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The Pool

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Gulp , Elliot swallowed dryly, and his head tilted slightly as he watched a single drop of sweat roll down the side of her face in front of her ear, down her neck at a diagonal and sliding perfectly down the tan skin of her chest, right center between her breasts. His eyelids drooped and his pupils widened with each centimeter of skin that drop covered. 


A heat wave had hit the city hard. Ten days of 100-degree temperatures with another ten, hellish days in the forecast. So, when Olivia called him half an hour ago inviting him and Eli to join her and Noah at their apartment pool, he jumped at the offer. He jumped so fast that he didn’t think about what that would mean. It somehow never crossed his mind that Olivia would be in a swimsuit and sweating in the summer sun in the chair next to him.


Fuck , he thought, to be that drop of sweat. Not that Elliot didn’t know what it was like to be that drop, but just barely. 


He and Olivia had been dating for two weeks now. She’d called him over to her apartment a few days after his medal ceremony, and they’d had a long, hours long talk about them . She’d told him that her therapist had suggested that it was finally time for her to, well, shit or get off the pot ; cook or get out of the kitchen ; fish or cut bait, but in official sounding, shrinky terms. 


Elliot agreed with her therapist. He’d told her that he felt the same way about her, had for a long time, and that he had grieved enough to feel comfortable dating again - serious dating. He also confirmed that his kids would be on board with this relationship. He and Kathleen had had a long conversation the week before Elliot had asked Olivia and Noah out to lunch - the invite she rejected - and Kathleen informed him that his kids had already discussed and supported this possibility.


Elliot assured Olivia, repeatedly that night, that he was more than ready for them to be more than friends, date, be in a relationship – whatever she wanted to call it – he was in. She smiled at him, and he kissed her. It was just a brief, chaste kiss, a preview of what was to come.


A few days later, he took her out for their first official date. And then back to his apartment - still cleared of Eli and his mother due to the wreckage to their rooms - and made love to her. That night, he spent ample time between her breasts and her thighs. And had been desperate to get back there ever since.


They were able to go out the next weekend, but they had to return to Olivia’s apartment to relieve Lucy. Elliot tried to love her again, but Olivia was hesitant with Noah in the next room. They settled for some good, old-fashioned making out and groping on her couch before he left to drive home hot, bothered, and frustrated, finishing what they started in his own bed, with his own hands.


Today, he and Eli arrived dressed in their trunks with beach towels slung over their shoulders. Elliot was carrying a small bag holding their sunscreen and shirts. Elliot’s trunks were simple light blue ones that rested low on his hips, showing off his abs and the slight v at his waist, and the legs hit about an inch above his knee. The bright white string knotted in front had pulled Olivia’s attention for a split second, but she was able to look away undetected before Elliot had stepped in the gate to the pool area. 


Noah was already in the pool when they arrived, and Eli joined him as soon as he could kick off his sandals, making a large splash with a long-perfected cannonball. Causing Noah to laugh and beg for cannonball pointers from the older boy. Once Eli surfaced, he was more than happy to instruct Noah.


Elliot sat in the chair next to Olivia, thankful that he’d worn sunglasses, hoping that they’d hide the fact that his eyes were roaming her body greedily. She was in a dark blue one-piece suit that covered most of her upper body and had some type of floral summer fabric wrapped around her hips. But her suit did little to hide her curves and even less to hide her cleavage, and her long, tan legs were outstretched on the chair before her, made even longer by the high cut hip of the suit. 


They’d started a short conversation, making small talk about the brutal weather until Elliot fell silent, that single drop of sweat stealing all of his attention. Olivia noticed that Elliot’s covered eyes were not on her face and saw his Adam’s apple move up and down and his mouth drop open.


“Hello? Elliot…Earth to Elliot,” Olivia called, waving her hand in front of his face.


“Hmmm...Oh, uh, yea,” Elliot sputters, lifting his face to meet hers as his ears burned. “This weather is terrible. Thank you for inviting us to swim,” he finishes, hoping that Olivia won’t call him on his brutish behavior.


“Uh huh,” she nods at him, chuckling and reaching for her drink. “Are you sure you are okay, El? Looked like you left the planet for a moment.”


He shakes his head, trying to shake off his arousal, knowing he had a long, pool-side afternoon ahead of him, “No, I’m fine.”


