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It is well known by the fashion industry that there is something going on between Lan Zhan and Wei Ying—well, something , not to say anything scandalous, not even a sordid affair, but whenever they are in a room together, there is something in the air, a tension; it’s thick, fraught with a sense of  je ne sais quoi lingering in the air . Perhaps it is anticipation, hunger, hate ?


That was almost it, it was a good enough word, it was after all whispered and speculated amongst photoshoot sets where both Wei Ying and Lan Zhan were present. 

Which of course, couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Present Day

photographer lwj/model wwx

Wei Ying ,” her name hissed decidedly impolitely in her ear, “please just don’t be yourself today.”

“Jie!!” Wei Ying gasped, making a face, she looked at Wen Qing, “what do you mean, don’t be me ?”

Wen Qing just looked back, “annoying.” She deadpanned, “don’t be annoying.” 

“OI!!” Wei Ying hissed back, “I am always on my best behaviour at photoshoots.” 

“Not when Photographer Lan is here.” 

At that, Wei Ying’s eyes light up, her deep brown eyes glowing under the artificial lights of the dressing room as her whole being seems to catch at the mention of that name , “Lan Zhan is my photographer today!!?” She grins widely at Wen Qing, “Oh Qing-jie, you are truly a woman after my own heart.”

She just rolls her eyes, “See if I save your ass when Photographer Lan finally snaps and you are to blame.” 

Wei Ying’s eyes nearly twinkle at the sound of that, “Oh I sure hope she does snap,” she says dreamily, “I hope she snaps hard .” 

What the fuck is wrong with you??” Wen Qing mutters. 

“Oh, you have no idea.” Wei Ying smirks, as she puts on her set of lingerie, already knowing this will be a good shoot, “don’t worry jie, today I am going to be on my best behaviour .” 

Famous last words.

8 months ago…

“Make it sensual, but at the same time, make the people want more, play it up as much as you can while keeping it appropriate.” One of the art directors was speaking to Wei Ying, instructing how she should be drinking from the bottle, “and maybe add that cute little signature wink at the end.” 

Wei Ying nodded absentmindedly at the words, barely focusing, as her eyes kept straying to a woman across the room. She was beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful woman Wei Ying had ever seen, and initially, she thought was a model too. 

The way she had walked into the set room, in a gorgeous contemporary skirt and blouse, long, obsidian hair, falling down her back, sharp golden eyes; it seemed impossible that not all eyes were on her—like Wei Ying’s. She couldn’t look away, she was enraptured, it was embarrassing, or well, it was going to be embarrassing when Wei Ying will have to be corrected 4 times , during her shoot. 

But it’s just…Wei Ying couldn’t help it. This woman, she was..a woman , a fucking woman . She was tall, her cheekbones sharp, nearly artful, and god, her curves . At the risk of sounding like a straight man, Wei Ying was nearly drooling, big tits leading into a gentle dip of her hips, long legs, stiletto heels clacking on the floor…she was glowing, Wei Ying’s eyes travelled downwards, taking her in, watching as she outshined everyone in the room… Wei Ying…hello?? Wei Ying!!  

A muffled voice sounded to the side of Wei Ying’s periphery. She ignored it for a beat, eyes following this woman across the room—until she felt a slap to the back of her head, “ WEI YING!! ” 

Wei Ying startled, eyes forcibly removed from the object of all her (extremely recent) desires and found herself face to face with her glowering manager instead of the art director who was once there. 

“Uh.” She stated, extremely eloquently, “hey.” 

Wen Qing looked unimpressed, “what the fuck is wrong with you today?” 

Wei Ying’s eyes darted back to where the gorgeous woman was standing, then quickly back to Wen Qing,  but before she could play it off, Wen Qing was following her gaze, “are you fucking kidding me?” 

Wei Ying’s eyes widened, “what do you mean?”

“Don’t even try,” she growled in response, “I know that look.” 

Wei Ying huffed, “you know nothing,” she muttered, “but like,” she glanced at the woman again, then back at Wen Qing, “who is she? A model? Oh my god, Qing-jie, am I filming with her? Is she gonna be my partner in this, are we gonna get up close and personal, maybe shoot some sultry shots , am I gonna sit in her—” 

“She’s the photographer.” Wen Qing cut her off, eyes rolling, “god, I fucking hate you,” she sighed, “her name is Lan Zhan , she is incredibly well known in the fashion industry, and she is  off limits , she is your senior in this, the niece of Lan Qiren , be good.” 

Wei Ying nodded, and subsequently ignored everything she said, “right,” she replied, already walking in the direction of Lan Zhan , even her name was sexy, “I’m always good.” 

Now Wei Ying, she is the wet dream of many individuals across the country, she has been featured in Vogue, multiple times actually, in ELLE magazines, even GQ a few times, she’s walked runways and posed for more than a few scandalous shots. She was the dream, the sexy little seductress, the nation’s beloved little slut—she was adored , she was graceful, and she was very, very gay. 

So really, the sequence of events that followed weren’t the actions of supermodel Wei Ying, but lesbian extreme and lover of women, Wei Ying. 


Wei Ying approached this beautiful, stunning, goddess of a woman—she was really pulling out all the adjectives here, but it couldn’t be helped—it was true. She put on her best smile, and put a little sway in her step as she got closer. But, in her haste and perhaps further, in distraction, she didn’t notice the loose wire right in front of her, and then, proceeded to trip over said wire and plummet face first into a very…plush chest. 

For a moment Wei Ying was suspended in a sort of muted bliss, the world disappearing around her as her face is enveloped in plush breasts. Immediately, she thought, she should stay there, enveloped in this warmth, maybe rub her face into the plushness under her, but then, she’s reeling back, tripping back into a standing position, her face a bright red, as she realises what she just did and specifically whose tits she just landed face first in.

“Um.” Wei Ying said, heart rate ratcheting up at she made eye contact with none other than Lan Zhan, her photographer, the most beautiful woman in the whole fucking world. “I’m so sorry!!” She laughed awkwardly, “I  tripped over that wire, and it um, you know, tripped…me into you.” Wei Ying winced at her own words, “Hahaha, it’s um, it’s hot in here right?” 

The entire time Lan Zhan’s face did not shift, nor reveal a single notion of emotional impact, she just stared, flat and impassive at Wei Ying; sharp eyes never wavering as Wei Ying got increasingly flustered and worked up over her apology. 

“Mn.” Was all she said, and nodded, acknowledging Wei Ying’s winded apology with a simple word—Wei Ying, cringed in response. 

“I hope I didn’t offend you, I didn’t mean to, you know…” she trailed off, then bowed properly, “I was just, excited, yeah!! I’ve heard a lot about you photographer Lan.” Lies , but why would she know that?

Lan Zhan raised a perfect eyebrow, as if sensing Wei Ying’s bullshit anyways, then nodded again. 

