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Lewd Seductive Nii-chan wanted

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“Aah- mngh.”

“I love to see you like this, Nii-chan~”

Tomoya wiggled the small butt plug around as he breached Nazuna’s defences.

“Haa, mmm, hn?”

Tomoya leaned over him to kiss his forehead.

“Oi, mmnAH- Oi, Tomo-chin! Don’t tease.” Nazuna said, face flush with heat.

He brought his head level, let Nii-chan make the move. It was a kiss, he was sure, so he closed his eyes and-?!


Nazuna sat on Tomo-chin’s chest; butt wiggling a little from sweat and his now-empty opening. He’d just flipped them and wasn’t quite sure what to do now.

“Nii-chan?” Tomoya asked, wobble in his tone.

“It’s okay Tomo-chin! You’re Ra*bits too. I just want to… hmm.”

He could feel his kouhai was hard, it was even a comforting weight against his back! He gave a kiss, first to lips, then to his neck~.

“Wait, can I just-?” Tomoya asked.

Tomoya moved his hips so he could get friction against Nazuna’s back.

“How about-?” Nazuna tried

and slid his body down, letting Tomo-chin’s thing spring back past his belly when he went past. He hovered over Tomoya’s hole for a few seconds.


He was nervous again. Weakness – get!

“I’m gonna rub our dicks together.” Nazuna said, waited for a nod. “Try to outlast me~”

Nazuna wrapped his arms around Tomoya’s top half and used his hips to frantically frot against his boyfriend.

Tomoya didn’t last longer.


The rhythmic tone of the shower hitting the tiles was all Tomoya needed. It was big enough for two, and there was the question of continuing. He found himself stealing glances at his boyfriend. He looked beautiful under the spray, even with that blemish (Nii-chan’s dick was rubbed red and raw, it probably stung under the water).

“Hey.” Nii-chan said.


“How are Ra*bits doing?”

“We’re getting skills, doing small jobs, but we need our fourth member to be honest.”


Nazuna soaped under his arms.

“I wish your roommate was out more often.” Tomoya confessed. “If he didn’t have that lecture tonight-”

“Oh, that was a lie.”

Tomoya felt the water on his skull.

“I wanted you to come over, so I told him we were gonna pull an all-nighter discussing idol work.”

Tomoya blushed, “I’m that important to you?”

Nazuna turned away, “Of course you are! I mean, what kind of rommmate would stay in on a friday night, and don’t tell me he’d rather look after his house plants, honestly he’s not gonna be booted out all weekend and don’t….”

Nazuna kept talking, Tomoya wasn’t listening to it. I’m important to him. He smiled and reached for the shampoo bottle.