “Afternoon Nance, what can I do for you today?” she greeted.

The other girl returned the smile, her permed curls bouncing with every step closer that she took. Robin found it so very adorable. “Afternoon Robin,” the way her name rolled off the other girl’s tongue was absolutely intoxicating. “Not sure on what I’m looking for today.”

“Oh, I can take you through the latest releases! We had quite the restock yesterday so I’m sure you’ll fine something you’ll like,” she said. Her fingers were nervously tapping against the countertop as she tries to keep eye contact with Nancy.

“I’d like that, but…” the shorter girl leaned against the counter, resting her head in the palm of her hand as she looked up at Robin. “I haven’t seen you since Sunday, can we talk a little first?”

Robin froze. They were so close to each other, close enough that Nancy’s sweet perfume flooded her senses almost driving her insane. “Oh, uhm- sorry I don’t want you to think I’m trying to get rid of you or anything- I’m not! I’d love to talk to you, I always like talking to you- you’re one of my favourite customers- but please don’t tell Dustin I said that.” 

Realising that she had said too much, Robin briefly shut her mouth and flicked her eyes across the store. She caught sight of Steve who gave her a thumbs up and a knowing smile before disappearing into the back. 

“What you you like to talk about?” She inquired with a nervous chuckle.

Despite the abundance of almost incoherent words that had left her mouth, Nancy’s smile never once faltered- in fact it only spread further across her cheeks. Gosh, she really was a sight for sore eyes.

“I just have a question is all.” 

Robin’s heart sank. Nancy’s face was completely unreadable right now, and the way her previous smile shrunk as she spoke made her anxious. Did she somehow find out about Robin’s burning feelings for her? Is that what she wanted to ask? 

“No, Steve is not for sale,” Robin joked- not to make Nancy laugh but rather to calm her own nerves. She supposed it wasn’t quite the unusual thing to say though; sometimes when Robin was working at the register, girls would come in and ask if Steve was available. The boy would chat them up upon hearing this, but ultimately slip into the cycle of saying something stupid or embarrassing.

Nancy didn’t laugh, unfortunately. Instead she backed off the counter and began fiddling with the strap of her satchel. “Not far off what I was gonna ask, actually.”

Robin’s heart sunk even further. “Oh…” she breathed, mouth dry.

Nancy continued to mess with the strap of her bag as though it were the most interesting thing in the world before eventually responding. “So you and Steve… are you, like, a thing?”

The words left Robin’s mouth before she could even register them in her mind, “What? Oh god no! There is nothing- absolutely nothing between us. Not to say that he isn’t attractive or anything, he’s a good looking guy it’s just-“ she took a deep breath in. “Our relationship is nothing but platonic, and that’s with P. It always has been and it always will be.” Robin didn’t fail to notice the way Nancy’s lips curved back up into a smile. “Are you… interested in him?”

The other girl bit her lip in a way that made Robin scream internally. “Not exactly…” Robin quirked a brow, confused. However, before she could ask what she meant by that, Nancy had already made a move to look around the store. “Well, better go pick out something to watch tomorrow.”

“Let me know if you need anything…”

Nancy smiled at her yet again, but it did nothing to ease the swirling emotions in her stomach. She was very vague about what she had just asked, and Robin didn’t know how to feel. Did Nancy like Steve? And if she did, why didn’t she come out and say it? Robin could only assume it was because they weren’t exactly all that close.

Robin rested her elbows on the counter and hung her head, a loud sigh escaping her lips. If only she had the courage to ask her out, if only she knew how to shut up after saying all that she needed to say. Although, Robin suppose that even if she did have the courage and did know how to shut up, Nancy would not want to go out with her. 

She wasn’t sure how long she had been standing like that, but Robin was eventually brought back to reality by the sound of gentle tapping upon the counter. It was Nancy, boxed cassette in hand, outstretched for Robin to take and ring up. 

She looked at the cover on the box. ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ it read. Robin remembered watching it a little after it came out last year, and it definitely did not scream Nancy Wheeler. She didn’t question it, though. She had come to learn that Nancy was unpredictable so she wasted no time in charging her up for the rent.