“Really? Nothing you need to share?” she asks coyly as she sips from her water bottle. 


She was teasing him now and he knew he was caught. Time to deploy my famous boyish charm , he thought.


Elliot lifts his sunglasses, letting his blue eyes twinkle at her for a second, “I was just thinking to myself the odds of getting you to rub sunscreen on my back or if I needed to call Eli from the pool,” he said with a wink and a grin, before dropping his glasses back down.


“Uh huh, sure you were,” Olivia responds, letting him get away with it temporarily and beckons him closer to her. “If you come over here, I’ll get your back and that bald-ass head of yours. You really should have worn a hat.”


He offers a dry, “ha ha,” as he joins her, sitting at the foot of the reclining beach chair. She scoots closer to him, letting her legs fall open and her sandaled feet touch the hot payment, bracketing him between her thighs. 


“Spray or lotion?” she asks.


“Either is fine. I have lotion in my bag,” he offers, pointing to the bag on the other side of his chair


She snags her organic, reef-friendly, SPF 70 spray sunscreen from the table next to her, gives it a quick shake and starts spraying, the cold stream hitting between his shoulder blades.


“OH! That’s cold!” Elliot exclaims, jumping a bit.


“Oh, hush you,” she scolds. “You big baby,” she adds for good measure.


“Heard that,” he grumbles. 


“I meant for you to,” she says as she starts rubbing the lotion over the taut skin of his back, and down his arms, gripping his biceps. “Unlike you, I wasn’t trying to be subtle.”


His ears redden again. 


“You were pretty obvious detective,” she continues as her hands spread sunscreen lower and lower on his back, her fingers dipping below his waistband. “I should have slapped you for leering.”


“Feel free to slap me now, Captain,” he responds in a low growl. 


“Careful or you are going to give everyone an eyeful,” Olivia whispers in his ear. She’d peered over his shoulder and could see a slight bulge in his tight trunks. 


Elliot quickly snags his towel from his chair, balls it up, and sets it on his lap, muttering, “What did you expect? You are out here in a sexy suit like that with your hands all over me?”


“For you to be able to control yourself.”


“I have no control around you, not anymore,” he answers, turning his head and smiling at her.


Olivia is quiet for a moment, thinking over his admission and watching the two boys interact in the water. The pool wasn't too deep, maybe 4.5 ft, no slide or diving board, and there are several floating devices. Then she asks, “Eli’s a good swimmer, right?”


“Yea. He even taught swim lessons to young kids last summer.”


“You think he’d mind watching Noah for a few minutes?”


“No, why?”


“There's something I need to show you, in my apartment,” she says. She wants him, plain and simple. He’d walk into the gated area half dressed and she felt her heart flutter, and body react , at the sight. She’d regretted sending him home the previous weekend, wishing she’d just told him yes and let him make love to her that night. She knows she can’t go back in time, but she can take advantage of two distracted boys and an empty, air-conditioned apartment.


Confused, Elliot turns his body towards and asks, “What is it? Can’t it wait until we are done swimming?”


She just cocks her head at him, brows furrowed. Really El? “No, it cannot wait. I need to show you something, alone ,” she says.


Oh . “OH!”




Elliot stands quickly, waving his hands at his son, “Eli! Hey Eli! Pause on the cannonball lessons for a few minutes and just swim, no jumping or roughhousing. Olivia and I will be right back. Watch Noah.”


“Okay,” Eli shrugs, unbothered by the command.


“Where are you going Mom?” Noah asks, swimming to the edge of the pool.


“We are going to grab some snacks and more water. We will be right back.” 


“Okay!” he shouts before pushing off the wall and flipping under the water.



“You didn’t really want snacks, right?” Elliot mumbles against Olivia's lips as they crash through her front door. 


“No,” she assures him before capturing his lips again and her hands drop to grope his ass and pull his hips against her. He groans and continues guiding her through her apartment, his mouth open and his tongue hastily tangling with hers, untying and dropping her sarong on the floor.


He backs her all the way across her living room, but she stops him before he can push her onto the couch with a breathy, “No, not couch…bedroom.” 


“Okay,” he exhales and nods. He changes directions, guiding her down the short hall to her bedroom. 


