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A Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club fanfiction

Love Live! © Sunrise and Lantis

And so, next week the joint School Idol Festival (the 2nd) is finally happening. Nijigasaki’s school idol club has many performances to do: sub-units, collaborations with other schools, and of course the finale with all 9 members. But as Yuu is still on a writer block, the other members are expected to train for the other performances.

Karin is only scheduled to sing a duet with Touou’s Himeno Ayanokouji, so she’s rather free. Now, she’s waiting for her partner, Ai, for their DiverDiva practice. Their practice spot is on Nijigasaki’s main building rooftop and she’s already there, playing with her phone.

“Yahoo, Karin!”

As the blonde’s voice is heard, Karin lifts her head to see Ai arrives. She’s just done training with Ayumu and Setsuna for collaboration with Shinonome Academy, and still sweating all over.

“Do you wait long?” she's still full of spirit, though, and greets her senpai excitedly.

“No, I just arrive here after accompanying QU4RTZ for lunch,” Karin stands up. Then she looks closely at her partner. “Are you alright, Ai?”

“Hmm? What do you mean? Ai-san’s always alright!” Ai answers while dropping her bag. “So! Let’s start DiverDiva’s practice already!”

As DiverDiva is a duet sub-unit, neither of them are the designated leader, just like how they wished. After all, they joined as partners and rivals.  

“Do you want to take a break first?”

“Noo! It’s already this late; I want to put in a practice before the school’s closed!”

Karin stares at the blonde, and then decides not to pursue the matter. If there is nothing wrong with Ai’s condition, she won’t doubt it.


They aim to perfect the “Eternal Light” performance as their debut was not as good as they wanted it, perfectionists that they are. The practice is going smoothly… until Karin sees that her partner is starting to lose concentration and moves a little sluggish. She stops the music and stares at Ai sternly.

“Alright, stop. Ai, how about 10 minutes break?”

“Ai-san… I mean, I’m fine. Let’s continue, we’re almost finished!” despite saying this, the blonde is clearly gasping for air. For the usually hyper girl, this is weird indeed.

“No. You’re clearly still tired from your practice with Shinonome,” Karin grabs a towel and begins to wipe her sweat.

That’s true. Ai, Ayumu, and Setsuna were practicing for a song from Shinonome; a new song for the three of them, so their training is harder compared to Karin who was “only” practicing her usual “Vivid World”. So, of course Ai’s more tired than Karin.

“Just a little more! Our joint live is next week, we have no more time for perfecting DiverDiva’s performance! At this point, QU4RTZ and A.ZU.NA are better than us!”

Still very competitive, this one. Karin adores that from Ai, but she's clearly not on form to continue, “Ai, listen to me-”

“No, I’m fine! See?” as if to prove her condition, Ai began to dance again… and just as Karin feared, her leg gives up and she falls down harshly.

“Ai!” Karin is all but running towards the blonde. “You alright?”

“I-I’m fine…” Ai grumbles as Karin inspects her thoroughly. There are no wounds on her upper body, but when Ai stubbornly tries to stand up… she feels a harsh pain on her ankle. She falls down again, but this time Karin is there to support.

“You’re clearly not fine. Alright, sit down. This is a command from your senpai.”

Karin very rarely pulls her senpai card, so Ai grinds her teeth in frustration and nods.


“Anything hurts?” Karin asks, as Ai sits down on a bench, gulping her drink.

“… nothing,” Karin glares at the blonde, and she sighs. “My ankle…”

“As I thought,” Karin lowers herself to kneel in front of Ai’s pants-covered leg. “Alright, let me-”

“N-no, Karin, I’m gonna check it myself!” Ai holds her pants down while blushing, and while Karin is tugging it, she strikes back, “No way I let a senpai checks on my leg!”

Karin giggles at that, “You dare to use my words against me? No, really. We can't have you injured before our performances next week, right? Beside... I'm concerned, as your friend."

Ai sighs and lets her arm go. Karin immediately lifts Ai’s pants and also takes off her shoe, to meet with a reddening ankle.

“Yup, it’s gonna be swelling. Thankfully, I always bring first aid kit,” Karin winks. She then walks to her bag to produce a cute pouch, which presumably contains the kit. "Could I?"

This time, Ai doesn't refuse and nods slowly. She watches as Karin wipes of her leg with a wet wipe, slowly… tenderly, even. The pain and the embarrassment after that boast are so much, that Ai can feel a tear begin to form.

“Ugh… it’s so frustrating… I messed up and hurt myself…”

“Don’t worry, this kind of injury will be fine in mere days,” Karin answers as she continues to bandage the blonde’s leg. “What’s important now that you take a proper rest.”


Ai’s answer is so meek it wrenches Karin’s heart. When she looks up, she sees a teary-eyed Ai. Instantly many alarms blaring on the bluenette’s head; in all of these (admittedly short) months she known Ai, she never sees the blonde like this, even when she’s having an argument with Misato back then.

“Ai, are you…”

Realizing this, Ai wipes at her eyes using her shirt’s sleeves. Yeah, she’s definitely crying. The sight of Ai crying is making Karin's heart ache, too.

“I’m not crying…”

Karin smiles tenderly and pats at her handiwork, “Alright. Let’s just leave it at that, okay?”

“Ow… it hurts…”

“Hang in there,” Karin retrieves a cooling pad, “Keep this on it. You don’t want to make it a more serious injury, okay Ai?”

Ai retrieves the pad and puts it on her ankle. It soothes the pain somewhat, but, “No way! I want it to heal right now and practice more! I can take care of myself anyway!”

“… you really love to practice, aren’t you?”

With that accusation, Ai grins, “But you do too, Karin… you’re always practicing late, even after we already wrapped up.”

“Hmm, perhaps,” Karin grins back teasingly. “Alright, we’re done here. Try not to move it, okay? After you’re healed, we can practice again.”

“Yeah, yeah…”

That challenging answer makes Karin a little annoyed, so she bends over and clear Ai’s bang on her forehead. When the blonde is not moving to resist, she plants a light kiss there.

“Get better soon, alright?”

With that, she departs home, leaving a dumbfounded and blushing Ai. The blonde touches at the spot that Karin’s lips touched. It’s still warm...

“Uuu… she must take responsibility if I come down with a fever.”


“Ta-daaa! Ai’s fully recovered!!”

Three days later, they meet again on the rooftop as usual. Ai is back on her usual self, and as if to prove that, she does a pirouette.

Karin smiles proudly, “Congrats. You really persevere.”

“Really though, it was so bad!! Ai couldn’t move my body, so Ai had a full tank of gas and couldn’t sleep because I don’t get tired! My form gonna get worse if I stay idle.”

“Hey, you’re not gonna going full throttle on practice, right? You’re just recovered.”

That strikes a sore point as Ai puffs out her cheek in annoyance, “Mmgh… okay…”

“Fufu, good answer. We’re gonna start slowly, alright?”  

“… what is it? Ai don’t like that smile…”

“You may act like a big sister in front of everyone, Ai. But, it’s really cute that you sometimes show your childish side.”

“Eeeh?! No way, Ai is not like that!” Ai shouts in embarrassment, either from called childish or Karin just called her cute. “Come on, Karin, don’t laugh!!”

- fin -