This was weird, irritating almost, she looked unaffected, maybe even slightly bored at Wei Ying. Her expression gave nothing away, and Wei Ying, she wasn’t used to this; this non-effect, the indifference; she suddenly had this urge to stick her tongue out, or pout, anything to get a reaction from the stone-faced woman in front of her. 

Unbalanced, Wei Ying then took a deep breath, “Right, yeah okay, I came over here to introduce myself,” she held out a hand, trying to banish her earlier actions from her mind, “I’m Wei Ying!” 

She put on her best smile, eyes properly locking with Lan Zhan’s. 

Lan Zhan nodded, “I know,” and took Wei Ying’s hand in hers—big, warm hand, Wei Ying’s mind supplied, enveloping Wei Ying’s completely, it was so soft, and warm, Wei Ying’s cheeks warmed. 

“Are you ready?” she asked.

Wei Ying stared blankly, ready for what??  

Lan Zhan stared back at her for a beat, then motioned to the cameras around them, “the shoot.” 

“OH!” Wei Ying exclaimed, “yes, of course, yes, I’m so ready,” she grinned, “I’ll do my best, Lan-jiejie,” she said, her boldness making Lan Zhan’s eyes widen a fraction, a victory , Wei Ying’s mind supplied, “please direct this junior!” She bowed again, and bounced away to her place, ignorant of the way Lan Zhan’s eyes darkened at her words. 


Lan Zhan definitely does take care of Wei Ying, but absolutely not in the way she was implying, at all. Wei Ying could describe this photoshoot, and the photographer, Lan Zhan , in one word, it would be, distracting, no , unique, no, not that either , dominating, all consuming, frustrating

“On your knees.” Lan Zhan said, her voice ringing clear across the room, eyes hidden behind the shutter; Wei Ying valiantly tried not to get wet. She knew it was simply a direction she had to follow, but there was no politeness to her words, it felt like an order, something Wei Ying had to obey now

So she kneeled. 

“Hold the bottle closer to your lips,” Wei Ying did,  “spread your legs more.” Lan Zhan said, Wei Ying followed the direction, face flushing, “no,” Lan Zhan murmured, she sounded disdainful, almost disappointed, “too much.” Wei Ying’s breath hitched, but she did as she was told.

“She’s too flushed, Ms. Wei!” the art director called out, “is it too hot in here? Would you like a fan? You seem to be burning up.” 

Wei Ying flushed even deeper, cheeks a darkened pink in embarrassment. “Um—” she squeaked, clearing her throat, “yes please, it is a bit hot! Thank you!” She stole a look at Lan Zhan behind the camera, who just glanced at her, face impassive—almost disappointed. It grinded Wei Ying’s gears as she settled back in place.

Wei Ying bit her lip, eyes finding Lan Zhan’s as she watched Wei Ying adjust her position. “No.” She said, “not like that.” Wei Ying adjusted again. “No,” she said again. Wei Ying huffed, and this time, she didn’t listen, instead spreading her legs wider, staring defiantly up at Lan Zhan behind the camera lens. 

“I think this looks good!” She called out to the art director, and namely did not look at photographer Lan, “I’m going to stay like this!” She smiled sweetly, “I should give input as well, no? I want to make sure this product sells as best as it can!!” Then just for added effect, she fluttered her eyelashes and glanced down, an imitation of shyness.  The art director nodded and gave a thumbs up, and only then did she look back at photographer Lan.

She could see one of her manicured eyebrows raise minutely, and for a trickle of a second Wei Ying could feel satisfaction sweep through her, but then Lan Zhan did not scold her, or adjust her position, she just stared, before she went back to taking pictures. It made Wei Ying burn

Finally, the shoot ends, and Wei Ying is shaky; a combination of frustration, anger, and…a confused arousal shooting through her as Lan Zhan bows her thanks and barely even looks at Wei Ying as she packs up her stuff. 

Wei Ying huffs, and stomps very dignifiedly back towards her dressing room and threw herself onto the couch, sprawling as she stuffed her face into the pillow, trying not to scream. 

She wiggled around trying to get comfortable, but couldn’t, her skin felt tight, and the flush still hadn’t completely left her cheeks; she rolled onto her back, and brought her fingers up to her face, feeling the hot skin underneath; Wei Ying closed her eyes, letting her fingers trail across her skin, over her lip gloss stained lips and then down towards her neck. She stretched out a bit more, hand trailing across her chest, over her breasts. 

She inhaled sharply, her nipples were already hard and tender, they’ve been hard for a while; since Lan Zhan had dragged her stony gaze dispassionately down Wei Ying’s body. She pressed her thighs together, squeezing against the throbbing heat radiating from her centre. 

Goddd, ” she moaned, frowning, “this is so fucking dumb.” Wei Ying made a furious grunt, “she was so mean, why am I??” She broke off, growling low in her throat. Photographer Lan was rude to her, to her , for not positioning her legs correctly?? “I’ll show you.” She grumbled. 

She closed her eyes, thinking about photographer Lan’s gaze, the way it burnt through her, her disapproval hotter than the stage lights—she pressed a palm against her aching pussy, moaning as a spark of arousal shot through her. She was wet, spread your legs , photographer Lan’s voice vibrated through her. 

Wei Ying squirmed, hands moving up her thigh and under skirt until two of her fingers were stroking lightly across her wet vulva. She panted quietly, dipping her fingers inside before circling slowly around her clit—god it felt good, but it wasn’t enough, it wasn’t…Wei Ying whimpered as she remembered how photographer Lan’s hands squeezed around her arms, her big, warm hands , steadying Wei Ying, keeping her from falling. 

It made Wei Ying furious, and wetter, why was she even thinking about her? She circled her clit faster, her other hand moving to squeeze her breast—she’s clearly just worked up, it’s been a long day, Wei Ying, just needs relief. But even as she stroked herself, two fingers deep inside herself, she was still just balanced on the precipice. 

She needed more, she needed—she whined and turned over, stuffing the couch pillow under her and rubbing roughly against it, nearly humping it like an animal as she heard photographer Lan’s voice in her head, on your knees , Wei Ying gasped, rutting harder against the cushion, fingers rubbing sans finesse around her aching clit. 

It was a slippery slope after that, Wei Ying rode the pillow, toes nearly curling, until she was shaking with the force of her orgasm, “Oh god— ” she moaned into the palm of one of her hands, “god, fuckfuckkkkkk .” She didn’t stop until her clit was swollen and throbbing, her legs shaking as she felt the juices from her orgasm, slick and sticky, slip around her fingers. 

She tried to be quiet, but she couldn’t help it, small whines vibrated at the back of her throat. Finally, as the shaking subsided, she turned back over and swore, “fucking hell, shit , what is wrong with me?” Wei Ying murmured to herself. She stroked across her swollen nipples, body nearly jerking upwards in half—she was still so sensitive. 

She breathed out hard through her nose, her mouth was dry, but she was still wet, nearly leaking; she rubbed a thumb over her swollen clit, hissing at the heat that burst through her. She needed to get out of here before someone found her, before Wen Qing found her in this embarrassing state. All because of small little words uttered by her unbelievably fussy photographer. 

