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You believe God is a Woman

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Vi's keys jingle in Caitlyn’s door as she lets herself in. Caitlyn moved out of her parents’ place a couple months ago, when she got her big promotion to Sheriff. This finally gave Caitlyn her own place to walk in and out of as she pleased, suiting her irregular work hours down to the ground. This also meant that with no one else but Vi paying attention, Caitlyn doesn't know when to stop working.

…Which is precisely why Vi is carrying take out and a bottle of wine with her. She's going to drag Cupcake away from her desk and get her to relax even if that means paying for topside's overpriced food. 

It's a good thing Cait gave her a set of keys for emergencies (And in Vi’s book, Caitlyn’s mental wellbeing definitely qualifies as an emergency). This way she can sneak in unnoticed.


Meanwhile, hot water sprays on a taut frame. Fingers flow with it, downward and on, to waiting folds, as hips shamelessly sway with undulating need, as if some kind of ballet is performed.

Caitlyn's forehead thuds gently against the wall and she winces and bites on her lower lip, appreciating the slight pain mixed with her pleasure. For gods knows how long, she has been wanting, waiting for someone . But that someone is not there, and all she is left with is her own fingers, and those never seem to be quite enough.

Now, in the throes of it, she can't quite recall how she got started this time. Perhaps, like so many other times, it was the innocent caress of a soapy hand, and then her slickness was unstoppable, only to leave her with a throbbing clit. Perhaps it was the persistent rubbing of her breasts. It doesn’t really matter, does it? All that matters is that right now, her fingers are working between her folds, while her mind supplies her with how she imagines her lover would touch her, had they actually been her lover.

Her consciousness blurs with the steam. Control slips from her along with the remnants of suds from her hair, resulting in guttural moans and sharp gasps that come out much louder than she intends (if ever there was intent behind the noises she makes in her current state), sounds that might raise concern should an unsuspecting listener heard her.

It’s a good thing she’s alone in her apartment, even though she wishes that the person she is fucking in her mind’s eye with absolutely no inhibitions was there. (And if she reaches just so with the fingers of one hand, and pinches like that with the fingers of the other – she can just about convince herself that they almost are there with her.)


With the wine and takeaway safely on the kitchen counter, Vi listens out for a split second. It doesn’t take a detective to deduce that Caitlyn's in the shower. In the meantime, Vi reckons, she'll make herself useful. She starts moving piles of paper from the kitchen table to the coffee table in the lounge diligently, doing her best to make sure that she relocated the mess exactly as is, just to a different surface.

When she’s finished, she flashes a smug smile, congratulating herself on a job well done. Just then, she hears a dull thud coming from the direction of the bathroom.

Before she has time to think whether or not she needs to check on Caitlyn, thus ruining the surprise, she hears a stream of sounds.

A yelp? A groan? Now she's getting a bit worried. Is Caitlyn okay in there?


“Fuck”, slips past Caitlyn’s lips harshly, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...”

Her touch between her legs hardens as her imagination feeds her one fantasy image of Vi after another. Vi undressing in the precinct’s bathroom, Vi in her training bra, Vi in the shower, Vi with wet hair and a towel around her midriff, and – oh, look – the towel slipped…

She should feel ashamed of herself. She shouldn't be like this. Vi is her best friend. She really should stop, but- oh... She’s running her fingers on Vi’s chiseled biceps, and Vi's callused fingers are tracing her waist, and now Vi is showering her with kisses, strong arms holding her down...

She should stop.

She really needs to stop.

She can’t.

She can’t stop…

Vi's tongue on her throat, her hot breath...

Please, stop…

Vi cooing sweet words in her ear, as her fingers…


Vi's teeth leaving her pale skin marked...


Don’t stop.

Caitlyn shudders, she's feeling hazy, so hot and so wet, her desperate fingers now working between her legs, fast and clumsy, just the way she needs it. Her breath catches and she knows there’s no point in trying to stop herself now, so Caitlyn just lets herself drown in this filthy fantasy of her own making.


After the thud and the and the… erm… murmur (yes, Vi convinces herself it was as innocent as that), all Vi hears is the whoosh of water. There's absolutely nothing to hear from the bathroom, and that concerns her. She's watched enough medical dramas to know that people can drown in ridiculously shallow water, and she'd really hate it if something happened to Caitlyn because of some misguided interpretation of noises

On the one hand, Vi loathes to compromise their friendship, but losing Caitlyn to accidental drowning is a fate far worse than that, and therefore, out of the question. Vi really enjoys Caitlyn’s company. Really enjoys it. Being completely honest with herself, Vi wouldn’t mind if it ended up being more than a friendship. Vi would be lying through her teeth if she didn’t admit that her bestie is unbelievably hot. And smart. And kind. And sweet. (...and the way she smirks when she knows she’s right. And that little gap in her teeth. And…)

Vi swallows thickly to shake herself out of the pining, because she knows now, as she has known all this time, that she will never do anything about this crush of hers because of just how much she values her friendship with Cait (and by ‘never do anything’, she means anything with actual Caitlyn, because she does do things to an imaginary Caitlyn in her vivid imagination when she's alone in her own bed).

So with a new found resolve to make sure her best friend is not face-down in the shower, she walks towards the bathroom, and just as she raises her hand to knock, she hears sounds again.

Unlike the one from a moment earlier, these sounds cannot be misinterpreted. Vi knows these sounds, because these are sounds of a completely different kind of distress.

Vi, herself, makes very similar sounds when said vivid imagination serves her, when she thinks about Caitlyn's eyes, and how they shine when she laughs. And her cheeks, and how she blushes when Vi cracks one of her rude innuendos. And her lips, and how they glisten and how soft they look when Cailyn traps the bottom one in her teeth when she's concentrating (and how much Vi would love to bite it herself). And her neck, so long and smooth and always smells so nice (and how it's so perfect for Vi's lips to glide upon). And her shoulders, and her arms, and her boobs, and the span of her back, and her backside, and her legs, good god, those legs that go on forever, and what's between them...

And Vi is feeling a little distressed herself.

Vi had never heard these sorts of noises from Caitlyn. Not like this. She heard gasps or moans from pain in her neck from stress, or grunts as she insists on lifting heavy items around their office.

These noises are new. They are Intoxicating. Vi bites her lip as she listens through the door. Her breath comes out in short, desperate puffs as heat floods to her centre. She brings a shaky hand to her own breast, kneading it softly through her hoodie.

On the other side of the door, in the shower, Caitlyn is gasping.

Vi bites the inside of her cheek, closing her eyes, her fantasy closer to reality than it had ever been. This is wrong , her mind chides her, you shouldn't be doing this . Not when Caitlyn doesn’t know that Vi is right there .

She knows that Caitlyn would stop in an instant if she knew she was overheard, but Vi doesn’t want Caitlyn to stop. Vi wants to collect every sound, every breath, and cherish them. She wants to continue pretending that the blissful noises falling from Caitlyn are for her. She wants to continue pretending that they are because of her. She can’t bring herself to think that there is some other faceless person occupying Caitlyn’s mind at that moment.

A shiver runs through Vi as Caitlyn lets out another moan. Vi can’t resist trailing her hand from her breast downwards, ghosting over her abs, down to her centre. She touches herself over her jeans, rubbing the rough seam of her zip over her clit, imagining it’s Cait’s thigh between hers.

She loses herself in the daydream, a slow, breathy moan leaving her lips, and she leans her forehead against the door. She gasps when the door swings open and she’s quick to brace herself against the doorframe. Steam pours out of the room to unveil Caitlyn, a goddess in the mist.

Vi’s mind stints. All it can process is the luminescence of Caitlyn’s skin. How blue her hair is when it’s wet, how it contrasts against her pale back. Her sculpted arms and how her muscles twitch with their work between her legs.