“Is that all for today?” She asked, putting in the last details into the electronic register.

“One more thing, actually…” Nancy began, taking the receipt from Robin and shoving it along with the cassette into her satchel. “What time do you finish work on a Friday?”

The question caught her off guard, but she answered in due time, “Oh well, Steve and I usually finish at eight-thirty on a Friday. Same for the rest of the weekdays.”

Nancy nodded in understanding. “I see,” she said, turning to leave. “Well that’s all, see you Sunday, Robin.”

“Yeah…” Robin waved her goodbye. “See you.”




Sunday eventually rolled around, and for once Robin was not excited about it. Not after what happened with Nancy on Friday.

“To say you know four languages, are in band and pretty much get straight A’s… You’re incredibly dense, Robin,” Steve deadpanned.

The two were having something of a debate by the register regarding the incident on Friday. Steve was insistent that Nancy had a thing for Robin, but it just didn’t make sense to the other girl. 

“Then why would she ask if we were together if she didn’t have a thing for you?” Robin argued.

“Because she wanted to know if you were single.” Steve countered.

“Then why didn’t she just ask me?”

“The exact same reason why you don’t ask her if she’s single. You said yourself that asking the wrong girl out could have massive consequences! She’s nervous, Robin.”

Robin shook her head, refusing to accept any of what he was saying. “Someone who spends their weekends watching the most brutal of horror movies would not get nervous asking a girl out,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone. 

Steve was about to continue arguing with her, but the sound of the bell above the door told them to set aside their differences for now, and greet the new customer. However, Robin failed to realise the time and said customer happened to be Nancy Wheeler. Steve did not have time to hide in the back like he usually did when Nancy came along, so instead he tried to focus all his attention on the drawers under the counter in hopes of blending in with the surroundings.

The moment Nancy walked into the store Robin could tell something was amiss; she kept her gaze to the carpeted floor and there was no smile to be seen on her face. “Morning Nance,” She greeted.

“Hi,” was all she got in return.

Nancy quickly rummaged through her satchel, taking out the rented cassette before placing it on the counter. She did not look up at Robin once while doing this.

“Sorry, I’m in a bit of a rush today so…” her eyes finally flicked up towards Robin and she saw fear within them. “See you Friday… Maybe.” 

And that was all she said- leaving the store just as quickly as she came in. 

Robin turned to Steve, her stomach churned and she failed to fight off the frown that came to her lips. “Well, I suppose that confirms two things.” Steve looked at her with a quirked brow. “One: Nancy Wheeler does in fact get nervous. Two: she gets nervous around you ergo she’s into you.”

Steve’s jaw almost dropped to the floor, he looked astounded. “Or maybe, Robin, she was just in a hurry like she said.” 

Robin rolled her eyes- he wasn’t understanding. “But she looked scared, Steve. And I’ve never seen her like that before and maybe that’s because you’re not around when she’s in here!” 

Steve decided he was done arguing with her, thus he went to reorganise some of the shelves. Meanwhile, Robin could feel tears forming at the corners of here eyes. If Nancy really did like Steve- which Robin was sure she did- she would have to probably start getting over her.

But getting over Nancy would mean she had nothing to look forward to every Friday and Sunday. She’d probably end up being the one who hides in the back when Wheeler shows up, and no longer would she have someone who didn’t mind the mess of words that left her mouth. 

Robin wiped her eyes with the back of her hands before picking up the cassette Nancy had left behind. (Probably for the last time.) she opened up the box to check that the correct contents were in there, not that she didn’t trust Nancy it was just a force of habit. When suddenly a small piece of paper slipped out and slowly fell to the ground.

Confused, Robin crouched down to pick it up and what was on it made her heart skip several beats. 

It was a strip of numbers followed by the words call me.