“Fucking photographer Lan,” she cursed, she balled her fists at her sides, chest still heaving, when a firm knock sounded at the door. Her breath hitched, “fuck, shit .” she murmured, then cleared her throat, hoping she sounded normal, “Yes!!” She called out, “just a minute!” 

She scrambled to her feet, desperately fixing her clothes and smoothing down her hair, hoping she didn’t look completely debauched as she stumbled her way to the door, flinging it open with more force than necessary, only to be met with, “Oh uh Lan-jiejie, you’re still here…” Wei Ying squeaked out, eyes wide as she took in photographer Lan standing at her. She could the juices from her orgasm leak across her thighs as she stood—and she fought not to fidget. 

“You’re flushed.” Lan Zhan simply says in greeting, then takes a step forward into her dressing room, causing Wei Ying to take a step back. 

“I, um, yeah…it’s hot, you know,” She said.

“Mn.” Lan Zhan says, and Wei Ying watches as she point blank gives her a sweeping look from head to toe. 

“Right um—” Wei Ying cleared her throat, “can I…can I help you?” 

“Do you need a ride?” She asked. 

Wei Ying choked, “uh, what?” 

Lan Zhan stepped closer, “would you like a ride? You are still here.” She said, as if she didn’t just knock on Wei Ying’s dressing room door after nearly ripping her apart during the shoot, as if she didn’t rain a waterfall of disdain onto Wei Ying . 

“Well um—” Wei Ying stuttered, “I should, um Qing-jie?” She squeaked, “I mean, she might wonder where I went.” 

“You can message her.” She paused, “if you would like.”  

“Oh—uh,” Wei Ying flushed, she didn't know why. “Right, um, okay?? Thank you Lan-jiejie.” 

Why was she agreeing to this??

“Lan Zhan.” She said, “just, Lan Zhan.” 

Wei Ying flushed deeper, god what the fuck was wrong with her? Nonetheless, for a reason she couldn’t explain, she quickly gathered up her things, trying not to blush harder when she felt the stickiness of her orgasm dampen her panties and pull slightly at her skin. 

“Ok!!” Wei Ying grinned as big as she could. She knew people loved her smile, and hopefully it will distract Lan Zhan from Wei Ying’s little…predicament. “Let’s go!!” 

Lan Zhan led her towards some back entrance and for a moment Wei Ying thought she made a big mistake, following this woman, who she just met today down a random hallway and through a random door—an absolutely gorgeous woman, but a stranger nonetheless. 

But then, somehow, Lan Zhan must’ve sensed her discomfort because she glanced back at Wei Ying and said, “away from fans.” 

Ah, right, Wei Ying forgot about that part, “thank you,” she murmured and Lan Zhan just nodded and led her to a…” Shut the fuck up!! ” Wei Ying exclaimed, then immediately covered her mouth, “I—” she looked at Lan Zhan, “I’m sorry, but that’s a motorcycle!!

“Mn.” Lan Zhan agrees, and pulls out an extra helmet, holding it out to Wei Ying, who gasps in outrage. 

“I’m!!” She gestures at herself, “I’m a SKIRT!!” and then she points to Lan Zhan, “so are y—” wait, no, she just noticed, Lan Zhan is not in her very contemporary skirt anymore, but sleek leather?? pants. “I’m in a skirt.” she reiterates. 

Lan Zhan nods, “then hold on tight.” 

Wei Ying gapes, “that’s not—I what??” 

Then Lan Zhan sighs, and takes off her jacket and hands it to Wei Ying, then climbs onto her sleek blue motorcycle, “hold on tight.” She repeats. Wei Ying is at a loss of words, she really should’ve just waited for Qing-jie. But here she is, so all she can do is sigh, then pull on the jacket, trying not to think about how it nearly drowns her. Then, against her better judgement, because she has good judgement okay, she climbs unsteadily onto the motorcycle. 

When Lan Zhan doesn’t move, Wei Ying taps her shoulder, but still she doesn’t move, instead she gets up from her spot, huffing an impatient, “helmet.” 

Only then  does Wei Ying realize, she was in fact still holding the helmet in her lap instead of on her head; she blames her post-orgasmis brain for that, and the way Lan Zhan had climbed into that bike in those leather pants…

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan says, and it sounds like she’s said it more than once, “helmet.” 

“Ha, Lan Zhan you’re really a woman of few words! Yes ma’am I’ll do it right away!” Wei Ying salutes before slotting the helmet on her head without care, only to fumble at the weight of it and further fumble with the clips; through the visor she sees Lan Zhan approach, and seconds later there are big hands— god, fuck why are her hands so big? gently cupping Wei Ying’s neck, fingers deftly clipping her in, and really, Wei Ying can’t be blamed if she flushes behind the visor; it’s out of embarrassment of course, nothing else. 

Finally, after Wei Ying is all strapped in, Lan Zhan climbs back onto the motorcycle, and says a quick, “hold on,” before starting up the bike. Wei Ying feels a thrill run through her as the vibrations of the bike move through her entire body—it’s a shock and Wei Ying can’t help but grab Lan Zhan’s waist, immediately falling forward into her very strong, and broad body, as the bike rumbles alive. 

The whole ride if near torture; the motorcycle part, it was exhilarating, an energy boost that Wei Ying had needed, she was in awe as Lan Zhan navigated through the traffic, barely stopping, it was so different from being stuck in traffic as Wei Ying usually was. However, as exhilarating as it was, Wei Ying couldn’t stop herself from slipping forward until she was nearly plastered to Lan Zhan’s back—her bare legs encasing Lan Zhan’s thighs, skin brushing onto butter leather; and the rest of her pressed tightly against Lan Zhan’s back—

Wei Ying nearly held her breath the entire ride, face flushing as she could feel bolt after bolt of heat shoot through her, making her core ache as Lan Zhan sped through traffic; it was the adrenaline, she told herself, of a new experience, and the physically vibrations of the bke; nothing else. 

Before long, they get to Wei Ying’s condo and Lan Zhan immediately drives into the garage before parking the bike near the door. 

Wei Ying dawdles a little as she steps off the bike, wobbly and a little shaky from the change of pace, Lan Zhan gets off as well and stands there, waiting as Wei Ying tries to not struggle with taking the helmet off. Should I invite her up? She asks herself, she did drive me home after all

“Right um—”

“You’re flushed again,” Lan Zhan says, before Wei Ying can continue. 1

“Oh um—” Wei Ying touches her cheek, feeling the heat radiating, and of course Lan Zhan looks fresh as ever, her gorgeous hair still perfectly arranged, only a slight blush high on her cheeks indicating she was wearing a helmet at all. It was truly unfair, no one should look that good after wearing a helmet. “It was hot,” she said. Like you , her treacherous mind whispered, “thank you for driving me Lan Zhan!!” She smiled then bowed, “I had fun.” 

“En,” Lan Zhan said, “I am glad.” 