The part of her mind that told her off for enjoying Caitlyn’s moans is screaming at her that she should definitely not be looking.

But just by the force of being told to not do something, she can’t resist but focus on the figure that fading vapours leave exposed: a very real, and very naked Caitlyn, who’s very much touching herself.

Without her choosing to do so, her feet shuffle her through the doorway silently. From her new vantage point, she can appreciate how beautiful Caitlyn is, strands of her damp hair hugging her neck, droplets of water tracing the shape of her.

Vi's eyes wander down her friend’s body, soft curves melding with hard muscle, in a bid to remember every small detail.

Her consciousness is having an outright fistfight in her mind. The pious, honourable part of her (the part that removes her hand from Caitlyn’s arm if it lingers too long, or turns her head away when their gaze gets too intense) tells her to back off and never speak of this again.

The lustful, lascivious past of her (the part that makes her wink with a smile when she catches Caitlyn staring at her, or crack a silly, slightly inappropriate joke whenever Caitlyn gets frustrated) wants to continue admiring the holy sight in front of her.


Caitlyn’s mind, on the other hand, has got a single point of focus. Her fingers are frantically working against herself, small, tight circles that make her entire body tingle.

How she wishes it was Vi touching her. How she wishes Vi was pressing her against the cool tile of the wall, that Vi’s lips pressed against her pulse point, teeth nipping at her skin. How she wishes it was Vi's thigh keeping her legs apart and Vi’s fingers working deep inside her, making her shudder and cling onto the bruiser's broad shoulders and -

"Vi," she whines, her desperate cry echoing in the small room.

Everything stops for Vi. No more in-brain fighting. No more logic, no more justifications. She holds her breath, and for a long minute, it feels as though her heart stops beating as well.

There is no way she heard that correctly. There is no way that Caitlyn just said her name.

"Vi, fuck , please..." Caitlyn repeats, as if she knew Vi was questioning what she heard.

It’s all getting too much for Vi. Hearing her name like that, in between intense whimpers that mirror the frenzied rhythm Caitlyn sets with her thrusts against her own fingers. Could it be that all these years of lusting after her superior, her best friend, might amount to something? The years of flirty comments, close calls and near kisses only to turn away at the last second out of fear – could all these be riding on this very moment?

Vi holds her breath and takes another step into the bathroom. The vapours in the air are condensing on the cold tiles, glistening around her like firelights. She releases her breath slowly, taking one more step in, trying to calculate her next move, trying to summon the courage.

But the air smells of Caitlyn's soap and oils and Caitlyn sucks in a harsh breath and she has to look again…

…just when Caitlyn's body breaks. The moan that falls from her lips is devastating, followed by a string of whispered "Yes"es and "God"s and "Vi"s.

Caitlyn’s hips stutter on her hand and head rolls sideways as she leans precariously against the wall next to her.

She needs Vi, all of her, all over her, inside her. She's missing what her lips would feel like on her breast, what her teeth would feel like biting her nipple, prolonging her climax, so she reaches her fingers to pinch, to pull.

The cool of the tiles on the back of Caitlyn’s shoulder is contrasting the intense white heat that courses through her and she calls for her imaginary lover again, louder, and there is absolutely no mistaking that it's Vi occupying Caitlyn's mind while her own hands occupy her body.

Vi wants to both give herself to Caitlyn, and run away because surely this isn’t real. Surely, this is a dream, or a trick someone’s playing on her. 

For all her bravado, in the time it really matters, Vi is failing to find her courage.

She tries to back off, hoping now she could evaporate like she was never there. All the possibilities of all-that-could-go-wrong are filling her head, clouding her judgment, and she fails to notice how damp the tiles under her feet are, and she slips and falls backwards, landing on her backside with a loud groan and a thud.

Caitlyn yelps in shock and surprise, violently yanked from the highest of heavenly pleasures to a goddamn fucking intruder in her house. In her bathroom .

"What the FUCK," she barks, and tries to figure out what to grab on to, to protect herself, to cover herself up, to try and figure out who’s the shitty fucknugget who dares to break into her apartment.

A veritable unstoppable string of profanities falls from her lips, in amongst "I'm the GODDAMN Sheriff, you [EXPLETIVE]!" as she fumbles to get out of the shower.

All the while, Vi scrambles on the floor trying to turn around, to come to her feet, to let Caitlyn know that it's okay, really, because it's her. But, actually, as she thinks about it from the depths of her panic, it's really not okay, because two seconds ago she was watching Caitlyn come while masturbating to a phantom her , and Vi was not at all subtle about the impact it had on her levels of arousal, nor was she shy about acting on it.

Vi finally manages to turn around, get to her hands and knees, only to lose her balance again on water that's been gushing from the shower.

With the intruder now flat in their stomach, Caitlyn's trained instinct takes over, and she leaps atop the motherfucker, pinning him... No... Wait... As she brings their hands around their back and feels for a weapon, she realises it’s a woman, but the fact it’s a female perp does not turn down her aggression or tone.

She pins the whoever- the-fuck -she-is’ hands high across her back until she yelps in pain.

"I've got you now, ASSHOLE," she grits through her teeth, and yanks down the intruder's hood with enough force to pull at their hair. "There's no escaping now, you perv---"

She'd recognise the back of this head, this hair, this tattoo any day and twice on a Saturday night. She has, in fact, just been imagining this very silhouette between her legs not 5 minutes earlier.

"Vi?" confusion and anger and arousal mix in the pit of her stomach. "What the ACTUAL FUCK?" the cocktail they create is volatile.

"I.." Vi tries to speak but she can't breathe the way Caitlyn's pinning her down. "Dinner..." she mumbles, as she tries to wriggle herself free.

"You WHAT?" Caitlyn leans forward, her hair drips water on the back of Vi's neck, making Vi shiver.

Vi thrashes under Caitlyn’s weight, in her tight grip. "Get off me!"

Caitlyn's instinct to apprehend a criminal is overriding the knowledge the criminal is Vi. She's not letting go.

"Get OFF, damn it!" Vi bucks and throws Caitlyn off her.

Caitlyn braces herself between the bathroom door and a wall, panting, adrenaline erasing all rational thought.

"I brought you dinner, ASSHOLE," Vi shouts back as she pushes herself carefully to her knees, and up, making sure she is well balanced. She turns to face Caitlyn and finds her wedged in the corner, seething. "You've been working so fucking hard, I thought you'd like a FUCKING BREAK!" She offers Caitlyn a hand to get up, but her eyes are shooting daggers.

"What the fuck happened to KNOCKING?!" Caitlyn pushes Vi's hand away and brings herself to her feet without help.

"It was going to BE A SURPRISE!"

"WELL - FUCKING - DONE, VI!" Caitlyn is all but yelling, "Consider me SURPRISED!"

The reality of their situation hits both of them at the same time - Vi, roughed up and soggy and embarrassed. Caitlyn, naked and wet and angry. Both of them worked up for all the right and wrong reasons.

"I'm fucking SORRY, ALRIGHT?!" Vi pleads with frustration, she grabs her elbow and worries her bottom lip. There’s no way out. No way out of the bathroom because Caitlyn is blocking the door. But also, there is no escaping the fact that she just watched Caitlyn coming to the fantasy of Vi fucking her.

"I'm fucking SORRY too!" Caitlyn spits. "This is NOT how I imagined THIS would happen!"




Vi is dumbfounded, her mouth hangs open, not quite believing how easy it is to admit that it’s Caitlyn she’s thinking of when she touches herself.

"You imagined...?" Caitlyn is also just catching up to their admissions.

"Of COURSE I did!" Vi gestures vaguely towards Caitlyn, who, even in her angered  state is absolutely stunning (and Vi thinks it’s so fucking hot she can pin her down like that, and she hopes, oh gods, she hopes, Caitlyn does it again sometime, in other circumstances).

