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Yard Sale Dreams

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It all started 2 months earlier when Leslie registered for the official INDIANA STATE: HISTORY NEWSLETTER. The newsletter sent her emails everyday and even informed her about events going on in Indiana.

About a month after signing up for the newsletter, Leslie recieved an email about a yard sale about an hour away from Pawnee. The newsletter was completly run by fellow history enthusiasts who hosted the events.

So on the last Saturday in February, she headed up to Bloomington. The guy who was holding the yard sale was suppose to have rare coins. One's she collected. He also happened to have a rare political biography.

Leslie had broken up with her boyfriend Justin a week before that and wasn't looking for anyone new. Until she laid her eyes on a average sized man with brown hair and deep brown eyes. He was attractive, not just from the fact that he had a cute butt, but also from the fact he was holding the exact same book she wanted.

Leslie looked through the guys rare coin collections, brushing her hands against the attractive one.

"Excuse me, is that the last copy," she said pointing in his hands.

"I mean I'm um not sure." He looks down at the book before thrusting it at her, "here you can have it."

Leslie takes the book and smiles before going through the coins on the table in front of her. Though if you asked if her any of them were rare, she wouldn't be able to tell you.

She ran into him at two other yard sales after that. At the last one, in a town called Snerling, she learned his name was Ben and he was also registered for the History Newsletter.

"Hey can I have your—" was all she could get out before his phone rang.

"Hey, Chris. Yeah, I'm at a yard sale. Sure, I'll do the budget sheet tonight. Okay bye buddy. Sorry that was my work partner, what were you saying Leslie?"

"No worries," was the last thing she said before leaving, driving straight to Ann Perkins house.


"So what you're basically saying is that you keep running into him."


"I don't see a problem here Leslie, I mean maybe it's fate that you two keep meeting."

"Or maybe he has a wife or girlfriend and I ask him out and he laughs in my face, what if that happens Ann. Or worse, he doesn't have one and still laughs in my face."

"Leslie you're overthinking. If the universe wants you two to be together, you'll see him again."

"I think you're right Ann. I should have a yard sale."

"Leslie, that's ths total opposite of what I was saying."

"I could have a yard sale and I could sell some rare coins and he could happen to pop buy to browse through some."


"Oh you're a genius Ann. I have to start finding things to sell."

Leslie hugs Ann before leaving the room, not noticing Ann mumble, "at least she'll finally have to clean her house."


A month later, Leslie's front yard was covered in tables full of crap, she had a lot of crap. Ann had somewhat convinced her to get rid of most of it. But it didn't matter because she sent out a newsletter that she was having a yard sale and Ben was going to stop by. And if he didn't then whatever happened next was between her and the large pepperoni pizza she would be ordering from Don's Pizza Empire.

2 hours later and still no Ben. Ann sat with her outside, watching people come and go. She already made $145. But what she really wanted was Ben to come by. Around the end of the yard sale, Leslie and Ann started packing up. Just as they were about to pack up the rare coins table, a black saturn pulled up, one Leslie recognized.



"So this is your yard sale?"

"Yes, I have plenty of rare coins."

"Nice setup you got here."


Ben walked around awkwardly for a couple minutes, Ann and Leslie slowly packing things up.

"Hey Leslie, I'm gonna go."

"Oh, ok, see you at the next yard sale then."

Ben waved at her before getting into his saturn and driving off.

No date. No kiss. No number even. Ann and Leslie watched trashy movies for the rest of the night while eating ice cream.

The next day, Leslie found a bounquet of roses on her front porch with a number on it signed by Ben.

Leslie put the bounquet in a vase before dialing his number, she got everything she wanted except for a kiss.