Robin would have claimed it was for Steve and would have started to cry if it wasn’t for the fact that on the back of the piece of paper it said, “To Robin, From Nancy <3” 

Robin almost decided not to show Steve, for she knew that he’d rub it in her face with that ‘I told you so’ look. However, her new found hope made her gleam with joy that she had to share with Steve.

Robin supposed it all made a lot of sense now- Why Nancy left so quickly, why she looked so scared. After all, asking out the wrong girl could have consequences. 





Despite things looking up for Robin, it didn’t change the fact that she was utterly useless around girls. Especially girls that were named Nancy Wheeler. And thus, she fell into a horrible cycle.

She’d get home from work or school, race upstairs and begin pacing back and forth in front of the telephone outside her bedroom.  Sometimes she’d pick it up, only to immediately place it back down again, other days she’d get as far as typing in half of the digits before giving up. It had gotten to the point where she knew Nancy’s number off by heart. 

This cycle continued up until Thursday, where she was once again stood in front of the telephone. That was when something that Nancy had said on Sunday came to mind ‘See you Friday…Maybe’

“Shit,” Robing cursed as realisation hit her. If she didn’t call Nancy, she may never show up to Family video again out of embarrassment or fear that Robin was the ‘wrong girl’. “Shit,” she cursed again, this time picking up the phone and shakily punching in the digits. 

Robin took a deep breath in and out which did little to calm her nerves. Finally, she hit the dial button and listen to the phone ring for what felt like an eternity; the longer it rang for, the more tempted Robin was to hang up. Eventually it had gotten to the point where she thought that Nancy wasn’t even going to pick up- what if she left it too late? 


Robin sighed a sigh of relief, but said relief was quickly washed away once she realised that she actually had to talk. Robin assumed that talking to Nancy over the phone would have been easier than talking to her in real life.

She realised that she was wrong.

“H-hey Nancy, it’s Robin.” She cringed at the way she stammered. 

“Robin, hey!” She could hear the smile in her voice. It made her smile too. “I was starting to think you weren’t going to call.”

“Oh yeah about that…” she swallowed hard. “I was just busy, you know, with work and school,” she lied. “Not to say that you aren’t important or anything! I have been meaning to call you- and that’s what I’m doing now… calling you.”

Nancy giggled and Robin’s knees went weak- so much so that she had to lean against the wall. “Well, I’m glad you did.” 

There was a moment of silence in which Robin felt both anxious and giddy, she wasn’t sure what to say, but spoke anyway in hope of forming a sentence.

“So-“ they said, simultaneously.

“Sorry, you go first,” Robin spluttered.

“You sure?”


Again there was a brief silence, Robin began twirling the phone wire between her fingers as she waited for Nancy to speak. “I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come over to mine after work tomorrow? We could watch a movie… or something.”

Robin wished that Steve was by her side coaching her though this. “As…” she began, voice hitching in her throat. “As a date?” 

“Do you want it to be?”

Robin’s heart racked at her chest, her foot tapped against the floor and heat rose to her face. “I do.” 

Another pause. 

“Then it’s a date.” 

The smile that spread across her lips was unstoppable. Nancy Wheeler, the girl of her dreams, had asked her on a date- a movie date. 

“Is that why you-“

“Asked if you and Steve were a thing and when you get off of work?” Nancy finished her sentence for her. “It sure was… I’m sorry I didn’t give you much of an explanation back then, I was… nervous.”

“You don’t have to apologise, it’s cool,” said Robin, taking a seat on the floor as the image of Nancy came into her head. The thought of her permed brown hair and her sparkling eyes made Robin realise just how much she had missed the other girl despite it only being a few days. It also exited her knowing that she was going to see the other girl outside of their interactions by the cash register, that she’d be in her presence longer than when they’d pass each other down the school corridors.

“So what do you say?” Nancy asked. “You pick out a movie you wanna watch, I pick you up tomorrow at eight-thirty and I take you back to my place?” 

There was something about the phrase ‘I take you back to my place’ that made Robin’s thoughts run wild. She knew Nancy meant to watch the movie, but the tone of her voice sent a flurry of butterflies into her stomach. She had to bite her lip in order to stop her smile from tearing her cheeks. 