Caitlyn pinches the bridge of her nose as stress subsides and her logic takes over. Vi was there and she heard her. Vi knows. But now she knows about Vi. And suddenly she's all too aware that she's naked and wet. All kinds of wet.

"Now what?" Caitlyn sighs, and cradles her own elbows (the only barrier she can put up to protect herself), as a blush creeping up her chest.

"Now we get even?" Vi says, and turns to get into the shower, clothes and shoes and all.

"Don't, Vi, you'll get wet..." Caitlyn reaches uselessly towards her.

Vi turns to look her soon-to-be-lover dead in the eye before stepping into the water. "I already am," she smiles and winks.

That devil , Caitlyn blushes hard with a shake of her head with a smile of her own, following this infuriating woman she’s so in love with into her shower. "I can't believe you're so fuckin'--" she mumbles.

"Bold? Brave? Breath-taking?" Vi is doing her best to be her arrogant, know-it-all self, to get past the awkwardness that led them to this moment as quickly as possible.

Caitlyn flashes her a pitiful look, wondering with a quiet sigh how, the fuck, she actually managed to catch feelings for this cocky dumbass. "Stupid, Vi, you're so fucking stupid sometimes," she reaches over to swipe Vi’s hair away from her sparkling eyes. Gorgeous, gray eyes that belay just how uncertain Vi is, despite her facade. “I can’t believe how hard I’ve fallen for you,” she whispers through an affectionate smile.

"Huh…” Vi traces her teeth with her tongue. “So you admit that you like me, Cupcake?" She wiggles her eyebrows suggestively, convincing both herself and Caitlyn that she really is the smug son-of-a-bitch she usually is at any time other than now.

Caitlyn gasps in annoyance. She knows Vi isn’t as confident as she makes herself, and she wishes that for fucking once , Vi let herself be vulnerable, because Caitlyn is feeling far too vulnerable to be taking Vi down a peg.

It would seem she has to, though. So she fixes her posture and takes a deep breath to calm down and collect herself. She gives the smaller woman a serious look. "You really need confirmation?” Caitlyn narrows an icy blue stare into gray eyes. “Like I wasn’t just crying out your name as I came?”

Vi’s breath catches at Caitlyn’s straight-forwardness, and the pretense of self assurance falls from her.

“Like you weren’t---” Caitlyn yelps as she is dragged under the running water, her eyes squeeze shut to keep water out of them, but now lips crash into hers, and shaking hands clutch her waist, pulling her through hot, streaming water and turning her around until her shoulders meet cold tiles behind her.

But through the mix of heat and cold on her skin, there is one, undeniably searing sensation that burns through her: Vi is kissing her.

It’s nothing like she imagined. It’s much, much better. Vi’s lips are soft. So soft. But confident. Vi knows what she wants with her kisses, and she’s not afraid to take it. And in the wanton passion of it, Vi gives Caitlyn enough opportunities to take what she needs in return.

Caitlyn sinks into the kiss, she's addicted already. One hand reaches Vi’s neck, the other falls on top of Vi’s, at her waist. She’s pulling them closer, tilting her head to allow the kiss to deepen.

Being pulled into Caitlyn knocks Vi off her kilter and she reaches the hand that Caitlyn isn’t holding to balance herself against the wall. She breaks the kiss for that split second that feels like an eternity, and she wonders how she survived all this time without kissing Caitlyn, because kissing her is better than breathing.

Bracing herself against the wall, and with Caitlyn so wanting against her, she leans in again, to kiss more, to kiss deeper, harder. Asking for more, taking more and giving more.

Caitlyn whimpers at the feel of Vi so close and so, so demanding. And she wants more of Vi. She wants Vi to touch her, she needs those hands to move on her body... Why won't Vi touch her?

It takes Caitlyn’s hazy mind another minute to realise that what Vi is waiting for is permission.

At first, she’s exasperated. From where Caitlyn stands, this is another stellar example of  just how stupid Vi can be. How can she not intuit how much Caitlyn wants her touch?

But then, it dawns upon her that it’s kind of hot, actually. Whether Vi will be aroused by Caitlyn asking her to do something, or whether Vi feels Caitlyn has to give her consent – either way – Vi is handing Caitlyn all the power. She’s giving her the upper hand. And whether or not she means to, this is precisely what Caitlyn needs after being caught wet handed in the shower, and standing in front of her object of desire naked, literally and figuratively.

She drags her hand from across Vi’s shoulder around her neck, rubbing her thumb on her clavicle. "Violet,” she whispers as she pushes Vi gently away so she could look in her eyes, her heart thudding in her chest as she pulls Vi’s hand, the one she held at her waist, up her side. “Touch me. Now," she whispers between heavy breaths, “Please.”

Vi feels drunk. It’s as though her brain is jelly, and it takes her a small forever to process each of Caitlyn’s words. All she can do in the meantime is feel the tingle of kisses on her lips, taste Cait on her tongue and look up at this unbelievably beautiful woman she’d spent so much time dreaming about, she still can’t quite believe that…

She wants me to touch her , Vi’s lips tug into the smallest of smiles, her mouth feeling heavy with want.

The truth is, Vi wants to touch Caitlyn. She wants to touch her so badly. But she’s wanted to touch her for so long, that now that Caitlyn is asking her to, she doesn't know where to start touching first. Caitlyn's neck, or her waist, or her breasts, or her hips, or...

She’s grateful for the hand she’s got plastered to the wall behind Caitlyn, holding her steady, keeping both her and Caitlyn in place.

“Please,” Caitlyn pleads silently, and pulls Vi’s hand further up, until the tips of her fingers brush against the side of her breast.

Vi’s pupils dilate when her fingers touch supple flesh for the first time, and she swears. She wants to cry, Caitlyn feels divine at her fingertips.

Vi dives in for another searing kiss, Caitlyn pulling her ever closer, and without thinking, Vi leans her weight into the tall woman and brings her hand, the one that held her up against the wall to Caitlyn’s other breast.

Caitlyn gasps and mewls at Vi’s cold fingers brush against sensitive skin, her nipples straining with wonderfully exquisite pain that ignites her, and she wants . She wants to feel Vi, and she wants to make Vi feel as hot and as desperate as she's feeling now.

She reaches for the hem of Vi's hoodie, and attempts to pull it up. But it's soaking wet and weighs a tonne and Vi's not stopping her kissing for any length of time to allow Caitlyn to figure out how to peel Vi out of the stupid, oversized, drenched sweatshirt. Vi isn’t even leaning back to give Caitlyn the space to remove it, because Vi’s far too invested in kissing Caitlyn down her neck now, tickling her skin with tongue and teeth.

"Vi..." she whispers while leaning her cheek against Vi's undercut, "Vi... stop."


"Just for a second. Because I need you to be naked."

Vi chuckles into the crook of Caitlyn’s neck. "Yes ma'am," she responds sternly and backs away to get the nuisance of a hoodie off of her. Vi is in as big a hurry as Caitlyn, and between them and the haste of ridding Vi of her clothes, both the soaked hoodie and Vi’s t-shirt are removed impossibly out of order which leaves Vi tangled in sodden, unyielding material.

“Son of a…" Vi curses, losing her balance again.

"Easy, easy," Caitlyn's arms circle Vi’s waist, to keep Vi off the bathroom floor for the third time. “Here. Let me help.”

Vi grunts in irritation, arms falling limp, one free at her side, the other snared in a trap of sleeves, waiting for Caitlyn to free her.

Caitlyn can’t help blush through an adoring smile as she unwraps Vi. She’s so smitten with this woman who can be so sexy and so awkward all at once.