They stood there for a beat, then two, staring at each other. Until Wei Ying smiled again, “would you like to come up Lan-jiejie??” Wei Ying asked, it was the right thing to do after all, Yanli would be horrified if she knew Wei Ying didn’t thank her guest properly, “I must thank you.” 

Wei Ying chattered the whole way up to her place, it was what she did when she was nervous, she couldn’t help it, nor could she shut up— Lan Zhan , gorgeous, mean, photographer Lan Zhan was coming to Wei Ying’s place and Wei Ying can’t remember if she put her laundry away the day before.

Thankfully, when they entered her apartment, it was spotless, meaning, the cleaning ayi had definitely been around. Wei Ying gestured for Lan Zhan to sit down and offered her tea, but she declined, so Wei Ying sat with her on her sofa. 

“Who knew you were hiding this part of you!!!” Wei Ying said, grinning at Lan Zhan, “professional photographer Lan and her speedy bike!! Do you take all your girls, or boys, I don’t discriminate on your bike, show it off?” 

“Were you impressed?’ Lan Zhan says, instead of answering her question. Wei Ying nods, of course she was. 

“It was quite the ride.” Wei Ying grins, unconsciously rubbing her thighs together, unawares of Lan Zhan’s dark gaze on her exposed legs. “It was exhilarating.”

Lan Zhan hums, and then, she looks at Wei Ying, right in the eyes and says, “you are a little slut aren’t you?” 

Wei Ying’s eyes widened as she looked at Lan Zhan in shock, “I’m sorry, what?? ” 

Lan Zhan doesn’t break eye contact,  “you were eager to show yourself off, and now—” her eyes finally flick down, “even after getting yourself off, you still want more.” 

Wei Ying gapes, simultaneously in shocked anger and in arousal as Lan Zhan’s words ran through her, “excuse me??? How??” Wei Ying stutters in outrage, “you don’t get to say things like that to me!!!” 

Hush ,” Lan Zhan says, and Wei Ying quiets, “your dressing room was drenched in your arousal,” she murmured, “I made you wet.” 

“YOU!!” Wei Ying exclaimed, “I—no!! you’re wrong!!” she said, “I was just—” she trailed off, because what could she say, Lan Zhan was right, in part, she did turn Wei Ying on, but, but, “it doesn’t matter!!!” 

“I think it does.” Lan Zhan says, as she leans in close, “I think you wanted to be found out, I think, if anyone were to walk in while you were fingering yourself…” Wei Ying involuntarily moaned at the way fucking , sounding on Lan Zhan’s tongue, “I think you would’ve allowed yourself to be bent over and fucked.” 

Wei Ying flushed bristling at the accusation, “I—” she swallowed, “that’s—” 

“And I think you wanted me to drive you home, so I could have you.”  

“You offered!!” Wei Ying huffed. 

“You accepted.”

Wei Ying gulps, “I—did.” She nods. 

“Since you’re always so eager to run your mouth all the time, then you should put it to good use, Wei Ying.” Lan Zhan states, plain as day, as if it’s a fact, as if she knows everything about Wei Ying and her wants and desires. Lan Zhan moved closer to her, leaning in close until Wei Ying was nearly pressed against the arm of the sofa. 

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying’s voice came out embarrassingly breathy, her thighs clenched together, as she squirmed, “please I—” she doesn’t know what she’s asking for, but she can barely think straight. Lan Zhan is so close, Wei Ying can feel her breath on her face, it’s warm and minty. The closer she gets, the bigger this heated flame grows in Wei Ying; she doesn’t know if it’s shame or arousal; but it feels like a falling, like drowning, like being hit in the chest by an unstoppable force, nearly bowling her over

Up close she is just as beautiful, if not more so, “the ride got you wet didn’t it?” she says. 

“Lan Zhan, I don’t know what you’re implying but—” Wei Ying doesn’t get to finish as Lan Zhan leans in and kisses her lightly on the neck, “Lan Zhan—” she gasps out, hands flying out to grasp at her shoulders—Lan Zhan kissed her neck again, biting lightly, before licking at the spot, and Wei Ying’s hands clenched, ready to either push her back or pull her in.”

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying whined, squirming in her seat, “Lan Zhan, please!” 

“Hush,” Lan Zhan’s deep, hot voice vibrated through Wei Ying, making her clench her thighs, “you do not get to ask questions.”

Wei Ying’s breath hitched. 

“I—tell me what I need to do, what I’ve done to make you—” 

Instead of answering, Lan Zhan kisses her, she pushes in, grabbing Wei Ying close, crashing their lips together with barely any finesse. Wei Ying immediately moans, her own hands clenching in the fabric of Lan Zhan’s top, it’s rough, nothing like any kiss Wei Ying has had before, it was nearly all consuming as Lan Zhan seemed ready to devour Wei Ying and eat her whole. 

Wei Ying is helpless in Lan Zhan’s grasp, she can feel the blood in her veins pumping madly, beating in time of her heart. Lan Zhan opens her mouth, tongue licking at Wei Ying’s lips and Wei Ying can’t stop a choked gasp escaping, Lan Zhan takes that to advantage and sinks her tongue into Wei Ying’s mouth. Wei Ying melts, Lan Zhan tastes so good, like the first rain mixed with sweet mint, she feels herself start to get wet, “Lan Zhan—” she gasps against her mouth. 

Something seems to ignite in Lan Zhan at the sound of her name, suddenly she’s cupping the back of Wei Ying’s neck and pulling her until Wei Ying is falling forward into Lan Zhan’s body.

“Come here.” Lan Zhan orders as she pulls back minutely, her golden eyes searing across Wei Ying who without question climbed onto Lan Zhan’s lap, arms circling her broad shoulders and they were kissing again. She wriggled a little as Lan Zhan’s large, warm hands strayed downwards, caressing her waist,  squeezing at her thighs and rounding to her ass, palming it under her tiny skirt. 

“I can feel the way you are dripping.” Lan Zhan whispered into her ear, her hands moving to caress downwards, towards her aching cunt. 

Wei Ying moaned and couldn’t help herself as she ground down, her leaking core pressing against the smooth leather of Lan Zhan’s pants. She pushes her hips downwards, as Lan Zhan’s hands clench on her ass, humping down, as spark after spark of pleasure shot up her spine, “what am I doing?” She moaned, as Lan Zhan started to trail kisses down her throat,  “Lan Zhan--I-” 

Lan Zhan bites down, “be good,” she murmurs, Wei Ying’s hips jump, and Lan Zhan hums, “Is Wei Ying going to be good for me?” she asks.

Wei Ying’s hands scramble for purchase, scratching at Lan Zhan’s neck and back, pulling at her shirt, “please,” she whimpers. 

“Please what?” 

“Lan-jiejie, pleaseee” Wei Ying is riding her thigh in earnest now, she’s overheating, sweating, she’s wet, her pussy is so wet, but she can’t stop, she’s so close, she wants, she needs --

“Mmmn,” Lan Zhan nuzzles down her neck and pulls her flush as she buries her face in Wei Ying’s tits, and moving a hand toward her wet pussy, flicking her clit, “come for me then, Wei Ying.