Once there, she sits on the bed and watches with avid interest, biting her lip, as he pulls at the white strings of his shorts. He drops them to the floor quickly and his erection bobs free. She eyes it wantonly, but before she could reach him, Elliot covers her with his body, pressing her hard onto her soft summer bedding and roughly pushing his tongue back into her mouth and grinds his cock against her. 


He moves hurriedly, licking down her neck and collar bone, letting his tongue follow the salty path blazed by that single drop of sweat right down between her breasts. She moans his name, thankful for his rough hands on her skin and his tongue working across her chest.


He spread her thighs around him and rubs one hand between her legs sloppily; the other squeezing her breast through her suit.


“Shit…El…I need, I need,” she pants in his ear. She’s going to need a lot more if they are going to do this quickly. She’s aroused and wants him now, but at 54, her body isn’t quite ready.


“I know, I know,” he mutters against one breast, he’d managed to pull it out of her swimsuit and was sucking her nipple, as he move down her belly kissing her over the fabric. 


“No time for that,” Olivia tells him as she starts to push his head away.


“Always time,” he counters, holding strong and pulling at the crotch of her suit, touching his tongue to her clit. Olivia hears a few seams snap on her suit. 


“Off, off,” she whines breathlessly, wiggling away from him.


Elliot stops everything, standing straight up off the bed. Confused and afraid that he’d upset her by not listening, he asks, “What?”


“Not you,” she says apologetically, sitting up and pushing the straps of her swimsuit off her shoulders. “This, I need this off. You are going to rip it and I don't want to explain a swimsuit change to Noah.” 


He nods at her and pulls the fabric down as she lifts her hips. He holds it up for a moment grinning, “Plus, we don’t want to ruin such a sexy suit?” 


He lets the suit drop to the floor and returns to the bed, determined to taste her. 


“Grab the lube,” she instructs, pointing to her bedside table.


Elliot groans, dropping his head to her thigh, so close , “Please Liv, just let me…”


“We don’t have time for that,” she tells him, looking at the clock. “We have five, maybe ten more minutes before Noah comes looking, asking for more lemonade or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”


“Then maybe we should wait,” he offers half-heartedly as he moves up the side of the bed and starts digging through the drawer of her night stand, finding the small bottle resting next to a vibrator. We are definitely going to use that soon .


“Oh no, we are not waiting,” she tells him, running her hand down his chest and abdomen, scraping her nails gently against his flesh, before she grabs him and strokes him. “I want you right now. We just have to be quick.” 


“Okay, okay,” he acquiesces, knocking her hand away and slicking himself with the lube then running a couple fingers over her, pressing into her a few times just to check and finding her receptive to his fingers. “I can do quick.”


“I’m sure you can.”


“Hey!” Elliot scoffs, acting offended.


“What?” she laughs. “You said it.” 


Still kneeling, he pulls her hips closer, then grabs his erection and guides it up and down, through her labia making sure she’s slick, and then circles his head around her clit several times, making her gasp. “Well, you aren’t supposed to agree.” 


“El, this is the one time… oh …the one time, that quick is okay.” Olivia answers as he slides into her gently. 


He pumps into her slowly, still not certain that she’s as ready as she needs to be for a quickie. 


“Elliot, quick, we have to be quick,” she whines as she reaches for his hips, trying to pull him to her more quickly than he wants to move just yet. 


He grits his teeth and growls, “got it,” under his breath before he holds her thighs open, and pulls back and pushes into her briskly, just to pull out and immediately push in again, just a little harder.


“Oh! Yes!” 


“Fuck…so tight,” he groans, “you sure, this isn’t hur–”


“Not hurting, good…so good,” she assures him. He was stretching her, filling her, but it wasn’t painful. Really just the first stroke had a hint of discomfort, but with each stroke, she was relaxing more and more around him. 


But he pulls out, before she’s fully expanded around him, and moves off the side of the bed. 




“Flip over,” he commands gruffly, “I’ll be faster that way." 


She nods, turning sideways on the bed and flipping over. His hands are on her hips, pulling him to her, “You ready,” he asks as he eases back in, thrusting experimentally in this new position. 


“Yes,” she whimpers and fists the sheets. 