"There…" she tosses the wet bundle in the far corner, and before it lands with a loud slap, Vi's mouth is on her again, kissing Caitlyn like she’s already missed her. "Wait, Vi…” Caitlyn protests through lustful moans she can’t help uttering because Vi is nibbling her earlobe. “Wait… Vi… Trousers…” Vi’s licking down her neck, still not getting enough, she sinks her teeth in, sucking a patch near the base of Caitlyn’s neck, which draws a pathetic whine from the taller woman.

Vi pulls away, concerned. She really got lost there, for a minute. “Fuck, Cait, I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you?”

Caitlyn pulls Vi back to where she was at the juncture of her shoulder and neck, shaking her head excitedly, a wave of arousal flooding her. She never knew she would enjoy pain so much. “Do that again,” she commands. The thought that Vi will have left a mark there, and the thought of seeing it, remembering how it got there, sends ripples of pleasure through the whole of Caitlyn’s body.

Vi places a kiss on her pulse point before she wraps her lips and sucks and bites and nips with soft whimpers, clearly enjoying the task Caitlyn set her.

Caitlyn loves having Vi on her like this. She loves that Vi loves this so much. She loves that under Vi’s toughened exterior, she is so soft and caring and so godsdamn cute.

Her hands roam Vi’s back and her sides, testing the effect the palms of her hands have versus her the pads of her fingers or her short nails, as they drag across warm, wet skin. She reaches the clasp of Vi’s bra, but before she can begin to undo it, Vi beats her to it, and it’s gone in a flash.

All the while, Vi’s mouth is not leaving Caitlyn’s neck.

Caitlyn laughs lightly and sends her hands downwards, putting her thumbs through Vi’s belt loops and tugging gently at her jeans. “These off too, please,” she asks through a happy hum. “Before I rip them off you,” she adds playfully, questing fingers reaching to the button at the front.

“Sheesh…” Vi pulls back reluctantly, “Horny, much?” She mocks with a cocked eyebrow.

“I beg your pardon?” Caitlyn asks incredulously, hating to admit that Vi’s brattyness is increasingly appealing, a perfect mix of charming and cheeky.

But charming won’t cut it anymore. From the few minutes of groping and kissing they've had, she's getting a sense that Vi is a lot of tease before she gets to the meat of things.

Teasing is fun and awesome and wonderful and exciting, but Caitlyn wants and needs and she's been naked for far too long and maybe (just maybe) she wants to get her own back at Vi for having broken into her house and listened in on her masturbating.

So she grabs Vi - one hand on her hip and one on her crotch, and she pushes Vi so her back is against the tiles to their side.

Vi releases a high pitched whine and freezes where she stands, because holy shit, this is really happening , and she almost damn comes from Caitlyn cupping her over her jeans.

"I thought you were already wet,” Caitlyn enunciates as she grinds roughly into Vi, bringing her thigh to the back of her hand at Vi's centre.

Vi is breathless at the contact, her charm and cheek nowhere to be seen. Her eyes are torn open, breaths falling fast through an open mouth, and she's suddenly just so needy and gasping for Caitlyn, her hips grinding thoughtlessly.

“Who's horny now?” Caitlyn smirks and kisses Vi's chest while her other hand begins busying itself with the buttons and zip, which is just about the worst material to deal with when wet. "Who's idea was it to get into the shower fully clothed?" Caitlyn husks as she tugs at Vi's jeans, yanking to pull them down Vi’s form, so she can finally rid her of them.

Vi huffs an embarrassed laugh. A couple of minutes ago, committing to Caitlyn by walking into the shower to get wetter felt like a bold dramatic/romantic statement. Now, however, having won the thrilling round against her hoodie, and being increasingly frustrated with The Battle of Denim (and suddenly realising that her Vans are probably ruined now, as well), the drama and romance feel misplaced.

“I guess the horny took over,” Vi blushes through the annoyance of trying to shimmy out of wet jeans while trying to kick her trainers off.

"I guess it did," Caitlyn softens, she can't help but smile and blush at this ridiculously adorable human being that's entirely made of contradictions - grit and softness. Bravado and reticence. Wit and mumbled timidity. She just wants to hold her and kiss her and never let her go.

Caitlyn takes a breath to calm her own horny down, knowing that brute force will not be the undoing of this barrier between their naked bodies. She seeks Vi's eyes, and with a gentle push backwards, she asks her to lean against the wall. "Let me," she says and goes to her knees in front of Vi, and starts to tug at the offending garment gently, nudging it down in small increments until it passes Vi's hips (at which point all the good Caitlny’s breathing did to calm her horny down goes to shit because -- fuck -- Vi wasn't kidding about being wet). Caitlyn can sense the heat and smell Vi's arousal as she leans further down to push her trousers past her ankles.

Vi can do nothing but look down at her girl, her Caitlyn, on her knees in front of her. She had imagined this before when she was alone. She pictured this moment so many times, lost in her own fantasies and touch. 

But this … 

This is better than any fantasy, better than anything Vi could have ever imagined because she can feel Caitlyn’s breath tickling her thigh, and Caitlyn’s hand on her other thigh is pushing achingly gently, and her nose is hinting her imminent approach to her sex. 

This… This is so, so real.

It becomes too real for Caitlyn too. She places a gentle kiss on the tense muscle of Vi's leg, noticing goosebumps on her skin. The need is palpable now. She wants this. Vi wants this. They have been waiting for this for so long. And, yes, she’s done this before… but this feels like she has to… well… nail it, if she may pun so crassly. 

Out of nowhere at all, she recalls all the jokes Vi cracked over the years about women she bedded and her scoring system, and how, now, having had Vi listen to her come, she really wants to put them all to shame. And Caitlyn knows she’s being daft, and she knows she’s overthinking…

“Hey, hey, Cait…” Vi’s worried tone snaps her out of her own head. Vi touches Caitlyn’s fingers on her thigh with her own, drawing looping circles that tantalise and calm her at the same time. “You don’t have to…” she smiles softly when Caitlyn looks up at her, and her heart near as dammit explodes because there is nothing she won’t do for this woman, something she’d proven time and again since knowing Caitlyn. “We can stop.”

“No, Vi,” Caitlyn sighs through the discomfort. “I don't ever want to stop,” she plants a chaste kiss on Vi’s thigh. “I…” she grunts with the embarrassment of insecurity. “I’m worried that I won’t be good enough…” she mumbles, words barely audible above the rush of water.

Caitlyn closes her eyes, chastising her own mind for never being able to switch off. Above her, she hears Vi huff and her head thudding against the wall.

"I'm ruining the mood..." Caitlyn’s confidence starts to drop, along with her hand.

Vi reaches for Caitlyn’s hand to hold it in place, before it slides below her knee. “Fuck, Caitlyn, it sure is a relief to know you’re fuckin’ stupid sometimes too,” Vi’s smile widens, because there is nothing on earth she would love to do more than prove to Caitlyn that she could never, ever disappoint her. “The only thing you’re ruining,” she laces her fingers through Caitlyn’s, tugging them up up towards her sex, “is my boxers,” and she untangles them as they near their mark, placing Caitlyn’s gently on her again. “See, you’re doing such an amazing job getting me off, Cupcake…” Vi’s words fall with a laboured exhale when she feels Caitlyn feeling her, tentatively, through her shorts.

Even though the fabric is wet from the shower, Caitlyn can tell that there is a patch that’s wetter, that’s clingier, that is all Vi’s arousal, and all there because of her.

“…such an amazing job…” Vi whispers through a moan, and she closes her eyes and lets her head fall against the wall.

Caitlyn loves that Vi already knows how to shut her up, how to distract her in the most wonderful ways, because just as easily as her confidence faded, it started blossoming again, and she leans in to touch her lips to Vi's sex. A cool, light peck. "I'll buy you a new pair," Caitlyn quips and reaches to pry Vi out of her underwear.

