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Come Back To Me

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Considering everything...things were fine right up until they weren't. 

They'd managed to get out of the Upside Down and reunite with the kids, Lucas and Dustin had managed to speak to Team Byres and share some info and now they were all waiting for the absent groups to get to Hawkins.

Robin had been struggling to stay still at Steve's house (unofficial base of operations, since his parents were away) and had shouted to the group that she was going for a walk. Immediately, Nancy had said she would go with her.

"Oh, you don't have to" Robin had responded, rubbing the back of her neck nervously, "I won't be long and you're practically dead on your feet and-"

"You're not going on your own" Nancy cut her off, "What if...none of us should be on our own. Not right now so...I'm coming."

"...alright Wheeler." Robin had sighed and tried not to look too happy when Nancy had visibly relaxed, smiled and headed to get her jacket before they headed out.

Maybe if she'd been a little less in her head with gay panic, she would've remembered to grab the Walkman...

They've only been out of the house for 10 minutes. It's a pleasant 10 minutes all things considered, mostly consisting of ideas for how they might be able to stop Vecna, along with checking in with each other after the whole Upside Down thing.

At some point, they link hands. Robin isn't exactly sure when that happened, but she sure as shit isn't complaining. 

"So, maybe if we can get El back here, she's gotta be able to wreck shit for Vecna in the Upside Down, right?" Robin asks.

"Maybe, but 1) that involves hoping her powers are actually back in full" Nancy points out "And 2) at least a few of us would probably have to go in with her as back up. And 3) Vecna has so much power in the Upside Down do we know for sure that killing him won't just collapse the whole thing and trap us there?"

"We don't know for sure" Robin concedes, "But it's worth a try, right?"

Nancy chuckles "You have a point Buckley. Maybe your optimism's finally rubbing off on me"

"I don't know if it's optimism" Robin laughs "You spend most days with Steve Harrington and eventually his well-natured stupidly will rub off on you. You should hear him! He comes up with the dumbest...Nancy?"

The smile on Robin's face falls as she realises Nancy has stopped, completely still, a few paces behind her. The smaller girl is staring at something to her right, her grip on Robin's hand suddenly becoming vice-like.

"Nancy, what is it?" Robin asks, praying her voice sounds less desperate than she feels. 

"That's...n-no, it's not real." Nancy whimpers, and Robin moves so she's blocking Nancy's line of sight on whatever the hell she's seeing. 


Nancy nods, gripping Robin's hand tighter.

"Where's the Walkman?" Robin asks anxiously. 

"It's..." Nancy's eyes widen in what can only be described as utter terror. "...I forgot to grab it." She whispers.

And that sentence right there, that might be the most terrifying thing anyone has ever said to Robin. 

"Shit uh...okay" Robin practically mumbles, as Nancy begins to visibly tremble "Hey, hey, stay with me Wheeler. Look at me, you're gonna be okay." 

"R-Robin, she's coming..." Nancy stutters, her gaze fixed on whatever behind Robin.

Robin doesn't need to ask who Nancy means. Steve explained what happened to Barb after Star Court. "No, she's not." Robin says gently. "It's Vecna, it's not real. C'mon Nance, stay with me." She practically begs. 

Tear-filled, wide and scared eyes meet her for a second. "Robin..." Nancy whimpers, before her eyes roll back and she freezes completely. 

"Nancy! Fuck, no, come on!" Robin yells, pulling the brunette into a tight hug. "Fight him Nance, you can do it." 

Once upon a time, Robin had told Steve that she was nothing like Nancy Wheeler. She'd called the other girl a priss. 

And it shocks her to her core, but over the last few days, she's gotten to know Nancy better than almost any other girl she's ever met and honestly? Even with all the supernatural bullshit, Robin has never been happier to be around someone. She's not dumb, she's known why she feels like this. She's known ever since the library. 

Which is why she refuses to let Vecna kill Nancy now. Because even if she knows she has less than a snowflake's chance in hell with the other girl, she is not losing one of the best friends she's ever had.

"Come on Nancy, you can beat him." She repeats, tightening her hug, "You're better than him and stronger and smarter. Come on, please, please come back to me."

It doesn't work. Robin knows it does not because she feels Nancy start to rise off the ground slowly and Robin has never been more afraid in her entire fucking life.

She grips Nancy's shoulders and tries to hold her close, desperately racking her brain the think of something, anything, that might be able to save one of the best things that's ever happened to her.

And then it hits her.

Those stupid cassettes she'd seen when she was snooping around Nancy's room. Robin thinks for a moment, trying to remember what exactly Nancy listened to before one name pops into her head. 

Robin doesn't listen to a lot of pop music. She knows exactly one song by the artist in question, it plays on the radio in Steve's car semi-regularly. So, she takes a deep breath, holds Nancy as close as she can and starts singing right by Nancy's ear.