“Sounds perfect, I’m looking forward to it.” 

Robin had expected the conversation to have ended after that, that Nancy would have hung up and that be the end of things. But no, Nancy continued to talk and Robin had no qualms about it.

They caught up with each other, Nancy filled Robin in with the article she was writing for the school paper, and Robin told Nancy stories about difficult customers she had encountered this week.

It was nice- refreshing from all the stress Robin had been under. She felt relieved that she didn’t lose the highlight of her Fridays and Sundays, and hoped that one day Nancy would become the highlight of all her days. 

Unsurprisingly, time flew by. Robin would probably have stayed on call with the other girl for the rest of her life if it weren’t for her father telling her it was time for bed. She looked up at the clock and saw that it was thirty minutes shy of midnight, which was not preferable on a school night. Robin didn’t like staying up late- she liked her sleep. Though, she liked Nancy a lot more. 

“Sorry Nance, I’ve got to go for now- I’m tired,” said Robin, stifling a yawn. “Not tired of you though! I could never be- it’s just super late and we have school tomorrow, which I’m sure you know because we do go to the same school-“

Nancy cut her off with a laugh, “Robin it’s okay, really…” a final pause. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“See you tomorrow.” 

Robin could hardly sleep at all that night. She kept tossing and turning, but it did little to shut her excited brain off. She was going on a date with Nancy Wheeler. The pretty Nancy Wheeler. The smart Nancy Wheeler. The Nancy Wheeler who was absolutely everything, especially to Robin. 

Scenarios upon scenarios kept running through her mind about what could happen during their date. She thought about holding her hand, about kissing her on the cheek- on the lips, she thought about cuddling her, she thought about- 

Robin’s face flushed bright red. She was getting ahead of herself and snapped back into reality. She was certain that ninety percent of those things weren’t going to happen. Still though, the thought was nice. 




To say that Friday dragged would have been an understatement. Robin could not keep her eye off of the clock in school and thus every second felt like an hour, every minute felt like a year and every hour felt like a century. It didn’t stop there though, it only seemed to get worse while she was at work. There, the seconds felt like centuries and so on and so forth. 

During her shift, Robin kept looking at herself through the tiny pocket mirror she kept on her; she couldn’t let a single strand of hair fall out of place, or a speck of mascara fall off her lashes. No, everything had to be perfect. 

When the clock hit eight, Robin rushed to the staff bathroom to put on the change of clothes she had been carrying around with her all day, (Like hell she would go on a date in her work uniform) before, once again, touching up her hair and makeup. 

Somewhat satisfied with the way she looked, Robin made her way back out of the bathroom where her eyes quickly fell to the clock. It was now eight-fifteen. Robin then rounded the many shelves, the fact that she was in charge of choosing the movie made her nervous- she feared that Nancy would hate what she decided upon. 

However after some internal debate, Robin settled upon E.T. It was a sensible choice, at least that’s what she told herself; it was one of their most rented films hence why they had so many in stock. Not to mention how it came out a good four years ago- Nancy tended to stray away from the recent releases, and she had yet to rent out E.T.

For the remaining ten minutes before the store closed, Robin anxiously paced back and forth much to Steve’s dismay, who was left closing up for the night. And finally, after what had felt like an eternity, the clock hit eight-thirty.

Robin dashed out of the store, checking her hair and makeup for the final time. It was cold and dark, her fleece did little to keep her warm. But despite that, she wanted to shake it off with how antsy she felt- she was shaking and Robin told herself it was a result of the cold, not the anxiety. 

However, the second the clock hit eight-thirty-one, Robin quickly came to the irrational conclusion that Nancy was not going to show up and that it was all one big prank and was too good to be true. Thankfully though, Nancy arrived no more than twenty seconds later. 

As her familiar car pulled up to the parking lot, Robin’s heart began to beat erratically and her mouth went dry. She had to fight the urge to take out her mirror once more and keep her hands by her sides, and it was then that she finally accepted just how nervous she was. 