Vi smirks, I think you're gonna have to buy a lot more than one goes through her mind, but as she draws breath to share this punchline, Caitlyn's tongue brushes her labia, just pushing between, and instead, Vi's sounds a loud, breathy moan, followed by the loud thud of her head colliding with the wall behind her again. "Cait," she whimpers and tangles her fingers in the wet, blue locks at the top of her lover's head as Caitlyn probes gently and deeper, slowly spreading Vi open as her tongue grows bolder.

Vi moans again, gasped and needy. She slams her eyes shut and her head against the wall again and again as pleasure rips through her, the likes of which she hasn’t experienced.

"That wall will be far more expensive to replace than your pants," Caitlyn smiles wickedly between licks and soft nibbles.

"Maybe..." Vi gasps when Caiyln's lips wrap around her clit. "Maybe we can call it even, then..." she moans again and lifts her leg, tugging her lover's hair to draw her attention. "Help me?" she whispers.

Not one to miss on such a desperate request, Caitlyn brings her hands around to give Vi's backside a loving caress, one which she extends to her trembling leg. She pushes Vi's leg further up, until it slings over her shoulder.

Now, open as widely as the shower would allow, Vi starts thrusting, small and shallow movements, against Caitlyn's lips and tongue, her shortening breaths beckoning a nearing climax.

"Gods, Cait… don't stop" Vi pleads, fingers digging into Caitlyn’s scalp.

Caitlyn has absolutely no intention of stopping. Kneeling in front of Vi, face buried between her legs with her tongue working tirelessly against Vi’s sex – she doesn’t care that her knees are bruising, because Vi is everywhere , and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Vi’s voice is ringing with lustful moans, Vi’s weight is propped on her shoulder, Vi’s intoxicating scent filing her nostrils, her delectable taste dripping on her lips. 

Caitlyn’s only had the smallest sliver, and she is sure she will never have enough.

Above her, Vi is lost. She’s a mess. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, doesn’t know what she’s feeling. She’s never been like she is now, so completely at someone’s mercy.  So completely open, so completely defenseless, so far outside her protective veneer of arrogant toughness, leaning helplessly against the wall, as she begs Caitlyn, to not stop, never stop, whispering her name through breathless moans over and over and over again.

Cait… Fuh... You… Caitlyn… I… Cait…

When Vi comes, she falls silent. Harsh, choked breaths escape her. Fast at first, and she slows as she goes. Caitlyn is still between her legs, still lapping her sex like it's the one thing keeping them both alive (which isn't too far from the truth).

Vi slows her thrusting, Caitlyn slows her tongue, both their heartbeats slow in tandem, until both are breathing easy. Caitlyn is dotting little kisses on Vi's thighs, and Vi is simpering, tiny mewls escaping her, the only way she can express her gratitude, appreciation and affection.

“Hey, gorgeous,” Caitlyn smiles from below, and Vi opens her eyes and lolls her head to look, and - holy shit - looking at a sex-messed Caitlyn kneeling in front of her is something Vi never even managed to dream up, not even in her most depraved fantasies.

“Hey yourself, Miss low self-awareness...” Vi holds a limp hand and beacons Caitlyn to stand up. She pulls her into a tight embrace and a searing kiss, bringing their bodies flush against each other again.

“Do you mean low self-esteem?” Caitlyn corrects Vi with a smile.

“Nah, Cupcake,” Vi's smirk is bright and delicious. “You know you're good, you just have no idea how good you are,” she goes to her tiptoes to place a loving kiss on the tip of Caitlyn's nose, then continues kissing her down her cheek and neck, to her shoulder.

“Well, aren't you a softie,” Caitlyn teases and tangles her fingers in the hair at the nape of Vi's neck, keeping her lips where they are. Now that the wildfire of their exchange is down to solitary flame, she notices that the water is running cold. “Would you like to move this to the bedroom?” 

Not bothering to wait for an answer, Caitlyn breaks free from the shorter woman's grasp, leaving Vi slumped against the marble wall, still seeking support to compensate for wobbly muscles.

When she notices Vi isn’t following, Caitlyn casts a quick look back at her, still leaning precariously against the corner of the shower, as if she was wedged there. How cute , Caitlyn thinks, and she realizes how she already loves the sight of this tough, cocky dumbass reduced to a quivering, wet mess. So much so, in fact, that Caitlyn fills with pride, that she is the one who reduced Vi to this, and that Vi is her tough, cocky dumbass, and is Vi is hers to reduce to a quivering wet mess whenever she damn pleases.

Caitlyn turns off the water, and it’s now, when the silence roars in the small room that she physically aches for Vi to hold her. She rushes to grab two dry towels from a nearby cabinet, pressing one to her cooling chest, and tossing the other to Vi. But Vi, still lodged where Caitlyn left her, is in a world of her own, a world filled with fiery touches on burning skin, supplemented by the splendid view of Caitlyn’s naked back... that the soft towel that lands in her face is somewhat of a rude awakening.

Vi manages to catch the towel before it falls from her face to the floor and dabs water drops off her skin slowly, her gaze still fixed on Caitlyn, who’s making quick work of her arms and her back and her breasts. And in an instant, that single, solitary flame that flickered in Vi’s belly a minute ago, is a wildfire again, hot and untamed.

“Come, you,” Caitlyn holds her hand out to Vi, with smiling eyes that belay curiosity and hope and compassion, thinking Vi needs help to move and time to recover.

And for a few seconds, it might be true. Caitlyn is pulling Vi along the corridor that leads to her bedroom. 

I don’t need any help , Vi thinks as a small, lascivious smile spreads across her lips, and she begins to list in her mind all the things she wants to do to Caitlyn. In fact, Vi is quite sure that Caitlyn is the one who will be needing help by the time she’s done with her.

Bedroom be damned , she thinks, because Vi reckons she should start immediately.

With a sharp tug of Caitlyn’s arm, the taller woman turns to Vi, her body pulled towards the brawler’s by force, where strong arms await to lift and push her against the nearby wall.

“Vi, wha---“ Caitlyn starts, but her back hitting the wall knocks her breath out.

Vi crashes their lips together, harshly, messily. This kiss is different from the previous ones they shared. It’s filled with hunger, with lust, with years of yearning for each other, trying to make up for all the time they could have spent kissing, touching, and exciting one another.

When they break for breath, Caitlyn tries to speak, but as soon as she opens her mouth, Vi shifts and presses her thigh where and how she knew would render Caitlyn speechless. Vi smiles triumphantly into the mouthful of Caitlyn’s neck she currently sucks on, when the only thing that comes out of Caitlyn is a loud, ethereal moan.

“Vi…” Caitlyn pants, “Bed…” and whimpers, holding on the last vestiges of self control, her head falling back, eyes fluttering shut, fighting the urge to let go and let Vi take her where they stand.

Vi presses into her with a quiet growl, feeling the length of her body against Caitlyn’s. They fit so well together. “Really?” Vi's breath is hot on Caitlyn’s ear as she nudges her thigh higher between Caitlyn's. “You sure we need a bed for this?” and she pushes her leg up until it presses roughly against Caitlyn's sex as she leans in to snag Caitlyn's lower lip in her teeth.

One of Vi's hands stays fixed in the wall behind them, for support, while the other skims Caitlyn's chest, finding a supple breast to cup, and pert nipple to entice with her thumb.

Caitlyn moans with delight at the abundance of attention every part of her receives. She's nearly out of resolve when she gasps, "Please.." and Vi sucks the sensitive spot behind her ear, "Please... Bed..."

Vi grunts with mild frustration, already having to rearrange her plans for Caitlyn. “Hold on,” she mumbles between kisses before lifting Caitlyn up and guiding her legs to wrap around her own waist.