That’s all it takes, Wei Ying yelps and is shaking apart in Lan Zhan’s arms, thighs clenching as she rides out her orgasm, vision whited out. But she doesn’t even have time to recover as Lan Zhan’s hands are wrapping under her thighs and lifting her up; Wei Ying yelps in surprise, hazy mind panicking as everything shifts. She quickly clenches her legs around Lan Zhan’s waist, hands grasping at her neck, “Lan Zhan!!” she exclaims, “what are you doing!?!?!” 

“Bedroom,” Lan Zhan says, and looks at her pointedly.

Wei Ying’s eyes widen, “Oh, OH, yes, that way--” she points and Lan Zhan continues to carry her like she weighs barely anything. “You’re so built!” Wei Ying comments, astounded as she was carried so easily in Lan Zhan’s arms. She squeezed her biceps, humming and Lan Zhan shrugged, “I work out with my brother.”

“Right,” Wei Ying replies, a bit dazed. “That’s cool, you can just um--lift things.”

“Mn.” Is all Lan Zhan says before throwing her lightly on the bed, making Wei Ying bounce. 

“Lan Zhan!!” She giggles, “such a brute.” 

Lan Zhan doesn’t reply, she just pounces on Wei Ying, pushing her into the bed, kissing her deeply, as her hands roamed, unbuttoning Wei Ying’s little cropped top and getting her warm hands onto Wei Ying’s tits. They nearly dwarfed them, covering each one with a hand, Wei Ying nearly drooled, “you too, Lan-er-jie, please let me see--ahhh!” Lan Zhan pinched one of her nipples, twisting it between her fingers. 

“You will take what I give you,” She murmured. 

She bit at Wei Ying’s collarbone, then sat up slightly and she took her own shirt off, Wei Ying’s eyes widened as she took in Lan Zhan’s body; her big tits, white lacy bra, the outline of six-pack abs. Without thought Wei Ying reached upwards, hand seeking Lan Zhan’s heated skin, brushing reverently against the rigid outline, feeling Lan Zhan flex under her touch.

She can’t stop getting to her knees, irrespective of the way her legs shake, she’s nearly mesmerised, hypnotised by the sway of Lan Zhan’s tits, the contrast of soft and hard. Her hands move up to caress Lan Zhan’s breasts, hands squeezing, mouth open in awe as her small hands can barely cup each breast. “You have such nice tits Lan Zhan, I want to bury my face in them.” 

Lan Zhan shivers under her touch then pushes Wei Ying back, pushing her down into the sheets and grabbing her wrists in one hand, “like you did when we first met?” Lan Zhan whispered into her ear, “this morning, you wanted it bad then too?” 

Wei Ying’s hips tilted upwards, “yes,” she moaned, “yes, I wanted you.” 

Lan Zhan mouthed at her breasts, taking turns on each, taking her hard nipples into her mouth, twisting them, and biting until Wei Ying was dripping again, squirming against the sheets, hands clenching in Lan Zhan’s grasp. 

“Touch me, please, I need more, Lan Zhan your fingers--put your big finger in me--” Wei Ying knew she was begging, but she couldn’t careless, she needed more, she wanted Lan Zhan’s fingers inside her, scissoring deep until Wei Ying could do nothing but ride them, “I bet they could go so deep inside me,” she dreamily sighed, “Lan Zhannnn!!” She squirmed even more, trying to break free from her strong grip, her hips lifting. 

But within seconds Lan Zhan pressed her down again, flat on her back, “you are going to come on my tongue only.”

“Lan Zhan,” she whined, “you’re so cruel!! Ah!” 

Lan Zhan finally let go of her breasts and hands, only to move down, hands now on her hips and 

face between her thighs, “what a dirty little slut.” She breathed, Wei Ying’s hips jumped as her breath ghosted over her aching core.

She pulled her panties down, “look at you,” Lan Zhan cooed, “still wet after two orgasms, so sticky. It’s disgusting.”  She said, but even so, licked at Wei Ying’s thighs, at her dried cooling come, licking at leftover juices from her last two orgasms, it was filthy, it was so good. She lapped it up like it was a dessert, and Wei Ying couldn’t help but glance down--only to be greeted with the hottest sight of her life. 

Shirtless Lan Zhan, with her tits pressed into the bed, still in her tight leather pants, chin wet with Wei Ying juices, eating her like she was her favourite food. It was too much, Wei Ying’s thighs clenched, tightening around Lan Zhan’s shoulders; she threw a hand over her eyes, “don’t do that,” Lan Zhan rasped, “look at me.”

Wei Ying gasped but did as was told, then nearly cried out when her eyes met Lan Zhan’s, she couldn’t look away. Lan Zhan maintained eye contact, tongue stroking her, steadily stoking a fire inside Wei Ying’s gut. 

Then without warning Lan Zhan was digging in, tongue circling her clit, and sucking at her vulva, until Wei Ying was shaking, her tongue danced inside of Wei Ying, encouraging her to ride it, Wei Ying squirming, pushing down onto Lan Zhan’s rigid tongue, it was good, so fucking good. A hand snuck upwards, landing on her tits, big hand caressing as she ate her out--Wei Ying grasped desperately at the hand, hips riding as she neared the edge. 

Lan Zhan hummed, and Wei Ying jolted, “come on, come on, Lan Zhan please, fuck, fuck ,” she couldn’t stop the bitten out noises that escaped her, Lan Zhan was playing her like an instrument, messily eating her pussy, lapping up her juices like it was the best thing she ever tasted, Wei Ying couldn’t hold on much longer. She could feel her pleasure start to crescendo, building the base of her spine, her nipples tingling as Lan Zhan’s hand laid on her breast. She closed her eyes, “Lan Zhan ah--yes, fuck, you feel so good, I’m,,,I’m gonna, ah!” 

Wei Ying came with a long drawn out moan, hips jerking as her vision swam. But even then Lan Zhan didn’t stop, she continued to lap at Wei Ying until she was shaky and squirming with oversensitivity, and even then, as Wei Ying’s legs clenched around her head and Wei Ying was whining like a cat in heat; “please, Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, Lan-er-jie, it’s too much, please--” 

Lan Zhan kept going until Wei Ying was jerking under her again. 

Only then, did she let up. She proceeded to kiss each of Wei Ying’s thighs, before letting them drop and then stood up. Meanwhile Wei Ying was still shaking, body spasming as the shock of her orgasms steadily left her. 

She barely even registered Lan Zhan pulling her shirt back on--but she tried nevertheless, to lift a weak hand, a murmured, “you too??” on her heavy tongue. But Lan Zhan just smirked, and shook her head.

“Good girl,” She murmured instead, as Wei Ying lay there panting. She brought one of Wei Ying’s hands to her mouth, kissing her fingertips before clucking  a hand under Wei Ying’s chin, “I will see you in a few weeks. My number is saved in your phone.” And then she is out the door, leaving only her lingering perfume as evidence she was ever there. 