Robin could not take her eyes off Nancy as she exited her car, the sight of her almost made her jaw fall to the ground. Her hair was of course still curly as ever, adorned with a few shining hair clips, she wore a scarf that sat upon a dark grey sweater with black leggings and boots that had a slight heel to them. She looked comfortable yet so very attractive. 

“Hey,” Nancy smiled once she was in range. 

“Hi, Nance, you look…” hot, like a goddess, perfect, stunning, gorgeous, so god damn attractive. “…nice,” is what she went with.

Nancy giggled and bashfully tucked a curl behind her ear in the cutest manner possible. “Thanks, so do you.” Robin wanted nothing more than to reach out, cup Nancy’s cheek and kiss her- she had not even a fraction of the courage to do that, though. “You ready to go?” 

Robin turned her head to look back at the store behind her. She caught sight of Steve inside who was still in the process of closing up. They made eye contact, and Steve shooed her away with his hand as if to say ‘hurry up and go’. She smiled at him and nodded. 

“Yep, ready as ever.” 

Nancy smiled at her once again, and Robin wanted nothing more than for that smile to remain on her face forever- she decided then that she’d do all that she could tonight to make it so. 

Robin followed Nancy to her car, the other girl opening the door for her, and when she slipped inside she was greeted by the scent of Nancy’s floral perfume- it was calming. Nancy sat besides her in the driver’s seat soon after where she fastened her seatbelt, turned the key, shifted gears and placed her hands on the steering wheel. 

Before they set off, however, Nancy turned to look at Robin and asked, “So, what movie did you pick out?” 

Robin shakily reached into her bag and showed her. “E.T… have you seen it before?”

“I have once,” Nancy said with a nod of her head. Robin’s heart sank and her hair stood on end. “But who watches movies only once?” 

Robin laughed out of relief and agreement, and finally they set off. 

The drive there was nice. There would be moments of silence between them, not awkward silences, comfortable ones. And the times in which they weren’t silent were filled with laughter and jokes, such that Robin could feel her anxiety begin to dissipate. 

After a short while, the car shuddered to a stop and Nancy pulled her key from the car. “Here we are,” she said, unbuckling her seatbelt as Robin followed suit. 

Nancy got out first and rounded the car, opening the door for Robin like she had done before. However, as the taller girl stepped back outside into the nighttime air, Nancy did something unexpected; she reached out a hand which Robin gingerly took- their fingers intertwining. They only held hands for a short while, just until they made it to the door, but that didn’t change the fact that it made Robin feel sparks  fly up her arm. 

Nancy lead them inside, flicking on the lights before taking Robin’s fleece and hanging it up on the coatrack. “My parents and little sis are out of town visiting my Nana,” she explained while kicking off her shoes. “And Mike, my brother, is spending the night at Dustins to pick up their game of D&D, or something like that.” 

“So… you’re saying it’s just us?” Robin asked, a pink hue coming to her cheeks. 

“That’s right,” Nancy responded with a grin. “Come on, we’ll watch it in my bedroom- my beds more comfortable than the couch.” Robin’s blush darkened at this, but she followed Nancy up the stairs nonetheless.

The Wheeler’s had quite the nice house, it was a lot nicer than her own. It was relatively big (she supposed that was because it housed five people) yet it still kept and air of comfort. 

Nancy opened the door to her room, and it definitely wasn’t what Robin was expecting. Well, Robin wasn’t entirely sure what she was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t what she was looking at. “A Tom Cruise poster?” Robin pointed out in a teasing tone, what with it being the first thing that caught her eye.

Nancy, who was clearly embarrassed by it, rolled her eyes. “That’s…old,” she said, picking up the remote from her dressing table, which Robin noticed was aligned with music tapes and a jewellery box that caught her attention, and switching on the television. “You can go ahead and put the movie in when you’re ready, I just gotta grab a couple of things. Make yourself comfortable!”