Caitlyn yelps as she lands around Vi. Her height has always meant that very few people could lift her, yet Vi seems to have no problem whatsoever. This satisfies Caitlyn to no end.

What's more, Caitlyn can feel Vi's hard abs against her centre, and as Vi begins walking them to the bedroom, Caitlyn can’t help moaning as the movement forces her to grind deliciously against the tablette de chocolat of Vi's midriff.

They are both extremely grateful that Vi knows Caitlyn's house like the back of her hand, making the journey to Caitlyn’s bedroom unbelievably quick, even with 6 feet of sexy wrapped around her.

Vi throws them both on the bed, just about breaking their fall with strong arms either side of Caitlyn’s head, giving Vi enough time to shuffle up Caitlyn’s body and straddle her.

Watching her woman breathless, splayed beneath her, Vi seizes the opportunity to let herself explore Caitlyn’s body properly, palms and fingers and nails tracing every curve, mapping every muscle, dip and dimple.

Vi’s fastidious tenderness drives Caitlyn insane. Callused fingers feeling rough and soft on her skin simultaneously, lighting fires wherever they touch. Their world begins and ends with Vi’s touch and the choked breaths and desperate whimpers resonating in the silence of the room.

Vi lifts her head in a daze, locking eyes with Caitlyn beneath her. Something electric, heart-stopping, soul-wrenching passes between them. The way Caitlyn looks back at her twists Vi’s insides into the most painfully pleasant knot. She’s sure that’s what being in the presence of divinity feels like.

The devotion in Vi’s eyes steals Caitlyn’s breath from her. She has never been looked at the way Vi looks at her and she can’t help but feel self-conscious – shy, even – not deserving the adoration Vi bestows upon her. She can't help but look away.

“Hey there, low self-awareness…” Vi chuckles, and drags her fingers slowly, deliberately up Caitlyn’s waist, up the side of her breast, up her neck, until she cups her cheek gently and turns her head so she can look into her eyes again. “You're so hot, Cupcake,” she presses her forehead to Caitlyn’s, her gray eyes piercing Caitlyn’s blues with a radiant smile. “You have no idea just how fucking beautiful you are.”

A timid blush colours Caitlyn’s cheeks pink, and one of lust dusts her chest. They coil through her body, warming her from the inside out. Her eyes glaze with longing and desire and her body responds to Vi's words of its own volition. It starts as a needy moan, and a slight nudge of her head, seeking Vi’s lips, but worrying her own when her effort falls short. Then her hips surge upwards as her hands glide up Vi's outer thighs, then round them on their way down and inward, over skin that’s slick again, all the way to where Vi's heat pulses.

Something else starts within Caitlyn with a needier gasp, knowing how ready Vi is for her, and her eyes fall shut so she isn’t distracted by anything else but the feel of Vi’s sex against her fingers, the feel of Vi’s body against her own, and the desperate sounds that Vi makes against her skin.

Now it’s Vi's body that responds to Caitlyn's touch.  Vi leans back on her haunches, giving Caitlyn access to her midriff and centre, wanting Caitlyn to work her up again – not that she needs much. She looks down at her lover with sheer deference, projecting the emotion she feels Caitlyn is fostering within her, how she feels her way across Vi's body with closed eyes and a bottom lip snared in her teeth.

Vi’s mind finally stops questioning how she ended up here, with Caitlyn between her legs, worshiping her with such glorious, sensual touch. She lets go of doubt and disbelief to focus fully on everything she’s feeling at this moment, on everything she still wants to give, everything she wants to receive. But her body acts on autopilot, and she starts a slow thrust against Caitlyn's fingers and stomach.

Through the heady bliss of their movement, Vi’s peripheral vision catches something across from the bed. Her eyes snap open in alarm, only to discover her own reflection in a full length mirror to the right of the bed, and Vi can't help the wicked smirk that her whole fucking face wears because of a very, very good idea her empty mind suddenly obsesses over.

She dismounts her girl beneath her, disgruntled gasps fall from both of them. Caitlyn’s eyes open with questioning innocence, and are placated by Vi’s self assured smile as she stretches atop Caitlyn. She leans in for a gentle, loving kiss, questing fingers caressing Caitlyn's face and neck.

Caitlyn loves this attention. It's relaxing and wholesome and she's wanted it for so long... But she also wants . She wants to continue touching Vi. She wants to see Vi come again. She wants to feel her again. She also wants Vi to touch her, to take her, to fuck her.

So she tries to gather the courage to ask.

Vi's fingers are caressing the slope of Caitlyn's shoulders as her lips find their way to Caitlyn's ear. Vi's breath is thick against her again, and Caitlyn takes in a breath to ask...

"Will you let me take you from behind?" Vi beats her to it. "We're in the perfect place for you to see just. How. Amazing. You are," she breaks her sentence with open mouthed kisses along Caitlyn’s jawline, before climbing off of her and getting settled halfway down the bed.

A part of Caitlyn shrivels when Vi's warmth leaves her, not quite catching up her lover’s intent. She lifts her head from the pillow, furrowing her brow.

"Come 'ere" Vi urges her with a lewd smile, patting her hand on the bed, next to where she sits. Before today, whenever Vi looked at her through this bawdy smirk of hers, Caitlyn would scold her for acting so arrogantly. But today…

Yes. Gods, yes. Whatever Vi wants, however Vi wants it – Caitlyn will give it to her. She just wants Vi, needs Vi, back on her. She rises from the bed and crawls over to Vi, but Vi isn’t looking at her, she’s looking elsewhere, to the side of the bed. Caitlyn tracks her gaze to where Vi’s is and she finds it locked with Vi's.

But these aren’t Vi’ eyes hers are fixed on.

It’s Vi’s reflection catching hers, pulling her, asking her to give herself. To submit.



Caitlyn’s eyes widen, her mouth falls agape, and she freezes while she processes what it is Vi is asking of her.

"All the way over here, Cupcake," Vi smiles, a mix of reverence and ribaldry, while smoothing a specific spot on the mattress for Caitlyn.

Caitlyn is looking at Vi now, not at her reflection, as she starts moving towards her, slowly, to close the gap between them. She sits herself on her knees, on the spot Vi marked for her, facing Vi. Her cheeks, neck and chest are radiating with need and she's breathing through an open mouth, waiting to be kissed again.

Vi's eyes beam at Caitlyn with sexy malice. She gets off the bed and stands between Caitlyn, who’s on the bed, and the mirror. She reaches both her hands to the blue haired beauty.

Caitlyn has no choice but to turn towards Vi, so she could hold both her hands, unfolding her legs from beneath her and letting them fall off the side of the bed. All the while, her body tingles with hunger for Vi's lips and fingers and skin.

Vi takes a step towards Caitlyn and leans in to give her a taste - a long, lingering kiss that ends with Caitlyn's bottom lip trapped in Vi's teeth.

Caitlyn sighs and closes her eyes, offering herself to Vi, completely. She wants more, because what Vi has given her so far is nowhere near enough.

"Don't move," Vi whispers into her lips, and climbs on the bed, to settle behind her.

With her eyes still closed, Caitlyn feels Vi arranging herself. Her breath hitches when she feels Vi's breasts press against her back. Shortly after, she feels her abs grind against her back. And – good god – Vi’s sex against her backside. Without having any time to get used to how they are touching, Vi's lips are nipping the crook of her shoulder, ascending a path up to her ear.

"Open your eyes," Vi whispers as she takes Caitlyn's earlobe in her teeth.

When Caitlyn does, she sees herself in the full-length mirror, sitting on her bed naked and wanting...

... And she gasps - because over her right shoulder, she sees Vi's eyes, looking at her from under her mop of pink hair, and Vi's eyes are as hungry as her own...