A week later

I—I don’t like her,” she yelled, hands fisted at her sides.

Jiang Cheng just looked at her unsympathetically, “can you please shut up? You haven’t stopped talking about this photographer Lan , for two fucking weeks.” He rolled his eyes, “seriously, fuck, can you be any louder??”

“But A-cheng!!” Wei Ying whined, her brother was so mean to her; of course she’d talk about Lan Zhan, she’s just so!! so!!, “she’s just so vexing !”

Jiang Cheng makes a face, “vexing?? What is this? The 18th century?” 

“It’s true, she was just so demanding,” she took another sip of her drink, “and she was just never satisfied!! And then a-cheng! Her audacity, she was just assuming things, left and right about me, like it was just so….” She trailed off, hot, dominating, terrifying, everything I crave , she shook her head, “nevermind, I need a shot.” 

Five shots later found Wei Ying in the washroom, wobbling on her feet as she sent a Wish u were hereee Lan-er-jieeeee , text and a blurry mirror selfie. 

Lan Zhannnnn

Wher r u

I want u to tell me,,,what u// want

Then she was stumbling back to where Jiang Cheng and… were sitting and took another shot before feeling the telltale buzz of a text vibrate on her phone. 


The text said.

Show me more

And I will tell you  

Wei Ying’s breath hitches, and she stumbles into a stall, and take a quick and probably very blurry upskirt picture, she’s wearing her favourite panties tonight, they’re lacy and sheer; then without thinking, she sends it to Lan Zhan and then stumbles back to the table, and promptly takes another shot. 

The next morning, when Wei Ying blindly reaches for her phone, she sees a reply from Lan Zhan: 

You’re so pretty

What a good girl, Wei Ying. 

I want everything.

And really, by the way Wei Ying’s smile outshined her massive hangover should’ve been a hint, because really, this was the moment where it all really started.

Present Day

photographer lwj/model wwx

“Ok let’s go for a quick ten minute break!! And let’s get into your next set of clothes!” The producer called

Wei Ying jumps up from her spot beside her co-star, “Lan Zhan!! She exclaimed, bouncing up to Lan Zhan, draping herself over her, wet-t-shirt and lingerie and all, “did I do well??” She looked over her shoulder, trying to peek at the photos, but Lan Zhan just shook her head. Turning the camera off.

“Behave, Wei Ying.” She said, but Wei Ying could see the pleased flush of her pink ears, and she grinned. 

She leaned up, brushing her mouth subtly across Lan Zhan’s ear, whispering, “I want you~” before bouncing away, giving Lan Zhan a quick wink as she went back to the dressing room to change into her next set.


It doesn’t take long for Lan Zhan to find her, but it is certainly a surprise when she doesn’t even knock, but instead just barges in while Wei Ying was in the middle of changing.

 “Lan Zhan!!!” Wei Yin yelped, dropping her hands from where she had tried to cover herself, “you can’t just barge in like that!!!”

“He is your date tonight,” Lan Zhan says in lieu, “that model you are shooting with, for the networking event.” Lan Zhan says, she doesn’t sound displeased, but she doesn’t sound happy either, but Wei Ying knows she disapproves. 

Wei Ying clears her throat, “I um yeah.” She giggles, if only to dissipate the tension, “you know how it is jiejieee,” she plays up her whine, “it’s not like I want to!! You know that, it’s just…”

“Mn, image.” Lan Zhan says, “ He is your partner today.  The wet t-shirt lingerie shoot.” She enunciates every word, eyes boring into Wei Ying’s, who flushes under her gaze.

Wei Ying nods, and tries not to feel guilty; it’s not like her and Lan Zhan are dating, they’re doing things, and…having fun, it’s nothing serious after all, “...yes!!” she clears her throat, “that one! But you know Lan Zhan, what matters is that you’re doing the shooting it, you’re the one—” she swallows, “giving me directions, it’s gonna be you—” 

“Kneel then.” Lan Zhan interrupts. Wei Ying’s eyes widen, but she does as she is told. “Good girl,” Lan Zhan murmurs. 

She cups Wei Ying’s chin gently, pulling her forward, a harsh movement compared to her touch,“If you do not make me come, Wei Ying, I will punish you.” Wei Ying’s breath hitched.

“But we only have ten minutes!! Lan Zhan I--” 

Lan Zhan’s hand tightened, finger squeezing at her jaw, “Wei Ying better hurry then.” 

She pulled up her skirt with one hand and pulled Wei Ying’s face towards her crotch, Wei Ying went willingly, breathing in her heady scent, “Mmm,” Wei Ying moaned, “did I turn you on?” she teased, “did me flaunting around in my skimpy lingerie and wet shirt make you wet Lan-er-jiejie, did this meimei make you hot and bothered?” 

“Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan warned, her eyes narrowed, “get to work, I don’t have time for this.” 

Wei Ying, then of course, got to work, she buried her face between Lan Zhan’s thighs, sucking and licking, using one, then two fingers to scissor up into Lan Zhan,, who gripped tightly at her hair, pulling her in until Wei Ying was nearly suffocating.

Wei Ying’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, “please Lan Zhan,” she moaned, she moved her fingers harder, faster inside of Lan Zhan, “that’s it, Wei Ying.” She murmured, she sounded pleased. “I have photos to edit, hurry up.” She said, Wei Ying obeyed, she sucked at Lan Zhan’s clit, tongue playing with it as her finger pistoned in and out--the clock was ticking it seemed Wei Ying was doing well, because three minutes later Lan Zhan was coming on her tongue, hips jerking as she pressed Wei Ying to her dripping cunt. 

Wei Ying was wet too now, her core aching as Lan Zhan used her like her own personal sex toy, she moved a hand down to hopefully get herself off but Lan Zhan’s voice rang out, sharp and authoritative, “no, Wei Ying, you will wait.”

Wei Ying gasped, “but Lan Zhan! Don’t be so mean to this Wei Ying, I just made you come.” 

Lan Zhan looked down at her, and brought a hand up to caress Wei Ying’s face, she stuck a thumb into her mouth, letting Wei Ying suck on it, before letting it slip free, smudging Wei Yin’s bright red lipstick. A slight smile pulled at her lips, “it’s time to go.” 

And with that, she left Wei Ying on her knees, chest heaving and core aching for release.

The rest of the shoot went smoothly, as smooth as it could go, Wei Ying was in a daze, and no less than three people tsk’d at the slight smudge of her lips, scolding her for not being careful, only for the art director to happily include it into the shoot, something about it heightening the appeal. And Wei Ying could swear, the entire time Lan Zhan was taking the pictures, there was a slight smirk on her face; knowing that she has branded Wei Ying, that she was the one who did that to her, and no one else knew, no one knew what Wei Ying had just done.