And with that Nancy left the room, something she probably wouldn’t have done if she knew how bad Robin was when it came to snooping around. Once the shorter girl descended the stairs, Robin immediately checked out the pink box that had caught her attention just a second ago. She opened it up and inside was a tiny ballerina that spun and played music. Robin couldn’t help but let out a small whimper at how cute it was.

She then went to look inside Nancy’s closet. All of the shirts were frilly in one way or another and they were all in various shades of pink and purple. There were several skirts, both long and short, a few dresses and some pastel knitted cardigans- it was all very Nancy Wheeler. 

Robin then looked upon the nightstand, there was a box of tissues, a glass of water and what looked to be a journal. Of course though, Robin wasn’t that nosy, so she kept her hands off that last item. She decided that she had finished snooping around for now, thus she pulled out the cassette from her bag and slotted it into the television across from Nancy’s bed

After that, Robin gingerly took a seat upon the mattress and moments later Nancy returned with two bowls of popcorn in hand. “I wasn’t sure if you liked sweet or salted, so I got both,” she smiled bashfully. 

Robin took both of the bowls off her her so that Nancy could get comfortable on the bed before stating, “I actually don’t have a preference.”

And with that said, they began to watch the film. 

Robin thought that this was a perfect idea for a first date; she didn’t have to worry about talking, meaning she didn’t have to worry about spouting out nonsense, leaving no room for Nancy to speak. Additionally, all she had to focus on was the film in front of her, not worry about impressing the girl sat beside her. Yes, as Robin thought, this was a great idea. 

Or so she thought. 

They were only twenty minutes in and Robin encountered several problems. For starters, despite the movie being in her top-ten, she could not keep her eyes on it for longer than two minutes at a time. She’d end up flicking her gaze over to Nancy, finding it almost impossible to tear her eyes away from her pretty face. 

Not only that, but the proximity between her and the shorter girl was driving her insane. They weren’t touching, but they were close enough that Robin could feel the heat of her body. 

She looked down to the bedsheets, noticing Nancy’s motionless hand. That’s when Robin decided to be bold for once- Nancy had practically made every move up until now and she wanted that to change. 

Robin reached her own hand out and interlocked their fingers just like before, and for the first time Nancy turned her head away from the television to look at Robin with a surprised look upon her face. Robin smiled and squeezed her hand tenderly, a little bit proud of herself. This action was well received, for Nancy returned the gesture and rested her head upon Robin’s shoulder so that there was no more space between them. Robin could feel herself grinning like an idiot, but she tried her best to maintain focus on the movie again. 

This time around, she manage to keep her attention on the movie for longer, and by longer she means a whole ten minutes. Robin couldn’t help herself, she just had to steal another glance. It was harder to do this time due to their current position, but the moment she looked down at Nancy, she found that the other girl was already staring back at her. 

Neither of them averted their gaze, for Robin had completely froze up, and she remained that way as Nancy sat up and inched closer. Their faces were close, and their lips were even closer. Robin closed her eyes, fireworks going off in her body upon feeling her lips gently brush against Nancy’s. She couldn’t wait any longer, so she moved to close the gap and-

There was a knock at the door. 

Startled by the noise, the two jumped away from each other before they could make the seal of a kiss. “Who’s that?” Robin asked, trying to hide the disappointment lacing her throat l.

Nancy sighed, “Pizza delivery, probably. I ordered while a got the popcorn.” She got up from the bed, and Robin immediately felt cold. “It took so long to get here that I completely forgot about it.” 

“Oh,” said Robin simply. “Need me to help bring it up here?” 

Nancy shook her head, “I’ll be okay.” 

Robin was left to her own thoughts after that, and boy were her thoughts racing. She knew that she should give up on trying to concentrate on the movie, especially after that. Hell, her heart was pounding to the point where she could hear it in her ears. 

Nancy soon returned with a pizza box in hand. It was just a plain margarita, which Robin wasn’t all too fussed about. It tasted good, but she couldn’t shake the bitter feeling of having a potential kiss interrupted. 

