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its getting hard to breathe under the sheets with you

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“Niichan…we want milk…”

It was that time again. Hajime, Tomoya, and Mitsuru were in heat, and of course, the person they would seek was their oniichan, Nazuna Nito.

It was times like this that Nazuna couldn’t say no to her cute little sisters. She kissed the top of their heads as she removed her bra and held her boobs out to them. As Tomoya and Hajime sucked milk out of her breasts, she used a free finger to put inside of Mitsuru, and moaned softly as the thirsty bunnies drank from her. When Tomoya and Hajime were done, she let Mitsuru have her fair share while the other girls rubbed themselves on Nazuna’s back. Once everyone had sucked up what they need from their sister, they took turns kissing her passionately and taking off her clothes.

“Niichan~ Please fuck us, Niichan~” The younger girls moaned in unison.

“Alright, but…hold on a moment, I need to get something~.” Nazuna rummaged through a box of sex toys, until she found the one she needed. It was a cute, pink strap. She put it on and wasted no time getting it into Hajime as she fingered Tomoya and rubbed Mitsuru’s pussy on her thigh. The harmony of the young girls’ moans synchronizing was like music to Nazuna’s ears. “Tell me if you want me to go faster or slower, okay Hajime~?”

“G-go faster…p-please…” Hajime was already a drippy mess from the moderate speed she had already been being fucked at. As she sped up, the sounds of moaning had, too. Nazuna had been carefully moving her fingers around inside of Tomoya as she did her best to hold onto Mitsuru while she grinded against her leg. Mitsuru went in for a kiss with Nazuna as she rubbed her bare body against her. Tomoya’s pussy had tightened up and she was squirting all over her older sister’s fingers. As the younger girls began to undress further, Nazuna locked her eyes on each of their bodies, admiring each curve and thinking about what she could do to each of them at a time like this. Hajime’s breasts were large and she had a thick plush ass that complimented her figure well. Tomoya was probably about an E-cup, and had soft, marshmallow-like thighs and her nipples were rock hard. Mitsuru had smaller breasts, but a soft mellow ass and her tummy was cute. Nazuna sucked on Hajime’s boobs and cupped Mitsuru’s ass as her thigh became a mess of cum, and began to fondle Tomoya’s breasts at the same time. Their bodies we absolutely perfect, honestly, she could barely control herself when she was around her cute bunnies. Whenever they clung to her and rubbed their body against her arm, who is she not to get turned on by it? Nazuna licked her lips as she began to thrust into Hajime faster. Every night, they all bathed together, and Nazuna could never stop looking at their naked bodies and plush skin. Hajime’s boobs pressed against the sponge used to wash her nicely, and Nazuna loved helping her dry off, because she got to look at her bare chest before her very eyes. Mitsuru would need help washing her pussy, which is something Nazuna absolutely loved to help with. She’d always sneak a finger or two into her while she washed up the little girl. While they bathed, Tomoya was always blushing whenever Nazuna would help her with something, and had a tendency to moan with her face buried in Nazuna’s big boobs when she was touched. Nazuna found it all adorable. All of her sisters were adorable, and she loved them dearly. She loved times like these where they were moaning her name and cumming all over her body, when they said they felt so good because of their Oniichan.

When all of the bunnies had been finished, Nazuna helped them get dressed in front of a mirror. It had been getting late, so it was about time to go to bed, anyways. Hajime put on a cute transparent pink two piece lingerie set that fully exposed her body. Nazuna had specially picked it out to give to her on her 13th birthday. For Tomoya’s birthday, Nazuna had given her blue transparent lingerie she had described as something she could wear under under her clothes and to bed. The top was miniature and showed much of her tits, while the bottom was again, tiny and it was easy to spot her pussy. Nazuna had been sure to get it in a size too small on purpose, so that she could see her sisters perfect pussy and boobs in bed. Mitsuru, however, didn’t find the need to wear clothes in bed as she had the covers over her to keep her warm. Nazuna wore a bra and small panties, which, as she excepted, turned her sisters on greatly while they were in heat. Before going to bed, the young girls begged Nazuna for milk to help them sleep. Nazuna, being the horny older sister she is, let them suck as much as they needed from her tits. Their Niichan tasted so good that they couldn’t control themselves and came on Nazuna’s leg. Hajime made out with her while Mitsuru and Tomoya drank up all her milk. By the time they were done, Mitsuru, Tomoya and Hajime were completely exhausted, so they went to sleep immediately after. Nazuna took moments like these to touch her little sisters all over their bodies. She started with Hajime. She put a stray finger into Hajime’s wet pussy and began to move it around. Hajime began to pant heavily, but there was no clear indicator of her being awake. Nazuna took her fingers out of her cute bunny and put her mouth over her boobs. She began to suck on them as Hajime lied on the bed, probably absorbed in a dream. Nazuna popped one out of her mouth, and rolled over to where Tomoya had been resting. She got on top of her sleeping sister and began grinding her pussy against that of the other girl as she kissed her neck. After a few minutes, signs that Tomoya might have woken up arose, so she went to fucking the youngest of the 4. Nazuna spread Mitsuru’s leg and licked her pussy as she groped her soft, peachy ass. After doing that, she then went back to Hajime to eat her pussy as well. After about 4 or 5 rounds with her sleeping little sisters, Nazuna dozed off while in between Hajime’s thighs.

Thankfully, Nazuna woke up before Hajime did and went back to her spot in the bed. Shortly after Nazuna’s awakening, Hajime woke up, then Tomoya, and then Mitsuru. Nazuna was surrounded by cute little girls that she was always happy to be able to call her sisters. Nazuna began to undress herself in front of them, and help the 3 girls get dressed and ready for the day while she was naked. She helped them get into their school uniform, and decided to exclude the addition of panties or a bra. After she was done dressing her sisters, she began touching their bodies to get a nice feel for them. As always, their moans were soft and adorable. She kissed her sisters on the cheek and walked them to school.