Later when the shoot is done, and the entire crew has mostly wrapped up, even Lan Zhan was gone, Wei Ying sees a non-descript gift bag on her vanity, and when she opens it, she sees a small blue vibrator and a little note with three words wear it tonight .

Wei Ying grins. It feels like a reward.


The entire function that night Lan Zhan doesn’t look her way once; she looks gorgeous and put together, outshining even the most popular stars in her long silk blue dress—it’s backless, with a high neck and one elegant slit that runs up her thigh, hinting at golden skin. She was a dream, she was dressed like a hazy summer’s day in Greece, and it made Wei Ying want

Wei Ying continued to stare all night, attention barely leaving the addicting sway of Lan Zhan’s tits under her dress, she’s not wearing a bra , Wei Ying thought, nearly drooling at the peak of sideboob. She’s mesmerised, eyes glued, and when they weren’t on Lan Zhan’s chest, they were on her leg, her hips, the way she walked, talked, shook hands—the gentle waviness of her hair, her striking plum lips, the way her eyelashes brushed her cheeks when she blinked, the glitter on her high cheekbones, the way her big, warm hand wrapped around her purse. 

She barely remembered she was supposed to be on a date, showing off on the arm of her co-model, in her slinky little red dress, glittering on the floor. 

But then, Lan Zhan doesn’t speak to her, doesn’t look at her, barely even breathes the same air of her, it makes Wei Ying bristle; she has the vibrator inside her, and at first she thinks Lan Zhan is just waiting, to catch her off guard. But an hour passes and then two, then nearly three and Wei Ying is starting to get mad, she huffs and decides if Lan Zhan isn’t going to give her attention. She will make sure she makes her suffer just as much as she is. 

So she leans into her date, laughing at his jokes, stealing his drink, letting men and women touch her shoulder and wrap their hands around her waist, until her feet hurt, and still Lan Zhan doesn’t look at her. 

Finally, after downing her glass of champagne before stalking over to Lan Zhan, who’s making small talk with two people she doesn’t recognize. “Photographer Zhannnn,” She whined, playing up her drunkenness, “you haven’t said hi to your favourite muse all night,” she pouted, “that isn’t very polite of you.” 

Lan Zhan’s hand snaked around her waist, supporting her, “Hello, Ms. Wei.” she said, and then she nodded to the two people in front of her, “excuse us.”

“Lan Zhan, let’s go!!” Wei Ying grinned, and Lan Zhan nodded, leading them towards the exit.


Lan Zhan’s hand at the small of Wei Ying’s back as they enter the limo, it’s proper, a kind gesture of support, if anyone were to see—there is nothing scandalous about it, Lan Zhan is a gentlewoman, she is proper, she would never do anything untoward. She guides Wei Ying, as always, patient, and polite, except, when Wei Ying tries to slide in closer and nuzzle into Lan Zhan’s long, delicate neck, as she usually does, Lan Zhan hums quietly—and ever so delicately, grabs Wei Ying’s long, styled hair, and pulls—she pulls until Wei Ying’s head his tilted back and meeting her eyes.

 Without speaking, Lan Wangji spreads her legs, the fall of her elegant dress stretching, and says “on your knees Wei Ying.”

Wei Ying gapes at her in surprise, but doesn’t hesitate to obey, knees hitting the limo’s floor as she kneels, Lan Zhan tilts a hand under her chin, forcing Wei Ying’s eyes to meet hers—Wei Ying shivers.

Lan Zhan takes a cigarette out of her bag, and lights it; she looks at Wei Ying but she doesn’t say a word, instead, she sits back elegantly in the limo seat, and lets her two fingers slide out of Wei Ying’s mouth, dragging them down her chin, before grabbing her chin and pulling her forward—she takes a drag; Wei Ying hates cigarettes but she whines in desperation as she watches Lan Zhan’s lips close around it. 

“You didn’t even use it on me!!!” Wei Ying cries out, absolutely outraged, “you made me wear a vibrator—” 

“You wanted it.” Lan Zhan says, calm as ever. 

“YES and?? So what, you just put it in me and it sat inside me like a hunk of limp plastic, all night!” 

“And yet you’re still wet.” Lan Zhan murmurs, she smooths a hand over Wei Ying’s hair, gripping it tightly, “was it because of all those people you let touch you?” She asked.

“You were a bad girl tonight,” Lan Zhan croons, “you let all those men and women touch you, flirt with you, look down that slutty, little dress of yours.”

“You were ignoring me.” Wei Ying huffs. “I wanted your attention, but you ignored me”

“It made you wet.” Lan Zhan replied again, hand tightening on Wei Ying’s chin, “I ignored you all night, and it made you drip with want, didn’t it? You’re so wet for me, Wei Ying.” She stuck two fingers into Wei Ying’s mouth, pressing down on her tongue, until Wei Ying gagged, “what would  your precious siblings think, and your uncle, if they knew, you got wet because of me?”

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying moaned, “please,” she begged, she wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted, but she felt shaky with desire and adrenaline, the busy energy of the night. 

“Eat me out.” Lan Zhan says, and spreads her legs, “and then I will reward you.” 

Wei Ying does that, she keeps her face between Lan Zhan’s thighs the whole ride, licking and sucking her, while Lan Zhan smokes her cigarette. She’s shaking, she can feel it, and she wants to snake a hand down, but she wants to be good, she wants Lan Zhan to reward her, so she continues, Lan Zhan doesn’t let her make her come. She just holds Wei Ying there, lightly riding her face until they reach Lan Zhan’s place. 

Then without warning, she is pulling Wei Ying out of the limo and into the building, hand clasped tightly around Wei Ying’s wrist. When they were inside, Lan Zhan pushed Wei Ying towards the bedroom, “on the bed, on your knees Wei Ying, ass up. Leave the dress on.”

Wei Ying’s eyes widened, but she nodded, a grinning growing and she skipped off. She threw herself gleefully onto the bed, giving herself a moment as she sank into the sheets, congratulating herself on a job well done tonight and then did as she told, ass up and elbows in the sheets, wiggling happily, until without warning, a hard slap landed on her ass, then another, and Wei Ying yelped, she hadn’t even noticed Lan Zhan come in. “What!!” she shrieked, then moaned when another slap landed on her ass, and then another, “Lan Zhan!” she squeaked, “what are you--?” 

“I told you, Wei Ying was a bad girl today.” 

“But…but I thought, I was going to be rewarded? In the limo you said so!” she whined. 

Lan Zhan pushed forward, draping herself over Wei Ying’s back, and Wei Ying barely restrained from jumping when the cold, wet feeling of something plastic? brushed against her ass. “Is that…?” She questioned and Lan Zhan hummed. 

“It seemed Wei Ying wanted to get fucked, hanging her date’s arm like a cat in heat.” 

“I--it was to get your attention jiejiie!!” Wei Ying huffed, but she pushed back onto Lan Zhan’s strap-on, moaning as it brushed against the end of the vibrator inside her. 

“Turn over.” Lan Zhan ordered, Wei Ying did, allowing herself . “Mn, Wei Ying looked good today.” 