Elliot snaps his hips, driving into her as fast as he was a moment ago, but still holding back. He’s nervous. They’d only had sex once before, and that night was slow and sweet. They’d taken time to explore every inch of one another with their hands and mouths before connecting. And once joined, pressed tightly together, they moved gently, deliberately until they were so close that they lost control over the pace. They haven’t had any conversations about rougher sex, other positions, or boundaries. He’s not sure what she considers too much or not enough. He has no idea if dirty talk, hair pulling, or a slap on the ass would turn her on or bring this to a screeching halt. 


He tries focusing on her sounds, which she’s generous with, and watching her body move, taking cues from her, but he’s still not sure. And each second that his eyes rove over her skin, seeing drops of sweat roll down her spine, the closer he is to losing all control.


He breathes a sigh of relief when he hears her call “harder, El, faster,” and he abides. He grabs at her shoulder with one hand, pulling her back to him as he slams into her, grunting as his skin slaps against hers.


“Fuck Liv, oh!”


“Yes, yes, yes,” she repeats, louder with each one. She tries to lift one hand to touch herself, needing to bring herself to the edge soon to satisfy their “quickie” parameters, but just ends up pounding her fist into the mattress, “shit, yes!”


He sees her movements, and wraps one arm around her waist, finding her clit quickly and rubbing rough, hastily over the small nub with his fingers. 


“Damnit,” he says, his hips losing their tempo as he teeters on the edge.


“I’m close, El…right there,” she moans right before she topples over the edge. Her arms fail her, collapsing her body to the bed, and she cries out into the pillow as the pleasure shakes through her body.


Elliot manages three more rough strokes before he grabs her hips firmly, pulls her tightly to him, and spills into her grunting and groaning her name repeatedly, like he’s begging to live. 


He falls on top of her, trapping her between his body and the mattress, breathing heavy. 


“El,” she huffs out, “move.”


“Sorry, sorry” he says as he rolls onto his back next to her, and she flips over. 


“That was–” she starts but is interrupted by her cell phone ringing. She’d dropped it, with her keys on the table by the front door. She signs and offers a quick, “be right back,” over her shoulder.


Elliot just covers his eyes with his arm as he works to catch his breath and listens to her side of the conversation that filters in from the living room.


“It’s only been fifteen minutes.…We wanted to cool down in the AC for a few minutes.…Yes, I’ll bring you lemonade and pretzels and grapes…. I’ll ask Elliot if they want to stay for pizza.”


“Pizza sounds great,” Elliot mumbles when he hears Olivia return to the bedroom.


She chuckles at him, “Good, now come on old man, the young princes have requested their snacks.”


“Who are you calling old?” he asks, lifting his arm from his face and waving his hands. “I don’t think you can call me old after that.”


“You’re right. You are young, virile, strong, robust,” she teases as she bends over and kisses his lips sweetly. 


“Now you’re teasing me,” he pouts at her.


“Sure am,” she confirms with a nod. “Now get up and get dressed.” Olivia tosses his trunks at him, having carried them back in after her call, then snags her suit from the floor and heads to the bathroom.



“Noah!” Elliot calls once they hit the pool gates another 10 minutes later. “I hope you like anchovies, because I ordered extra on the pizzas!”


“Ewww no!”  Noah calls back. 


“He’s just kidding,” Olivia assures her son. Eli, used to his dad’s teasing, knew that he’d never order anchovies on a pizza.


“What took you guys so long?” Noah asks again.


Eli splashes him in the face with water, and mutters in a hushed tone, “Don’t ask that, don’t ask any questions.”


“Eli! Don’t splash him!” Elliot calls, seeing the interaction in his periphery but out of earshot.


“Okay dad!” Eli yells back.


“Like I told you on the phone, we just wanted to cool off in the AC,” Olivia answers, repeating her earlier lie. 


“I’ll tell you later little man,” Eli whispers to Noah, once Olivia turns around and starts grabbing the snacks from the cooler she brought down. “But rule number 1, never ask parents questions if they’ve been gone, together , for more than 5 minutes. You don’t want to know the answer. Trust me, I learned the hard way.” 


Noah’s eyes widen and he grimaces in disgust, “You mean, they just?”


“Yea, exactly.” 


“Ewwww!” Noah cries out dramatically, letting himself drop beneath the water. 


“Noah, I told you, he didn’t actually order anchovies. Now come get this lemonade that you just had to have .”