They ate in silence, watching the film as they did so. Well *Nancy* watched it, meanwhile Robin gave into the train wreck of thoughts in her head. There was no point in suppressing them, she decided, for they’d only keep her from sleeping when bedtime came around. 

Once all the pizza had disappeared, Robin returned to her previous position on the bed. Nancy, on the other hand, had different ideas. She moved up to Robin once again, but instead of resting her head on her shoulder like before, she placed one arm across Robin’s stomach and rested her head against her chest. 

“Is this okay?” Nancy asked in a hushed tone. 

Robin swallowed the lump in her throat. “Yeah,” she said weakly. 

Robin felt as though there was a fire burning at every point Nancy was touching her body, and she was sure the other girl could hear- probably feel even- the way her heart pounded against her chest. Robin took a deep breath in and slowly moved one of her arms around the small of Nancy’s back, the other came up to her head where she began stroking through the curly brunette locks. It was just as soft as she had imagined. Nancy did not question it, nor did she stir. Instead, Nancy let out a sigh of pleasure, encouraging Robin to continue. 

The remained like that for the rest of the movie, and Robin could confidently say she had never felt so at peace before. The weight of Nancy upon her was something that she dreamed to get used to- it was comforting. 

And as the movie came to an end, Robin could feel the way Nancy shook with tears. If it weren’t for the fact that Robin had watched it five times over now, she probably would have cried too. Regardless, the sound of Nancy’s soft sobs was making her heart crumble, even if she was only crying over a fictional movie she didn’t like seeing Nancy upset. 

Robin moved her hands from Nancy’s back and hair so that they were now cupping her face, and with her thumbs she wiped away the fresh tears and flakes of mascara that fell with them. Thankfully, this seemed to soothe Nancy, as she looked up at Robin with a smile. 

Robin decided that she couldn’t wait any longer, and so she moved closer and crashed their lips together in a kiss. Nancy didn’t respond at first, which almost caused her to pull back, but soon after she too melted into the kiss. 

Realising that she needed to breathe, Robin momentarily broke apart with wide eyes. “Holy shit,” she said aloud. 

Nancy looked back at her with a similar stunned expression before wrapping her arms around Robin’s neck and pulling her into another, more desperate kiss. Everything seemed to melt away from Robin in that moment and nothing else mattered to her, all she could think about was Nancy; Nancy’s lips, Nancy’s arms around her neck, Nancy’s body against hers.

Just Nancy. 

Robin felt the more experienced girl swipe her tongue against her bottom lip causing her to gasp in response. Nancy took this opportunity to infiltrate to which Robin groaned into the kiss. Nancy then propped herself up with her hands, and brought them up to where Robin’s rested upon her face. The shorter of the two then guided them down onto the mattress and for the third time that night intertwined their fingers. 

With Robin pinned beneath her, Nancy removed her lips from Robin’s- a small trail of saliva keeping them connected for a moment longer. She looked down at Robin with half lidded eyes, leaning in again but this time kissing her neck. She trailed down, up and back down again- hitting that sweet spot between where Robin’s neck and shoulder connected. Robin failed to suppress the noises that escaped her throat, each one punctuated by a gasp for air. Robin let her hands get lost in Nancy’s hair when the girl released her, tugging it slightly which drew out groans from the other girls mouth. 

When Nancy began to roam her hands across her body, Robin had to burry her face into the pillow she was resting upon for she felt herself getting louder. And she was glad she did, for Nancy’s right hand trailed up across her thigh before pressing into the heat between her legs. Robin let out a hoarse moan, jerking her hips in order to generate friction. 

And that was when the phone rang. 

It scared them both, and Robin almost pushed Nancy to the floor it frightened her so much. It was incredibly loud too, ehat with it being next to them on the bedside table. 

Nancy reached for it and groaned, not out of pleasure, but out of annoyance. “Hello?” Her lips were pursed and her brows were furrowed. “Yes, mom, I’m fine.” 

Despite the abrupt cut off… Robin found this slightly amusing. She wasn’t all too disappointed either, she supposed that not everything could happen on the first date.