... And then she moans - because Vi is pushing her thighs apart and sliding her hands upwards.

She feels Vi’s magnificent fingers ghosting over heated skin, one hand spreading her open gently, and the other journeying up her side, to cup her breast, squeeze it gingerly and trap an eager nipple between thumb and forefinger.

Vi’s name falls as a choked breath from Caitlyn, and she arches into the touch. It’s too much, every nerve in her body fizzling out, every hair standing on end, and she doesn’t know which of Vi’s hands to melt into: with one hand, Vi is insistent with her fingers on her nipple, swapping between hard tugs and soft scrapes that leave Caitlyn aching for more, always more, never enough. With her other hand, Vi is groping Caitlyn’s inner thigh, fingertips digging into soft flesh, fingernails leaving bright red marks in their wake.

Submitting to the heavenly touch, Caitlyn’s head falls back, leaning against Vi’s shoulder, eyes lidded, her breathing reduced to desperate mewls.

That’s all the invitation Vi needs to latch onto Caitlyn’s neck, to nip and kiss and suck marks onto her, to remind them both just how wonderfully they fit together. She matches the random shapes she draws with her tongue on Caitlyn’s throat with the shapes her fingers draw on the inside of Caitlyn’s thigh. Her playful digits keep Caitlyn wanting, as they climb towards clinging heat, and receding when Caitlyn bucks her hips.  

“Caitlyn,” Vi husks. “Open your eyes.”

Vi’s voice pulls Caitlyn from the intoxicating, carnal paradise she is in. She fights every instinct in her body to hold her head up and open her eyes, and when she does, her breath catches in her lungs because she never imagined she could look like this :

Bruises bloom on her knees from the time she spent pleasuring Vi in the shower. Her inner thigh is marked with light scratches and crescent indents where Vi claimed her with her curious fingers. Her body is flushed with want and shimmering with sweat, as if she is wearing a dress made of dew. And her neck is covered in bite marks, dark reds and purples contrasting with her light skin, a skin that is now a canvas for Vi, and Vi only.

“You have no idea, Cait,” Vi’s voice is gruff in her ear, her lips tickling the nape of Caitlyn’s neck. “You have no idea what you do to me,” she nuzzles Caitlyn’s ear from behind, dragging a hot tongue up its shell. “When I heard you in the shower…”

Caitlyn whimpers and her hips surge forward, shamelessly, her eyes now held by Vi’s, in the mirror.

“…You were so…” Vi searches for the right word, but all she can muster is a growl, low and dense in her throat, and she pauses to steady her breath as best she can. “Then I saw you…” her eyes widen and pupils dilate, and Caitlyn’s, in the mirror, darken in kind. “I watched you… I knew I shouldn’t, I knew it, but I couldn’t… Cait,” Vi grinds her hips helplessly and her fingers dig where they are, on Caitlyn’s nipple and near her core.

Caitlyn hisses and turns her head to Vi, wanting to see her, to kiss her.

Vi shakes her head and straightens her gaze. “Look at you,” she whispers in Caitlyn’s ear, “look at us…” her lips plant wet kisses along Caitlyn’s neck. “I couldn’t look away,” her kisses trail the crest of Caitlyn’s shoulder. “I still can’t,” she smiles meekly, “I can’t look away…”

Feeling Vi like this is overwhelming. Caitlyn’s body can’t make sense of all the signals it receives, from where Vi touches her with her hands, from where Vi’s body is pressed against hers. From where her lips are touching her, from where their eyes connect. She can’t suss what it is she needs, let alone form the words to ask for it.

“…I’ve wanted you for so long, and then I heard you call my name when you were…” Vi moans when her muscles clench as she recalls that moment, the moment Caitlyn’s phantom lover turned out to be herself. “You were asking for me,” Vi’s voice softens with surprise and disbelief that it is her Caitlyn lusts after. “You needed me.”

“I still need you,” Caitlyn gasps and writhes under Vi's touch. “Please,” she begs with a desperate keen.

Vi nods slowly, taking the image of them in the mirror, raked by passion and desire, evidence of their adventure so far painted on their bodies, and Vi needs to commit this to memory. She wants to remember every single one of Caitlyn's gasps. She wants to remember the constellations of love bites they've left on each other. She wants to remember how taut Caitlyn's body is against hers and how her breasts jot out, proud and perfect, with darkened, pebbled nipples at their tips, excited by her fingers.

"Please, Violet," Caitlyn begs again, seeking the mercy of the woman behind her, who’s intent on watching her disperse into nothing. "I want you... Please ..."

The sound of her name, her full name, and how Caitlyn’s tongue curls around it, how Caitlyn’s eyes are asking for her, bright and blue and honest – that’s what Vi wants to remember the most.

"Caitlyn..." Vi lets her lips trace the shape of her lover's name, then her neck, watching Caitlyn's reflection as her fingers close in on her sex, giving her a first, tantalising touch, cupping her gently. A throaty groan escapes Vi when her fingers finally come in contact with Caitlyn’s drenched centre. She pushes gently between folds, only giving her squirming lover a mere taste, watching with sheer joy as wetness coats her fingers the more she explores, ever so slowly, not giving Caitlyn enough, making her wetter, needier, more eager with each passing second.

Caitlyn is at the farthest edges of lust, it’s like she’s standing far too close to the fire, risking catching the flame, being consumed by it with every glide of Vi’s fingers on her. The whole of her shakes with urgency, with fervour. She never felt so desired, so seen, so adored and admired before. And as wonderful as it feels to have Vi worship her, she also wishes Vi devoured her already and gave her the release she’s craving.  

Vi hums, pressing her lips to the tight tendon that ties Caitlyn’s shoulder to her neck, nuzzling into damp skin. “Look at you,” Vi grazes her fingers through Caitlyn’s folds, “so wet for me, so ready… So needy…”

Caitlyn chokes a deep moan as her head falls back onto Vi's shoulder, again.

Vi's lips are quick to deal tiny bites to the crook of Caitlyn's neck, and make their way to her parted lips. “You're not looking,” Vi whispers before swallowing a desperate gasp from her lover with a deep kiss, her fingers still skimming her lightly, no closer to where Caitlyn needs them most.

Caitlyn bites her lips and strains to lift her head, to open her eyes and focus on the image of them in the mirror.

When their eyes meet through their reflections Vi gasps at the greedy euphoria in Caitlyn's eyes. All Vi wants is to please this woman under her touch.

“Vi...” Caitlyn breathes, laboured and shallow and hard. She opens her eyes again, wider, wilder, and she fixes the heat of her gaze in Vi's. “I'm begging you.”

Vi breaks with a sigh and trains her fingers lower, to slip into tight, liquid heat. She traces Caitlyn’s entrance with her middle finger, shuddering with a wave of enjoyment that fills her when the taller woman bucks her hips with anticipation.

It's no surprise that Vi slips into welcoming warmth effortlessly. Her whole body quakes when Caitlyn clamps on her finger, and a loud pornographic sound falls from Caitlyn’s lips, hips eagerly rolling to feel more, always more.

Caitlyn is trying to build a rhythm, trying to have more of Vi inside her. She needs more of Vi inside her, even though one of Vi’s fingers fills her deliciously. She releases an amused exhale because her mind dutifully comments that Vi’s fingers are thicker than mine , and even if she gets no more, this one will probably be enough . But Vi inside her is a delightful combination of rough skin and soft movement, and she just wants more of Vi, all of Vi, and probably enough isn’t enough at all.

Vi groans in ecstasy when she feels Caitlyn drip arousal into her palm. She knows it won’t take long for Caitlyn to come, but she wishes she could make this moment last.

“Fuck, Vi, please…” Caitlyn whines.

“No rush, Cupcake…” Vi pulls out to caress Caitlyn’s sex and breast softly.