Wei Ying flushed in pleasure, “oh.” she said, eyes wide, “thank you,” she fluttered her eyelashes, “it was all for you. Won’t you reward me now?” 

“Mn.” Lan Zhan then lowered her head, tenderly kissing each covered breast, an action so tender it made Wei Ying’s entire body bow up, then she moved on, pulling up Wei Ying’s short dress up exposing her stomach and pussy, and proceeded to kiss and lick down until her breath was ghosting across Wei Ying’s centre, making her breath catch, “Wei Ying is so wet, just from having this inside her.” She pushed her thong to the side, and pressed a finger against the vibrator, making Wei Ying jolt, “it wasn’t even on, and you’re dripping, mm, my good little slut.” Lan Zhan hummed.

She pushed it further, then pulled it out in one smooth motion, mimicking a thrust, before replacing it with two of her fingers, scissoring as Wei Ying thrashed and moaned on the bed, “you barely need to be prepared, already sucking my fingers it, I could just stick my cock into you and you would take it, wouldn’t you Wei Ying.” 

Wei Ying moaned louder, nearly whining at Lan Zhan’s words. 

“You like that idea, me pushing my way in?” Lan Zhan asked, when Wei Ying just nodded her head, Lan Zhan pinched a nipple through her dress, “your words Wei Ying.” 

“YES!” Wei Ying exclaimed, hips moving in time with the fingers, her nerves nearly on fire, “please, please Lan Zhan.”

Lan Zhan pulled away, taking her fingers on before moving to settle against the headboard, legs spread, holding the big black strap-on in her hands, she grabbed the bottle of lube from the bedside table, pouring it over the dildo, stroking it like a dick, “ride me.” 

Wei Ying shakily scrambled to her knees and balanced herself over Lan Zhan’s lap, but before she could start sinking down, Lan Zhan tapped her flank, “other way Wei Ying.” Wei Ying whined but did as she was told, turning around, so her back and ass were facing Lan Zhan and started to sink down. Lan Zhan’s hands grabbed her hips and pushed up, sheathing herself inside Wei Ying in one smooth move, causing Wei Ying to yelp. 

“Lan Zhan!! Fuck!1” Wei Ying gasped

“Go on Wei Ying.” Lan Zhan said as Wei Ying squirmed on her lap, she pulled her back towards her chest, and Wei Ying moaned at the feel of Lan Zhan tits against her back.

“Ah!!” Wei Ying cried out, “it’s so big, be gentle with this Wei Ying,” but she didn’t stop riding it, even as Lan Zhan’s hand tightened on her hips, crossing over so they caressing her stomach and waist, pushing her down over her strap, “you’re so rough with me, I’m going to be all bruised up!!” 

“Mmm, Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan hummed into her ear, she pushed her hair to the side and kissed  down the back of her neck, “keep going.” 

“Ah, Ah--fuck L-Lan Zhan--” Wei Ying bounced, “harder,” she gasped wetly, “harder please.” 

Lan Zhan started to push her hips up, meeting Wei Ying’s ever downstroke, her hand moving up, cupping Wei Yin’s chin, turning her head to the side, kissing her deep and ope, tongue diving into her mouth; it was a slightly uncomfortable angle, but Wei Ying felt like she was burning up. 

“I need more, oh fuck, Lan-jiejie, please, I need--” Wei Ying gasped, and Lan Zhan obeyed, her other hand moving downwards to circle at Wei Ying’s clit, rubbing her until Wei Ying was bucking in her grip. “Yes--ah so good, Lan Zhan, please!!!” 

Suddenly, Lan Zhan was moving, pushing Wei Ying until she was on her stomach, and then pushed back in, hips pistoning as she gathered Wei Ying’s hair in her grasp pulling at it, “Uh-Uhhh, yes-- fuck ” Wei Ying was nearly incoherent, eyes rolling back in her head, drooling as Lan Zhan pushed into her, again and again without mercy, “i’m gonna--” she gasped, her own hand rubbing furiously at her clit, “ah-ah- ah, fuck, Lan Zhannnnn.” 

“Come for me. Come on my cock,” Lan Zhan grunted behind her, “come now.” 

It was like the floodgates had opened, immediately Wei Ying was coming, jerking wildly in Lan Zhan’s grasp. It felt like it went on forever, wave after wave crashing through her, drowning her in an seemingly endless feedback loop of pleasure, it was so good, it was too much; Wei Ying weakly batted at Lan Zhan who was shallowly thrusting inside her, “Lan Zhan,” she gasped, “please.” 

Lan Zhan finally pulled out, and Wei Ying all but collapsed onto the sheets, breathing hard, letting Lan Zhan manoeuvre her onto her back, and then Lan Zhan was climbing on top of her, her strap gone, and sat on Wei Ying’s face. 

Wei Ying moaned as she was assaulted by Lan Zhan’s arousal, immediately grabbing at her ass, sinking her tongue into Lan Zhan’s pussy, whining in pleasure, as Lan Zhan rode her face like she was a common whore, “good girl,” she heard Lan Zhan mutter, “make me come.” 

Wei Ying moaned at the words, feeling Lan Zhan jerk at the vibrations. She went harder, using her tongue to circle her clit, before entering her again, there was a combination of drool and Lan Zhan’s precome on her lips and she couldn’t help the whimper that left her at how filthy it was, she too could still feel her own pussy dripping from the aftershocks of her own orgasm. 

“Yes, Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan gasped, then she was coming, a waterfall of her come raining into Wei Ying’s mouth; Wei Ying moaned, licking it all up, as Lan Zhan slowly came to a stop. 

Wei Ying was still gasping when Lan Zhan climbed off of her, still shaky in her own skin. She spread her legs, putting herself on display as Lan Zhan’s eyes crawled down her body, then when Lan Zhan made eye contact, she smirked, licking her lips, “did I do good Lan-jiejie?” 

Lan Zhan’s eyes darkened at her actions, and she leaned forward kissing Wei Ying on the lips, plastering herself over her, entwining their legs together. “Wei Ying was very good.” She said. They stayed like that for what felt like hours, kissing each other languidly, hands caressing heated skin, until Wei Ying was feeling a mix of sleepiness and stickiness. 

“Lets clean you up,” Lan Zhan murmured

Wei Ying hummed, but just laid there, while Lan Zhan went to fetch a warm washcloth. She allowed Lan Zhan to wipe her down gently, basking in the soft praises and kisses whispered into her skin. Minutes, or hours or even days could’ve passed, but Wei Ying didn’t care, she was happy here, she was safe here, she was good. 

“I was good, right Lan Zhan?” She whispered. 

Lan Zhan kissed her forehead, “the best.” 


The last thing Wei Ying remembers is being wrapped up in Lan Zhan’s strong arms, snuffling as she buried her face into her breasts before breathing out a soft, “you’re the best Lan Zhan, I could stay here forever, stay with me forever okay?” 

Then, she was asleep.