“Yes, yes I know… yes I will… alright… bye mom, I love you too.” She hung up and sighed, putting the phone down with more force than necessary. “I’m so sorry about that.”

“Don’t be,” Robin smiled, leaning up to kiss her cheek. “I think I best be going though, it’s pretty late.” For the first time that day, time did not go by at a snails pace for it was already eleven-thirty, and Robin wasn’t going to lie and say she wasn’t disappointed. 

Nancy nodded in understanding, initiating another, much shorter kiss, before standing up. Robin followed after her down the stairs, slipping her shoes and jacket back on. Shortly after that Robin was greeted by the nighttime air again, and it made her grateful for the fact that Nancy had offered to take her home. (Not because it was cold and she’d have had to walk, but because she wasn’t entirely sure how to get home from the Wheeler’s house.)

The car journey was completely silent this time around, but again it was a comfortable silence- they were both tired. Despite that though, Robin’s mind still ran at a thousand thought per second, and that was due to the hand that Nancy had placed upon her thigh as she drove. 

Much to Robin’s dismay, they soon arrived outside her house. The lights were off, indicating that her dad was asleep by now so Robin made a mental note be extra quiet when she walked in. 

“Thank you… for today,” Nancy said with a soft smile.

“Thank me?” Robin scoffed. “Thank you! You’re the one who asked me out and prepared everything. All I did was hope and pray that someday something like this would happen.”

“Well…” Nancy said, something clearly weighing on her mind. “There’s something I need to confess…”

Robin’s smile dropped ever so slightly, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t watch half the stuff I rent from Family Video,” she blurted out quickly. “I just go as an excuse to see and talk to you… And each day I’d hope that by some miracle you’d ask me out.”

Robin’s mouth opened wide, she was completely soaked. “Seriously?” Nancy nodded her head, and Robin leaned back at the revelation. “I cannot believe this...You are well and truly whipped for me, Nancy Wheeler,” She teased. 

Nancy squinted at her. “As if you’re not,” she said, causing Robin to raise a brow. “I’ve seen the way you shoo off Steve into the back when I show up.”

Robin’s face flushed. “…. Alright, you got me there,” she smiled. “We are both equally whipped for the other, then?”

Nancy nodded in agreement, and that’s when she seemed to remember something. “Oh! I’ll return E.T Sunday, yeah?” 

Robin bit her lip. “Could you maybe make it Saturday…? I’m not sure I can wait that long to see you again.” 

The other girl tucked a curl behind her ear, clearly struggling to fight off the hue that came to her cheeks. “Tomorrow it is then.”

They kissed yet again, and Robin wished it didn’t have to end, thus she held Nancy by the face to keep her there a little longer. But that was when a wave of fatigue washed over her, and she understood then that their night had come to a conclusion. “Goodnight, Nance,” she said, making a move to step out of the car.

“Robin wait!” Called Nancy, and wait Robin did. She watched as the other girl unraveled the scarf around her neck before handing it to her. “You might want this…”

Robin looked at it, confused. “Nance, I know it’s cold out there, but I’m right outside my house?” 

“Oh that’s not-“ was all she said, flickering her gaze down to Robin’s neck. 

Robin followed her line of sight and pulled down the passenger side mirror to see what Nancy was making a fuss about. There, across her neck, were several marks left behind from Nancy. They were deep in colour, and Robin knew they weren’t going to disappear anytime soon.

“Oh…” was all Robin said, sheepishly taking the scarf from Nancy. 

Nancy seemed to find it very amusing, but retained an apologetic look upon her features such that Robin almost told her she has nothing to be sorry for. “Goodnight Robin,” she smiled.

And with that, Robin wrapped the scarf around her and made her way to the front door. She entered her home as quickly and as quietly as she could, and crept up the stairs while making as little sound as possible. When she got to her room, she practically collapsed upon her bed, feeling far too tired to change into pyjamas. 

Robin slept well that night, burying her face into Nancy’s scarf- the lingering scent of the other girl lulling her into a peaceful slumber.