Caitlyn breaks with a sob.

“I want to take my time,” Vi runs her thumb along the length of Caitlyn’s slit, light and sensual, like her other hand, rounding the swell of her breast with a fluttering touch.

“Please…” Caitlyn whispers with a shudder that rocks them both.

Vi wants more time, wants to make the most of this, but she never heard Caitlyn beg so much. Not for anything, ever. But Caitlyn’s begging her, now, without shame, wanting her, needing her so badly, and all Vi wants is to please the woman in her arms. So she rubs lower, sliding her finger back inside with a devastating sigh.

“More…” Caitlyn exhales harshly, and reaches back to grab a fistful of pink hair and looks at their reflection. Vi’s eyes are torn open with hunger, and she, herself, is panting, shivering, flushed as she takes a single finger from her lover. “Please, I need more.”

“You ask so nicely,” Vi pulls her finger out slowly, only to push back in – equally slowly – with a second, stretching Caitlyn’s pulsing pussy.

Caitlyn sucks in a hard breath, her fist clenching in Vi's hair, pulling her into the crook of her neck.

“You’re so tight around me,” Vi purrs and sucks another mark onto Caitlyn’s skin. “So needy. Taking me so well.”

Caitlyn moans obscenely when Vi picks up her pace.

“So…” Vi feels her own climax building, it’s like she’s feeling everything that Caitlyn is feeling. The pleasure is ripping through her faster and faster, and she’s struggling for breath herself. “So… fucking… amazing...”

There is no use fighting the inevitable. Vi deepens her thrusts, tightens her grip around Caitlyn’s breast and bites her ear lobe. She’s pushing against every erogenous zone within her reach, adamant to make them both come. “You need to, don’t you?” She rumbles, out of breath. “You need to come?”

Caitlyn nods with breathless whimpers.

“I know,” Vi rolls her hips into Caitlyn’s backside, granting herself the hard friction that will take her over the edge as well. “So do I.”

Vi watches Caitlyn watching her in the mirror, Caitlyn's face and chest turning redder and brighter with every thrust of Vi's fingers inside her, her moans growing shorter and higher in pitch.

Soon , Vi reckons, soon Caitlyn won't be able to keep her eyes open . “How much would you hate me if I stopped?” Vi asks through a desperate gasp of her own.

“Don't...” Caitlyn fumbles with her words as much as she does with her breathing. “Don't you dare stop.”

"But what if you knew you would like it?" the brawler kisses her way back to Caitlyn's lips. "I promise I'll make it worth your while," she adds before claiming her lips in a long, attentive kiss.

Caitlyn can't answer. She has no will power left, no resolve, no thoughts. All she has is a burning need for Vi.

"I'll be right back," Vi slows her movements, dragging a pained groan from Caitlyn along with her fingers.

She peels Caitlyn's arms from her and places them either side of the tall woman, slowly leaning her backwards to make sure Caitlyn can support her own body weight.

Once she's convinced she’s stable, Vi makes her way off the bed. "Keep looking," she instructs, and kneels between Caitlyn's spread legs, and starts rubbing slow circles with her thumbs, one on either of Caitlyn's knees, up her thighs and towards her quivering centre.

All the while, Vi looks up at Caitlyn, the most perfect woman she had ever seen, sitting tall above her, panting, looking at herself in the mirror as she prepares to taste Caitlyn.

Vi hates to miss a second of Caitlyn from her vantage point between her legs. She keeps looking up the slope of her belly as she brings her mouth to Caitlyn's dripping sex and licks, slow and broad, from her entrance to her clit. When she tastes Caitlyn, sweet and tart and so hot, she can't stop her eyes from closing or the intense hums of elation she breaths. Vi’s moans ripple into Caitlyn's folds, sending a shiver up Caitlyn’s spine and down her own, resolving in a violent twitch to her own clit.

Licking through wetness, she purrs with contentment at the taste of Caitlyn on her tongue. Intent to stay true to her promise, to make it worth Caitlyn’s while, she wraps her lips around the taller woman's clit, giving her an experimental suck.

The reaction this elicits is instant, a gasp and a quiet curse, slender hand shoots forward to rake through pink locks, to keep her there.

“Fuck, Vi, don’t…” Caitlyn can’t finish, her muscles betraying her with sharp, painful convulsions, canting her centre harder with Vi’s pace. “Don’t stop. Please ,” she urges, breathless, gormless, as if she was pleading for her life. “Please, please don’t stop.”

Surely, in one of her fantasies, Vi imagined Caitlyn like this. But in her present state of mind, she can’t be asked to compare. All she can think about is how much she loves Caitlyn like this – a wet, sopping mess, fucking herself on Vi’s tongue, needy and gasping and sensuous. She loves that Caitlyn, who’s usually so put together, so sophisticated, so precise and so logical is pretty much out of her mind in this wanton stupor of Vi’s making, with Vi’s name the only word left in Caitlyn’s vocabulary, coming from her in sobs and pants and staccato moans.

Vi answers Caitlyn with disheveled sounds of her own, muffled by the maddening rut of her mouth on Caitlyn, happily giving her what she needs.

Soon, Caitlyn's breathing loses all rhythm and her thrusts become erratic. Vi has just enough left in her to recognise the signs of an impending climax and she brings her fingers closer, then in - one, then two, then three, while wrapping her lips around Caitlyn's clit and sucking hard.

Caitlyn bucks with loud moans above her that sound to Vi like an incoherent mix of her name and “I can't”s and “please don’t”s, and she falls to her back on the bed behind her with a veritable cascade of swear words and praise to the woman who's just given her the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

As Vi slows inside Caitlyn, slows outside her, eking out the intense jolts of delirium that flutter from her core, she is taken by a vicarious orgasm, and she already knows she can’t wait to have more of these.

When their breathing begins to settle, Vi is quick to her feet, quick on the bed, to stretch along the length of Caitlyn, place one sure hand on her belly, and caressing damp hair from her forehead with the other.

“See?” Vi speaks through a grin far too smug for her own good. “Told you so.”

“Told me what?” Caitlyn's brain is only starting to regain higher functions. Her memory isn't quite working yet.

“Firstly, that you're fucking amazing,” Vi plants a soft peck near her lips. “And secondly, that it will be worth your while.”

Caitlyn would laugh if her lungs would have allowed it. Instead, she wraps her arms around Vi's neck and pulls her in for a tight embrace, burying her face into the shorter woman’s neck, into sweaty skin and trembling muscles.

Vi smiles and places a kiss on Caitlyn’s forehead, getting used to the feeling of Caitlyn everywhere, all the time.

When her muscles let her, Caitlyn leaves the safety of Vi’s shoulder in favour of her lips, giving her a sweet, attentive kiss. Vi sighs contentedly, endorphins rushing through her, with the excitement of everything they’ve just shared, and the excitement of what’s to come.

The smile on her lips is tender, and her gray eyes are glinting with affection. She pulls back to look down at Caitlyn, full of love for her, so in love with her.

Caitlyn blushes, the heat of Vi’s adoration still new, still foreign. She’ll have to get used to it. At some point. For now, however, she can’t take it, so she pulls Vi down to her, to kiss her with the words she will whisper to her soon enough.

Until then, she reckons, she owes Vi an earth-shattering orgasm, and there is so much of Vi’s body she is yet to explore. So her hands travel from Vi’s neck to her shoulders, and down still, to cup her breasts.

Vi breaks the kiss with a moan and a grind of her pelvis against Caitlyn’s hip. “Someone’s eager,” her grin turns cocky, which Caitlyn is quick to wipe as she flips them over.

“With you – always,” Caitlyn speaks before descending upon her new lover, exploring her, exploring their pure intensity, one that will grow to become nothing short of divine.