"Lying in my bed, I hear the clock tick and think of you" She's stunned she manages to keep herself in tune, given how mich her voice is shaking, "Caught up in circles. Confusion is nothing new-"

"You cannot defeat me." Vecna practically hisses, as Nancy keeps running "And you will never escape me."

Nancy doesn't respond, she just keeps running, desperately looking for a way out. She furiously wipes the tears from her eyes and jumps over a vine Vecna summons to trip her. Deep down, she knows it's useless. She forgot to bring a cassette player and they don't know any other way to save people from Vecna. 

Deep down, she knows she's going to die, that she's just delaying the inevitable. But she refuses to go down without trying.

If nothing else, because she doesn't want Robin to have to live with that.

Beautiful, smart, funny Robin. Robin, who had somehow managed to sledgehammer through the walls Nancy had tried to hard to build after Barb died. Robin, who had somehow managed to make her smile even in the midst of all the horror. Robin, who'd called her a friend so easily.

Robin who she might, if she's being completely honest with herself, be slowly falling in love with.

"There is no escape Nancy" She hears him again, and goddamnit he sounds closer than before "You will die here. Just as Barbara did."

"Shut up!" She yells into the darkness. He doesn't get to use her name.

"You don't like being reminded of the friend you left to die? Stop running Nancy, you know it is pointless. You will die and so will your brother, your friends and Robin."

Flashback, warm nights, Almost left behind. Suitcase of memories, time after-

Nancy looks around as she hears it. That doesn't sound like Cyndi Lauper, but the voice still feels familiar. It's so quiet, barely there at the edge of her hearing, but it sounds beautiful and it's not Vecna so she runs in the direction she thinks it's coming from.

Sometimes you picture me, I'm walkin' too far ahead. You're callin' to me, I can't hear what you've said.

Another vine shoots up from the ground and smacks Nancy's shoulder, knocking her sideways. Nancy falls to the ground with a groan of pain, but she quickly scrambles back to her feet and keeps running towards the voice.

Then you say "go slow", I fall behind, the second hand unwinds.

It's only as the voice shakes on that last note that Nancy realises what she's hearing. There's a portal, maybe 20 or 30ft away from her and through it, she can see her body.

She can see Robin, holding her close and the singing...

The singing is Robin. Robin is trying to save her.

If you're lost, you can look and you will find me, Time after time. If you fall, I will catch you and you will find me, Time after time...

Nancy has never run faster in her life.

Robin knows she's crying, but she doesn't dare let go of Nancy to wipe her eyes, lest the brunette starts to hover higher. She has no idea if her idea is working, all she can do is keep singing and pray to a God she isn't even sure she believes in that Nancy won't die. 

"If you're lost, you can look and you will find me, Time after time..." She repeats the chorus and hugs Nancy tighter, bringing a hand up to cradle the back of Nancy's head.

And then, Nancy drops back onto the solid ground with a scream. Her hands fly up to grip Robin's jacket and Robin barely even registers that they crumble to the floor because holy shit it worked.

Nancy trembles against her, harsh, terrified sobs escaping her, but she's back, she's alive and Robin feels like she can breathe again.

"It's okay, you're okay, you're back, fuck thank God you're back." Robin rambles, her own tears falling faster in a mixture of relief and residual fear.

"Robin-" Nancy goes to say something, but it's cut off with another sob as she curls further into the redhead.

"I got you, it's okay." Robin assures, "I knew you could get away from him."

"I...I didn't know you could sing." Nancy manages to say after a moment, with a watery chuckle. 

Robin gives a tearful laugh of her own, "I'm not great or anything but I couldn't think of anything else to do."

Nancy pulls back to look her in the eye, and Robin immediately brings a hand up to cup her cheek, brushing away some of the tears that Nancy can still feel falling. "I might be biased since you just saved my life but...I think I prefer your singing to the original." She admits quietly, and there's no way she can hide her blush but frankly she doesn't care.

Robin blushes too "" She stutters out.

Nancy slowly brings a hand up to rest on Robin's neck and leans forward so their foreheads are touching. They stay like that for a few moments, letting the adrenaline burn off and their heart rates calm a little.

And then Nancy's looking at her again, and Robin almost feels like she has to shy away from the intensity of the gaze, but she doesn't. 

" saved my life." Nancy repeats, almost a whisper this time.

"I couldn't lose you." Robin replies quickly. 

Nancy gets an expression on her face that Robin isn't sure she can read, but then Nancy is leaning in even closer, her lips just inches away from Robin's.

"...stop me. If I'm wrong." 

"'re not." Is all Robin says, before she closes the gap to kiss her.

The kiss is hesitant and desperate and tearful and fucking magical. They're both pulling each other closer and holding on as if the world might collapse under them. It doesn't last long, a few seconds maybe but it feels like forever and still not long enough.

When they pull apart, they barely leave any space between them, both smiling and breathless.

"When we beat him" Nancy says, and Robin's smile grows at the confidence in that when, "you are so singing to me again." 

Robin laughs and kisses Nancy's forehead, "Deal."